Snow White, Dorothy and a Brown Devil Pt. 01

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We’ve been married four years now and love each other dearly. We first met when we worked in the same department store; Amber worked in the cosmetics department and I was head of the Finance department. Following a whirlwind courtship we got married; much to the surprise of most people who know us. Amber is 29 and my junior by 8 years; very pretty, big boobs (34DD), long legs and a flirt/extrovert/Show off while I’m a stereotypical computer geek; thin, balding and wear glasses. I go to the gym and I’m not too bad looking; but Amber was certainly a step out of my normal league.

Even before we got married it was evident that she had a much higher sexual appetite than I had; partly due to my small penis, but we’ve got around it with plenty of sex toys and my excellent oral skills.

I heard whispers about her being a gold-digger; which may have been true but I didn’t care because she’s beautiful, sexy and great fun. She certainly enjoyed sex and taught me a thing or two! But as the years went by my libido dipped and I found myself ‘turning a blind eye’ to her coming home late, slightly dishevelled on Friday or Saturday nights after going dancing with her friends. Some nights her breath was a bit whiffy and at least twice I was aware of her actually came home knickerless; but she always came home.

On the nights she was out I would spend my time on porn sites; sniffing her work knickers and bras, wanking myself crazy; fantasising about what she was getting up to. On mornings after I thought she’d been fucked I would be so turned on I would play with her pussy; fingering her so I could feel another man’s cum in her hot hole. One morning she was so wet I couldn’t stop myself sliding down the bed and parting her legs. Embarrassed she tried to push me away; but I was determined and pulled her legs apart; to see her pubes were still matted with cum and her pussy stunk of sex. I immediately buried my face in her slit and licked and sucked her clit until she came twice; covering my face with her sticky fluids. We never spoke about it; but it became a regular occurrence over the years; with me adding my own meagre amount after her orgasms.

Sad, I know, but that’s how I was or still am.

Three years ago I changed jobs; leaving for a Directors post at a rival company; but Amber stayed where she was because she loved her job and her friends.

About a year ago she got a new manager; Yasir – Yash to his friends, a very dapper tall, handsome and muscular Pakistani who was as camp as a row of tents. He and Amber became great friends immediately; ankara escort lunching together at first then she began going clubbing with him and his friends every other Friday or Saturday night; and her regular friends on the alternate weeks.

I got to meet him a couple of times and he was charm personified; a real bubbly character and hard to dislike.

We now come up to date; as last Friday was Ambers Company Christmas Party. Just like in my days there it was a fancy dress event; held at a City Centre hotel; with no expense spared.

Amber had bought a very professional looking Snow White outfit that gave me a hard-on when she modelled it for me on the Saturday night. It clung to her body and emphasised her boobs; especially the cleavage and she intended wearing a pair of white seamed stockings and frilly white knickers to complete the look.

Then; over dinner on Tuesday she told me that a friend of mine, the new Head of the finance department had dropped out because his mother was ill; and they both thought it a good idea if I took his place. I was puzzled; but the joke was on me as David had intended going as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and his assistants were going as other characters.

I laughingly refused at first; but after Amber pouted and produced the costume from a sports bag; I knew I had no way out. After dinner and a second large glass of wine I relented and tried the costume on. While David and I are roughly the same physique, he is a rugby player with a manly beard; whereas I have a ‘soft, almost pretty’ appearance. Dave would have looked ironic; but when I checked myself in the mirror; I looked like I was born to wear such a dress and wig. As I was admiring myself I spotted my wife grinning in the doorways.

“You look cute.” She smiled and wolf-whistled. “I’ve got an idea.” Stunned I just watched as she rummaged in her bedside cabinet.

“Ta da!” She chuckled as she produced a pair of white thigh high stockings. “Put these on and see what you look like.”

“I don’t think so.” I grimaced.

“Oh, puuurleeease.” She pouted as she dangled them in front of me, “and some proper knickers too.”

The next I knew was she had wrestled me onto the bed and was pulling my jockey shorts down.

“Oooh!” She laughed as my cock sprang into view, “What have we got here?”

“I, I, I…look, this is getting out of hand.” I argued but Amber was already pulling a pair of her silky French knickers up my legs.

“Now these.” She grinned as she handed me the stockings. I meekly complied; and as I pulled ankara escort bayan the second stocking up I was painfully aware that my erection wasn’t going down.

“Stand up and give me a twirl.” Amber mocked me.

