Seducing Mom Ch. 04

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That Friday evening, Kathy was having an informal party for Sue and I went by to say goodbye. Sue, her friends, and I talked in their den while the adults were in their living room. As the adults cleared out we all went to the living room. Kathy was a bit upset. Sue’s father was coming in early the next morning to pick her and her things up. I decided to leave around 9 since I had to be at work early the next morning and I wanted to get home and say goodbye to grandma before she went to bed. I had already hugged and kissed Sue and was leaving as Kathy grabbed my hand, led me outside and said, “Stop by anytime Joe. If you’re ever bored, just stop by and talk. You don’t have to just come over for work and I could use the company.” Kathy was an elementary school teacher, so her summers were free.

Then Sue came out and said, “Hey you two, I wondered were you both went.” We chatted a bit more as I repeated that I needed to get home to say goodbye to grandma and get some sleep. Then Sue said to me, “You need to stop by and see mom and keep her company this summer.” The she turned to look at Kathy and said, “Mom, call me when Joe’s here so I can talk to him too.” We all hugged and I noticed tears in Kathy’s eyes as I left.

The next morning I went to work and it was a long day. I was looking forward to mom coming home and knew she’d be home that night. I finally got out of work after an 11-hour shift and headed home. When I got in, I saw the message light flashing on the answering machine and figured it was Sue. I hit the button and it was mom. “Joe, your grandma fell and it’s not good. Please call me at grandma’s house as soon as you get this. If I’m not there, leave a message and wait for me to call back.” I could tell by her tone, this was serious. I called back and left a message, took a shower, and started watching TV. Later that evening mom called and told me that grandma fell down her stairs while trying to put away her suitcases. She had a concussion, a broken arm and collarbone, and pain in her hip. Grandma was in the hospital in “serious condition, but her spirits were good.” Mom said, ” I’ll stay here until mom is out of the hospital and settled in here. They’re saying she’ll be out in about 4-5 days if she continues to recover. I’ve called John (her boss), so he knows. Sarah is planning to come up as soon as she can. Joe, if you can make it, you need to come here. As I recall, you’re off Tuesday and Wednesday right?”

I looked at the calendar near the phone where I wrote my work schedule and we had other things and said, “Yes mom, I’ll head out Monday after work.”

Mom said, “If you’re tired, just wait and get up Tuesday. It will mean a lot to your grandmother. She may be out by then, but she’s going to need help here.” We talked a bit more and I could tell that mom was clearly upset. I went back to work that night to get my paycheck and talk with the boss and my coworkers. I managed to swap my Monday shift for another the next Sunday. On the way home, I decided to stop by Kathy’s place and see how she was doing.

I rang the doorbell and heard her yell, “Come on in. The door’s open.” I walked in and went up to the living room not saying a word. Kathy—who like Sue was taller (around 5’8), slender with 38C breasts as I had learned that week going through her things, short brown hair–came out in a white bra, red panties, and sheer stockings with two dresses asking, “Cindy, which dress do you like b…” She stopped mid-sentence as she saw it was me. There was an awkward moment as she turned around saying, “OH shit. Hi Joe. Just a second.” She came back out of her room, wearing a bathrobe, and said, “I’m sorry about that. I thought you were my friend Cindy. How are you?”

I told her about my grandmother as she sat down next to me on her sofa. I told her I would head there after I finished work the next day and then said, “By the way, I like the red dress better.”

We laughed a bit and she asked, “While I’m waiting for Cindy, how about I try them both on for you to see what they both look like on me and tell me which one looks better?”

“Sure.” I replied as she got up and went to her room. I was already hard since seeing her earlier and this just made me harder. She was already made up and despite being a bit older than mom, she looked stunning. I thought about Sarah for a moment and wondered if Kathy would have a ‘stuck zipper’ too. Then she came back with the red dress, spun around for me, as she looked herself over. I said, “I like that dress. You look good in it.” About that time the front door opened. It was Kathy’s friend Cindy.

“Yoo-hoo! It’s me.” Cindy said as she came up the stairs. When she saw me she said, “Oh hi there Joe. Did I interrupt something? She had a sheepish grin. Cindy, who was also a teacher with Kathy, was about 35, tall and slender 5’10-11, with long legs, waist length bleach-blonde hair, and huge breasts. She was wearing a mini-skirt, heels, and a light blouse that accentuated her breasts and cleavage.

