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Sharon our Mom gets trained 2After having started sucking off her two sons, she and Phil’s sex life became a lot better. He always got much exited, when thinking of her servicing the sons and they fucked much more than they used to.He would come home to find her just finished with her duties, sometimes he would have to wait for her finishing sucking off her sons. Then they would retreat to the master bedroom and while he was fucking her, she would tell him all the details. One day he found them all together, a thing which has not happened before. Although both the boys they knew what was going on, she’d never done them both at the same time. She was on her knees in front of them, naked to the waist and stroking their cocks. “Come on, spurt for me, I want to taste all your cum,” she told the boys.They stood beside each other grinning, this was great, their mother on her knees with her big tits naked, waiting for them to give their loads.”Rob, you want to come first?” Peter asked, while he was breathing hard.”We can come together” Rob replied,” see if she can take all of our cum.””Oh yes” Sharon still stroking the boys hard cocks,” do it for me, come in my mouth.”She looked up at the smiling boys, their cocks throbbing in her hands. A little pre-cum was forming at the head of Peter’s cock, she teasingly licked it off. His cock gave a jolt and she could feel he was close to coming. She intensified the stroking of Rob’s cock, so they could come together.”Oh mum, I’m coming,” Peter gasped.”Yeah, me too, watch out mum, here it comes” Rob said.Phil was standing in the door to the kitchen and he watched in amazement the scenario in front of him. There was his beautiful wife TITS as she was called, dressed in a miniskirt with her top pulled down to her waist, her big tits naked, in front of his sons, urging them to come in her mouth.Moments later she felt the first spurt of hot cum hitting her chin and soon both boys was shooting their loads on her face, aiming for her mouth. They were quite good at it, most of the cum landed between her lips, a few spurts plastered her chin and nose.She let go of their cocks and licked her lips, showing them the cum in her mouth where she played with it with her tongue. She then closed her lips and swallowed.”Uh, so much. Have you been thinking about me the whole day?” she asked her voice thick with cum.”Yes, I certainly have. I really was looking forward to getting a blowjob when I came home.””Yeah, me too,” Rob said,” I almost had to jerk off in my lunch break, I was so horny.””Well done boys,” Phil said,” you know what your mother likes.”They spun around and looked at Phil, standing in the kitchen door, stroking his hard cock. “Why don’t you come over here and continue, Sharon?” he asked.She smiled at him and got up, her big tits swaying as she walked to the kitchen door. He could see small strands of cum on her tits; she hadn’t been able to swallow it all.”Have you saved your cum for as well?” she asked, grabbing his cock.”Yes, travelling for a week without jerking off should do the trick although I do admitchecking out”Sharon with Tits out” on line whenever i wanted to see you TITS.Sharon smiledhonoured by all the attention.The boys watched with still hard cocks as their mother knelt before her husband, stroking his cock and began sucking him off. Her mouth slowly engulfed the head and she started to suck, moving her head back and forth, playing along the hardness with her tongue, teasing him with the tip at the forehead.”Damn, you’re good at this. Don’t you agree, boys? Your mom TITS is a great cocksucker.””Yeah dad, she’s really good. She likes it when we cum in her mouth.””Well then, why don’t you join me, looks like you’re ready again.”The boys quickly moved in position, so their mother was surrounded by three cocks. She let go of Phil’s cock and looked around, licked her lips and said:”What a sight, are all these nice cocks for me?””Yes,” Phil said,” they are all for you slut and now it’s all a bit more in the open, you’ll service us whenever we need you to Tits.””But Phil, that sounds like I’m a horrible slut?””Well, exactly, you’re OUR slut now and you’ll do whatever we tell you to do. So now get on with the sucking Tits.”She looked up at him, smiled and took his hard cock in her mouth again, while she was stroking the boys. She took turns sucking them off even though the boys had come in her mouth earlier, it didn’t take long before all cocks were ready to burst again.”Are you ready boys?” Phil panted,” I’m just about to cum?””Yeah dad, go ahead, give her all you got.””Ok, here it comes,” he said, directing his cock towards Sharon’s face.Moments later his cock twisted and the first spurt hit her in the face, covering her nose and chin. The next she managed to catch with her mouth, but some of it also escaped her mouth, dripping down her chin to her 36C Breasts.The boys watched with admiration, they had never seen so much cum before; only maybe on the DVD’s they sometimes rented. Their father had been gone