Sissyhood of Travelling Panties Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Alex

A pair of red satin panties lay on the bed. They were boyshort style with little red lace bows above the crotch. Very sexy and very slutty. Helen ran her fingers along the soft, smooth material. She was dressed in a black lace garter belt holding up thigh high stockings, her large, round breasts, still firm at the age of 45, stood out naked and proud. The red satin panties, however, were not for her. They were for her husband.

“Alex, get in here,” she called to her husband and he came in, instantly obeying her command.

He looked at her slightly sheepishly. Helen knew that her hot body had always had the ability to intimidate men, to bring them to her knees. What she had always liked about Alex was his keenness to bow to her every wish. In short, she liked being in control.

He looked up at his beautiful wife and, once again, thought how lucky he was to have someone so sexually eager to himself. At nearly six foot with long, smooth legs, Helen towered above him even when not wearing heels as she did now. There was nothing that he would not do to please her. When he saw her holding out a pair of red satin panties, he was as eager as she for him to wear them.

“So, baby, are you ready to be my submissive little sissy girl tonight?” Helen flashed a wide, white smile.

“Yes, ma’am,” replied her husband, already stripping from his male clothes even as she said it.

His legs were already shaved as smooth as hers. This certainly was not the first time that Helen had made him into her girly bitch. It had become something he now looked forward to rather than at first when it had made him nervous.

Alex slipped into the red satin panties, loving the soft, sensual feel of the material. His dick instantly sprang to life as it found itself encased in the slutty feminine underwear. Before he could even do anything else, there was a small bulge growing in the soft red material.

“Mmm, you look just like a girly bitch in your pretty panties, don’t you baby?” his wife purred, she loved to see her man turn girly.

“Yes, ma’am, it feels so good,” he sighed, “I wanna be your girl.”

She did not stop at getting him in panties, however. Soon she was lacing him into a scarlet corset, pulling his waist in, pushing his chest out. A pair of lace topped stockings just like his wife’s were added, sliding up his shaved legs in a way that made him feel more girlish than ever. Finally, she put a trashy Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort blonde wig on his head and painted his lips with red lipstick.

“Nice, baby, you look just like a naughty slut,” Helen smiled, still wearing nothing but stockings and garters, “And you’re gonna get just what a naughty slut wants.”

She turned and gave him a great view of her round ass, framed by her garter belt, and took something from a drawer beside her bed. He could not see what it was his wife was doing for a few moments but he did not mind too much, he was enjoying the view. And, more importantly, he was enjoying the sensations of wearing the corset, stockings and, most of all, those cute smooth panties. He felt so girly, so willing to be a sissy for his hot, dominant wife.

Helen turned back around, still mostly naked, only now there was something extra hanging between her legs. She had attached an extremely lifelike, convincing strapon dick. It was almost eight inches long, thick and veiny and made her husband’s eyes widen in eagerness and nerves. Sure, he had dressed for his wife, gone down on her pussy while dolled up like a sissy, taken her finger up his ass, but never anything quite like this.

“Here it is, baby, just what a sissy slut deserves, a big fat cock.”

He could feel his dick stiffen in his satin panties as his wife, looking just like a hot shemale with her swinging strapon dick, walked over toward him and pushed him down onto his knees.

“Is that what you want, baby?” she grinned, “Wanna suck on a cock like a real panty wearing slut?”

“Yes ma’am,” her crossdressed husband replied on his knees, “I want your cock, give it me, let me suck it.”

She grabbed his head and he opened his scarlet painted lips. With her other hand she waved her realistic strapon dick at him and then thrust it between his lips, pushing his head further and further down on that thick fake cock. He gasped and gagged but the dick kept coming as his strapon wielding wife began to fuck his face.

“Yeah, you like that, sissy, take it,” she moaned, “Suck on my dick like the panty wearing sissy you are.”

He kept swallowing that firm fake dick until he was starting to get really into it, making it slick and wet with his saliva. He could feel his own dick getting harder and harder, stretching against the fabric of his satin panties. The feel of giving his mouth up to go down on this hard dick was incredible, Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort all the more so for being coupled with the sight of his beautiful wife standing dominantly over him, her breasts swinging above his head, teasing and taunting him about what a willing sissy slut he was.

