She’s a Strange One

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“I’ve been in quite a writing rut lately, with several of my best stories left unfinished for months now. Many people tell me the only way to get out of a writer’s block is to keep writing. Hence, I wrote this story based off something peculiar I noticed at a party; a girl sniffing a pair of flats. At first, I amused myself with the idea the girl had a foot fetish, but soon realized they were hers when she immediately put them on. She just wondered if they smelled bad, nothing sensual about it. Then I thought about the fact this fetish is very male dominated. All those porn actresses you see worshipping each other’s feet are doing it for pay, not their own pleasure. So what if this woman did end up having a foot fetish? Well, I’d like to imagine the story would go a little like this…”

There are times when you just wanna go out and party the night away with good friends, good beer, and good music. Your emotional self feels ready to be the life of the party, to kick back and maybe do something legendary (or really stupid). Or, you arrive at a party where you know virtually no one, the beer is shit, and you want nothing but to go back home.

Unfortunately, I fell into that second category during this particular night. Sure, there were plenty of pretty girls and the music was decent, but being there was an absolute buzzkill for me for whatever reason. My drinking buddy certainly was having a good time, so much that he’d forgotten to include me in it. Most of the girls appeared so drunk already that there was seemingly a puking contest going on between them all, the blonde in the ripped skirt winning by a longshot.

My story isn’t about those girls though, but about one other girl I took notice of. Like me, she seemed out of a place; distant, bored, sober, and somewhat ignored by her friends. My guess was she might be the designated driver of the group, which can be pretty disinteresting when you can’t let loose like everyone else. I tried talking with her a twice, but she didn’t want to be social whatsoever and didn’t dive into our conversations at all.

In a room full of skinny drunk chicks, this plus size beauty might have gotten a few looks from the judging skank types. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t fat or obese, but she just had more in the right places. Personally, I thought she looked pretty damn good, even without the skimpy outfit. She wore loose fitting jeans with the heem covering her cream-colored bare feet, her butt still managing to look spectacular in them. Her big, long blonde hair streaked down her back, a Chicago Bears cap on her head. The only thing really hugging her curves was her white tee, complemented by her decent rack.

Though her cap somewhat covered her face, I noticed her lashes were long and pretty, not to mention natural. They went lovely with her big, teardrop eyes that looked rather bored at the time. It was obvious she wanted out, and I couldn’t blame her. A part of me wanted to ask if she wanted to leave with me and get a drink at the nearby bar. However, I was a bit nervous with taking such a step. She wouldn’t even tell me her name. Without any encouraging sign, I left her alone.

As I got bored of the party, I stopped drinking. I had every intention of bailing out as soon as I felt good enough to walk out and catch a late bus. Before I could leave, I remembered to grab my jacket in one of the bedrooms. The door was slightly ajar and a light was on, so I didn’t feel wrong about opening the door.

Walking in, I noticed that same girl in the corner, doing something strange. She was on her knees, seemingly examining an item quite closely. I just watched for a moment, not announcing my presence. It became clear though that she wasn’t looking, but rather had her nose buried in some girl’s shoe, a leather flat to be exact. Her eyes were closed, a pleasant grin on her cherry red lips as she took in the apparent aroma.

To be wholly honest, I wasn’t too confused about what was going on. Plenty of people have what are called foot or shoe fetishes. Even I admit a nice set of pretty, painted toes after a nice jog are nice to suck on, or wrap around my cock. Two girls I had dated loved the fact I’d do that for them, along with a good foot rub whenever requested. What was plainly different with this situation was that I caught a girl smelling another girl’s shoe, not some pervert guy with a raging hardon shifting through footwear.

Not wishing to ruin her moment, I continued to stand there without making a sound. Her back was turned to me and legs folded, affording me a decent view of her scrunched soles. Like the rest of her, there was nothing skimpy about those fleshy, wrinkly soles of hers. My imagination ran wild, thinking about how stinky those feet of hers must spell. Now she wasn’t the only one excited, her soft moans audible even with the distant music blaring loudly. With restraint, I didn’t touch myself, looking down at the lickable feet of hers. I never imagined seeing a girl doing something like this, so I bebek escort couldn’t let the moment slip away.

However, the moment ended with her turning her head slightly, apparently to look around to pick up another smelly pair of shoes belonging to their drunk owner. Right as she did so, she caught sight of me and completely froze. Her gorgeous eyes inflated in a mixture of fright and surprise, and for a few seconds neither of us said nothing. I certainly didn’t know what to say.