for a week and istanbul escort it showed. When he was finished, Sharon’s face was drenched in cum, it was dripping from her nose and chin and her tongue was covered in sperm.She looked up at Phil and the boys with glowing eyes, licking her lips, so they could all see the cum in her mouth, opening her mouth, waiting for more.”My god, look at her, she really loves cum. Are you guys ready to give tits our slut some more?” Phil asked.Without answering, both the boys started to erupt over their mother, shooting their hot juices all over her. She managed to catch some of it with her mouth, but a lot landed on her face, covering her nose and chins. When they were done, she looked a mess, with cum all over her face, some in her hair and dripping from her lips.The three men stood exhausted and looked at Sharon; she then started to get up and went to the kitchen table, reaching for the tissues.”No, don’t wipe it off,” Phil said, “I like the way you look now, all covered in our cum. Leave it as it is.””But it will ruin my dress, if I don’t clean up.””Well then, don’t put it on. Actually from now on, don’t wear any top when we’re around you slut. What about that, boys, wouldn’t you like to see your mother topless around the house when we’re home?””Yeah dad” they both said,” that would be cool, having mom walking around with her tits out all the time. What did you mean precisely by her being our slut?””She’s obviously getting really into this, so I think she should be available to us all the time, doing whatever we want her to. Later I will tell you some stories about what we did before you were around, that might help you to understand what a slut she can be.”Sharon smiled at the memories of what they had been doing in the younger years. She turned around, facing the men, sperm still covering her face and tits.”Ok, but I must warn you, I need a lot of cock when I first get going, do you think you can handle that?””Sure we can, can’t we dad?” both Rob and Peter replied.”You just wait sweetheart, you’ll get all the cock you want.”Sharon with Tits out was slowly transformed from a loving, decent housewife to a slut;whose main task was to service the men in her life.She was in herlate 40’s, still a very attractive woman, medium height and with natural brown hair. She had nice legs and a firm ass, but her most sexy feature was her tits. They were big and still firm,and it made her appearance so much sexier, a real mature woman to look at and jerk off for and now as it happens, jerk off on.These tits were now on display for the guys in the house and it worked, they were all in a constant state of arousal.Sharon was ordered to make topless posters of herself and hang them throughout the house and set up her page on XHamster at she was serving breakfast, she would stroll around in the kitchen, tits swaying and the boys could not keep their eyes of her. They kept stroking their cocks in their shorts and it often ended with her sucking them off before they left home in the morning and them cumming in her oatmeal or on her toast and watching as she ate it all.When it was weekend, the sex became more intense. That had started a week or so after she had sucked them all off. It was Friday evening; Phil sat on the patio and drank a few beers with his sons and Sharon did some housework, but she would also make frequent trips to the men to make sure they didn’t run out of beer.”Hey Sharon you cunt, how about a little entertainment?” Phil said.”What did you have in mind,” Sharon asked.”Why don’t you put on some of the lingerie I’ve bought for you, then you can do a little striptease for us,” he answered.”Yes Sir, but we might have to go inside.””No, that’s alright, You can perform right on the picnic table.” She smiled at him and went into the house. A few minutes later she was back, dressed in high heels, black stockings and a black transparent negligee. She slowly danced around on the patio, teasing the men by groping their crotches and revealing her body. She started to take her top off and both Phil and the boys were having difficulties concealing their hard cocks.”Why don’t you all show me your cocks, are they nice and hard?”They all dropped their pants quickly and now she could see the effect she had on them, the cocks were very hard and throbbing. She was now naked apart from her high heels and stockings; still she was flirting with the men, fondling their cocks when she passed them.”Come over here Sharon you slut” Phil ordered,” I want to feel if you’re wet.”She stepped up to her husband and he started to feel her up, she was dripping with juices. He spun her around and forced her down on his cock. She let out a moan as his big cock slipped into her warm pussy. The boys started to jerk of at the sight of their mother riding on their father’s big cock.”Hey boys, don’t be shy, come over here and let me see you jerk off,” Sharon avcılar escort said.Both jumped out of their chairs and stood in front of their mother, slowly stroking their cocks.Sharon was still riding Phil and at the same time caressing her big