“And I thought I married a man,” laughed his wife of twenty years, “But it turns out I married a cock hungry girl instead. Just look how eager you are to dress in panties, corset and stockings!”

He could only gasp and slurp at the strapon sliding into his throat and subconsciously agree with how easy it had been for her to make him a cock sucker. He knew that he would do almost anything Helen asked, but he was still always surprised by quite how much he enjoyed going all girly.

“You suck cock like a real whore, baby,” Helen sighed, “Let’s see if you can fuck like one too.”

“Yes ma’am,” Alex gasped, letting his wife’s strapon slip from his mouth, “I wanna be fucked like a bitch.”

Helen made her sissy husband get on his hands and knees facing away from her. He was still dressed in the corset, stockings and red satin panties that made him look, as he looked across at the bedroom mirror, like a cheap whore. He watched in the mirror as his wife, naked breasts swinging, strapon in her hand, got down behind him.

“Oh God,” he gasped in nervous anticipation as she slid his panties aside just enough to slide a finger along his asscrack.

“Get ready for it, my little sissy, because you’re going to get well and truly fucked,” Helen said.

“Oh yes,” her sissy husband moaned as she added a second finger, sliding in and out of his asshole, he had experienced this before and it felt good to get his panty wearing ass explored like this, but now he wanted more, “I want it, I want it inside me. Make me your slut. Let me show you what a bitch I can be for you.”

She slid his satin panties further aside and began to push the strapon right up inside her husband’s ass, stretching him out, impaling him. It felt good to her being so in control, seeing her husband on his knees in lingerie, begging to be fucked, to be used by her. She loved having this kind of power.

For his part, Alex was loving the experience of serving her, of giving his crossdressed girly whore body up to his wife’s dominant dick. It hurt a little as she tore into his panty wearing ass, but that did nothing to stop the Ümraniye Vip Escort way his rock hard dick was filling out that red satin.

Shoving the strapon as far in as she could, Helen then proceeded to slide it back out of her husband’s sensitive sissy hole. Pretty soon she was sliding it back and forth, thrusting in and out of him as their stockinged thighs rubbed together. Every part of his body felt alive and turned on by his wife pegging his ass, fucking him harder and harder so his whole body shook.

Looking in the mirror, Alex couldn’t help but be turned on by the sight of the trashy slut on her knees, spreading her legs and taking all the dick she could. He loved seeing his tall, curvy wife standing over his ass as she plunged her strapon in and out, tossing her waves of chestnut hair around and laughing.

“Yeah, take it, baby, take my dick in your sissy ass,” she cried, “You’re a good bitch, baby, so keen to dress up for your mistress and give up your panty wearing ass.”

“Oh yes, ma’am, I love being your slut,” her husband agreed, “Slam that dick inside me, make me your bitch, make me cum.”

“Are you going to cum in your nice new panties,” his dominant wife questioned, spanking his satin wearing ass as she slammed her strapon dick in and out of him, “What a naughty little sissy girl my husband is!”

He could not help himself, the feeling of wearing all this sexy lingerie, his wife pegging his tight ass, her calling him her sissy bitch, it was all too much for him. He gasped and moaned with every deep thrust of his wife’s strapon until, without even touching his rock solid hardon, he could feel himself creaming inside his panties, filling the scarlet satin with streams of sticky sperm.

“Oh yes, that’s it,” Alex gasped as he came in his panties, “So good, I’m such a sissy bitch.”

It was the best sex he had ever had, his cock had not been touched but he had cum more than he had in a long time. His panties were so sticky that his wife made him lick some of the salty juices clean which gave him another extra thrill.

At the end of it all, Alex finally stripped from his stockings and corset and returned to his masculine clothes. It was not the last time he would get a treat like this from his dominant wife. The still slightly cum stained red satin panties he left in the laundry basket and gave them no further thought.

Later that evening, however, somebody else did. Blake, Alex and Helen’s 19 year old son, came looking for some of his mom’s ultra sexy undies and there, in the laundry basket, he found a particularly delicious looking pair, red satin boyshorts with lacy bows. Quickly glancing around to see that the coast was clear, he grabbed the panties and sneaked back to his room.

To be continued…

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