I was in awe as Kathy said, “You remember Cindy from last submissive cuckolds porno night?” I nodded yes as I felt myself blushing a bit. I had seen Cindy around her house before, but always dressed casually with her hair up. She was hot! Kathy turned to Cindy and went on, “I was just trying a couple of dresses on to see what Joe liked better. What do you think of this?” Cindy nodded and Kathy turned to go back to her room as she said, “Let me try on my other dress now.”

Cindy and I sat down in the living room and she asked, “So Joe, what brings you over here? Are you missing Sue that much already.” I told her about my grandmother’s accident and she said in a hushed tone, “Kathy can use the company this summer. She’s really sad right now and that’s why I’m getting her out of this house for a while so she’s not alone here. We’re just going to enjoy a ‘Lady’s night out’.”

Then Kathy came back out with a white dress with patterns as she asked, “How’s this?”

I said, “You look good in it, but I liked the red dress better.”

“Me too.” Cindy said as she looked at me and nodded in agreement.

Kathy asked Cindy, “Should I take this one back?” Cindy just nodded yes and Kathy went back to her room to change back into the red dress.

Cindy said, “Well I wish you were old enough to take out with us. Who knows, you might have gotten ‘lucky’ tonight.” She had that sheepish grin again as she went on asking about my college plans. She asked, “Are you looking for extra yard work jobs this summer? Because the boys in my neighborhood are all on vacation or not interested in helping out. I’ve got a lawn needing to be mowed.”

I replied, “Sure.” Cindy got up and went to the kitchen to write her address and phone number down as Kathy came out.

Kathy asked Cindy, “Are you ready?”

Cindy came back into the living room saying, “I’m ready.” As she handed me the piece of paper she said to me, “Here’s my address and phone number. Call me when you get back and I’ll give you directions.” Then she turned to Kathy and said, “I’ve got some yard work that needs to be done too.”

Kathy said, “Joe does good work and he’ll need the money.” I nodded in agreement as we all walked out of her house. They were going out for dinner at an upscale restaurant and then on to a club. As I was driving home, I started wondering why I was infatuated with older women.

When I got home, I saw the message machine flashing. It was mom. “Joe, mom is doing better today, but they’re going to keep her most of this week. She wants to go home, but her doctor says she’s not going to be able to go until at least Wednesday or Thursday. The good news is that her hip is just bruised badly and nothing is broken. Sarah will be here tomorrow morning. Call me around 8, OK?”

At 8 I called grandma’s house and mom answered. She filled me in on grandma and repeated that Sarah was going to be there in the morning. I told her that I had swapped shifts and would head there the next afternoon. Then she said, “Joe, I’ve had time to think about things between us this week and we need to talk.” I always dreaded these moments as she went on. “Don’t get me wrong here. I want and need you badly. In fact, when I get home I want you to ‘rape’ and ravage me again. Despite all that’s happened, I’m really wet and horny right now; but I’m not sure about this ‘slave’ thing.” There was a pause before she spoke again. “Sometimes I want that, but most of the time, I just want to make love to you. Does that make sense?”

I thought for a moment and said, “Sure mom. We can do that. There are times I’ve just enjoyed making love to you too.” We went on talking about what we wanted to do to each other and wound up having phone sex. She asked me to pick out a couple of her outfits of my choosing and bring them with me.

Then she asked, “Do we dare do anything around Sarah? She doesn’t know about us yet.” I wasn’t sure what to say, and she added, “I guess we’ll play that one by ear.” We hung up and I headed for bed.

I was awakened by the phone ringing. As I got up I saw that it was 2:45 and rushed to the phone thinking it was mom and there was an emergency. I picked up the phone and before I could say anything I heard a slurred voice yelling, “JOE! Is this you this time?”

“Hello. Yes this is Joe, who is this?” I replied.

“This is Kathy.” She told me. I could hear Cindy yelling in the background it was her too. Kathy went on, “Hey Joe! We need a HUGE favor. We’ve had a bit too much to drink and the bartended took my keys and said we needed a sober driver or he’d call a taxi. We’re at ‘Caesar’s’ on…” I heard her yelling to someone else. “Hey, where is this place?” Then after she got the address, she passed it along to me, even though I knew were the place was. She sounded really drunk. Then I heard her say to the bartender, “OK we’ve got a ride home, so how about two more doubles for last call and we’ll wait for him.” Then she said to me, “Joe, you are coming right?” Before I could answer, she sex parties porno said, “Just a sec, the bartender wants to speak with you.”

Then I heard a man asking, “Hello, you must be Joe. We’ve been hearing about you on and off through the night! Are you coming to pick up the ladies?”

By now I was fully awake and I replied, “Yes, I’m on my way. Did they tell you I’m only 18? How will I get in to pick them up?”

