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Subject: Snared by a chav fucked by a gang Snared by a chav, fucked by a gang. The following is a true account of being snared by a chav lad I met in a public toilet and the gang bang that ensued when I was 15. Comments gratefully received at [email protected] Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. After losing my virginity to two French boys at a nudist camp over then when I was 13 and a half I had become addicted to gay sex. My angelically cute boy next door looks, with light blond hair, blue eyes and lush red lips, was my best tool to attract other guys. On top of that I had a body as sexily buff, tanned and toned as the British diver Tom Daley when he was 15 and a big really thick cock. My looks coupled with the confidence in my sexuality meant I’d already had more partners in the two years I’d been sexuality as some guys go through in 10 years. Growing up in London also helped due to its large gay scene. As the age of consent for gay sex back then was 21 I was still a long way off from being able to go to the gay bars, clubs and saunas but there were plenty of parks and public toilets you could go to find a shag. Unfortunately it has recently closed but I picked up plenty of guys over the years from a public toilet on Braodwick Street in Soho which is where most of the London gay scene is located as well. It was here I met Phil James but he also referred to himself as PJ. If I hadn’t seen his cock first nothing would have happened between us and I wouldn’t have had to endure the ordeal that ensued. Although I had regular fuck buddies I still liked to cottage which is hanging around public toilets looking for sex. I loved the risky thrill of meeting a guy there and sucking his cock or having him bugger me in a toilet cubicle. Feeling horny I decided to go into town and check out some of the cottages. First I went to the toilet in St James’ park by Horseguards parade but at the time it was just a couple of really old guys there so I headed to Soho. As it was Autumn I wore a dark blue hooded top over a white figure hugging tee shirt. Down below I was wearing dark blue satiny tracksuit bottoms with white stripes down the outside leg. As usual I was going commando underneath and the tight trackies clung to my firm pert bubble butt arse perfectly and hinted at my big thick limp cock and good sized balls around front. It was topped off with socks and black trainers. I had a small backpack with me containing some soft drink, a book, condoms and tube of lube. AIDs had been around for a couple of years but wasn’t that widespread yet so most of my sex during my teenage years was bareback but I had condoms in case the other guy wanted to use them. When I got to the toilet on Broadwick Street it was empty but I decided to stick around. I selected the middle of the five urinal basins so guys could go on either side of me. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long but bided my time by leisurely stroking my really thick uncut cock that was already 8 inches long and would top out at its current fat 10 inches. Someone came in and I stuck to toilet etiquette of continuing to look forwards or downwards as if checking your aim just in case he was here to use the toilet for their intended purpose. Although I couldn’t see him he would have had a side on view of me as he came in. There were small divider boards between the urinal basins so he wouldn’t have been able to see my big thick hard cock that was pointing downwards under its meaty weight and impressive length. Straight away I guessed he was here to cruise as he selected the urinal immediately to my right when he could have taken the end urinal with another urinal between us which is what a straight man would have done. My gaze was pointing downwards as he stood beside me. Out of the corner of my eye I watched him stick his hand into his light grey cotton tracksuit bottoms but the divider prevented me from seeing what he fished out. It didn’t take me long to find out though when he took a step backwards and twisted slightly towards me. In his long fingered pale white hand was a big already hard cock. It was pale skinned but got pinker towards the tip. The shaft was of average thickness, lightly veined and about 8.5 inches long. Like most Brits he was uncut but the pale foreskin had peeled all the way back to expose a pinky purple mushroom knob. At the base some unruly mousy brown pubes stuck out and the waistband of his grey tracksuit was hooked under his average sized balls in a mousey brown pubed pale sack. Well his cock passed the test now to see if his face did. A guy can have a hot body and big cock but if his face doesn’t pass the test I’m not interested unless I’m really horny and desperate which is how I was at that moment. I’m not as judgmental to say he was ugly he just wasn’t the type I would normally go for. He had big jug handle ears and a long thin pale face with a few small red acne blemishes. His also had Mick Jagger style pouty pink lips presently turned up in a sly leer and tortoise shell eyes. I was going to pass him by but the blatant wank he was giving big hard cock and the fact he was a chav, which being a well off upper middle class boy a bit of rough council chic had always appealed to me, started to lure me in. It took a few minutes for him to land me but he got there in the end. The first couple of minutes I tried to ignore him but he was persistent and coupled with my slutty horniness overruled my mind. Fuck it I thought, his face might not be a picture and he looked tall and lanky but he did have a big sexy cock. I could always suck him off with my eyes closed or get him to fuck me doggy so I didn’t have to see his face. As the toilet had an attendant’s room there was nothing we could do there except watch each other wank or wank each other. To show I was now up for it I took a step back and showed him my big aerosol can thick cock. I almost giggled when I saw the stunned surprised look on