tits, offering them to the boys. Soon Phil was starting to jerk in his seat and he came with a moan, filling his wife’s pussy with cum. She also reached her climax, grinding her pussy on his cock and moaning loudly.When she calmed down, she got up, cum dripping from her pussy, and grabbed both the boys by their cocks.”Come on; let’s go down to the lawn out by the road, I need more cock and the road is quiet at this hourThey followed their mother , where she laid down on the grass, spread her pussy-lips, inserting two fingers and massaging her tits with the other hand.”Uh, fuck me now, I need to be fucked by both of you” she gasped, “Rob, you do it first, I can suck Peter at the same time.”Rob quickly entered her; with one thrust he slipped the whole length of his hard cock in her wet pussy, while Peter lowered his hard cock to her mouth. She greedily started sucking on it, jerking it with one hand and using her mouth and lips.Peter stared down at his mother, what a sight. She was sucking his cock; his brother was fucking her, her big tits moving back and forth as Rob slammed his cock into her pussy.”Mom, can I fuck your tits?” Peter asked.”Yes, of course” Tits said, letting go of his cock and pushing her bare Breasts together, “put your big cock between my tits”.Sharon was oblivious to the occasional car slowly passing byPeter slipped his cock between her tits and began fucking them, thrusting his cock in and out, and his cock-head sometimes hitting her jaw, where she could lick it.Rob meanwhile started breathing heavily and moaning he was coming. He started to fuck his mother even faster, gripping her legs and pounding her wet pussy. He let out a groan and came in her, cum starting to escape from the side of his cock as he pushed it far up her pussy. At the same time Peter fucked her tits harder, while she gasped:”Oh Peter, fuck my tits, I want to feel your cum, jerk off all over me,” she moaned.Peter could feel the pressure of his cum, he gave one final thrust and the hot sperm jetted from the tip of his cock, plastering his mother’s face, the last spurts landed on her tits. She licked her lips, savouring the taste of the hot cum and massaged her tits, so they were glistening.Phil had watched the scene with great pleasure; he was now sitting in a chair next to them, stroking his hard cock.”Sharon you stupid Bitch, I’m ready to cum again, kneel for more cum””Yes, give it to me; I want to taste your hot cum.”Phil got up and stood in front of his wife, she was kneeling now, mouth open, ready to do the hoover on his cock”No, don’t open your mouth, I want to cum all over your face, so we can have something sexy to look at while we eat,” he said.She obediently closed her mouth, looked up at him, begging for his cum. He moved closer to her and started to stroke his cock faster in front of her face. Soon he was erupting in huge spurts all over her face; it ended on her forehead, her nose, her eyes and on her chin. She looked real messy when he was done, his fresh cum combined with the loads she had received before made her face look like it was glazed.”Ok boys, that was good, you really can give a slut what she needs,” Phil said.”I’m hungry now, go make some food for us, Tits,” he ordered.”But I need to freshen up and get dressed,” she protested.”No, just make the food and come and eat with us as you are, you have eaten before with cum on your face, remember in Key West?” Phil said.She smiled at this, gave his cock a squeeze and went into the house, cum still on her face and dripping from her tits and pussy.”What happened at Key West?” the boys asked.”We were on vacation there and one day after while we were driving, your mother started to play with my cock I parked and she wanted to suck me off, daring me to do it in the parking place. I accepted, but in return she had to promise to do what I said afterwards. I came all over her face and when I was done, we drove to a McDonalds nearby. I made her order and made very sure she was visible to the young woman in the window, when she paid. Poor thing, she probably never seen anyone with cum all over face, paying for her meal. We then parked in a quite busy parking lot and ate our food, your mother now on full display as I told her to remove her top.”When he was done telling the story, Sharon called them for dinner. They sat down at the table, while she served them their food. She was still only in her high heels and stockings, her face and tits were still wet with cum as she sat down to join them. They ate and talked, the men commented on her slutty looks, they all thought it looked extremely sexy she was still covered in cum. “Well, I don’t mind” she said, “it’s quite exiting to sit here, dripping with cum,the centre of my mens world.” From şirinevler escort that day on, they were fucking more regularly. Often when the boys came home, they would find their mother either walking almost naked around the house or sitting in the living-room, playing with herself waiting for them to arrive.She taught them to eat pussy; she would direct them while they were between