Shelby and Johnny Ch. 05

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Arms Behind

PT5, Shannon’s Turn

I hope you have enjoyed the first four parts. You will notice the story goes back and forth in time. If you get confused on where you’re at, see the other parts. ENJOY!

I awoke from that wonderful dream. For a moment I was back when Shelby and I didn’t have a care. Back to the night I popped Shelby’s sister Jackie’s cherry. Jackie sure was a mess back then, but she became a beautiful woman. She was a handful for a while. Couldn’t get enough but that’s another story.

Now I was back in the present. As I looked at the form lying next to me, I just laid there with my hand propping my head and just looking at her. Shelby is my angel, the true love of my life. I just can’t believe she’s here! Back in my bed!

In my mind I replayed the events of the last twenty-four hours. The most astounding was last night when Shelby called her husband and broke it off with me right there. What would happen today? As I was looking at her, naked, half covered in the blanket with her gorgeous breasts exposed. I remembered how, long ago, I would sometimes wake her up by Jilling her to orgasm. THAT sounded like a GOOD idea!

I made sure my hands were warm. I started by lightly rubbing her mound. Going up one pussy lip, down the other. Her legs instinctively opened a little. Then I started on the clit, she moved a little and let out a soft sigh, her legs opened a little wider. As I was going around in little circles I increased pressure, her legs parted some more. Her breathing was getting heavier. She was getting wet. I inserted my finger into her hole and she let out a little gasp/squeal.

Her pretty green eyes opened and she looked at me dreamily and smiled. Then she BOLTED straight-up, put her hands over her pussy then grabbed the blanket and pulled it over her boobs, her eyes were wide open. Once her eyes focused, she uttered, “WHAT the…? She blinked and shook her head and then she spoke. “Johnny! It…it wasn’t a dream? Yesterday afternoon seems like such a blur.”

I said, “Are you alright Shel? Having second thoughts?”

“No.” She said. “I just haven’t slept like that in years. I felt so very safe, like this is where I should have been all along, next to you.”

** Now isn’t it ironic that at that very moment the song, “Close to you,” by the Carpenters, just happened to be playing on the radio? Just checking! **

She noticed my cock sticking up and asked me, “You gonna leave me hanging cowboy?”

I didn’t have to be asked twice!!

I replied, “Not a chance, cowgirl!” I rolled over on top of her straddling her in a 69 position. I spread her legs and dove in! Shelby went to work on my cock. She worked it slow. Licking the ‘main vein’ from my balls to the tip. Then she would take it into her mouth and take it down and suck as she came back up.

In the mean time, I was working her slit. Running my tongue up one side of her slit and down the other. I gave her clit ample attention. I then tongue fucked her a little and started tonguing at her asshole. When I did that she squealed in delight. I kept going back and forth from her clit to her pussy-hole, then her asshole. She was sopping wet so I took my hand and wiggled two fingers into her cunt and set my thumb at the entrance to her asshole. She moved her hips in such a way as to have my thumb start its entrance to her backdoor.

I didn’t plan on fucking her ass. I hadn’t done it in so long but she started bucking against my thumb slowly. I started moving my thumb and finger in and out as she was bucking against me. Shelby was moaning and sighing as her orgasm built up. I stopped and took my hands away from her and I heard her whimper, “No, don’t stop!”

I rolled her over on to her tummy and pulled her up to the ‘doggie’ position. I gently pushed on her neck so her head was on the bed and her ass was in the air. Shelby didn’t stop me, so I put my thumb back in her ass and three fingers into her pussy. Her body began to tremble as her orgasm started building steam.

Then I barely heard her whisper, “Fuck my ass Johnny. Pleease fuck my ass!”

Normally I don’t do anal especially without a condom, but that’s just the way I am. I don’t like doing it that much. That little girl had asked me so real nice and sweet. Hell I couldn’t disappoint her. She was so wet I took some of her pussy juice and lubed her up! I kept my thumb going in and out of her sweet little pucker. She was so wet!

I removed my thumb and placed my cock at her back entrance. It looked so big against her little hole. I pushed and got the head in. It was so very tight. Shelby was loving it. I could tell by her moans. I moved back and forth to widen her up. She was pushing back against me as I pushed against her. With each motion I was a little further in. About the third or fourth time we did this my cock slid in to the hilt and Shelby let out a gasp and a yelp! I just held myself close against her and started rubbing her clit.

I could hear her moaning into the pillow. As I was rubbing her she started bucking against me. I increased brazzers porno my tempo and reached and pulled her hair back. Shelby was moaning and grunting saying, “Harder! NGH! HARDER! NNGH! HARDER! YES! Fuck my ASS! OHH!”