his plain chav face when he clapped his eyes on my cock. Even though I was only 15 and a half and he looked 18 or 19 my cock was as big as his. He beat me in length by half an inch but I easily beat him in meaty girth. The fact it was as deeply tanned as the rest of me might also have surprised him. “Do you know anywhere to go?” I asked as I lived a few stops further up the Northern line and I hoped he lived locally. Besides as he was a chav I didn’t want to bring him back to my parent’s house for him to burgle it at a later date. “Yeah I live around the corner.” He said in a London barrow boy lilt. The thing about London is it is juxtaposition where you can have a �1M house next to a block of council flats and that is what Soho is like. I left first and had to carry my backpack in front of me as my hard cock was an obvious long thick log down the left leg of tracksuit bottoms. The chav lad followed me shortly afterwards. “I’m PJ.” He said as he fished a cigarette from a pack it and put it in his mouth. When I first saw his face my mind said don’t go with him but my horniness overruled it. Watching him spark up a ciggie my mind said go now and as I wasn’t looking at his big sexy cock I almost did. There is nothing worse than snogging a guy whose mouth tastes like an ashtray. “I’m John.” I replied as I was brought up well so it would have been so rude to have just walked off. I hoped an opportunity to get out of the situation in a more polite way may present itself. “How old are you?” He asked after blowing out a cloud of ciggie smoke fortunately not in my direction. Or considering what followed maybe that should be unfortunately as a face full of cigarette smoke would have sent me packing. “15 and a half.” “Bit young to be cottaging ain’t it?” He asked in his London cheeky chav accent. “I’ve been having sex for two years.” I proudly boasted as he took another drag on his cig. “So you like being fucked?” He asked after blowing out another cloud of smoke. “Yeah. I fuck too but like bottoming more.” “Good. Come on I live around the corner.” He said. We walked to his place in silence side by side, him puffing away on his cigarette. As I suspected he lived in the nearby council tower block. He let us in and we took the lift to the top floor. Ironically the top floors of council tower blocks were the roughest due to all the stairs you had to walk up on the frequent occasions when the lift wasn’t working. The Conservative party then started selling them off and now the upper floors of those same tower blocks command pent house prices. PJ let us into the flat with the front door opening up into a corridor with closed doors on either side. “Go to the end room on the right. I need to let my flat mate know I’m entertaining.” He said with his Mick Jagger type lips curled up in a sly leer. As he opened up one door and went through I saw it led to the lounge and I heard the dial on phone being spun. I headed down the corridor and went into the room on the far right. Another warning sign was there but only in hindsight. There was a cheap flat pack mirrored wardrobe running down the left wall as you stood in the doorway. The wall directly in front of the door had a metal framed double bed underneath the window. I failed to notice the bondage straps on the headboard and footboard as the black leather sling hanging from the ceiling on four metal chains between the wardrobe and bed caught my attention. The right hand wall had a book case and chest of draws with a hinged lid chest at the foot of the bed. The sling should have warned me this was too much kink for a 19 year old lad and there were no posters on the walls instead they were just plainly painted. I sat on the bed and waited for PJ to come. I decided to suck him for a bit, have him fuck me doggy style and then get him to spunk up in my mouth. I wouldn’t come as it would keep me horny enough to go back cottaging but would staying for a bit would help alleviate the itch in my arse. A couple of minutes later PJ came in and like me he had taken his hooded top off and he was wearing a light pink but not girly pink polo shirt, his light grey cotton tracksuit bottoms and white socks. “Sorry can you gargle or brush your teeth I don’t like the taste of cigarettes.” I meekly asked not wanting to offend. “Shit I ain’t gonna kiss you. I ain’t even gonna to blow you. I ain’t even gay I just like having my cock buried in a hot wet hole.” He said as he fished his big hard cock out of his trackies and walked towards me sat on the edge of the bed. What he said was another warning sign I failed to pick up on or my cock overruled it. Like mine when hard his cock dangled down and I watched it swing from side to side slightly as he approached me. Then he was stood in front of me with his big hard cock in his right hand as he placed his left on the top of my head. He aimed his knob at my mouth and with his left hand guided me on to it. Despite the mounting reservations I was having my lips offered no resistance and parted to allow his swollen mushroom knob enter my mouth. When they slipped over the ridge and clamped around the average thickness of his cock shaft I started strongly sucking his knob as I swiped the sensitive underside with my tongue. There was a faint taste of piss and knob cheese but not enough to be a turn off especially as that was soon counter balanced by tasty free flowing pre-cum. Also a sweaty musky aroused teen boy aroma was emanating from his trackies that tapped into my animal instincts. “Fuck you suck knob good fag.” He groaned in pleasure as I sucked and licked away on his bell end. “Let’s see how much you can take.” He added. Luckily my ears picked up on it straight away and I relaxed my jaw and throat to accept his 8.5 inch cock. As it was of average thickness with some flexibility to its hardness I was able to take all of it until my nose buried in his sweaty pubes with his mushroom knob down my gullet. I squeezed my throat muscles on it and ground my lush red lips around the pubed base as