She didn’t know that i knew, Part 7

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She didn’t know that i knew, Part 7The weekend and the beginning of the following week went quickly, although my wife suggested that we both deny each other any sex, stating the intention of heightening Wednesday night’s activities. When Wednesday finally arrived, we were both sexually charged out of our minds. At breakfast, she told me that she got a text from HIM and showed me her phone:*Can’t wait for tonight, Chica. Wear those slutty stockings and that red lipstick again. * was on her screen. “It’s still on” she announced. “You still okay with this?”“I guess” I said, sheepishly. “I don’t know about sitting in a closet for 2 hours!” I added.“I’ll definitely make it worth your while.” She quipped. “I’ll get home early today and make the bed up. You clear a place in the closet and add a chair so you’re comfortable.”That evening, when I arrived home, my wife was already home, the bed had been changed and the Black satin sheets neatly in place. She was in the shower and I surprised her by joining her. We were both silent as we washed each other’s bodies, until she broke the silence.“I’m so excited to know that you’ll be a few feet away, watching me fuck” she said. “and as soon as he leaves, I can’t wait to feel you inside of me….”I had no words, so I kissed her passionately. No words were needed.We dried, and I left her alone to dress. I then fixed a simple bite to eat but she declined. She walked into the kitchen and my eyes almost popped out of my head! She was wearing a sheer black robe and under it, she had her requested black thigh-highs, sheer red panties, a matching red bra and her high heels. Her hair was teased up a bit and her eyes were smoky in color. Her lips were painted with a nice, thick coat of bright red lipstick. She looked like a woman who wanted to fuck, and I told her so.“Thank you, baby” she replied with a smile. “How are YOU doing?”“A bit nervous” I replied, “but excited.”“You should be” she said and added, “but mostly excited, I hope.” My wife took out two champagne glasses. I looked at just the two and she added:“You’re not here remember?” she said with a smile. “You can have some of mine, after he leaves.”At 7:50, my wife suggested that I go upstairs and take my position so that I could clearly see the bed and the get comfortable. I had water and a small stool that elevated me enough to see the entire bed. At 8:00 sharp, I heard the doorbell. The house seemed silent and then, after a few minutes, I heard her giggle. I heard the champagne cork pop and more giggles. I then herd them approaching and it was gaziemir escort all very real! There he was, in out bedroom. He was all over her as she kept his back to the closet and occasionally glanced my way and smiled. “Allow me to help you with your robe” he said gallantly.I must admit, he was charming. He helped her slip the robe from her shoulders and commented on how beautiful she looked. They kissed and they kissed some more. I was actually surprised at the apparent passion as they kissed. Very hot to watch. She was now pulling at his shirt as they made-out and she had it off him in a flash. She then tugged at the buttons on his European jean and they pulled open and dropped to the floor. The son-of-a-bitch wasn’t wearing any underwear and now stood naked in our bedroom. Her hands ran all over his naked chest and she swooned with delight. I swear that I ever heard her squeal as she took him all in. She does love muscles! He then took off his expensive looking wrist watch and placed it on the nightstand.“Don’t let me forget this” he said, with a smile, “But I don’t want to accidentally scratch you with it tonight.”He then slowly guided her, by the shoulders, down into a kneeling position as her hands d**g across his muscular chest. She made sure, as she was going into the kneeling position, to look at the open closet door… and smile. My cock twitched in approval. Her face then disappeared behind his thigh as she began sucking him. The slurping sound affects filled the room as her fingers dug into his naked and very firm ass-cheeks. He did have an amazing body! She was pulling his hips into her face. He then reached for her bra and removed it quickly. Next, he peeled her panties down her sexy legs and then, in one easy motion, stood her up by guiding her under her arm pits. He guided her over to the bed and he lifted her and sat her down in one easy motion. Since they were on my side of the bed, closest to the closet, I had an excellent view… a view if her dripping pussy as she spread her legs. He knelt down and for the first time, I saw his junk. His balls were large… larger than mine, which may have accounted for the large about of semen. Yet as his cock hung down from his body, he was smaller than me… a bit shorter and thinner. At least I had THAT going for me. He then leaned in and began to tongue my wife’s pussy and she made sure to look over his shoulder and directly at the open closet door and smile her satisfaction and happiness… that is until her eyes flutter closed, uncontrollably, gaziemir escort bayan as her first orgasm of the evening racked her body. As she calmed, he stood and mounted her. There it was. He was fucking my wife IN OUR BED.