her legs licking her trimmed pussy, instructing them how best to give a woman pleasure. Mostly they were rewarded with blowjobs or a nice long fuck, of if they were both home, she would blow one while the other fucked her, then change them around after they had cum.Some months passed like this, then one day Rob proudly announced he had found a girlfriend.”Oh Rob, I’m so happy for you, although I’m going to miss your cock, “Sharon said with a grin.”Well done my son, when can we see her?” Phil asked.”Actually, she coming over tonight, so I think its best mom puts on some clothes” Rob answered.”Off course, otherwise the poor girl will be scared away,” his mother remarked.Later that day, Rob introduced them to Karen, a stunning blonde with an extremely sexy body. She was very well received by the family and they all got along quite well. After having had some good food and some drinks, it was time for Karen to get home. They suddenly realized they all had too much to drink, so she accepted the offer to stay for the night.”Mom, is it ok if she sleeps in my room?” Rob asked.”Well of course darling, if she needs anything just let me know,” Sharon said.A few moments later there was a knock on the door to the master bedroom, Phil opened it and saw Karen standing outside only in a loose shirt. It showed off her magnificent tanned legs, you could just see the outline of her firm tits.”Sharon said if I needed anything, I could ask her,” Karen said.”Sure darling, what do you need?” Tits asked from the bed.”I need something to remove my makeup with” Karen said”Come with me, I have some in our bathroom”, Tits said and led Karen to the bathroom attached to the master bedroom ompletely forgetting about the toplessposter always on display in Mom and dads bathroomOnce in there, she gave Karen what she needed and stood back admiring her body.”You certainly have a very nice body, Karen, do you work out much?””No, not really, I think I’m just blessed from nature’s side. The only thing I would like to have is larger breasts, I think they are too small. Yours are much nicer, if you don’t mind me saying so.” That picture of you is amazing.”Well thank you, no I don’t mind. But yours are just perfect for your body. Off course I know most men like big tits, but you have such a wonderful body, so don’t worry. You’ll get you share of men” Sharon said.The said goodnight and Karen went to Rob’s room.”Your mother is a very nice woman” she said, as she climbed into Rob’s bed.”Yes, she wonderful in many ways” Rob replied smiling.After they made love, they both fell asleep, but an hour later Karen woke up to strange noises.It came from the hallway and she couldn’t resist taking a peek. She opened the door and tiptoed into the corridor. The noises came from the master bedroom, where the door was ajar and when she was close enough, she could actually see the bed and what she saw, made her stare wide-eyed.Sharon was riding her husband and her son Peter was fucking her from behind. She had off course heard about double penetration before, but she had never seen it. And then with her son!The threesome on the bed changed position; she was now blowing her son while her husband fucked her and moments later they both showered her with cum, as they came all over her face.She quickly went back to Rob’s room and slid into bed with him. She woke him up, all exited and very wet. “Do you know what I just saw?” she asked him.”No, but it must have been something nice, you’re all dripping,” Rob said, as he felt her wet pussy.”I just saw your mom being fucked by your dad and your brother” she whispered.”Oh no, they promised to behave while you are here,” Rob moaned.”Do you mean you know about this? Oh my god, have you been doing it yourselves?” she asked, breathing a little heavier.”I guess there no way of covering this now, yes I’ve fucked my mom as well. Does that mean it’s all over now?” he asked.”No silly, I think it’s very exiting. Your mother has a great body; I can understand your needs. What do you do to her, tell me, does she suck you off or do you fuck her?””It started with her sucking us off, but then dad found out and now she’s our slut, she’ll do anything we ask her to.””Wow, you really mean anything. This is so exiting, come, fuck me again.”They fucked intensively for almost an hour, all the time he told her what he and the other men in the house had done his mother. Starting from the sucking off in the bathroom to the weekends full of sex, with Sharon being used a target for circle jerk, sucking them off during dinner and the cum-showers that normally followed a fucking session.The next morning they all gathered at the breakfast table, all acting normal, Sharon serving the meal.After they were finished, Karen looked at Rob and nodded.Rob got up and stood beside his mother, whipped out his cock and said:”Mom, I need you to suck my cock.””But Rob, what are you doing, behave yourselves, what must Karen be thinking?” Sharon stammered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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