Shaving Dad Pt. 02

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Michael stood in the shower, water running down his body, trying to wrap his head around what had just happened. As he was washing his and his nineteen year old daughter’s cum from his body, images of her, moaning and shuddering in orgasm while riding his cock, filled his mind. His body was beginning to react again, blood rushing towards his crotch, so he tried to push these thoughts away and finish washing.

A few minutes later he walked in the kitchen to find Kate. Like him, she didn’t bother getting dressed after she showered. She had her back to him, preparing something to eat, and he took a minute to admire her round firm ass. ‘What have I got myself into?’ he thought.

“Hey,” he said finally to draw her attention.

“Hey, Dad!” She turned to face him with a smile. “Are you hungry?”

“Sure.” He paused for a second and continued, “Listen, Kate, we should talk.”

Kate saw her father’s serious expression and her face fell. “Oh, Dad, I thought we said no guilt trips.”

“I can’t help but feel guilty about the way I feel, Katie, but it’s not just that. I want to make sure you are okay with it. I wanted us to talk now that we both have a clear head. I need to make sure you’re okay with what happened.”

“You seemed pretty sure thirty minutes ago,” she teased.

“I was. I really felt that I was. But you know I wasn’t thinking entirely with my head at the time.”

Kate giggled.

“I’m serious, Katie,” Michael continued, “I need to make sure that you — we understand what’s at stake here.”

“I know what the problem is, Dad,” Kate said, “you still see me as the innocent little girl I was before I left for college. And you are right, I was innocent then, but things have changed. I’ve had a lot of sex while I was away, and I do mean a lot. You’re not corrupting me or taking advantage of me. I’m physically attracted to you, you obviously are attracted to me so we fucked. It’s just sex, please don’t make a big deal out of it.”

“It became quite clear to me during the last hour that you’re not an innocent little girl”, Michael replied with a smile, but tried to turn serious again. “That’s not to say I won’t need some time to get used to it. And there are other things that concern me, mostly any harm that this might cause you on an emotional level. Not to mention it’s illegal.”

“Okay, for starters, the law can fuck off as far as our personal life if concerned. We’re both adults and we can do whatever the hell we want, as long as we don’t hurt anybody. Okay, we’ll have to be careful, obviously, but other than that I don’t see a problem.”

“I guess, but -.”

“As for your other concern,” she interrupted, “there’s no way you’ll hurt me emotionally, I have complete trust in you. I understand that if this was about romance it could get too complicated but I’m not ‘in-love’ with you. I still love you very much as my dad, but this is about sex. It’s about lust. Like I already mentioned, I’m not new to sex, I’ve been exploring my sexuality and I’ve tried quite a few things this last year. But what I felt out there with you is a totally new feeling. The connection we share and the safety I feel with you cannot be replicated with anybody else in the world. Not to mention the taboo aspect of it, just thinking about it gets me horny out of my mind. I suspect you feel the same way, so why deprive ourselves of this feeling?”

“Okay, slow down there.” Michael saw that his daughter was getting riled up and tried to put her at ease with his tone. “Trust me, it was quite overwhelming for me too. I don’t regret it, but we got caught in the heat of the moment.” He was trying really hard to be the responsible parent and needed to slow things down and try to make sense of all of this. “It would be quite a big step if we decided to continue. All I’m saying is to give it some time to make sure it’s what we want.”

“Fine!” Kate shot back, visibly upset, and turned her back to him to continue making dinner.

“Okay, now you’re being a child. I only want what’s best for you, sweetie.”

“Whatever.” She barely acknowledged him and started chopping vegetables with a great deal more hostility than necessary.

Michael let out an exasperated sigh and walked out of the room. It pained him to see her like that but maybe it was for the best. He needed to let things cool down.


They barely exchanged any words for the rest of the evening. Michael tried to strike up a conversation during dinner by complimenting her cooking, but it was met with a simple emotionless ‘thanks’. Eventually, he gave up and gave Kate some space.

Later that night, they found themselves sitting on opposite sides on the couch watching TV. They’d both gotten dressed by then as the mood wasn’t quite right to walk nude around the house. Michael wore a pair of boxer shorts and Kate had chosen a plain white t-shirt and cotton panties.