“Put it inside, Chica” he said softly, “Reach for me and guide me inside of you.”She reached under and grabbed at his length. She made a wiping motion with the tip of his cock and then easily guided his cock into her wanton pussy. Her head tilted way back as he thrusted into her. She tried to glance my way, whenever she could but she was also enjoying herself too much to focus. You guessed it… she came again. He leaned up and they kissed kissed… and kissed and kissed. He hadn’t cum yet and was still rock-hard. I then heard him speak:“I want your ass tonight” he said slowly.“You do, huh…” she replied, “well, maybe I want YOUR ass.”They laughed and then he replied, “You mean that you want to lick my ass?” he said, “because you know that I really enjoy that.”“I know you do” she replied…. “roll over.”I couldn’t believe my ears and now my eyes! She never licked MY ass and here she was, rimming him like a whore! His ass was in the air and she was plastered right in there. She would occasionally stop and glance my way, her lipstick smeared and her face covered in spittle, and then dive right back in. After about 10 minutes, he spoke:“Come here, Chica” he said as he arched and rolled over, “Climb on top and feel me inside.”She climbed right over and onto him, inserting his cock up into her cunt. He then slowly rocked up into her as her knees and thighs supported most of her weight above. It’s almost like she was on her hands and knees and he pistoned up from below. From my angle, I could see his cock thrust up and disappear int her wet, wanton cunt and then his balls rocked up from the momentum. It was very exciting to watch and she actually came twice! I was rock hard and dripping. I even considered busting out of the closet to join, yet I knew better. He then rolled her off of him and got out of bed and guided her limp body to the edge of the bed again. He helped her sit up and offered her more champagne and they both drank and kissed. I couldn’t believe that he had not cum yet and was so patient. He then helped her to stand, took her glass, placed it on the nightstand, turned her around and leaned over her. As his hand spread her ass cheeks, he talked into her ear:“You know that I want you ass in the worst way.” He said “Why do you deny me?”“I’m waiting for the right escort gaziemir tight time” she excitedly replied.Well, based on her DP fantasy, I knew what she meant, yet perhaps he did not.“The right time?” he questioned.“I’ll tell you when” she added.He then leaned up and rubbed his cock against her pussy lips. He then guided himself into her and began a slow, erotic grind into my wife’s cunt. This continued for almost 15 minutes, resulting in her screaming that she was cumming not once, not twice, but THREE times. He finally pulled out and then took the liberties of placing the tip of his cock, no doubt covered with her cum, against her anal opening.“Please” she panted out, “Please no.”“Oh you nasty woman” he said, “I want this SOO badly.”“I know that you do” she agreed, “But it’s almost 10:00and you need to leave soon. If you take me there, I’ll want lots of time to cuddle after.”“I suppose you’re right.” He said, sounding disappointed, “How do you want me to finish?” he asked.“Let me get on my back” she asked.“Boring” he responded, “Don’t you think?”“Nothing about you is boring” she said with a smile, and I knew why she wanted him to cum as she was on her back! She rolled over and spread her legs… he mounted her and for the next 10 minutes, fucked her hard and fast, tripping her twice more, with the last being as she yelled out:“NOW’ she screamed, “Cum in me NOW!”He announced his own orgasm and flooded her cunt with is cum… and I mean flooded. I could hear the squishing from where I was!“Does he only cum on command?” I thought to myself. “How the fuck does he do that?”They rested for a bit, but since it was almost 10:00, he climbed off and went to the bathroom to clean.“Can I bring you a washcloth?” he asked form around the corner.“No thank you” she said, lifting her head to look my way. I could just see her wink at me as though she was saying, … My man will take care of that. He then appeared and pulled on his jeans, leaving the top button strategically unbuttoned and simply holding his shirt in his hand. He did look like a runway model and I’m sure that’s the image that he wanted to leave with my wife.“I hate that we only had two hours” he said.“Only Two HOURS!” I thought to myself. “What more could he have done?”She was propped up on her elbows but her hips were still flat, trying to contain as much as she could, I imagined. “Good night, Love” she said. “Next Wednesday?”“Of course, My Love” he replied and turned to leave the bedroom.I waited only a minute before I opened the closet door all the way. My wife smiled at me and made a “quiet” gesture, since we had not heard the front door, and then she crossed her legs, giving me that knowing smile. Once we heard the front door open and then close, I moved quickly to the side of the bed. “Kiss me” she said, her face showing incredible passion.To Be Continued….

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