He said, “No they didn’t mention that, but they did say you’re younger. No problem though, just tell my doorman you’re here to pick up Cindy and Kathy and he’ll let you in. Hell, I’ll even throw in a free cup of coffee or a Coke.” I could here Kathy and Cindy yelling in the background as we hung up. I went to my room and threw some clothes on and headed out. On the way to the club I got hard thinking about how good Kathy and Cindy looked when they went out. It only took about 15 minutes to get there, since there were few other cars out and all the stoplights were flashing.

As I approached the club the doorman said, “Sir, we’re closed now.”

I told him, “I’m here to pick up…”

He broke in, “Oh you must be JOE and you’re here to ‘scoop up’ Cindy and Kathy. We’ve been expecting you young man. Please step inside.” He grinned and chuckled as I went past. As I entered the near empty club, there they were at the bar. As soon as they saw me they both staggered my way with their drinks.

“Hi there Joey. Are we glad to see you” Kathy slurred.

Then Cindy embraced me and kissed me on the lips and said, “Oh yeah baby, we’re so happy to see you now!”

The bartender yelled from behind the bar, “Joe, come on over! I want to shake your hand.” The three of us staggered toward the bar, and as we got there, he offered his hand and said, “I’m Joe too. Glad to meet you.” He was just grinning as he asked, “Do you want coffee or a Coke?” I opted for the Coke and he said, “Here.” As he handed me their keys he went on. “I had to take these away around midnight and they’ve just gone downhill from there. But, they kept telling me, or the waitress, or whoever, that you—JOE—would come take care of them.” Then he paused, and leaned over closer to me watching Kathy and Cindy, who were slurring on about something, and he said in a low voice, “Hey kid, you play your cards right tonight and you’ll probably land BOTH of them in the sack, together! I wish I was in your shoes right now.” Then he backed away as we watched them together.

Then Cindy said, “OK Joe, close out our tab and put $10 on the top for you and your staff.” Then she looked at me and said, “We’re ready to go home now baby.” We were the last patrons in the club at that point. As I started trying to get them toward the door, Joe called for his doorman to help me. We got them loaded in the front seat and then I got in. Kathy was sitting in the middle and Cindy on the passenger side.

Kathy was going down fast as she asked, “Joe, don’t you have to work tomorrow?”

I replied, “Yeah at 5:30!”

Cindy said, “Well that sucks! We’re really sorry we called you.”

Kathy said, “I’m sorry too Joe. I couldn’t remember.”

I told them, “It’s OK. I would’ve had to get up in about an hour or so anyway. I went to bed early last night, so it’s no big deal.” As I drove, Kathy put her head on my shoulders, just mumbling something incoherent. We pulled up to Kathy’s house and I got them out. Cindy was awake, but very drunk. Kathy was almost totally out. I steadied Cindy against my car and got Kathy out. She came to enough to stagger, but she was in rough shape. As I got Kathy around the waist, I grabbed Cindy’s arm and started toward the door. I let go of Cindy to get Kathy’s keys out to open the door and she stumbled and fell on the grass.

“I’m OK, get her to her bed.” She slurred on the front lawn. I opened the door and got Kathy in and laid her on her bed. Then I went back out to check on Cindy, she was semi-passed out in the yard. I picked her up and took her inside. Once we got in she said, “Take me to bed Joe.” as she kissed me on the lips again. As I took her up the stairs she said, “We kind of overdid things tonight. I’m so sorry. I know Kathy wanted to have you and I do too, but we’re just too damn drunk to enjoy it. We’d probably throw up on you!” As we got upstairs, she told me, “Just take me to Kathy’s room. I need to keep an eye on her.” As if she could, but when we got in to Kathy’s room she said, “Oh no! Kathy you have to be on your side and we have to get those clothes off.” I just laid her on the bed. Cindy said, “Get her up for a second and I’ll pull the covers down.” I stood Kathy up and Cindy pulled the covers down. Then she said, “OK, now comes the fun part. You get to help me undress her.”

Kathy was mumbling again at this point as Cindy reached to unzip her dress. I helped Cindy pull it down and it dropped to the floor. Then Cindy was trying to undo her bra. Kathy just mumbled something and reached up for her breasts as she opened her eyes. It was a front clasp bra and spankbang porno she flipped it open as she said, “Oh Joe, it’s you.” She threw her arms around me, starting kissing my neck, and then fell back on the bed. She mumbled, “Tonight’s you’re lucky night Joe. You get to fuck two women in the same bed. Do you like that?”