In a daze I did what I was told; and as I spun around I was aware the dress was lifting showing the stocking tops; something I loved when Amber did it; but now it was me; and I was a man.

“I think you are enjoying wearing that dress and stockings a little too much.” Amber chuckled as she grabbed my cock through her knickers. “Get on the bed big boy.”

She lifted her skirt and pushed me backwards, before straddling my chest and bending forward to rub her face over my throbbing dick inside the knickers. I responded by kissing her thighs through her nylon tights until I reached her crotch which was red hot. We spent the next few minutes in a delightful 69 position, with my wife alternating sucking my cock and gently stroking it until she knew I couldn’t last much longer and then she furiously wanked it until I shot a big wad of spunk onto her blouse. It was much more than we were used to and I hadn’t experienced an orgasm like it in years.

“Rip my tights.” Amber grunted as she licked my wilting dick; “tear them open and lick my cunt!”

We had always talked a bit dirty in the bedroom but that wasn’t a word either of us had ever used before. “Do it bitch; lick my cunt!”

My heart nearly exploded as I dug my fingers into the nylon and eventually ripped a hole big enough to get my face into and begin lapping at her soaking pussy through her red panties.

“Fingers,” She grunted as she raised her weight onto her hands; “use your fucking fingers bitch.”

I obeyed and easily slid two fingers into her hole as I ran my tongue from her clit along her labia to her arse hole.

“Yessss.” She hissed as my tongue circled her sweaty arse hole; “more…more…more!”

For the first ever time I poked the tip of my tongue against her puckered rim; only to find it parted a bit too easily and the tip slid in half an inch or so.”

“Oh fuck yes!” My wife gasped as I curled my fingers deep inside her quim and poked my tongue in and out of her arse. “Fucking faster bitch; fucking faster!” With my legs already wide apart Amber was stroked her fingers across my anus through the silk knickers; making me tingle in places I shouldn’t tingle.

I licked and fingered her as fast and hard as I could; making her buck backwards and forwards until she began gurgling as she neared an orgasm.

My shoulders escort ankara and wrists were aching but I persevered; and on a whim replaced my tongue with my thumb which made her squeal with delight; and took her over the edge; giving her the best orgasm that I could remember giving her.

Amber then slumped into a heap next to me still stroking my dick, which was mysteriously hard again.

“Fuck me.” Amber grunted at me, “fuck my fucking cunt.”

“Dressed like this?” I queried.

“It’s being dressed like that which has given you this; hasn’t it?” Amber laughed in my face, as she shook my 4 inches from side to side.

Without another word I knelt between her legs and ripped her tights even wider open; then pulled her gusset to one side and slid my dick into her sopping ‘cunt’.

As I fucked her as fast as I could she wrapped her legs around my waist and and began stroking my nylon covered thighs.

“Oh fuck Dorothy.” She panted with her eyes tightly closed; “Fill my cunt with your hard cock…yes…yes,…yes.”

That was it; I spurted another load of spunk into her hot pussy; then flopped on top of her.

We lay like that for a few seconds then I rolled off and muttered; “I should get changed and cleaned.”

My face was bright red when I looked in the bathroom mirror and my wig was a bit skew whiff, but I permitted myself a naughty smile.

I carefully took the costume off and washed myself before returning to the bedroom where my wife was lying with her legs spread wide open exposing her neatly trimmed pussy through her torn tights. She had pulled her knickers to one side and was slowly fucking herself with a big black vibrating dildo.

My eyes were on stalks as I watched her make all eight inches of plastic disappear inside her recently fucked vagina. She had quite a collection of toys; that we occasionally used together and she used when I was away from home; but this was new; she had never openly masturbated in front of me before.

Ambers eyes were tightly closed as she fucked herself and squeezed her tits; even tightly nipping her erect nipples making herself wince. As much as I tried I couldn’t get another hard on; but the scenario in front of me would certainly help fill a few lonely nights in the future.

After 5 or six minutes of this show; Amber looked up. “I can’t cum…you do it.” I lay beside her and took over; licking her throbbing clit as I pumped the black plastic cock as deep and as hard as possible; making her moan and groan until she eventually tightened up and had a third less impressive orgasm in less than an hour.

Without a word she got up from the bed in her ripped tights and sashayed to the bathroom.

I got dressed and half an hour later we were watching TV as if nothing had happened; yet my mind was racing.


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