I drank in his sweaty horny aroused teenage boy aroma. Giresun Escort He then gripped my head in his hands and began to face fuck me, a combination of bouncing my mouth up and down his cock as he thrust it back and forth. “Fuck you can take it all you cock greedy bitch.” PJ groaned as the hot wetness of my mouth soaked into the full length of his big hard cock. I wasn’t passively taking the face fuck I was been given as I was actively sucking and licking away at his hot hard 8.5 cock as he thrust it in and out of my mouth. Beside the domineering angle was kind of a thrill. I was unsure of his sexuality as he said he wasn’t gay but did that make him bi or was he a straight guy who viewed any hole as a goal. He wasn’t the first or the last straight guy to party in my mouth or arse. And before any doubters out there cry out he must have been gay to some extent a straight guy fucking a gay guy is no different from all the gay guys at saunas who will have sex with any guy regardless of age or condition just for the mechanical pleasure of sex. Sure PJ would have preferred to be fucking a girl’s mouth or pussy but a guy’s mouth or arse was better than a wank. For about five minutes PJ face fucked me but I sucked and licked his big cock with my lush red lips wanking it just as good as if I had been in control of the blow job. As he did so my hands groped his smooth scrawny arse. “You ever been fucked in a sling?” He asked after pulling his big hard cock from my mouth. “Is that what that is over there?” I asked pointing to the sling. I am speaking from experience as I write this up but back then I’d never seen a contraption like it before and it was just before the internet so the only porn you saw was your Dad’s porn stash or crusty used mags in the woods. At the time I thought it was some kind of hanging chair. “Yeah.” PJ replied with a sly grin appearing on his face again, another warning sign I didn’t pick up on. “No.” I said which made his sly grin spread wider. “Well you will be today. Get naked.” PJ said beforehne peeled his pink polo shirt off. First he exposed his flat firm milky white stomach that was hairless with no treasure trail running from his navel. His chest was as equally flat and shapeless as his stomach with two small pink halos and even smaller nipples. As he lifted it over his head he exposed his armpits were the small but long tufts of brown hairs were matted with sweat. Like his pubes his armpits could have done with a trim, not that they were dense but the hairs he did have were too long and could have done with been cropped shorter. As he dropped his polo shirt to the floor he exposed his long, milky white spindly arms. I peeled off my figure hugging tee shirt exposing my swimmer’s build body underneath. I had hairless deeply tanned washboard abs and a silky smooth nicely sculpted chest studded with pointy dark brown nipples surrounded by nice sized halos. My arms were also nicely toned with my biceps starting to buff up and my forearms dusted with blond hairs. PJ then pushed down his trackies and boxers in one go and I followed suit. His right eyebrow arched slightly when he realised I was going commando. As he dropped his trackie bottoms he exposed his long lanky milky white legs lightly dusted in brown hairs as I exposed my deeply tanned sports toned legs lightly dusted in soft short golden blond hairs. “Shit for a pussy boy you are packing.” He enviously said as he saw my cock again that was almost as big as his despite our four year age difference. “Thanks.” I proudly replied. “Hop up into the sling.” PJ instructed and I obeyed. He went over to the trunk at the foot of the bed and fished something out which I couldn’t see. He then came over to me and stood to the left of me sat in the sling. “Grip the chains.” He commanded. I gripped the chains and then he tied my left wrist to the chain in a silk tie. Kinky I thought. I’d not yet experienced bondage before and hadn’t even heard of it but being slightly submissive the thought of being tied up was a turn on. Then he tied my right wrist to that chain. The way I got onto the sling was with my arse on the edge and my inner thighs on the outside the two chains. PJ moved to my legs and lifted my left leg up parallel to the chain and tied my ankle to it before doing the same to my right leg. Bound up I wriggled about and found I could move a bit but not by much. PJ went over to a bedside table and fished out a tube of lube and greased up his averagely thick but 8.5 inch long cock before finger fucking some lube onto my arse. With both of us lubed up it was time for the fun to begin. PJ stood in front of my bound prone body with his big hard cock in his right hand which he aimed at my arse. I felt his mushroom knob press against my sphincter which briefly resisted before giving way. My arse lips parted and slid down the increasing tapper of his knob before rubbing over the ridge which make my arsehole quiver and sent a shiver through me. I gasped with pleasure when his mushroom knob popped into my arse with my sphincter tightly clamping around his averagely thick cock shaft. He too groaned with pleasure as the hot wetness of my tight young arse soaked into his sensitive swollen knob. He carried on forcing his big hot hard cock into my tight schoolboy arse. I felt the ridge of his knob force open the highly receptive walls of my arse and my cock twitched and dribbled some pre-cum when his knob rubbed over my prostate. As it slid in his hot hard long cock shaft sawed against my tight sphincter until his pubed groin slapped against my pert upturned arse. PJ briefly held his 8.5 inch cock ball deep in my arse where I savoured the stuffed fullness and the hot hardness of his cock throbbing deep in my arse. At the same time he savoured having his big hard cock buried ball deep in the steamy hot tight confines of an underage boy’s arse. PJ looked at my cute boyish face as he forced his big cock into my arse but once he was in ball deep he closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head