Seducing A Cowboy Pt. 07

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It’s mid-day and I just got done collecting eggs from the last chicken coop. “God. I honestly can’t tell if I like the rustic theme of this era, or if the odors are even worth it half the time. How did people COPE?” I ask myself as I take the basket of eggs to the nearest table.

“Heeeey, Milo!” Nate slaps me on the shoulder as he comes up behind me, putting his arm over my shoulder and walking with me.

“Oh hey. What’s going on, Nate?” I ask as I reach down to give his exposed butt a courtesy rub; even a straight-as-an-arrow guy like him really welcomes my fondling around these parts now that I’ve got things going.

“Nuthin much! Just got done re-shoeing the horses. But uh…” Nate sighs and gives a sad bow of his head.

“Uh-oh. What’s wrong, chocolate-love?” I ask him we walk around the ranch. I grin as I see two rugged cowboys feel each other up and one of them even walks completely naked out in plain view!

“It’s uh… It’s Talia from town…” Nate says sadly.

“You mean Ms Parkins?”

“Yeah…” He nods and gives a sorrowful glance to the ground.

“Oh no…” I look at him with concern “Is she… What happened?”

“She’s going to be in New York.” Nate laments “She says she’ll be away for at least a month and… It’s already been a week.”

“Oh, you just miss her, is that it?” I ask “I thought you were going to say she died or she doesn’t like you anymore.”

“No! Naw! We’re sweet on each other alright!” Nate tells me cheerfully “Just that… She and I have been… RrrMMFF!” He gestures a few thrusts of his hips and giving a hearty grin “Ya know?”

“Oh lord, I think I see where this is going.”

“I just, I miss her and I’m feelin all kinds of jumpy down there, ya know?” He looks at me a little embarrassed and gives a nervous titter “Would you uh… Can you milk me right now? Ya know, shove that thing up my butt and make me blow?”

“Oh that’s all you wanted? Not the first time you come to me wagging your ass, Nate.” I smirk and pat at his chest “I mean, you’ve come to me half a dozen times wanting me to wreck your prostate. Why are you so shy about it now?”

“Just feels weird now that me’n Talia are together. She knows I get buck wild, but I can’t just go to a saloon. I just sort of… KIND OF figure I can still get off from one of the other other fellas ’round the ranch get me off. And well, you’re the only one here with those damn man-milking things. Aaaand I don’t want to go gettin weird with any other guy here…”

“Oohhhh I see. I should talk to Arthur about setting up a milking shack for the other cowboys who want their prostates milked.” I chuckle as I slap him on the rump. “Well Let’s not waste time, I’ll take you to my office!”

“Really?! Shucks, Milo, thanks!” Nate says as he puts a spring in his step. “Let’s head on over to my place! You got your butt-churning tool with you?”

“Always.” I smile back as we stroll along the ranch. We stop by the milking stable to pick up the post table… Only to find it’s already being used! Not only that, but there’s even a short line of men waiting their turn outside the shack.

“Awwww… Ohhhhh… Oh lordy, aaawwwoooohaw, haw, haw, haaaaawwwllll” The cowboy laying upon the post is only wearing his hat and his longjohns, and… Cody is on the stool with his hand tucked under and methodically pumping the man’s throbbing johnson.

“Thaaaat’s right, Henry. Let it all out.” Cody pats the man’s back as he tenderly strokes the cowboy’s cock.

“Cody? Since when do YOU milk cowboys?” I ask.

“Pa made the call.” Cody smiles brightly “He changed his mind about what you said last week. Says all the men here should get milked so they stop bickerin’ with each other. But uh… Heh heh” He shrugs and chuckles “We ain’t got no expert on milkin’ men, so I’m doing this right now.”

“Haaah, looks like your Daddy beat me to the punch.” I chuckle as I see Cody’s happy smile.

“Cody, please rub mah balls…” The cowboy moans.

“Oh, sure!” Cody chuckles as he reaches in and grabs them.

“OH! Oh yeeeees.” The cowboy moans.

“But wait.” I glance around, “None of my prostate milkers are here. You sure you don’t need one to milk this guy?”

“Actually do you have one? Dudn’t feel like actual milkin if his ass ain’t getting attention, but I couldn’t find your tools.”

“Oh sure, here. I’ve got several.” I dig in my pocket and tossed one to Cody. He grinned and caught it in his hand.

“You’re amazin, Milo.” Cody says as he opens up the man’s longjohn butt-flap lines up the tea spout shaped buttplug into the man’s rear. “Here comes the choo-choo.”

“Pfff, hahahah” I chuckle just as Cody pushes the toy inside.

“U-UHH!” The man jerks and jumbles as his asshole gets pegged “W-What in tarnation?!”