The show they were watching was actually quite good and managed to distract Michael helping him momentarily forget the fight he was having with his amatör porno daughter. He was so engrossed in the story that he never saw Kate coming as she pounced at him.

She jumped against him and hugged him tightly, her head resting on his chest. “I’m so sorry, Dad, I was being stupid.”

“It’s okay, pumpkin.” he said and caressed her hair, after recovering from the initial surprise. “It’s my fault, I should’ve stopped it sooner.”

“No!” She raised her head and looked him in the eyes. “Dad, you didn’t do anything wrong, please believe me!”

“I’m not sure about that, Katie. What if your mom finds out?” Michael asked, suddenly terrified at that prospect.

“Mom should mind her own fucking business. She made her choice back when she cheated on you, and I’m an adult, so she doesn’t have a say in this.”

“Katie, cut her some slack, it’s more complicated than that.”

“I know… ” Kate sighed. “You know I love Mom, but she did betray you, so I stand by my previous statement.”

“But- “

“Just forget Mom. You were right, we should take it slow, but it wasn’t a mistake. It was the most intense and beautiful experience of my life, I’ll never regret it!”

“I truly hope that’s true, sweetie.”

“I promise, Dad. You’re the best dad ever, you don’t need to worry.” She pulled down his head to give him a big kiss on his cheek.

Michael still had serious doubts, but his daughter’s words managed to ease them enough to lighten his mood. Kate cuddled in his arms as they resumed watching TV.


The following days, as agreed, they refrained from any sexual behavior. The incident with his daughter was constantly in Michael’s mind, fueling his fantasies, and knew he could never look at her the same way again. She wasn’t a naive innocent child anymore, she was a sexually mature woman. But, to his great relief, their relationship had remained intact.

If anything, Kate seemed more relaxed and more confident around him. She behaved more like a young woman than a teenage girl. They would talk about college or about his work, they would fool around the pool, they even went out to eat on a casual father-daughter date.

Kate would also hang out with her best friend, Jane. She lived next door and even though she was a year younger, they were inseparable growing up. Michael would watch them frolic around the pool and sunbathe on the lounge chairs, or he would overhear them talking on the phone, all the time searching for any indication that Kate was struggling with what had happened or that she would let something slip to Jane. He got nothing.

He started thinking if maybe the solution was to simply never bring it up again and wondered if Kate was thinking the same thing. They could go on being a regular father and daughter and just have this one special memory they could share together. No harm, no foul. No need to make things any more complicated.

He would be a liar if he claimed that he didn’t often day-dream about all the things he could do to his sexy daughter, but he was determined to restrain himself. He was fairly certain that Kate didn’t suspect anything. So unless she brought it up herself, or made any kind of move, he would keep his mouth shut.

As it turned out, he was only fooling himself. He was temporarily relieved that everything was back to normal, but it had only been four days and his susceptibility to temptation had never been really put to the test.


That Saturday, Michael woke up unusually late. Apparently, all the additional stress he had to endure during the week took a toll on his body. He got up, showered, had breakfast while catching up on some work emails, and headed for the pool. That’s where he found Kate, lying on her back on a pool chair, stubbornly trying to get her pale skin to tan. She was naked and he couldn’t help but take the opportunity to admire her youthful toned body. He still hadn’t got used to how different and sexy she looked with her pussy shaved.

“Hey, Katie.”

She had dozed off and was startled by her father’s voice. “Oh! Good morning, Dad!”

“No Jane today?” he asked, indicating her state of undress. Their casual approach to nudity wasn’t something they freely advertised, so they made sure to be decent whenever Jane, or anyone else for that matter, was invited.

“Huh?” She looked confused for a moment, then looked down at her body. “Oh, right. No, Jane won’t come until later, said she’ll call me. Feel free to lose your swimsuit too, Dad,” she suggested with a smile.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Michael removed his suit and jumped in the pool to do a few laps.

He loved the feeling of the water enveloping his totally nude body as he swam across the pool, but with Jane being so often around the house lately, he hadn’t found a chance to enjoy it until now.

He only swam for a few minutes, not really in the mood for a full work-out. He got out of the pool and used a towel to dry himself as he walked towards Kate.

“Mind if I join you?” anal porno he asked.

“Of course not. Pull up a chair,” she replied.