exposing lightly haired armpits that were matted with sweat. PJ then started fucking me from just thrusting his hips. With each deep hard thrust the sling and I built up momentum. He’d ram his steely hard 8.5 inch cock ball deep into my hot wet arse with his groin slapping my buttocks which would propel me forwards just as he started pulling backwards. The give in the chains was just enough that when they reached their maximum range the ridge of his mushroom knob butted up against the inside of my arsehole. Then I would swing backwards to be brutally impaled on his forward thrusting cock. This was my first time being fucked in a sling and I loved. PJ was a tall skinny lad who wouldn’t have the strength and power to fuck me as harshly as he was currently doing as the swinging sling added momentum to the fuck. In no time my arse was throbbing with hard fucked pleasure and my tight sphincter burned with exquisite friction. My highly receptive arse felt the ridge of his mushroom knob force the walls open and box my prostate on the inward thrust and scrape down them on the outward thrust. His long hot hard averagely thick 8.5 inch cock sawed against my tight sphincter making it burn with pleasurable friction. My pert buttocks tingled from the repeated slaps of his groins against them. As he fucked me he kept his eyes closed so I began to suspect he was a horny straight guy just looking to get off and as he wasn’t the sexiest lad on the block it was unlikely girls flocked to him like moths to a flame leaving him to resort to fucking slutty gay guys. PJ fucked me for about 10 minutes when I got my first shock. A guy in his mid 30’s barged into the room and took a Polaroid picture of me. Most of his face was obscured by the camera but I could see he had brown hair that was buzz cut short and he had a stubbly beard. He had a rugby player build with a big strong solid body rather than being muscular. He was wearing a dark blue Addidas vest with red fringed neck and arm holes. His arms were pale with big biceps and his forearms were dusted in fine brown hairs. He was wearing white Addidas shorts with most of his tree trunk nicely haired pale legs on show. “Shit PJ you excelled yourself here. We’ll pay you double.” The guy said as he moved the camera from his face and pulled out the developing Polaroid and started shaking it. I was too shocked to do or say anything. He looked about 35 with a rough rugged face that just met my standards. He then left the room. “Who was that?” I asked but PJ kept quiet and carried on fucking me. “Hey I asked you a question.” I added but his reply was to fuck me faster and harder. “Answer me shit head.” I said cussing which I rarely did but the anger of him ignoring my questions was rising in me especially as a guy now had a photo of me being fucked. PJ slammed his hot hard cock into me a couple more times before he grabbed my hips and roughly yanked my arse onto his big forward thrusting cock. As he buried his hot hard 8.5 inch cock ball deep in my arse he opened his eyes as I felt his cock swell, throb and pulse in me. He started grunting in sexual ecstasy as he began spunking up in my arse. My anger was temporarily abated as I savoured feeling PJ flood my arse with his chav cum. I felt him powerfully pump 8 big jets into my arse that was glowing with well fucked contentment. His pug face had an assortment of expressions. His usually pale face was flushed from orgasm with an expression of sexual ecstasy but his Mick Jagger lips were curled up in a devious leer and his tortoise shell eyes burned with dominance as if he’d just fucked a prostitute. Once he finished spunking up in my arse he roughly pulled his big cock from me. I felt the ridge of his swollen mushroom knob scrape down the throbbing walls of my arse. My sphincter quivered, a shiver ran through me and I moaned with pleasure when his knob popped out of my arse. He then walked over to his discarded clothes, picked them up and left the room without saying a word. My calls didn’t go unheeded but were answered by six naked men. I’ll describe them in detail in the order they fucked me but they were all in their early to mid thirties with three of them being white and the other three being black. They passed comments about me between them and I quickly realised I was about to be gang banged and there was nothing I could do about it. The guy who took my picture came over to me and showed it to me. It was framed so that I was fully in shot with it obvious I was being fucked but PJ’s face was out of shot so he couldn’t be identified. “Nice picture isn’t it?” He asked with a devious leer on his rugged face. “Here.” One of the black guys said as he handed the first guy my wallet he’d pulled from my trackie bottoms. It happened so fast and I was still too shocked to do or say anything. The first guy riffled through my wallet until he found something with my address on it which he wrote on the back of the photo. “Now we’re all going to fuck you and if you even think about telling the cops we’ll come round and beat the shit out of you and post this picture to your parents.” He said in a gruff voice with a devious domineering leer on his face. I knew there was nothing I could do as I was physically tied up and under threat of blackmail and physical violence. “And there is no point in crying out as the only person who’d be able to hear you is the guy next door but he’s here to fuck you too.” He added hammering home the final nail in my coffin. Despite my fear and the fact they were hardly the hottest of guys my submissive nature was kind of turned on by the predicament I currently found myself in. I’d been gang banged before and had sex with strangers before but now I was about to have both at the same time. “Anyway PJ said you’re gay so you’re going to enjoy it.” He said as he started lubed up his hard cock. “He did a great job in snaring you, so fucking young and cute.” He added as he stood in front of me in preparation Giresun Escort Bayan of fucking