Between my fucking and rubbing at her clit she came with a crashing and literally gushing orgasm. She screamed in delight then collapsed from under me. I felt her shoot her juices into my hand and on to the bed. Yeah, we made a mess!

My dick slid out of her ass with a ‘pop’! Without any more stimulation I blew my load across her back. I then grabbed my cock and Jacked it off. The first stream hit her on the back of the head and then squirts went down her back. Shelby didn’t move except for the twitching from her explosive orgasm and her heavy breathing. She grabbed at her pussy with both hands and curled into a ball.

I jumped up from the bed still hard and went into the bathroom and quickly washed my dick off. I went back to the bed and turned Shelby over. Her head still reeling from such a hard orgasm. Her eyes were open but she wasn’t in there! I hooked my forearms under her knees and spread her wide. She was so wet I just slid right in to the hilt. I was like a mad man just stroking away. Shelby was breathing hard. She was trying to say something. She swallowed like she hadn’t drank in a week and then managed a weak, “No more, no-more, please, no-more.”

I needed to be in her in the worst way, but I also ALWAYS respected her. And stop means stop! So I stopped and lay down next to her.

Shelby whispered, “That was too incredible for words!”

For the next half hour we just held each other. She jacked me off to compensate for not letting me finish inside her. We recovered and then showered together. We went to get some food and it was time to talk. After some small talk about nothing in particular and the I love yous, I started by asking, “Shelby, you SURE about all this?”

She said, “‘Bout what?”

“Leaving everything behind, walking out on Jack, being with me?” I replied.

She responded, “Johnny.” Then she looked up as if in deep thought.

Then she said in that sweet little southern accent, “Fifteen years ago, we were talking on our door step. I was ready to leave you. And the ONLY thing I wanted to hear from you was, ‘don’t go.’ You let me go! DAMN IT!

People near us turned and glanced our way. I could see tears welling up and I took her hand in mine.

“You fucking let me go!!” She said in a sobbing whisper. Then she started crying. “I’ve been so goddamn angry about that all these years. ALL those fucking wasted YEARS!”

She paused as she choked back tears and tried to compose herself.

“I’m Tired of being angry and unhappy.” She said in a near whisper, still trying to control her sobs. “In my heart and mind it became clear to me where I really belonged. Jack was good to me. We had a good time while it lasted. After awhile I felt we didn’t click anymore. Not to mention our intimacy ebbed. You and I though, we were GREAT together! Why DID we let it all go to shit? Fuck! Why?” She said in a sobbing whisper getting going all over again.

What could I say? She regained herself and I wiped the tears from her eyes. I was starting to choke up myself.

I told her, “It was my pride. Plain and simple, I figured you’d come back on your own after a while. Obviously you didn’t. By the time I realized I really wanted you, it was too late.”

We sat there in silence for a while, drinking our coffee.

Then she said, “Remember our times with my sisters?”

“Boy, do I!!” I said.

“I let you have them because you were a good and gentle man with them. You were honest. You treated them and me with respect. You brought us all out of our shells.” Plus it WAS fun! They loved you so. And I know you loved them.”

Shelby smiled, looked at me and said, “In my dreams I wanted us four to be together forever. You and I, Jackie and Kelly. You didn’t know it but Kelly loved you more than life itself. She’s living in Nashville now in a BIG ole house. Jackie is in Dallas. We visit all the time. We still play with each other on occasion.”

Shelby paused in thought.

Then she continued, “They’ll freak when I tell them I’m back with you! You were GOOD to all of us! Then we got married, had Shannon, then everything went to SHIT!!” That got the river flowing again. She lightly sobbed out, “It wasn’t me and it wasn’t you.”

“It was both of us!” We both said at the same instant.

“And my stupid pride.” I said.

“Johnny, you made me realize I want to be happy again. I want to be fulfilled again. Yeah I’ve laughed and had some fun, but for years I really haven’t been happy. Not until now, here with you. I really want to be your wife again, if you’ll have me.”

I didn’t know what to say. All my mind could do was ask, “What about Shannon and Cheyenne?”

She said softly, “I’ll talk to them. I have to go up north to get Shannon anyway. She’s so very pissed right now, but I’ll talk castingcouch-x porno to her on the way back. I’ll go and be back late tonight or tomorrow morning.”

Then she sighed and said, “Then I’ll have to go back home and face Jack and Cheyenne. So I’ll have to leave you for a while and then come back to you and then we can be together again. I also have to work on a transfer from my firm.” “DEAL?!”

