Slave of her slaves – 1

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Slave of her slaves – 1She is extremely sexy. So young. Only eightteen, one month and a day as I write.She is extemely pretty. So yummy. Only a pity that her character has black spots.She is extremely playful. So funny. Only a pity she aims to abuse her hot spots.She is extremely smart. So cunny. Only a pity for her I finally find weak spots.How sexy, surprising, hot and horny is she? Right after we met we got both very wet!How sexy virtual sex we had, when I was licking her pretty very wet teen sexy twat.How sexy was her surprise of not only coming in my mouth from my long loving licks.How sexy was her surprise by squirting first and next pissing in my face, my first!I do not need to tell the usernames she used, before becoming of age and after.It is so easy to find out, for everyone who is curious about her from my words.I will explain here how she plays her game and speculate a bit what haunts her.It might read like a fantasy to the uninformed. Her style of play not mine at all.She uses only a few foxy istanbul escort tricks. She alternates between pleading love on a wall.She intermits it with private messages to her most well worded admirers, not all.She seeks to enslave them into her spell of obvious outside beauty, all know well.She shows her dark side and black part of soul in manipulating messages to them all.How hot and devilish she plays her games with her stupid ‘slaves’, blunt blind guys.How hot and devilish she deceives them by her open pussy to see for everyone’s eyes.How hot and bedeviled her poor victims got, prepared to be slave for a word of love.How hot and bedeviled her poor slaves got by an empty promise to her hot lusty cove. I know her almost from her debute, when she still pretended to be eightteen already.I know a jealous ‘friend’ did it. She had far too many of them. Hooked she’s simply! I know a lot about her, as she was still sometimes honest before avcılar escort getting eightteen.I know her mental problems after she almost drowned in a cold lake, as a young teen.She often changed her behaviour to me, while I kept my identity: open, honest and fair.She publicly declared her everlasting love to me in a few long public poems at my wall.She followed it up by either neglect of my messages or playing her ‘games’, how unfair.She sometimes seems ‘posessed’ by the ‘bad witch’ she met in that lake. It’s her ‘wall’.How big the bad luck of losing her identidy here, a fortnight before her eighteenth.How big the bad luck she started a new one immediately, less honest, only her age not.How bad the change from an obnoxious ‘Gothic’ girl with some ‘dark sides of the moon’.How bad the behaviour as ‘Nobility of (b)lack (of) colour’. I hide her name, my discrecy.I understand well now her basic tactics and strategies in the game she tries to play.I understand well her few şirinevler escort basic tricks for manipulating her admirers into toys for play.I understand well how her nasty naughty mind works despite her denial, I know her well.I understand well her despair: her best poet looks through her. Sees her nude mind, all!She shivers in despair. She is lost for words. She lacks courage to say so to me.She shivers in despair. She decides to grab other arms, if she lost the mind fight.She blow her flute to collect her slaves to action to defend her lost mental battle.She blew her chances by blowing that whistle. Her ‘helpers’ lack minds, can’t read.How will her mind, so astray, will be saved from wandering ever further downhill Hell?How will the few good people here try to help her to see the light? Only a few do well.How will she grab her chance to mature here, by wise words especially written for her?How will she ever meet in gratefulness the wise warm words my friend and me spent her?I still have high hopes of her, as she has surely more qualities than her lusty looks.I still have dreams of her shaping up and having finally the courage to match her looks.I still long for simple straight honest and fair answers by her to our lessons in love.I still long for her. She thinks I want her. I’m not a fool as boys longing for her love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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