me. “Yeah he hasn’t pulled one as young as you before.” One of the other guys said who were now sat in a line on the bed to watch the sex show about to start. I realised I’d been fished where an older guy uses a younger guy as bait to pull another young guy. “He’s definitely worth the double pay.” Another guy said. “You pay him to pull boys?” I asked finally finding my voice. “Yeah he’s straight but I’ve been fucking him since he was 14. He asked if he could buy some dope and pay later so I said he can have some if he sucked me off. I took it from there and when he was 16 I told him if he brought me boys he’d escape a fucking then it turned into paying him.” The first guy said filling me in on the picture. “He normally pulls lads his age but he surpassed himself with you.” He added. “Thanks.” I said as I had resigned myself to my fate but was kind of turned on by it too. The guy about to fuck me wasn’t too bad. Sure he wouldn’t win any beauty contests but his face had a rugged handsomeness that gave it enough to meet my standards. His brown hair was buzz cut short and he had a stubbly beard. He had bluey grey eyes that burned with sexual hunger and lust. His face was pale with the hint of a light tan and he had kissable pink lips. He had a big barrel chest that was naturally hairless with not much definition studded with pinky brown nipples. He had big biceps which had strength rather than definition. His stomach was flat a firm and he’d shaved his pubes off. His hard cock dangled downwards as it was really thick and about 8 inches long. He was uncut but his pale foreskin had peeled back to expose a swollen pink knob. Hanging behind in a shaved tight sack was a big pair of balls. With his big hard cock in his right hand he aimed it at my arse. I felt his plum knob connect with my tight sphincter that was slightly swollen from the fucking PJ had given me. He then pushed forward and his swollen knob popped into my arse making us both groan with pleasure. He then tightly gripped my hips and he roughly pulled me onto his big thick forward thrusting cock. I felt his swollen knob punch open the walls of my arse and my cock twitched and dribbled pre-cum when his knob boxed my prostate. PJ’s cum bubbled around the guy’s knob as he bottomed out in me with his shaved smooth groin slapping my naturally smooth arse. His really thick cock gave my arse a stuffed contented felling and I felt the heat, hardness and throbbing pulse of his 8 inch buried ball deep in me. His domineering leer melted when the hot wet tightness of my schoolboy arse soaked into his big hard manly cock. “Fuck he’s got a hot tight arse.” He gasped as he savoured it wrapped around his cock. “A talented one too.” He added with a sly smile on his face when I flexed and squeezed my arse on his cock. He then launched into a rough hard brutal fuck. He used his grip on my hips to swing me back and forth in the sling to make sure his really thick 8 inch cock got maximum penetration. He was fucking me so hard it was almost painful but pleasurable at the same time like losing your virginity all over again. The domineering leer had returned to his face and he used his impressive strength to repeatedly impale my pussy boy arse on his big thick manly cock. I couldn’t help but grunt in hard fucked pleasure tinged with slight pain as bulky guy 20 years my senior raped my arse. Technically I was being raped as I didn’t agree to sex with him and I was unable to prevent it being tied up and if he’d been ugly I may have viewed it as being raped but as he was not too bad looking I viewed it as kinky sexy. If I’d met him cruising I would have gone with him anyway. He probably viewed it as rape to start with getting a domineering thrill out of it. But my grunts and groans of hard fucked pleasure and the fact I wasn’t protesting probably changed his view as despite my young age I was very sexually experienced and knew how to take rough hard fucks and enjoy them. I was certainly enjoying the brutal fucking he was currently giving me. The fact I was tied up and helpless being harshly fucked by a rough stranger whose name I didn’t even know as five other strangers eagerly awaited their turn to party in my arse was a real turn on for my submissive nature. He certainly knew I wasn’t as sweet and innocent as I looked because kept squeezing and rippling my arse muscles around his big thick pounding cock. The guy fucked me good and hard for ages and I loved every second. His really thick long cock shaft stretched, sawed and stimulated my widely stretched sphincter making it burn with pleasure friction even if it did feel sore and swollen. The walls of my arse throbbed from being repeatedly punched open by his swollen knob which really whipped up PJ’s cum already up there. My balls ached with pent up cum from the brutal pounding my prostate was taking and my abs were sticky with my free flowing pre-cum. On top of the physical pleasure there was the visual pleasure of his rough rugged face with its expressions of dominance and sexual pleasure. Our age and size difference coupled with the fact he was a stranger with five other men watching was a turn on. Also the vigour of the fuck he was giving me had him dripping with sweat and his sweaty manly aroused aroma was like an aphrodisiac. He then launched in short but brutal fucking frenzy which caused occasional stabs of pain but that was far outweighed by intense hard fucked pleasure. He was fucking me like he was trying to break me but I endured it. Then he powerfully rammed his really thick 8 inch manly cock ball deep into my battered boy cunt which he roughly yanked onto his cock. He threw his head back and I felt his big hard cock swell, throb and pulse deep in me. Loud guttural groans started emanating from his mouth as he began powerfully spunking up in me. He was a huge spunker like me and powerfully pumped 10 big jets of man spunk into my sore but satisfied arse. It felt like a water cannon going off in me. Although he had taken me rather than me giving