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Subject: Shawn it’s just fiction. Copyrights © NBC Days of our Lives CBS Young and the Restless ********************************* Shawn Brady has been assigned for a mission, working together with another detective, when he enters the cabin where they stay that night, he meets his partner. It’s detective Ray Rosales from Genoa City. “Hi, I’m Shawn Brady” Shawn introduces himself. “Rey Rosales” Rey replies, shaking Shawn’s hand. While Shawn and Rey shake each other’s hands, Shawn looks up and notices a mistletoe “oh look” he says, pointing to it. “Well I guess we should keep the tradition going, don’t you think?” Rey suggests. Shawn looks at Rey with his eyebrow up, is Rey really suggesting what he thinks he is. “Well, what are you waiting for?” Rey asks. Shawn leans forward and gives a fast kiss on Rey’s cheek. “Come on, that’s no kiss” Rey says and wraps his arms around Shawn, to pull him tight towards him and gets Shawn in a long passionate kiss. Shawn is overwhelmed by what’s happening, when Rey stops, Shawn looks at him. Rey looks at Shawn and grins “That’s how it should be” he says and winks at Shawn. Shawn stares at Rey, he’s quiet and then grabs Rey close to him and pulls the big masculine cop in another kiss. Both masculine cops kiss passionately with each other. When they break off the kiss to catch some air they stare at each other, both automatically take their leather jackets off, they keep looking at each other. Shawn removes his sweater, while Rey unbuttons his shirt, taking it off from his big shoulders. Rey looks at Shawn’s masculine ripped body, seeing Shawn’s abs popping forward with nice round pecs where Rey lays his hands on to admire. Shawn looks at Rey’s masculine physique, Rey’s big pecs and hard abs, with one hand Shawn reaches out to Rey’s abs, admiring them. Rey and Shawn look at each other, feeling a deep connection with each other and start to kiss again. Both hunks have their chests against each other, skin against skin, their nipples being hard. “Damn man, what are you doing to me” Rey says. “You’re making me so horny” Shawn confesses. Rey lowers his hands down on Shawn’s ass and takes a firm grip on it “I want to fuck that ass of yours, making this a Christmas to never forget” he confesses. Shawn looks at Rey “Give it to me big guy” “Let’s go over to the bed” Rey suggests and they walk towards it. At the bed, the 2 muscle hunks drop their pants and stand in only their underwear when they start kissing again. The 2 men feel their masculine bodies up, feeling very horny to each other, letting the Christmas joy and warmth take over, forgetting everything that they were assigned for and landing on the bed together. Shawn laying on his back on the bed and Rey hanging over him, leaning forward kissing him and feeling Shawn’s masculine body up. Rey moves lower to kiss Shawn’s neck and leads his mouth further down on Shawn’s body, kissing Shawn’s chest, feeling those pecs up with his hands. “What a masculine body you have” Rey says. “Yours is fantastic as well” Shawn confesses. Rey leans forward bursa evi olan escort to suck at Shawn’s nipples each. Shawn releases a little moan. Rey then slowly moves down over Shawn’s rock hard abs, sticking his tongue out and licking over them. Shawn feels his dick twitching and begging for attention. Rey takes his time to admire Shawn’s abs till eventually he licks with his tongue further down to Shawn’s waistband, Rey then puts his fingers underneath them and slowly pulls them down from Shawn, taking them off of Shawn’s legs, looking at Shawn’s hard dick standing straight up. “I guess you really want it” Rey chuckles. “Do it man, please suck me” Shawn almost begs out of anticipation. “Okay, I won’t let you suffer any longer” Rey responds and leans forward, taking Shawn’s dick in his mouth and starts sucking on it. Shawn releases a big moan when he feels Rey’s warm mouth around his dick. “Mmmm yeah, suck me man” Shawn says out loud. Rey surprises Shawn by deepthroating Shawn’s dick. “Oh man, that’s amazing” Shawn cries out of pleasure. Rey stops “All to