“How long have you been there?” she asked nervously, speaking up first.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Long enough, I guess.”

Her face was quickly turning from white to red, embarrassed to be caught in such a private moment. I also noticed her jeans were unzipped, telling me she might have been planning on feeling herself up a bit as well. Feeling slightly guilty now for watching, I spoke up before her mouth could even open.

“Look, I’m sorry but the door was open, so I came in quietly,” I explained. “I didn’t mean to intrude or an-“

“Please don’t tell anyone!” she pleaded, starting to get upset. “My friends have no idea, and I’m not sure how anyone would feel about this! I just came in here to get my wallet, and I just couldn’t…”

“Resist?” I finished her sentence. “Yeah, I hear you on that one. I kinda have a thing for feet too. Actually, a lot of guys I know are really.”

She shook her head. “Yeah, but no girls right? I mean, liking feet is a guy thing. If anyone knew I liked feet, I couldn’t show my fucking face in public ever again!”

“Calm down,” I said reassuringly, as she began to get more upset. “I’m not telling anyone here anything. I promise.”

I kneel down next to her, taking her hand in an effort to cool her down. Tears rolled down her flushed cheeks, though it appeared she was attempting to get herself together after my words. I gently rubbed her hand in mine, to my surprise not pulling away either. It wasn’t until after she wiped all her tears away that I let go, and she looked me in the eye.

“Thanks guy, really appreciate it,” she told me with a smile. “Umm, you told me your name right? Sorry, terrible with shit like that.”

“It’s Adam,” I said.

“Nice to meet you Adam,” she replied. “My name is Kelsi. Sorry if I was kind of a bitch earlier. Got dragged here with my cousin and her friends.”

This made sense to me. “I’m in the same boat, except my cousins are in Oregon doing hipster shit.” That made her chuckle, as I continued. “My buddy is the guy in the Northface super drunk right now. Thought it would be fun to go out with him, but not tonight.”

She rolled her eyes in agreement. “My cousin is such a drama queen. Her friends are no better, and I’m having like zero fun here.”

“I don’t know anyone here really,” I went on.

“Same. No one really interesting either,” she said.

“Except you,” I complimented.

Kelsi laughed. “You think I’m interesting huh? I thought earlier you were just trying to take me back to your place for a night. Guess I was wrong, sorry.”

Now I smiled. “Not exactly my plan, but definitely no biggie.”

There was a brief pause, as we measured each other up a little. All of a sudden, I was of some interest to Kelsi. To be fair, I wasn’t all that interesting, but rather scrawny and needed a bit of a shave. I wore a button up long sleeve shirt and some khaki shorts, along with some brown Skechers. She didn’t seem to mind what she was looking at, a smirk on her face.

“Soooo, since you know my little secret now and you’re into feet as well, wanna go through all the girl’s shoes while they’re busy puking?” she asked in a devious tone.

“Now you’re speaking my language!” I remarked, knowing I had nothing better to do around there.

“Sweet, but first…” Kelsi got up and went to the door, locking it. “Just so we don’t have the same thing happening again with someone less chill,” she explained.

I nodded in agreement, and we both dove into the plethora of shoes in the room. Kelsi went for a pair of heels while I picked up the flats she’d been sniffing at earlier.

“Excellent choice sir,” she complimented me, as if I were ordering a fresh steak of a menu. “Those belong to that really talk chick drinking the PBR. She must wear those a lot.”

“She’s definitely been walking around a lot,” I said, knowing exactly who she was talking about.

The brunette was ok looking, but damn was she really tall. I remembered she had boats for feet, and the shoes reflected that. My first sniff was instantly rewarded with a sucker punch of sweaty, cheesy, leathery scent. The girl’s toe imprints were dark and deep in this shoe, proving Kelsi’s theory correct. I took to enjoy the smell, though I privately wished it was the actually foot rather than the shoe.

Meanwhile, my new friend was relishing her time with that pair of four inch heels with open toe. With the door closed, Kelsi was a bit more animated with istanbul escort her smelling. She even ran her tongue across the insole, taking long licks each time. While I doubt that a pair of heels were really that rank or really tasted good, it came off that just going through the motions were the true reward for her. Her moaning and gasping was louder, though I was sure no one outside would be able to hear outside with the music so loud.