myself to him I had enjoyed the fuck and I flexed and squeezed my arse around his orgasming cock to fuel it and milk him dry. When his intense and copious orgasm ended he looked at me with a sly grin on his face that was flushed red from orgasm as was his upper chest and shoulders. From the look in his eyes he knew I wouldn’t be going to the police but I’d probably be coming back for more sex. He pulled his big thick cock from my battered cum splattered arse and despite it feeling sore it started missing his cock straight away. I almost thanked him for a great fuck but that would have broken the spell as I’m sure he fucked me as harshly as he did because he believed he was raping me at least to start with. If the other five guys thought the same way my arse was in for a long hard time and that turned me on. My arse didn’t remain empty for long as another guy approached me. He too was sexy in a rough rugged way. He had auburn hair and stubble beard. His face was pretty sexy in a rugged manly way and he had greenish eyes and his pink lips were turned up in a sly leer at the prospect of fucking a boy 6 years under age and still not legal even for straight sex. He had a fairly buff body that was nicely toned rather than body builder big. He either used the gym a few times a week or was involved in manual labour. He had big bulging defined biceps with a red, green, black and gold intricate Chinese style tattoo on his right bicep and deltoid. He had a sculpted chest with pale skin under a mat of brown copper tinted chest hairs. These same hairs covered his flat firm stomach that had a hint of a washboard. It seemed the lower down his body the hairs were the redder they became as his pubes were a dark copper colour. The hairs then started getting darker on his well toned sexy pale legs. His hair colouring and green eyes suggest some Irish in his linage. He had a sexy cock about 7.5 inches long pointing downwards and it had a slight curve to the left. He was circumcised with a pinkish knob mushroom knob on the end. It was a shame my hands were bound as I would have loved to have caressed and groped his toned hairy chest. He stood in front of me and took his cock in his right hand and lifted it to the horizontal. He then placed his left hand on my hard stomach and pulled my arse onto his cock. The increasing flare of his circumcised knob forced open my sore swollen sphincter which tingled with pleasure when the prominent ridge popped inside. That same ridge then forced open the throbbing walls of my highly receptive arse making my cock twitch and dribble pre-cum when it rubbed over my pulsing prostate. At the same time his averagely thick 7.5 inch cock shaft stretched and sawed against my sore swollen sphincter. “You’re right he is fucking tight.” He moaned to the first guy as he savoured having his hot steely hard 7.5 inch cock buried ball deep in a 15 year old boys arse. His sly leer melted into a knowing grin and he groaned with pleasure when I squeezed I arse muscles around his cock. He then griped my hips and began to vigorously bounce my arse on his hot hard manly cock. He stood stock still and used the swing of the sling to control the fuck and it worked a treat. Even though he wasn’t putting much effort into the fuck my arse still got a hard pounding. His prominent ridged circumcised knob would punch open the throbbing cum splattered walls of my arse and then scrape down them on the out thrust. My abs were already wet with pre- cum but more dribbled out of my throbbing cock each time his knob hit my prostate increasing the ache in my cum laden balls. His hot hard 7.5 inch cock stretched and stimulated my sore swollen sphincter which burned with pleasurable friction. My pert upturned buttocks began to tingle from being repeatedly slapped against his ginger pubed groin. Even though I hadn’t agreed to be fucked by him I was more than happy to let him fuck me as he was even sexier than the first guy. As he bounced my arse on his steely hard manly cock I admired his ruggedly handsome face with its expression of sexual pleasure with his pink lips turned up in a domineering leer. His eyes burned with sexual hunger as he looked down at the angelically cute blond haired blue eyed bound prone schoolboy he was fucking. My gaze also took in his tensed toned hairy chest and bulging flexing biceps. I also liked seeing his copper pubic bush appear and then disappear. I couldn’t help but moan and groan with hard fucked pleasure as I savoured the intense feeling radiation out from my arse and the feast my eyes were having. As he wasn’t putting much effort into the fuck by relying on gravity more he lasted even longer than the first guy really making my arse burn with hard fucked pleasure. The cum splattered walls of my arse throbbed pleasurably form being repeatedly punched open by his prominent ridged knob which scraped down them on the way out. My balls ached with pent up cum from the boxing my pulsing prostate was taking. My big hard cock twitched and throbbed for attention it wasn’t going to get. My sore swollen sphincter burned with pleasurable friction as his hot hard 7.5 inch cock shaft stretched and sawed against it. Then I saw his fit furry body started to tense up and I saw the battle against impending orgasm in his ruggedly handsome bearded face. He held out for a minute before his orgasm hit. He kept vigorously bouncing my hot wet cum splattered arse on his cock as he started powerfully spunking up in me. I felt all seven big powerful jets splatter against the highly sensitive walls of my battered boy cunt. He loudly grunted and groaned in sexual ecstasy and release as he orgasmed in me. I increased the flexing in my arse to prolong his orgasm and milk him dry which amplified his groans of pleasure. As he pulled his spent cock from my battered pleasurably sore cum filled arse I decided I’d definitely be back for more sex at Escort Giresun least with the first two guys. As he moved out of the way a third guy replaced him. The third guy was