“So I just press the button, right?” Cody asked “And then…” He clicks it, and the rod of the handle starts rolling in down and backward in its pumping function “Oh there we go”

“UUHH! OHHH GGHHAAH!” The older cowboy flails istanbul travesti and bucks his pelvis hard onto the post, damn well breaking it! “MOTHER! OF! JESUS! AAHHH!” He squeals out loud as his prostate is punched and yanked over and over again. The other cowboys waiting in line beam as they see a massive difference as the tool makes suckling noises out of Henry’s pucker. “HOHHH! HOHHH! AWWWhhhhh!”

“Whooooaaa, there it is!” Cody laughs as the cowboy gushes out of nowhere with cum. He pulls out the toy and goes to the conveniently placed sink and rinses off the prostate milker.

“Ah hold up.” I go to him and turn up the water’s temperature. Cody coughs a bit from the sudden rise of steam — I’ve milked a few cowboys a few times, and I transmuted a sink along with a drain pipe under where the men get milked. That way the place and the dildos are easier to clean.

“Be sure to rinse these off with scalding hot water after each use and let each one cool off.” I tell him. “Might want to wear gloves too.

“Yessir.” Cody nods as he gets to work when Henry waddles off, moaning while rubbing his asscheeks while the other cowboys quickly pull down their pants and unbutton their buttflaps and the next one settles down onto the post for his turn.

“Alright, lets get going.” I said after picking up a few planks.

“But what about the milking post?” Nate asked as we went.

“I’ll just make another one; won’t take a minute. I’ll just have to ask that you not look while I build it.”

“Heh. You’re all kinds of strange sometimes, Milo.”

“You have to be in MY line of work.” A few minutes later we come come to Nate’s cabin. “Oh wow, your place is bigger than mine.”

“Thanks, friend.” Nate smiles brightly “Been here for years and been building on it. Mr Summers gave us first pick of the property back when it was me ‘n my folks.” I come in to his cabin and glance about — it really is nice and neat in here. I’m spoiled by all my luxuries in MY shack, but this looks very nice for this century. “So! How’re you going to go about building the milking post?”

“Oh yeah, that.” I put down the planks I collected and go to him before holding my hand to his forehead “Just stand there for me and count to 12,787,349.” My palm shimmers with white-grey magic.

“Heh, wha-“


5 minutes later, Nate blinks and shakes his head and sees the freshly essembled post I just ‘built’. “Oh great! You got it ready?” He smiles as he pulls off his hat and shrugs off his vest and pulls down his pants.

“Yep. Simple was that.” I reply as I shake my hand of the lingering mystic glitter. “So if- whoa! Hahah” I chuckle as Nate gets BUCK naked! His black muscles gleam from the dusk light “Wow. Honestly wasn’t expecting you just to get nude, buddy.”

“Why? We’re both men, right?” Nate grins as his flaccid dong slaps a thigh with each step he takes. He straddles the post and puts his genitals through the wide circle hole and wiggles his dark bubble butt. “Ready when you are”

“Alright then.” I smirk as I pull out yet another perfectly clean and unused prostate milker. I line it to his crack but stopped. “Actually…”


“Flip over, I wanna try something for you.” I said as I walk around.

“Uhhhh. Wait, isn’t that thing supposed to go in my ass?”

“It will. But… Tell me, you ever think about ‘BDSM’?”


“Yeah, it means-… Wait.” I ponder for a moment. If this era is inherently homophobic, it might be harmfully primitive in other aspects too. “Does the words ‘Slave’ and ‘Master’ carry any weight in this era?”

“The hell you going on about?” Nate says as he gives me a heated glare.

I hiss slightly as his reaction “Hssss, that would be a very bad ‘yes’.”

“Look, Milo.” Nate scoots around and points a finger at me “Are we going to have a problem? Cause I don’t EVER want you to go THERE with me.”

“I know, I know, my bad. I should REALLY take a history lesson before I make these trips. Here.” I hold my hand up to his forehead and charge my palm with a small dose of memory magic and erased the last 30 seconds from his mind. Nate blinks and whips his head a little.

“Ahhh… What were we just talking about?”

“Does the words ‘Bad Boy’ have any weight around this place?”

“Ah heh… What’re you goin on about now?”

“See… Some of the places I go to does this fun thing where ‘Bad Boys’ get strapped down, unable to move. And they get milked, sucked, and a handful of different stuff.”

“Strapped down? I dunno, Milo…”

“Trust me on this. If you don’t like it, we can stop.”

Nate thinks for a moment and nods “Okay… But you do ANYTHING that I don’t like… And you get my chores for the week.” He said with a grin.

“Pfff. Hard bargain.” Milo smirks “Okay. So first, lie back” I guide his shoulders to put his backside on the milking post — his hot black ass fitting comfortably into the hole. “Give me your wrists…”

“No funny business now.” He warns as I take on wrist and strap it down to istanbul travestileri a leather band I transmuted into the post. I do the same with his opposite arm and strap him to the post. He irks and grunts as he tries to move his arms. “Milo, I’m serious, if you start hitting me after I-“

“Would you relax? I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Yeah well…” Nate says bitterly “Last time someone had me like this, it wasn’t as fun as you’re saying.”