“Yes Kathy, I do.” I immediately replied. I was rock hard now and throbbing. There she was half on her bed, topless, with her legs on the floor, still in panties, stockings, and heels. I reached down as Cindy watched, took her heels off, and pulled her legs onto the bed. She was just lying there mumbling with her eyes shut again, as Cindy embraced me and gave me a long, deep kiss.

“Yes Joe. Tonight’s you’re lucky night for sure. Now, pull her panties and stocking off and then you get to undress me.” I pulled Kathy’s stockings off first and then her red panties. She had a nice little mound of hair that I admired for a moment before Cindy said, “Go ahead, you can touch it. You can even kiss and lick it. She likes that.” I ran my hand over her pussy and she let out a soft moan. Then I leaned down to kiss and lick it, like Sarah had taught me the week before. Kathy’s hips were just starting to sway as she was moaning softly. Then Cindy said, “OK, it’s my turn to be undressed now.” She pulled me up and kissed me again. We walked around the bed (Kathy had a California King waterbed, by the way.), and she started to unbutton her blouse. I helped her unbutton it and she just tossed it aside as she reached behind her to undo her beige lace bra. My eyes popped out when she undid her bra and her huge breasts just popped out, nipples large and erect! Those were the biggest breasts I’d ever seen at that point and I couldn’t help to reach up for them as I closed in for a kiss. We kissed for another minute or so as I played with her breasts and nipples. She moaned and said as she reached behind her, “Help me with this zipper.” I reached behind her and pulled the zipper down as she wiggled her hips. The miniskirt dropped to the floor, revealing her black lace, French-cut panties, and she kicked it aside as she tried to reach down to pull off her heels. She lost her balance and I caught her and laid her on the other side of the bed. I pulled her heels off and then her panties, revealing her freshly shaved pussy. She had a HOT body! Then, she rolled over toward Kathy, and asked her, “Kathy, are you ready for Joe to fuck you now?”

Kathy mumbled, “Yes.”

Cindy looked at me and said, “OK, Joe. She’s all yours. I’ll be right here caressing her. Go ahead, get your clothes off and get between her legs.” I stripped instantly. It didn’t matter to me how drunk she was, I wanted them both, and looking at the clock I knew I had just enough time for one round with each of them.

As I spread Kathy’s legs apart, she opened her eyes again and said, “Oh yes Joe, fuck me now!” I got between her legs and she grabbed my cock to guide it in to her wet pussy. She slurred, “Yes, Cindy he’s hung.”

Cindy said, “Yes Kathy I saw it and I can’t wait for my turn.” She rolled over to Kathy and they kissed, long and deep, as I started thrusting. Then Kathy started swaying as Cindy kissed down to her breasts and started kissing and sucking them. The sight of those two as I was fucking Kathy was getting me close. I tried to pinch it off, but I didn’t last long at all. I exploded deep inside of Kathy as I let out a loud moan. Cindy yelled over my moaning, “Oh yeah baby, fill her with your cum. She wants it all!”

“Yes, yes!” Kathy moaned out as I felt her cum. I finished and was going flaccid as I pulled out of Kathy. They continued to kiss each other and me. Then Cindy went down further on Kathy and licked her pussy as she came again. Cindy sucked my cock until it was hard again, which didn’t take long.

Then Cindy said as she rolled over, “My turn.” Kathy rolled over and they started kissing and fondling each other as I got between Cindy’s long legs. I eased my cock into her wet and waiting pussy and we were all kissing. Again, I felt a wonderful sensation sweep over my body as we kissed and I started to slowly fuck Cindy. That sensation has always been something I’ve loved about being in the same bed with two women—it’s like natural Viagra and then some! Although Cindy was still visibly drunk, she was not as bad as Kathy and her hips were quickly beginning to increase their speed and tempo. Suddenly, Kathy rolled over, fell on the floor and stumbled into her bathroom, as Cindy and I continued to fuck. She wrapped her legs around me as she grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down closer to her for another kiss. Her entire body felt so good to me. She started bucking me hard as she screamed, “OH yes Joe! Fuck me harder. This feels so good. Your cock is just perfect for me. Now fuck my brains out!” We could hear Kathy throwing up in the bathroom between our moans. I was able to pinch a bit better this time and make myself last a bit longer. I was ramming Cindy now full force as she was screaming for me to go even harder. Then I felt her muscles contract around my cock as she just froze for an instant as she screamed out at the top of her lungs, “Oh yes Joe! Fuck me hard. I’m cumming now!” I could feel her squirting inside as her muscles contracted around my throbbing cock and it sent me over the edge. I exploded inside Cindy as she just continued to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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