even sexier than the first two. He looked about 32 with dark brown hair that was buzz cut at the back and sides and slightly longer on top. He had a pale sexy flawless face that had a cute quality counter balance by ruggedness due to his dark brown trimmed short beard. He had dreamy brown eyes and lush pink lips that begged to be kissed. His body was also fitter than the first two being more buff and defined. His shapely shoulders led to pale defined deltoids and big biceps that bulged even at rest. His forearms were toned and dusted in dark brown hairs. His chest was to die for being big bulging and well defined. It was milky white with a light covering of dark brown chest hairs and studded with pointy pink nipples. It was a chest built for clinging onto whilst being fucked hard but that would have to wait for another time as my hands were bound. He had hot washboard abs that had a light dusting of dark brown hairs that led to a dense wide but trimmed short bush of dark brown pubes. He had a hot battering ram of a cock to. It was way thick than the first two guys and was a good 8 inches long. It was as pale as the rest of him with a nicely veined shaft. He was uncut with only the tip of his pinky pale knob peeking out from his pale foreskin. He had very sexy muscular pale legs that were covered in dark brown hairs. I might have been fucked against my will but so far I’d more than happy with the first three guys. Whereas the first two guys had domineering leers on their faces this guy had one of love and lust. Indeed I would have more sex with him than the others but society and our age difference meant it could be nothing more than loving sex rather than boyfriends. I moaned with pleasure when his swollen knob popped inside my arse. I felt his knob force open the sore swollen lips of my arse which in turn pushed back his foreskin. His knob then forced open the sore throbbing walls of my cum filled arse as his really thick veiny cock shaft stretched and sawed against my sphincter. Then he had all of his really thick 8 inch cock buried ball deep in my battered boy cunt. I loved feeling its heat, steely hardness, meaty girth and impressive length throbbing inside my arse. “Oh fuck.” He groaned as I tightly clamped my arse muscles around his big hot hard cock. He then started to fuck me nice and hard but not as brutally as the first too. Despite being a bit more gentle than the first two he still set my arse on fire with pleasure. The meaty girth of his veiny cock stretched my sore sphincter to the max making it burn with pleasurable friction. His swollen knob repeatedly punched open the pleasurably sore walls of my arse and made the three loads of cum up there bubble around his knob. My pert buttocks tingled from being repeatedly spanked by his pubed groin. As he fucked me I admired his really sexy handsome face with its expression of sexual pleasure and his very fit furry body. I loved watching his pale furry washboard abs ripple as he fucked me and I almost asked to be untied so I could grope his buff chest but was getting really turned on by this rape scenario. Rape is wrong but this wasn’t full on rape as they already knew I was gay and at no pointy did I scream out or demand they stop. Being a tied up and helpless budding schoolboy being used as a sex doll by 6 full grown men pandered to my submissive nature. Having a cock as big as I have you would have thought I was top only material and although I love fucking I like taking it up the arse more. Besides if I was a top even being 15 years old I wouldn’t have been able to fuck six men in a row but I could easily take six. This fucking sexy buff guy had even more staying power than the first two. He really made my arse fell exquisitely good. Despite being sore and swollen my widely stretched sphincter was tingling with pleasure like mad. The walls of my battered arse throbbed with hard fucked pleasure and my prostate pulsed from the boxing he was giving it. Then the warning tingle hit my untouched cock. Being fucked by a 19 year old chav lad followed by two men and now a third was too much pleasure to take. Being positioned in a sling meant that every cock rammed up my hungry tight little young arse boxed my prostate increasing the pressure in my balls that were highly productive even for a teenager. On top of the physical pleasure there was the pungent musky sweaty manly aroused aroma mingling with man on boy gay sex that was the best aphrodisiac. Besides just looking at his dam sexy face and fit furry body was enough to make even the Pope cum. When the warning tingle reached its intensity I open my mouth to cry out fuck as the first jet powerfully exploded out of my untouched cock. My aerosol can thick 8 inch cock gave an almighty twitch which slingshot a huge rope of gloppy teen cum through the air with the main dollop hitting my forehead and the tail dripping into my mouth. The main bolts of the next two jets scored a direct hit into my open mouth making my taste buds tingle with the all too familiar taste of my teen boy cum as their tails dripped onto my chin. The next seven thick and copious bolts of cum splattered my deep tanned sports toned body in decreasing distance with the last one dribbling out. My cum had been so thick and copious it was almost painful to pass. But despite that my lithe young body was alive with intense orgasmic pleasure that heightened the hard fuck pleasure in my arse. The guys watching passed comments on my performance and the look of love in the face of the sexy guy fucking me intensified. Seeing a really cute innocent looking 15 year old blond haired blue eyed boy cum from just being fucked by him coupled with my arse orgasmically spasming around his really thick 8 inch manly cock pushed him over the edge. Not missing a beat in his nice hard fuck he began spunking up in me. He started loudly moaning and groaning in sexual ecstasy and release as he bred my boy cunt like I was a bitch. A look of orgasmic bliss spread over his sexy ruggedly handsome face