I quickly dismissed a pair of Adidas sandals, knowing they’ll have nothing for me. Next, I saw a lovely pair of gladiator sandals, well worn and a nice imprint on the sole. I snatched them and brought them to my nose. To my delight, they also were fetid more so than the flats. Curious to see how they taste, I gave them copied Kelsi’s licking. The sweat accumulated on the sole gave it a spicy tang to it, so I gave each several more licks before setting them down.

Kelsi suddenly shoved something into my face. “Here, smell these puppies!” she ordered.

They were a pair of Sperry’s, also well worn and looked slightly damp. I took them from her and gave this a cautious sniff. As I expect, a wet stench greeted my nostrils, but I can also make out some sweat, and a scented lotion mixed in. I found them quite pleasant, though I dared not lick.

“They’re my cousins!” she pointed out. “Saw her step in a small puddle on the way here. How do they smell?”

“Awesome,” I admit. “Kinda smells like citrus.”

Kelsi laughed. “Yeah, she uses this lotion on her feet, ’cause odor problems run in the family with the women. I think the shit’s weird, but she’s always applying it to her feet.”

“So you know what they smell like normally?” I inquired.

“Sure do, I’ve smelled her feet before,” Kelsi proudly explained. “Smell like eggs and bacon, if you’d believe that.”

With another sniff, I did get the sense they did smell a bit like fresh bacon, though not to the full degree whatsoever. It got me curious about Kelsi’s feet, as I had a clear view of them at that moment. Her well-lined toes were painted a dark plum color, much like her fingers. She had slightly pudgy toes, the width just perfect in my opinion. She looked to take good care of them.

“Earth to Adam! Whatcha looking at their?!” she asked, waving a hand in my face.

I tried to dismiss my obvious staring. “Nothing, just staring off.”

“Ha! I’m not so sure ’bout that!” she teased, then paused a brief moment until her face lit up with an idea. “Not sure if there’s much I can do about your buddy, but there’s something you can help me do to get back at my cousin.”

“And what’s that?” I asked, sensing something something underhanded was cooking in that brain of hers.

“Cum in her shoes,” she simply stated.

“Hell no!” I exclaimed with a snort.

“Why not?” she pouted.

“Well first, I don’t even know your cousin,” I explained. “Second, I can’t just cum in some girls shoes. What if she finds out and gets me arrested?!”

Kelsi chuckled. “You aren’t going to get arrested. She’s so drunk she won’t even notice until its dry. Then, her favorite pair of shoes will be all crusty and need to be thrown out.”

I wasn’t convinced though. “Ok, so it’s about the shoes, I get that. I still can’t just blow my load in someone’s shoes.”

To my displeasure, Kelsi wasn’t finished. “Not even if I maybe helped you along a little?”

“Helped me…along?” I questioned.

A wide smirk emerged across her lips. “I saw your checking out my feet. You can sniff them while you cum in my cousin’s shoes. The only people who’ll know is us, trust me.”

Her smirk then morphed into a pouty, puppy dog eyed face. As reluctant as I was to cum in a stranger’s shoes, the idea of Kelsi’s feet on my face sent my hormones raging. Blood rushed to my manhood, and I could feel myself getting hard in my pants. I also still was feeling the effects of the alcohol, which probably affected my decision making. With a sigh, I agreed.

“Awesome!” she exclaimed. “Ok, why don’t you lay down and relax a little. Do you want my feet on your face?”

“All over my face,” I told her. “Do they smell?”

Kelsi laughed. “Smell? More like rancid. I’ve been barefoot all night!”

“Perfect,” I stated, then laying down. I pulled my pants and boxers down, letting my cock breathe a little. Kelsi looked impressed at my cock.

“Very nice!” she cooed. “Needs a trim, but I like how fat it is.”

True enough, I did have a decent size cock, measuring about seven inches and plenty round. Unfortunately, I was a bit hairy, since only I had touched it in awhile. Without a girlfriend, I frequently jacked off to porn in my room. Anticipation began to build as I realized someone else would be getting me off.

The blonde babe moved in position. “Let me know if the smell gets to you,” she warned. “I don’t want you to lose brain cells over this.”

Before I could give her a quirky reply, Kelsi’s toes and soles beyoğlu escort engulfed my nose and mouth completely. A pungent smell hit my senses hard. The shoes were nothing compared to Kelsi’s foot odor, though to me it was very arousing. The bottoms of her feet were sweaty and perhaps a bit dirty from the the floor. Describing the smell best, I’d have to say it closely resembled Doritos, mixed with vinegar. For any foot lover, these would be the feet they’d die for.

