She Caught Me Reading Lush

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Karen and I love to read erotic stories. One of our favorite sites is called Lush. We both enjoy the variety of categories that the site has. A lot of times we’ll sit and read the stories together but there are times you’ll find one of us enjoying the stories by our self.  It was one of those times that started this whole story.Karen worked late this night and this left me without much to do. I wound up sitting in bed reading stories off of Lush and that is where I was when Karen came in. I heard her ask where I was and I told her I was in the bedroom. I also told her there was dinner for her in the microwave and I went back to reading a story that had really caught my interest.As I read, I heard her heat up her dinner and it wasn’t long after that I heard her start the shower. I knew she’d be in there for a good while letting her muscles unkink from being at work all day. So, I continued my reading until she finally came into the bedroom. She was wearing her short little terry cloth robe she loved. I have to say I loved it too because it barely istanbul travesti covered her ass as she moved.She looked down at me and said, “You look comfy,” and I was. I was lounging on the bed in a pair of my boxers with a pillow laying across my lap with the laptop on it so I could read. “You must be reading stories,” she finished.I replied, “Yep, looking at new ways to punish you. I have found a few creative ones to try,” I laughed.“Hmm, let me see what you are reading. I might not want you reading that,” she said as she came around the bed and then cuddled up next to me.She leaned over so her head was directly in front of me and started reading the story I had just been reading. I heard her mutter a few times to herself before she turned her head to look at me saying, “I bet the idea of this would turn you on. Hell, I bet you’re hard right now just from imagining doing this to me?” With that, she ran her hand under the pillow until she was tracing the crotch of my boxers.I let a little moan slip as she drew her fingers travesti istanbul over the material covering my cock. All this did was just encourage her more. She continued running her fingers and the palm of her hand over the now much larger bulge I had developed. If I hadn’t been fully hard before; she was getting me that way quickly now.Still looking at me she said, “I think somebody is getting all excited!”She slipped her fingers through the slit in my boxers and traced my shaft causing me to jump at her sudden touch. This just about sent the laptop sliding off the pillow to the floor. I quickly tried to grab but she beat me to it. She slipped her hand out of my boxers. She then closed the laptop and set on the bedside table. Then she pushed the pillow off my lap.“So, were, was I?” Karen said.With that, she slipped her fingers back into the opening of my boxers until she was again rubbing my shaft. As she did that she leaned up and gave me a quick kiss before she started trailing them to my chest, knowing to have my nipples istanbul travestileri played with is a big turn on to me. It wasn’t long before she was licking and sucking at them. Between her fingers rubbing my shaft and her mouth on my nipples, I was slowly becoming a moaning mess.I think we both tired of her limited access to my cock because just as I was about to push them down, she knelt and said, “These have to go,” reaching for my boxers and tugging them down.I lifted my ass up off the bed to make it easier for her. As she slid them down freeing my cock, it sprung up like a jack-in-the-box toy. Seeing that, she giggled before sliding my boxers the rest of the way off of me, finally dropping them beside the bed before returning her attention back to my cock.Taking my hard cock in her hand she said, “Now this is more like it,” as she ran a hand along its length. “Now you just lay there and picture what was in the story being done to me while I enjoy this cock.”She shifted to get more comfortable next to me and as she did, she let her robe fall open allowing me to see her naked breast and bulge of her mound as it descended between her legs. She snuggled up close leaning back over to my chest and catching a nipple between her lips giving it a hard suck. Of course, this elicited a moan from me.

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