as he came inside me. Even though my orgasm had ended and I was still on an orgasmic high my arse switched to autopilot and began flexing and squeezing around his thrusting really thick ejaculating manly cock to milk him dry. I felt him powerful squirt 8 big jets of cum into my arse adding to the three loads already up there. When his orgasm ended he pulled his spent cock from my sore, throbbing, battered but happy arse which began to miss his cock straight away. Then he lent forward and licked and sucked up my teen boy cum from my forehead and then my chin before giving me a loving kiss which I eagerly repaid. He then licked and sucked my cum off my Tom Daley tanned and toned body. He gave me a passionate look and licked his lips before moving out of the way for the next guy. The fourth guy was a really sexy fit black guy about 30 years old. His black curly hair was braided into rows that went from front to back and came down to the back of his neck. He had a sexy handsome dark brown face with a black goatee beard and moustache around full pouty pinky brown lips. He had eyes that were so brown they were almost black with a silver bar piercing through his right eyebrow and a diamond star earring through his left ear. He had a fit toned dark brown body that begged to be explored by fingers and tongue. He was lean, toned and well sculpted rather than muscular with well defined deltoids, sculpted biceps and toned forearms. His dark brown chest was sculpted rather than bulging and had a light covering of black hairs with small pointy really dark brown nipples. His washboard abs also had a light dusting of black hairs that led to a small almost nonexistent patch of black pubes. His cock looked mouth wateringly delicious and an arse destroyer. It was at least 9.5 inches long and really thick. Despite its impressive length and meaty girth it pointed upwards with a slight banana curve. The shaft was aerosol can thick and nicely veined. He was uncut but the dark brown foreskin had peeled back to expose a swollen pinky brown knob that was glistening with pre-cum. He had nice sized balls in a tight hairless dark brown sack. He had sexy well toned naturally hairless legs. As he approached me he had a domineering leer on his face that let me know he was going to use his big black cock on me whether I wanted it or not. What he didn’t know that despite my tender age I’d already been fucked by cocks bigger than his so I could easily take whatever he was going to give me. Indeed there was only the mildest stab of pain when he brutally rammed his really thick 9.5 inch cock ball deep into my hot wet throbbing cum filled arse. I groaned with pleasure when he penetrated me and a slightly disappointed expression briefly flashed across his face as he was expecting to cause me pain. That thought was further dismissed when I tightly clamped my arse on his big hot hard throbbing cock and gave him a slutty look at odds with my cute innocent boy next door looks. Realising he had a young but experienced slut on his hands he launched into a rough hard brutal fuck. To be honest if I had been the unwilling rape victim he thought I was he would probably have fucked me just as hard. His sexy handsome face maintained its domineering leer and his eyes burned with sexual hunger as he brutally fucked me. His grunts and groans of physical exertion mingled with my moans of hard fucked pleasure. His really thick long veiny cock shaft stretched my sore swollen sphincter to the max as it sawed in and out making it glow with pleasurable friction. His swollen knob repeatedly punched open the sore throbbing walls of my battered young arse and boxed my prostate that made my cock, that hadn’t lost its hardness after my orgasm, throb and dribble pre-cum. As he fucked me I felt the four loads of cum up my arse bubble around his cock head as he brutally slammed it in and out. He was fucking me so hard within minutes his lean toned dark brown body started glistening with sweat and I wished I was free to lick it. Although I’d been conned into the sex I was more than happy to let this black guy fuck me. The black guy brutally fucked me for ages making my sore arse burn with well fucked pleasure. My arse is very sensitive so derives a great deal of pleasure from being fucked by an average sized cock but taking a big cock is a whole different level of pleasure. His cock was the first of the four I’d just taken to box the entrance to my colon which was slightly painful to start with but now felt so good. Despite the brutal fuck he found some reserves from somewhere and started fucking me even faster and harder as he slipped into a pre-orgasm fucking frenzy. His increased moans and groans of physical exertion where matched with my increase moans of hard fucked pleasure. He was fucking me so fast and hard my arse was at risk of spontaneously combusting. Then he brutally slammed his really thick black cock ball deep into my battered boy cunt. His knob slammed into the entrance of my colon where it swelled even more as the first jet of cum powerfully exploded into my bowels. He kept his thick 9.5 inch black cock buried ball deep in my slutty white boy arse as he pumped 10 big jets of cum deeper into me than the four who had already fucked me. With each powerful ejaculation he loudly cried out in sexual ecstasy and release as I purred with the pleasure of being bred by a black guy twice my age. The domineering leer on his sexy handsome face melted into one of orgasmic ecstasy as I rippled my arse around his ejaculating cock to fuel his orgasm and milk him dry. When his intense and copious orgasm ended he roughly yanked his big black spent cock from my arse. A shiver of pleasure ran through me and my sore swollen sphincter tingled when his plum knob popped out of my arse leaving it feeling empty despite the five loads of cum up it. As this is getting a bit long part two will follow shortly. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it.

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