I looked into those killer green eyes. How could I say no to her?

I said, “Sure, let’s go. Looks like I have work to do! Oh, and by the way. You’re all I’ve ever wanted.”

Shelby left and I called Sarah, my now ‘REAL SOON’ to be ex. I told her everything. I mean EVERTHING! And how it turned out. We spent most of the afternoon talking. She took it amazingly well.


Probably already had someone waiting in the wings. We would start the divorce paperwork on Monday and go from there. Next I called a real estate friend and told him what I needed in a home and to give me a few to look at.

Now, I just waited for Shelby to return. I ran some errands and piddly farted around the rest of the day then went back to the hotel. On the way I picked up some beer and some more Canadian Club. I felt I would really NEED IT in the next few days. I poured myself a couple of drinks, turned on the T.V. and waited. Then, time slowed to a crawl.

I must have dozed off for a bit because the next thing I know Shelby’s coming thru the door with Shannon in tow. Hand in hand. Shannon came up and gave me a big hug and a peck on the cheek. She seemed surprisingly giddy. Shelby came up and gave me a hug and a good long kiss.

Now Shannon was my daughter. I had changed her diapers, fed her and bathed her. But MY GOD was she a looker! She was Just 20 and a mini Shelby. A lot like Shelby and her sister Kelly. Shannon had the same honey blond hair down to her waist. She was as tall as Shelby and her body! All I can say about it is, “NICE GOING GOD!” VERY well proportioned.

YUMM, YUMM! I thought.

We made small talk and talked about our next plans, where to live, the long talk Shelby and Shannon had on the way back and about Shelby going back to get Cheyenne. We all shared in a drink. They didn’t tell me EVERTHING. The girls had a plan.

We all went out to dinner and came back to my room. Shelby played bartender. Shelby and I drank C.C. and Shannon drank beer. We were starting to all feel pretty good, talking and joking. What I was about to find out was that Shelby had a BIG surprise! Shelby grabbed a duffle bag then took Shannon by the hand. Then Shelby said, “Girl stuff. We’ll be right back!”

Before they both disappeared into the bathroom hand in hand Shannon put a disc in the CD player and turned the sound down. The CD was a threesome porn movie! A few minutes later I hear music and the bathroom door opens. Out come Shelby and Shannon wearing somewhat similar outfits.

Shannon is wearing white sneakers, white knee high stockings. Pleated red and white mid thigh mini-skirt. White blouse tied below her breasts with buttons that seemed to be stretched to the limit showing her cleavage and her hair in pigtails with red ribbons. Like a HOT cheerleaders outfit! Shelby was dressed the same except her skirt was blue and white and her ribbons were matching blue. I remembered immediately where I had seen those outfits before. It was the night I popped Shelby’s youngest sister Kelley. What did my girls have planned?

They danced a routine together. They had me sit in a chair and they both gave me a lap dance. Then they started stripping. Shelby threw off her blouse showing a sexy, sheer light blue bra with clasps in front. Shannon followed. She had a sheer light red bra with front clasp. The skirts came off next. Shelby had matching sheer light blue string panties. Shannon’s were sheer light red. You could see her slit thru the material. Bald pussy!

They danced and gyrated around me then the bras came off. Shelby sat on my lap, facing me gyrating on my lap! She unclasped her bra, when they sprang free she pushed them into my face. She held them there long enough for me to take each boob in my mouth and give each nipple a gentle bite. She squealed that little girl-like squeal.

I’m glad I had a first floor room

Next Shannon did the same. She sat on my lap facing me, gyrating on my lap. She unclasped her bra and pushed her beautiful boobs into my face. I took each one and kissed and suckled them. When I gently bit her nipple she flung her head back and sighed loudly! While she was there she put her hand on my hard cock and gave it a little jerk. She got back up. They danced another little routine together. This time just as the music stopped they both ripped their panties off each other and at the same time laid down on the floor and threw their legs up and spread them just as the music stopped. Lying there together their legs formed a big W showing me two beautiful bald pussies.

I took my glass and DOWNED my drink! I couldn’t believe clips4sale porno my eyes. My Shelby and My daughter laying in front of me completely naked! Except for the white stockings and sneakers, spread out naked in front of me.

They helped each other up and kissed like two lovers. They collapsed onto the bed and their bodies entwined. Shelby moved down to suckle on Shannon’s marvelous tits. Then lower on to her tummy and down to Shannon’s gash. Shannon twisted her way around to Shelby’s tits and on to her pussy. They were now in a classic 69 and eating each other like crazy. They looked extremely sexy in just their stockings and sneakers! How I wished they were wearing garters and stockings. THAT would have been HOT!!!