get you ready letting me fuck that sweet ass of yours” Rey says. “Mmmmm yeah” Shawn suddenly says. “Is that a yes?” Rey asks. “Yes, yes, yes… now please don’t stop, suck me” Shawn says. Rey grins and continues sucking Shawn’s dick, deep throating it completely. “Oh man, this is amazing” Shawn moans. Rey stops sucking and sticks his tongue out to give a lick at Shawn’s shaft, giving pleasure shivers through Shawn’s whole body. Rey slowly moves further down over Shawn’s balls and sucks at them. “Ohhhmmmmmm…” Shawn moans, feeling surprised. Rey pops Shawn’s balls, giving the muscle hunk a lot of new found pleasure. Shawn grabs the sheets in his fist, holding them tight, feeling his balls being played with. Slowly Rey goes further down between Shawn’s legs, lifting them up and starts attacking Shawn’s tight virgin hole. “Oh damn” Shawn says, feeling Rey’s wet tongue against his rosebutt. Rey keeps licking at Shawn’s hole, getting it all wet and ready. Shawn’s whole body is flexing while getting rimmed by Rey. Rey then stops and looks at Shawn, he reaches to the nightstand, getting a condom out of the drawer but suddenly Shawn grabs Rey’s wrist. “When you do it, then without” he says. Rey looks at Shawn and smiles “Are you sure?” “I want to feel it all the way” Shawn confesses. Rey puts the condom away and looks at Shawn who comes suddenly up “Let me have some fun with you now” Shawn says and with one move switches places and pushing Rey down on the bed. Rey likes the dominant side of Shawn and gives him over to the sexy stud. Shawn starts kissing Rey’s neck, going down over the muscle man his chest and starts sucking Rey’s nipples. “Oh yeah boy” Rey says out loud. Shawn seems to be very horny, he really grabs and squeezes at Rey’s masculine body. Rey finds it sometimes a big rough but is pleased that this sexy man seems to want it so much, he says nothing and lets Shawn do his way. Shawn feels Rey’s masculine body, leading his altıparmak escort tongue over Rey’s abs, leading down to Rey’s v-line. Shawn is full with lust, he gets his fingers underneath Rey’s waistband and pulls down Rey’s underwear. Suddenly Shawn’s eyes widens open by the side of Rey’s big dick “Dude, that thing is huge” “No worries, I just know that ass of yours can handle it and also that mouth” Rey says, getting up and kissing Shawn. Shawn kisses Rey and when they break off, Rey pushes Shawn down to his dick and Shawn automatically opens his mouth and starts to suck at Rey’s big dick. “Oh yes man, suck that dick, make it good wet” Rey moans out. Shawn tries to take Rey’s dick completely but makes some gagging sounds. It turns Rey on, hearing Shawn doing that, but then suddenly stops Shawn “You don’t have to take it all” he says. “But I want to” Shawn says and hungry dives towards it to take it back in his mouth again. “Oh damn, you are really hungry for it” Rey realizes. Shawn lifts Rey’s dick up to lick his shaft. “Mmmm yeah” Rey moans out. Rey feels so so hard and horny, he can’t control himself any longer and comes up, pushing Shawn down “I want you man, I so badly want you” “Do it, give it to me” Shawn says. Rey smiles and lifts Shawn’s legs up, getting between them and pushing his dick against Shawn’s rosebutt “Ready for it?” “Yes, do it” Shawn says looking up at Rey. “Just try to relax, breath in and out and tell me if I need to stop” Rey says and starts pushing his dick inside. For a moment Shawn bites his teeth, feeling Rey starting to press inside. “Just breathe” Rey says, hanging over Shawn, pressing his entire dick completely inside Shawn. Shawn growls, feeling Rey’s entire dick coming inside, stretching his ass out. The mind of Shawn is spinning, he’s between pleasure and the pain of getting a dick inside for the first time, then suddenly he hears. “Are you okay?” Rey asks calmly. Shawn looks at Rey, something calm in Rey’s voice brings Shawn back to the moment of now “Yeah” he responds. Rey just waits and looks at Shawn, he slowly bends forward and gives a soft sweet kiss on Shawn’s lips. Rey then looks at Shawn and rubs his hands over Shawn’s body, feeling the muscle hunk up, waiting to