Kelsi wiggled her pretty toes across my nose. I had my eyes closed, but I knew she enjoying having someone under her feet. My nose was getting quite a workout as I sniffed her stinky peds feverishly. I found that in between the toes was the most flagrant, perhaps too much for my taste. Speaking about taste, my tongue begged to be in on the action, but her heels were preventing me from moving my lips.

“Keep that tongue in your mouth footboy!” she ordered. “My toes aren’t for tasting, at least not yet. Just the smell alone should send you over the edge.”

She was right, as I felt my balls tingling already. It had been a build up since I walked in on her, and I felt like I could explode without much warning.

“Keep sniffing! My toes demand your attention!” she barked, a more dominant side coming out from Kelsi.

Obeying her command, I resumed sniffing like a dog near a fire hydrant. The Doritos flavor made my mouth salivate, but I dared not take my chances with someone that was smothering my face with her gorgeous feet. Kelsi continued to tease me, urging me to cum. Her cousins shoes were dangling near my cock in her hands, in the insides aimed at where my tip.

“That right, smell my fucking feet until you can’t hold it back any longer!” she continued. “I want your cum to drench the insides of my bitch of a cousin’s shoes. Just imagine it, my skank of a cousin putting her cute little bare feet inside, only to feel something slimy on the bottom. Her sweaty toes squish your sweet cum in between them without her knowing what it is.”

Suddenly, I felt a hand slide up and down my shaft. Kelsi was helping me along, also aiming my cock at the shoes. Her cold fingers sent a shiver up my body. Compared to her hot, sweaty feet, this was very conflicting to my senses. She was magically with her hands as much as with her toes.

The magic didn’t last long, but was replaced by the feeling of something else soft on my cock. I opened my eyes, though I could barely make out anything with her big feet on my face. Kelsi was evidently fucking my cock with her cousin’s shoes. Based off what she’d told me, I closed my eyes again and thought about what her cousin looked like. My guess was she was the girl in a black crop top and pierced belly button. her jeans hemmed similar to Kelsi. The girl had straight brown hair, contrasting Kelsi’s poofy blonde hair. Knowing I was fucking her shoes was quite a pleasant thought, combined with Kelsi’s own foot musk.

I grabbed my cock and started pumping at it, the tip partly inside of the shoe. Soon, I felt myself ready, and let a stream of cum erupt out of my cock. Kelsi gasped, fondling the shoe to catch as much cum as possible. She swiftly changed shoes, catching the second wave of cum inside that one as well. It was a thick, decent load, so both shoes had quite a bit of white cum inside when she got off my face and let me look.

“Not bad,” I admit. “Of course, if she looks inside before putting them on she’ll likely notice.”

Kelsi shook her head. “Nope, you’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it.”

After pulling up my pants and regaining my composure, I suggested we go back out before someone noticed.

“Agreed, but let’s stick together,” she said. “I’m starting to rather like you Adam. You’ve got a chill vibe going on.” I smiled, opening the door for her. Kelsi carefully placed the cummy shoes back where they belonged and walked out with me to join the party.

The next two hours of the party were a complete flip from before. Kelsi and I were now having fun, though we didn’t really drink too much the rest of that night. I got to meet her cousin, Meg, and the rest of the group, most of which were drunk out of their minds. Her cousin was indeed the girl I thought of, and she was quite a cutie. Despite being good looking, she was outrageously stupid and conceded. In fact, that could be applied to all the girls in the group. I understood why Kelsi wasn’t having fun with them before.

By the time one in the morning had rolled around, mostly everyone was either passed out, about to pass out, or leaving to do either somewhere else. Kelsi and I found this all amusing to watch from a sober standpoint. I seriously didn’t think tonight could get any better, but then Meg asked a favor from us.

“Someone needs to watch Hallie while I call a cab,” she slurred heavily. “She’s passed out in the bedroom. Wanna do it?”

Without even waiting for our permission, she staggered off with a friend to supposedly get a safe ride home. Though I was rather pissed to have someone else dumped on me, Kelsi seemed rather pleased.

“It’ll take her forever to get a cab here!” she cheered quietly to me. “That means we can have a little more fun tonight! You down?”

“Down for what?” I asked, puzzled about what she was so giddy about.

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