They were moaning and sighing, taking each other in. I could see Shelby tongue fucking Shannon. I could hear their moans, sighs and cries. I saw my target. I got undressed. Shelby’s ass was sticking up with Shannon attached underneath eating her cunt. I came up behind Shelby. Shannon had her tongue buried in Shelby’s wet cunt. I tapped Shannon and she backed up a little. She reached for my cock and guided it to Shelby’s entrance. I entered Shelby with ease and I heard her whimper in pleasure.

As I started fucking Shelby, Shannon was licking my balls and what she could of my cock. It was such a fucking hot scene that it didn’t take me long before I was shooting hot spurt after hot spurt of cum. What didn’t stay in Shelby’s pussy, Shannon licked up! I pulled out and laid next to Shelby. I kissed her passionately. I could taste Shannon on her lips. Man that was good! We broke our kiss and I had to ask, “What’s this all about?”

Shelby said, “You like, cowboy?”

“Well, yeah!” I said.

A special surprise for the man we love.” Shannon replied.

“But it’s weird with Shannon. She’s our daughter and when did you two start doing each other?”

Shelby replied, “You didn’t have a problem with my sisters.”

“I didn’t watch your sisters being born, I didn’t help create them.”

Shelby went on, “It’ll be just fine. Shannon and me started ‘DOING’ each other when she was 14. One night Jack and I had a big fight. It was BAD!! We were yelling at each other and I threw his ass out! I was crying for what seemed hours. I had a few drinks to calm myself down and Shannon was there to comfort me. One thing led to another and we started kissing, fondling and exploring. We’ve been doing it ever since. Jack doesn’t even have a clue! We even get Cheyenne to play with us. Sometime, when she’s in town Jackie joins us! Besides, Shannon’s still a virgin, except for her vibrator and her mouth. I couldn’t think of ANYONE I would want her to do it with the first time than with you.”

“We talked about it on the way here.” Shannon replied. “That’s why I’m wearing the red outfit. I should say WAS wearing!”

“It’s settled!! You’ll pop her cherry!” Shelby said very matter of fact!

I said, “Shannon, is this what you want baby?”

She said, “Now more than ever, I’m so horny right now I think I’m going to bust! I’d fuck a candle right now if you had one!”

Their light southern accents were just killing me, they sounded so sweet! Shannon had shaved her pussy bald, just the way I like them! Shelby sat on the edge of the bed as I took Shannon into my arms and started kissing her so very gently. Her lips were so soft and warm and moist. Shelby started slowly Jilling herself.

I wanted to take my time. I kissed her mouth and moved to her earlobe. It made her shudder. I was feeling her ample tits, squeezing and tweaking her nipples. I could her hear soft sighs. I kissed my way down her neck to her tits. I worked one side into my mouth. Licking, sucking and nibbling.

Her breathing was getting heavy, her sighs louder. I kissed down her tummy to her thigh. I kissed the inside of her thigh and up to her glorious gash. I ran my tongue up her slit and she instinctively opened her muscular legs. I worked over her pussy a good while. Then I found her jewel of a clit. When I touched it with my tongue she jumped and squealed.

I repositioned myself so that the bottoms of her feet were on my shoulders. My arms wrapped under her legs and over so I could spread her pussy lips apart. She was moaning with pleasure softly saying, “Yes! Ohh! Yes! More! More! Ohh!”

I was wondering if she would squirt like her mom, so I picked up the pace. I inserted my finger and started jilling her off. Shannon was panting now and her juices were flowing. I could hear her going, “Uuhh, uh! UHUH! UHHUH!”

I could tell her orgasm was building so I said to her, “Shannon, baby. Hold your cum as long as you can stand it. Do that for me?”

She responded dreamily, “Yes.” She had her eyes closed. She gritted her teeth going, “Nghh!”

I could hear her breathing very heavy thru her teeth making a hissing sound. Her hands were white on the bed sheets. She opened her mouth and I heard a very high pitched wine. Then she managed, “cuming! CUMMING!” Then she screamed out, “I’M CUMMING! OHH! OH! OH! AH! AHH! AAHH!”

Then her body went stiff as a concrete slab, her eyes closed tightly, face contorted like she was in pain. She opened her mouth, but not a sound came out. I knew what was about to happen. First her legs started to tremble. Then she gasped, “UUGH!” Then, “AHEEE! RRGH!

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