As he finished drying off and made his way to the chair, Michael could clearly see his daughter checking out his exposed body.

“Dad! Did you shave again? I don’t see any stubble,” Kate exclaimed, indicating his crotch.

“Um, yeah,” he replied sheepishly. “It was starting to itch. It was a pain in the ass to do it, though. Thank god I’m still in one piece.”

“You should’ve asked me to help you, Dad!”

“Yeah, right,” he chuckled. “I wasn’t sure I was quite ready for a repeat of last time.”

“Well, seems like you did a good job. You look hot!”

“Kate, stop that.”

“What? It’s true!” Kate was giggling, clearly enjoying embarrassing her father.

“Okay, let’s change the subject shall we?” He pulled up the pool chair next to her and lay down.

“Why are you embarrassed all of a sudden, I never knew you to be self-conscious. It’s no secret that women think you’re a stud,” she kept teasing him.

“It’s different when my own daughter is saying it.”

“Would that be the same daughter you fucked senseless right on this very chair a few days ago?” she asked with a smirk.

“I…” Michael couldn’t meet her eyes. Mixed feelings of guilt and arousal were being brought up to the surface again.

“So, what are your plans for the weekend?” she finally asked, taking pity on him.

“No plans. How about you?”

“No plans? Really?” she asked, ignoring his question. “Aren’t you seeing anyone?”

“Not at the moment,” he replied.

“You don’t even have a friend with benefits or fuck-buddy situation going?” She sounded surprised. She knew he had in the past, but didn’t know what had happened while she was away at college, and they’d avoided talking about relationships ever since she returned.

“I’m taking a break from that, currently. I thought I’d look for something more serious.”

“Huh, that’s a shame, I happen to have a great candidate.” She gave him a meaningful look that left little doubt as to what she was insinuating.

“What about you?” he asked, pretending to miss her not-so-subtle hint.

“Oh, I’ve plenty of fuck buddies -“

“I meant plans for the we–“

“But they’re all back in college,” she went on. “Not big on relationships right now, just want to enjoy sex. I feel that I still have so much to learn and experience.”

“Well, seemed to me like you’re a fast learner,” he shot back, finally relenting and trying to play her game.

“Oh! Thanks, Dad. You’re no slouch yourself. I bet you have a lot to teach a young teenage girl like me,” she teased back.

Michael felt his body react to her words, his mind reeling with images of his sexy daughter. He was already regretting falling in her trap. Time to backpedal. “I’m twenty-nine years older than you, I can hardly compete with the virile athletic young guys at your college.”

“Ha! You’d be surprised how clueless younger guys can be. They mostly try to recreate stuff they see in porn, and poorly at that.”

“What kind of things?” Michael asked with a pang of worry at the thought of guys mistreating his little girl.

“Oh, nothing too bad,” Kate tried to reassure her father. “You know boys, they–” she paused and then her face lit up like she just had a brilliant idea. “Actually, you know what? Why tell you about it when I can just show you?”

She reached for her phone, laid next to her chair on the ground, and stood up.

“Scooch,” she said, gesturing for her dad to make room for her on his chair.

Michael wasn’t quite sure what Kate’s intentions were, but he felt powerless to stop it anyway. He knew he probably should, before it was too late, but did he really want to?

In the end he just relented and moved over. There was just enough room for her to lay on her side. He wrapped his hand around her and she leaned her body against him resting her head next to his, her temple touching his cheek. He breathed in her sweet scent, which was a mixture of coconut and fruits, and it weakened his resolve even more. He was slipping.

“Okay, let’s see.” She held her phone in front of them and started navigating through the menus. She opened a folder containing several video files with short names that didn’t give any indication to Michael as to what was the content.

“Here it is,” she said as she locked on a video file named ‘coryfcl’. “So, first thing you notice as a girl in college is that guys are fucking obsessed with facials.”

And then she pressed the play button.

The image of his beautiful daughter immediately filled the screen. She was holding the phone vertically and she seemed to be kneeling and have her arm extended to shoot the video from her side on a forty-five degree angle. The frame reached just below her belly button, giving him a clear view to her bare perky breasts. In front of her stood a tall muscular guy stroking his erect cock. She had a faint smile anal breakers porno on her face and kept her gaze towards him, occasionally stealing glances towards the camera to make sure she had the right angle.