“Why?” I ask curiously.

“Keh… You serious? Usually when folks have a black man like me strapped down like this, it ain’t for milking.”

“I don’t understand. Why are you getting defensive? I was just… Ohhhhhh wait a minute” I back up “Is this one of these places where people get treated differently because of their differences? Just like with Jose?”

“You’re REALLY not from around here, friend.” Nate shakes his head. “Wait, what about Jose?”

“He’s what some folks around would call ‘queer’, ‘homo’, ‘faggot’.”

“You serious?” Nate raises his brows “My man, Jose?? Since when??”

“Since always. In this area, I understand that there’s a lot of negative- oh my God this is wasting more time that I thought.” I rub my brow “You’ll literally have to forgive me; I don’t usually stay long enough to really bother getting to know too much historical background.”

“Look. Are you gonna milk me or not then?” Nate says as he pulls and fidgets “Because I ain’t.”

“Alright alright alright. Settle down.” I tell him “I promise it’ll be worth it.”


“Here, put this on.” I pull out a blindfold and removed his hat to tie it around his eyes.

“Hey! Wait! What’re you doing NOW?”

“I know you’re into girls.” I tell him as I strap on blindfold onto him. “This way, you can imagine Miss Parkins doing this to you.”

“Milo I swear…”

“Just imagine her.”

“Hggghhhh…” Nate frowns as he stops squirming to give it a chance. I chuckle as the runes on the blindfold illuminate around his head and his frown downs into small awe “Whoa… Is this some kinda magic trick?”

“Yes and no. It’s mainly your imagination.”

“What the hell??!” Nate scoffs and beams and laughs with wonder “How’re you doing that?! You sound JUST like Talia! That’s her voice!”

“Again. Magic trick.” I look down to see his large dong twitch just from hearing her ‘voice’. “Wow. You really have a thing for her.” I set up the prostate milker under his ass. I snap my fingers and let go of the tool as it hung in the air. It angles itself right into Nate’s deep, smooth crack before shoving easily into his asshole.

“UUHH… O-Ohh!” He flinches as the toy goes right for his prostate. I switch it on and the pump starts rolling and pushing into his G-Spot “AAWWWwwww! Sweet Jesus! NNNhhhh! I’mma NEVER get used to that.” His hips pump gently from the intruding toy massaging his deep spot. “Oohhh ohhh ohhhh”

His cock penis starts to thicken as his G-spot is milked and pumped. With his legs spread out, I strap them apart and leg his loose balls dangle between. I grin as I scoop both of his fat nuts into my hand.

“OOoo!” Nate jumps but is still restrained and blinded “Is that still you, Milo?”

“Do I sound like Milo?” I snicker.

“Hohhh!” His voice squeaks as his dick gives a sudden jump — his brain still perceiving mine as his girlfriend’s. “Oh lord, this is getting crazy…”

“Want to stop?”

“NO! No no no, please go on, Miss Parkins.” Nate humps the air a bit and wags his growing manhood.

I chuckle as I rub his balls and massage them. Nate’s dick hardens even faster as his muscular arms and legs bulge with effort as if he’s trying to get up, but his wide smile and teeth-biting his lip suggests otherwise. “Ohhhh Taliaaaa…” He whines as his hips rock about while I fondle and roll his sac in circles between my hands. In seconds, his cock is standing at 10 whopping inches long, fully hard.

I take a couple of small, clear rubber domes and start teasing his dark nubs. “Heh heh, what’s this now?”

“You know REAL milk actually comes from nipples, right? Except it can’t come from men; only females.”


“That doesn’t mean your teats don’t deserve attention.” I smirk as I place one small dome over one nipple and then the other. Now his nubs look like they have white-transparent bubbles on either one. I waver both hands over both orbs and instill my power into them and they inflate just slightly before pressing down.

“OH! HohhhHH! NNHH!” Nate struggles hard and squirms in his restraints “Wuh, wuh whaaaaat???” His dick leaps as his nipples get pressed and yanked by these rubber domes. “HaaaH! AhhHHHhaaaahh! T-This is different! NHH!”

“Yeah, I bet you like grabbing her- wait, MY tits, don’t you?” I smirk as Nate visibly jumps with excitement.

“Awwww yes Talia, I love’em.” Nate whines as his ass continues to get easily pumped with the agile buttplug.

“Can I play with YOUR titties, big man?”

“Yes you may, ma’am” Nate grins and nods before I start groping travesti istanbul and pushing his pecs up and brush them around. “H-Hoooo… Hohhhhh myyyy” His nipples pull out and sink back in by themselves as the domes ‘milk’ his teats him. His thighs flex and wiggle as his cock jump with every stimulation dealt to him.