fuck Shawn, just having his dick inside the hot guy. “We have all the time to do this, just stay calm” Rey assures Shawn. Shawn looks in awe at Rey, the sweetness and kindness from the big muscle man calms him down, he was thinking Rey was going to be all rough to him. Rey rubs his hands over Shawn’s abs, admiring the hot guy’s body till he puts his hands on Shawn’s waist and slowly starts to move back and forth to fuck Shawn. “I love you” Shawn suddenly slips out. “What?” Rey is surprised and notices the shock on Shawn’s face. “Oh I’m sorry, I uhm…” Shawn starts to stutter and is not sure what to say. Rey suddenly puts his finger on Shawn’s mouth to hush him “It’s okay, I love you too” he admits. Shawn is surprised and confused. “Don’t be confused, just let it happen, it’s bursa merkez escort just having fun” Rey explains and starts to move a little faster. Shawn feels Rey fucking him harder and realizes the pain had slipt away and now he loves how Rey is fucking him, feeling that big dick inside him, hitting his prostate. “What do you think, are you game for riding my dick?” Rey asks. Shawn looks at Rey, not sure how that goes but he’s open to trying it “Sure” he responds. Rey smiles and lays himself on Shawn, wrapping his arms around him and turns them both over, keeping his dick inside Shawn and having himself on his back while Shawn is now laying on top of him. Shawn is amazed by this, he kisses with Rey for a moment and then slowly gets up. Rey looks up at Shawn who looks down to him “Just slowly moves back and forth and the rest goes automatically” Rey says. Shawn follows Rey’s suggestions and starts moving back and forth, riding Rey’s dick. Rey moans, feeling his dick ridden by Shawn’s sweet ass. Shawn hangs his head back and starts to ride faster, moaning loudly. Rey reaches his hand out and rubs over Shawn’s abs “Just do what you can, it’s no race” Rey assures Shawn. Both Shawn and Rey’s masculine bodies are covered in sweat, their bodies flexing, their veins visible, both moaning loudly. Shawn looks down at Rey and grabs his dick in his hand and starts stroking it. “Yes man, you are amazing” Rey says, feeling Shawn’s sweet ass going up and down on his dick. Rey reaches his hands out to get hold on Shawn’s ass “Fuck yeah, keep pounding yourself on my dick man” Shawn feels Rey squeezing his ass while he rides the masculine cop his dick. Rey gets his hands back on Shawn’s body, rubbing over it, feeling Shawn up. Shawn keeps beating his dick, moaning it out, feeling pleasure at his dick and ass. “You getting me close man” Rey admits. “Give it to me man” Shawn says. Rey gets his arms around Shawn, they kiss passionately and roll over the bed again, getting Shawn back on his back and Rey hanging over Shawn, having his dick still deep inside the muscle cop his bubble butt. “Keep stroking that dick while I give it to you” Rey says and starts fucking Shawn. “Yes man, give it to me” Shawn says while stroking his dick. Both cops their masculine bodies are glistening from the sweat. They moan loudly, skin slapping skin. Rey’s big full balls slapping against Shawn’s ass. Shawn keeps stroking till he cums all over his abs. “Oh fuck yeah” Shawn suddenly says. “Damn man, that’s hot” Rey says and feels Shawn’s ass tighten around his dick. Shawn reaches his hand out over Rey’s masculine body “Now you finish it” “You sure?” Rey asks. “Oh yes, you can cum inside me” Shawn admits. Rey smiles and starts to continue to fuck Shawn. Shawn moans loudly, feeling Rey’s dick, taking it all the way. Then Rey tenses up and cums inside Shawn “Oh fuck” Rey says and shoots his load inside the hot masculine cop and his bubble butt. Rey then collapses next to Shawn, they look at each other and kiss. Both men wrap their arms around each other, Shawn laying his head on Rey’s big chest and they fall asleep. ********************************* If you enjoyed the story or have a request please send me a message For more stories from me, ook/groups/480903845719867 Please donate to Nifty for support to let this great site and it’s archive free.

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