“Not that I mind having my face cummed on, of course,” she continued while the video was still playing. “I’m more than happy to oblige most of the time, but I generally prefer to swallow. Way less messy.”

Michael was dumbfounded not only by the actual video of his teenage daughter about to get her face covered in sperm, but also by the nonchalant way she was talking about it. She was behaving like she was showing him her favorite cat videos on the internet. But, of course, she was fully aware of what she was doing. He found it really arousing how comfortable she was with her sexuality.

A sudden grunt came from the phone speaker, drawing again his full attention on the video.

“Oh, here it comes!” Kate said excitedly, pressing her nude body against her father.

Back in the video, the guy said, ‘get ready, babe,’ and stepped closer, pointing his erection at Kate’s face. She opened her mouth and presented her face for him to cover. It didn’t take more than a couple of seconds before the first spurt shot out of his cock. It was followed by a series of groans and grunts as the spurts kept coming. It was admittedly an impressive amount of cum. About a third of it ended up inside his daughter’s open mouth; the rest landed on her forehead, her nose, and her cheeks; then started dripping down her chin to her chest, covering her perky breasts.

It was an incredibly sensual sight. Michael knew his fatherly instinct was supposed to kick in, instead he was mesmerized by her beauty and sheer sexuality. He didn’t attempt to analyze it, he just surrendered to the feeling.

Back on the screen, Kate swallowed the creamy semen she’d managed to catch in her mouth and then went ahead to clean what she could reach with her tongue around her mouth. The guy then placed his hand on her head and guided her to his spent cock which Kate eagerly started cleaning.

The video ended shortly after.

“It’s no coincidence I made this video with Cory,” she chuckled, “as you can see, he can cum buckets. Almost as much as you,” she smirked, nudging him.

Michael was at a loss for words. He kept staring at the phone screen even though the video had stopped.

“Did you notice I was playing with my pussy the whole time in the video?” Kate asked, pretending to be oblivious to the effect this was having on her father. “Here, let’s watch it again.”

She pressed the play button and the same scene started playing on the screen. Michael looked for his daughter’s hand in the video and sure enough he found it nestled between her legs. It was out of the frame, but it was obvious what she was doing. That simple action, indicating how much she was getting off while she was sprayed with semen, made the video all the more arousing.

“God, I was so horny.” The excitement was evident in her voice.

While he was still focused on the screen, Kate was squirming against him. She attempted to slip her leg over his body and it bumped on his erect manhood.

“Oh! look at that,” she said, startled. “Looks like daddy’s enjoying the show.”

Michael remained silent and made no move to stop his teenage daughter’s teasing. His cock was rock hard and rigid at a ninety degree angle to his lying body as Kate kept gently massaging it with her leg. At the same time she was rubbing her crotch against his side and he could clearly feel her arousal as her juices were dripping on him.

“Okay, let’s watch something else,” she said when they finished watching the video for a second time. She started scanning through the files again. “Ooh, I bet you’ll get a kick out of this one!” she said, selecting a file named ‘bbckinky1’.

The video started playing and once again his daughter’s face filled the screen. She was holding the camera in front of her and it looked like she was on a bed lying on her stomach. Behind her, a huge muscular black guy was driving his dick inside her with long hard thrusts. Her hips seemed to be propped up on a pillow, raising her ass to give him better access. She was staring straight at the camera, struggling to keep it steady under his powerful assault on her pussy. She wore an almost painful expression on her face but her moans clearly indicated she was receiving immense pleasure.

“Wait for it… ” Kate said beside him.

Michael was puzzled. What more than his little girl being ravaged by a huge black guy could he expect?

Then he found out.

The man’s face was out of the frame but he clearly heard him say to Kate, ‘you like that?’ to which she immediately replied, ‘yes!’ Never stopping fucking her, he asked again, ‘yes what?’ Kate didn’t hesitate, ‘yes, Daddy,’ she cried, staring straight into the camera.

A surge of conflicting emotions filled Michael, however his erection never wavered. He might’ve felt ashamed with himself if his mind wasn’t completely overpowered by lust and arousal.

Kate giggled next to him as she heard herself say the words.

The video went on and without needing any more encouragement she eagerly played her part, calling him ‘Daddy’ and urging him to fuck her harder.

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