“I love your big, dark, pecs, Nate” I say with a seductive overtone — which is making Nate drool from both his mouth AND his penis. His hips shove up as he attempts to fuck the air. “I wanna lick every inch of your body and I wanna get lost in you big, strong, chest.”

“Ohhhhh please Talia, you’re driving me nuts” Nate whines as he trembles in his seat. I glance to the side and see his ass is just choking the prostate milker. Both buns have a deep dimple as his cock curves with utmost arousal. He just moans and thrashes his head as he instinctually tries to penetrate an hole that isn’t there.

“Please, t-touch my dick!” Nate begs as his hips keep bucking and jerking up “I-I-I don’t care if it’s you, Milo, I need to touch it!”

“I would, but you’re with Talia” I tease as I roll his balls around. I grope and massage his tight nuts and give them a lick.

“Oh my God, oh my God” Nate whines as he thrashes helplessly as I tuck between his legs and take his balls into my mouth “H-Haaawww! Awwwhhh! Hooohhh!” His mighty thighs push on either side of my head as I start to slurp and bounce his orbs around. His abs clench and ripple as I easily slide his babymakers onto my tongue and tickle the underside.

“Ghahehahhhegghh! HMM! HMMM! HMMM!” His thick lips clench as Nate copes with the overwhelming pleasure of having his nipples sucked and pressed deeply, his prostate methodically massaged, his testicles suckled in a hot warm mouth, and his 10-inch black monster drooling precum like a faucet because of all of this happening with his eyes covered and his ears hearing the sweet honey voice of his girlfriend.

“Your balls are so delicious, Nate” I moan as I lick and twirl my tongue around his sensitive orbs, making his whole body lurch with a lustful moan with each slurp I swipe along his tenders.

“Fuh! Fuh! Pleeeeaaase play with my diiiiiick!” Nate whines as his hips keep jutting and throwing his meaty tower in the air “I can’t take it no more, just grab it or something!”

“No, I can’t do that…” I purr as I reach under and grab the prostate milker and give it a good deep SHOVE!

“OOOOHHHH!” Nate’s pelvis flies up and holds himself up for 30 seconds before his flawless butt goes back again. His black muscles are shining with sweat while his nipples are still being pulled and yanked. His tongue drags itself across his lips as he moans nonstop. “Just do it, just grab it or something, please!”

“Nate. You’re my friend, and I’m not… Wait, actually…” I ponder and get up. “Be right back.”

“W-Wait! Milo? Talia?! Whoever, just, where you going?!”

I leave him in his shack and make the trip all the way over to my shack, which is about a 5 minute walk. I can just as easily conjure up what I’m retrieving, but I like leaving a hot stud like Nate blindfolded, tied up, and stimulated. Seeing him squirm and writhe in needy pleasure.

Anyway, I come back to my cabin and get my pack. “Here… No… Is it… Come on, it can’e be that… Oh here it is.” It’s a fleshlight. No runes, no hexes, nothing special about it. Just a very, VERY old-fashioned sex toy dating back somewhere from the 21st century. Where I’m from? This squishy thing would either be an antique or an immature science project by a couple of kids. Before you ask, I got this from one of my other missions as a souvenir. I’m sure Nate will love this thing. I’m sure Nate will love this thing every single night until his lady comes come. Good thing I drew in sanitation seals on every threshold of the ranch.

So I take my toy and leisurely make my way back to Nate’s cabin. When I reach his door, I quietly slip in and smirk as I see the hot, soaked black beauty bouncing his cock in the air with his feet on his tippy-toes and his arms still tied behind the massage post. He whimpers and groans as his nipples are still being twisted and yanked under the twin bubble-like domes on his chest, and the prostate milker still pulling in and on his deepest taint. His fat meat is pouring with pre and his pelvis with the modest black pubic wool is just a puddle of his own sex-juice.

I come in and kiss his cheek, making him jumble and squirm harder “WHoOOAaaH! Milo! Is that you??!”

“Yes… It is hi, you horny beast~” I tell him, knowing that the blindfold is still translating my voice to that of his sweetheart.

“HoHHOoohh!” Nate’s cock spews a whole spurt of pre just from hearing that “I can’t take it anymore, just fucking ride me! Please! Just do it!”

“Alright, cowboy~” I take the fleshlight and hover the artificial vagina over the head of his cock. With one luscious squish, the soft pussy envelopes the glands and Nate lurches forward, his arms clanking and holding him back!

“HAAAWWOOOHH!” His mouth gaps right open as I side the entire fleshlight down onto his precum-soaked cock. “HOH! HOH! HOH! HOH! HOH!” His member immediately pumps in very short thrusts into the toy before I pull it back up and make the jiggly lips crown his cock again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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