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Shower Room Sex…I was still in the shower, had just finished sucking the entire track team, none wanted to fuck. Being the new mate, I was obligated to satisfy my team mates till we won a meet or a new member joined. My jaws were tired and aching, try sucking thirty horny teenage boys, some two or more times, and your jaws don’t hurt.As usual I was the last to leave the shower, as I entered the dressing room, I felt uneasy.. I stood still and listened…no sounds could I hear. I shrugged my shoulders and went to me locker, drying off I bent down to dry my ankles. There almost behind me was a pair of feet and legs.I jumped up startled and turned to see my worst fears standing there. Stark naked and with an enormously huge hard on was Daniel. He smiled at me and said ‘it’s just you and me now, every one else has left. I watched you suck all them dicks and could not believe that you wasn’t complaining’.I had fell back against my locker and hearing what Daniel said I tried to justify what happened. ‘You don’t understand, I have to do that or get kicked off the team, it’s not something I like doing’. Daniel was still smiling as he started to stroke his massively huge piece of man meat.He spoke in a devilish tone ‘I could see how heart broken you were, all those hard dicks and no one fucked you’. I looked to see if there was a way I could escape. I listened for any other sound. I figured that Bruce and Charlie was some where near. Daniel stepped over the dressing bench and was standing so close to me I could feel the heat from his body.Daniel reached out and gently stroked my left arm saying ‘it don’t hiltonbet giriş make no sense for you to suck all those dicks and not get fucked’. I trembled as his hand slid down my arm and he took hold of my left hand. Firmly and defiantly, Daniel guided my hand to his throbbing cock and said ‘here, take my dick and stoke it slowly’.I tried to pull my hand away but Daniel held me firm and said again ‘take my dick and stroke it slowly’. Shaking nervously I closed my fingers around Daniels huge penis shaft, his cock throbbed something awful as I gripped it. I slowly slid my hand to his scrotum and back up to his extremely huge cock head. My hand could not close around his huge penile shaft and as my hand touched his enormous penile glans, I could not help but look down to see what a huge cock head Daniel possessed.Daniel whispered ‘it’s just you and me, I’m gonna take my time and not hurt your tight little ass hole’. Daniel moved my hand to his testicles and whispered ‘massage these boys very carefully’. It was like I was holding two hairy tennis balls, Daniel leaned closer to me and licked my upper chest and neck. When his lips reached my ear lobe Daniel said ‘yeeeesss, you really now how to treat a real man’.I dropped my hand and tried to push Daniel away, he moved tight against me and said ‘I want you to lay your little ass on that bench, I’m horny as hell and ain’t in no mood to fight. But I’ll kick your ass and fuck it too’.Daniel stepped back giving me room to get to the bench, I straddled the bench and sat down. Daniel moved around behind me and pushed me gently from hiltonbet yeni giriş the back. I tried to resist but was met by a vicious push and warning ‘I bust your ass open or take it easy. You decide how you want it, Ill take it any way you give it’.Slowly I laid down on the bench, Daniel parted my buttocks and spit a glob of spittle right on to my quivering bung hole. Daniel moved up to my butt his massive cock head brushing against my puckering anal opening. I braced my self and grunted as Daniel inched his enormous cock head against my tight anal opening.Daniel whispered over me ‘damn, this pussy just the way I like it, willing and tight’. I started to move away and Daniel warned ‘don’t act stupid now, I’m gonna fuck this ass pussy and you better make like you like you enjoy it, if you don’t, I’ll bust this ass open’.Trembling I surrendered to my fate, Daniel hunch forward and part of his massive cock head parted my bung hole. I gasped in pain and tried to relax. Daniel hunched forward again and his cock head slid in till his penile ridge slipped into my anus.My toes was pressed against the dressing room floor as Daniel slowly worked more of his cock into my anal cavity. I groaned out in pain and Daniel whispered ‘that’s it take this dick just like my bitch should. Don’t cry out, just relax and take this dick’.Daniel had taken hold of both sides of my hips and was holding me steadfast against the dressing bench. His knees pushing my thighs wide as he slid his enormous cock back and forth in my anal canal. My anal sphincter muscle ring was straining to accompany hiltonbet güvenilirmi his huge member.Tears flowing freely down my cheeks as Daniel paid them no mind. He just moaned and groaned ‘that’s it baby, take that dick, take that dick’. I felt like a cheap whore as Daniel continued to work his cock into my butt.With each thrust of his cock I groaned and grunted to the delight of Daniel. Daniel slapped my hips encouraging me to ‘take this dick like a man, take it like a man baby, take it like a man’.Daniel had worked over half his cock into my butt before he laid his body down on my back. Gripping my shoulders, preventing me from scooting away, Daniel begin to plow deeper into my butt hole I gripped the sides of the small bench and begged ‘please Daniel take it easy, don’t go too deep, pleas take it easy’.Daniel fucked my butt in a slow sensuous manner, grunting and moaning in passion as I groaned and grunted in intense pain. Daniel started to pick up the pace as he came closer and closer to erupting in my anal canal.I guess that Daniel was lodged up my butt for maybe twenty or thirty minutes before I felt his huge cock head expand and spew forth a massive load of fuck juices deep in my inner anal canal. I whimpered in passionate pain ecstasy as I felt Daniel erupt in my anus and the slickness of his load enabled him to sink the rest of his enormously huge cock all the way into my anal opening.Daniel’s pubic hair was crushed against my buttocks and into my butt crack, Daniel’s hand moved up and seized my neck and chin. Pulling my head up and back, Daniel passionately kissed my lips and pushed his tongue into my mouth.Humping slowly Daniel emptied his testicles of there massive load of fuck juices and whispered in my ear ‘yeah bitch, I done bred this ass now, it’s all mine when ever I want it. Tell me it’s all mine’. I whimpered ‘yes, Daniel it’s all yours when ever you want it…’

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