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Big Tits

SLUMMING ITdeletedI love going to the beach. When I was 25 and had little money, I decided I really needed a beach getaway. My friend Terry was going with one of his guy friends that I didn’t know. They were going to Fort Walton and staying in a motel called the Lost Dune Inn. Terry, I thought was a nice sort of fellow so I agreed to travel with them and only had to pay a modest amount for gas and lodging. Later, I heard that there would be another boy going so we would have four in Terry’s car: three dudes and me. A friend dropped me off at Terry’s with my little duffle and I met his two friends. They both looked sort of rough-edged. The White guy, Jerry, had some stupid tattoos but otherwise might have looked semi-acceptable. The Black guy, Tandric, was a student but didn’t seem like an academic type somehow. He was slender but not handsome. The trip down was trying because the level of conversation did not suit me. I read some but I don’t really like reading during car travel. When we arrived at the Lost Dune Inn I was disappointed in the appearance of the motel. It was an end-of-the-line place. It may have been nice twenty years earlier. Our room looked dumpy with two queen beds, a dirty carpet, and a generally worn out appearance. Terry and I were going to be in one bed. He promised to be cool about that.We decided to go out on the beach right away.. I changed in the bathroom. And came back into the room wearing my bikini and a shirt dress cover up. The guys had not yet changed and then changed in front of me. They were proud of their swinging dicks. Jerry and Tandric both had nice asses so it is too bad they were not handsome. We stayed out on the beach from 5:30 to 7:30. We played in the waves, tossed the Frisbee, threw a mini football, and caught some late afternoon rays. There was no need for suntan lotion this late in the day. Tandric didn’t need to get any darker anyway. We all got along fine out on the beach. My bikini top was very popular and got a lot of eye scans from all three guys and other guys on the beach.Back in the room, we decided to go to a fern bar for burgers and drinks. The guys wasted no time pulling off their swim trunks but then made no effort to get rize escort clothes on. I pulled off my bikini using my shirt dress to keep covered. It was short and as I was bent over going through my mini duffle, Jerry pulled up the back of my dress to my waist to expose my bare bottom. I asked, “are you happy now?” He patted my ass and dropped the hem. He then raised my arms and Tandric pulled the cover up off over my head. “Do I need to pepper spray you guys?” They said no but we should be one happy bunch of naked friends and roommates. I faced them and said, “take a good look but next time I have clothes on let me take them off.” They were looking. They were really looking at my shaved pussy crack and my big jugs. “Can we play some games?” asked Jerry. “What sort of games?.” “Taking turns feeling you up games.” “No, but you can watch me get dressed for Wheelhouse.” We all got dressed. Wheelhouse is nice like 98 percent of Fort Walton. Our motel is in the other two percent. There was a good crowd in the bar pit. The guys all found girls to chase and get shot down by. A good looking guy found me. And “good looking is an understatement.” He was from Lineville, Alabama which is far away from my part of Mississippi but I gave him my phone number anyway. I was hoping he would drive me to some other place but his pals dragged him away. Some other guys put the moves on me but I was crestfallen that the Alabama guy left. I had my usual one beer and switched to cherry cokes. The other guys were knocking the drinks back so I decided I would be the driver going back to The Lost Dune Inn.Back in the motel room, all three guys, even Terry, were mildly drunk and obnoxious. All they talked about was my tits, my slit, and my ass which they were proud of having seen. I told em I was going for a quick walk on the beach and told them to get sleepy and hit the hay. It was beautiful out. I was tired so I didn’t walk long. When I came back into the room. Jerry grabbed me around the waist, and Terry grabbed my wrists. “You brainless bastards” I hissed. Tandric pulled my skirt and thong off. I was carried to one of the worn out beds. They got my top off and sakarya escort my bra off so I was nude again. The nude guys were super horny. “You’re going to be sorry I warned them.” They got so busy feeling me up that no one was holding my ankles any longer so I bent my leg, put my foot on Jerry’s chest and sent him off the bed. He rebounded, they got hold of me, and had me spread on the bed. Jerry had both ankles held wide apart and Terry had both my wrists held together. Tandric had his long colored boy erection and could have started violating me but just kept gently spreading my pussy lips with his fingers and looking at it.  He was in position to force his dick up inside my pussy but he didn’t.“  Okay, listen, you guys are not in trouble yet but if you go any further, there will be Hell to pay.” “You, each can get some light sex activity from me before we leave Fort Walton but you have to listen”. They suddenly listened. They were violently horny but they stopped and listened.  I laid out my demands, “Terri, I’ll give you a hand job every night before we go to sleep but then stay on your 40 percent of the bed and leave me the Hell alone.” “Jerry, you don’t handle alcohol that well…don’t drink another drop and you can feel up my jugs to your hearts content.” “I’ll eventually even provide you with a hand job.” “Tandric, you can’t drink alcohol either and that weed bag over there on the table has to be given to me NOW and I’m going to use it for mulch among those shrubberies outside.” “You’ll get to feel up my tits plenty, and even get a hand job before we leave but if you even seem remotely tipsy or stoned you are going to be in a heap of trouble boy.” “All three of you…don’t drink another drop and don’t dare get stoned.” With that I got up and walked over to the wall and leaned back against it. “Do any of you nematodes want to feel up my tits?” They did. All three fondled my breasts and beat off while they did so. I didn’t even have to give Terry his hand job that night. The next morning, the guys were all apologetic. We had an athletic day at the beach, played volleyball on another motel’s court, and rented sea kayaks. That samsun escort second night, the guys watched sports on TV and went to sleep and Terry still had not gotten a hand job from me. On our last full day, Terry told me that Jerry had a girlfriend but had never had a girlfriend that was pretty. He said Tandric had never had anything to do with a White girl and did not do so well with Black girls either. He was still giving apologies about the first night so I told him to shut up and while the other two were outside, I gave him a good blow job. On our final night in the room, I undressed Jerry who had a much better hard on than when he was drunk on that first night. I posed topless with him. As the camera captured souvenir images I embraced him and kissed him while the end of his erection touched my skin just above my bikini bottom. I told the guys to get rid of their phones. I sucked Jerry’s cock, played with his ass and balls, jerked him, sucked him some more, asked him where he wanted to cum, put his cock back inside my mouth, and finally swallowed his semen. Now I had the really inexperienced guy. Kendric was super horny from watching me blow Jerry. He was standing there looking awkward. I walked up to him topless, embraced him, French kissed him, and asked him to suck my nipples. I could tell he was wild about those pink areolas and tits. He asked for a pic with me like Jerry had. I said sure, and Terry took some pics of us. Then I told Kendric to get undressed. “Get your damned socks off too.” I told Terry to take one more pic and I pulled off my bottoms and posed standing up facing Kendric and holding his long hard colored boy dick in my hand. I then sat on the edge of the bed, pulled him into positon and started blowing him. I sucked hard and held his shaft hard. I would stop and suck his balls, then suck and bite his dick. His dick was getting blown but really his mind was more blown. I turned him around and fondled his ass muscles (his good looking part) and I even spread his ass cheeks and rimmed him. I told him getting his asshole French kissed is an extra reward for letting me trash his weed. I turned him again and jerked him like crazy while blowing the end of his LONG dick. I couldn’t tell if he was about to cum or not but then he told me he was and I put my breast out to catch most of the semen. He was blown alright. Terry got us home the next day and the guys had some great souvenir photos which when circulated locally added to my already scandalous reputation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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