Sociopath in the City

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Unusual interests. I think we’ve all got them. Well, at least one anyway. My name is Jason Amarillo. I am a young man living in Boston while attending Emerson College. These days, I am studying Criminal Justice while preparing for a career in law enforcement. It’s my passion. I come from a long line of police officers. My father, James Amarillo is a police officer in Plymouth, our hometown. My mother, Elise Johnson Amarillo worked as a cop for many years before retiring from the force and beginning a career as a college professor.

My older brother Jonathan Amarillo is currently a member of the Massachusetts State Police. It’s his dream job. Yeah, a long line of cops in the Amarillo family. My entire family is made up of police officers. Sometimes, it makes me want to puke. Especially when you consider my special interest. I’ve been called many things in this life. The good son. The dutiful youth. The nice guy. Yeah, all sorts of descriptions. The fact that I’m good-looking also helps. At six-foot-two and 230 pounds, with dark brown skin and pale bronze eyes, I am fine specimen of African-American masculinity. The ladies can’t help but notice a stud like myself.

Life was pretty smooth for me. These were the golden days. I could do just about anything and no one would ever suspect me. Why? Simply because I not only had the face of an angel and the body of an Adonis, I had the personality of a Saint. Yeah, it was smooth sailing. Yet, recently has someone discovered that which truly defines me. You see, I’ve got a secret. My secret is that I can do anything at all without feeling the slightest bit of remorse. Scientists call me and others like me sociopaths. I call myself a Free Spirit. What else would you call someone unburdened by the loads everyone else volunteers to carry?

Why walk around carrying huge bags of guilt? They weigh you down. Life is too short to bother with such things. At least, that’s how I feel. It’s not something which I go around telling people. I think it might arise suspicion. Let’s just say ankara escort that if most people were like me, they’d find life to be far more interesting and fulfilling. I lead a life like no other. I attend a pretty decent school on an academic scholarship. I am always at the top of the Dean’s List. I am involved in various civic activities, such as the NAACP. Yeah, I do quite well for myself. I am also Vice President of Security for a downtown law firm. I make quite a bundle, for doing basically nothing. Life is good. Yeah, I think most people would be envious of me. Well, my powers come with a certain burden. You see, I need to engage in risky, even morally objectionable behavior on a massive scale. It cannot be fixed, and I have no other way to deal with my urges. To that end, I shall tell you about my nocturnal adventures.

I walked into a bar, and checked out the scene. It was one of the nicer bars in town. There were quite a few men and women inside. They looked at me. I ignored them. Most of them were mundane. Completely boring. None of them aroused my interest. That is, until she walked in. by she, I meant the curvy, alabaster-skinned young woman who walked in, sporting tattoos and a recently shaved head. I stared at her. Seized her up. yeah, as I figured. A total fake. My favorite kind of prey.

I glanced at her, smiled and went back to drinking my beer. I didn’t have to wait long before she came over and introduced herself. Good-looking men like myself seldom looked at the likes of her. Some women mystify you. Others, they’re exactly what they seem. This gal reeked of a trashy, low-class background. I learned that her name was Claire, and that she came from the American West. This was her first month in the city. One of the college broads. I smiled, and encouraged her to talk, feigning interest. Claire seemed to buy it hook line and sinker. Indeed, by the time half an hour had gone by, I knew way too much about her.

Claire was new to the city. She had no family. Her parents were dead and she ankara escort bayan used her life savings to afford a college education. Also, she was a sex freak whose passions included mud wrestling and kinky sex. We left the bar together, and went to a motel. Once there, we kissed and later undressed. Claire was especially eager, and told me, between dirty words, that it had been a while for her. You don’t say? Claire told me that she liked it rough, which didn’t surprise me, and in fact, made things a lot easier. I licked her breasts and fingered her pussy. Claire looked at me as I pleasured her. Most gals I’ve been with like to close their eyes during oral sex. At least when they’re receiving it. She was different.

I dipped two fingers into her twat and slid a third into her anus. I fucked her with my fingers. Claire’s chubby body shook as she experienced extreme pleasure. I made her cum, and her screams of pleasure filled the motel room.

Later, we got into it hardcore. Man, could this chick scream! I had her on all fours, and I began fucking her from behind. She pushed back against me, and begged me to fuck her harder, which I did. Man, this chick was seriously freaky! We took this little fun session to the shower. There, she sucked my cock and licked my balls like they were made out of sugar, then drank my seed when I came. We went totally crazy, and went back to the bedroom, our bodies covered with sweat and water from the shower. I had fucked her from behind several times that night and was wondering if she’d take it up the ass. Only one way to find out.

I pressed my cock between her plump butt cheeks, inching toward her anus. Claire stiffened, but did not move. I nibbled on her ear and slowly pushed my cock into her asshole. Claire didn’t protest and I pushed until I felt the warmth and tightness of her ass all around my cock. I held her by the hips and thrust into her. A gasp escaped her lips. I smiled and pumped my cock into her butt hole. For some reason, I’ve always loved the idea escort ankara of sodomizing a plump woman. My cock would get hard whenever a large woman walked by and I thought of sliding my pole deep up her poop chute. Finally, I got to indulge my fantasy. I buried my cock in Claire’s ass, loving the warmth of her tight hole.

Claire shuddered as I pumped my cock into her butt hole. At first, I thought she was uncomfortable, but she was pushing back against me, grinding her plump ass around my member. Apparently, she was loving it and craved more! With my hands on her hips, I thrust as deeply as I could go, which was pretty deep. Claire groaned, and a scream escaped her lips. A loud, passionate scream. I fucked her, hard, giving her ass a serious pounding. The harder I fucked her, the more she screamed and the more turned on I became. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and came, filling her ass with my seed.

Claire and I lay on the floor, panting. You might think at this point that our sexual encounter was over. It was far from over. This girl was something else. She still had some ideas for making this night even kinkier than it already was. We went back to the shower and soaped ourselves up, then we wrestled on the carpeted floor of the motel room. Yeah, it was a lot of fun. I pinned her, in spite of our differences in size. We fucked and sucked the night away, wrestling be damned. This big woman was at least thirty pounds heavier than me but she lacked speed and stamina. I won because I had muscular strength, flexibility and knowledge of wrestling techniques from my high school days. It was a lot of fun for both of us, though.

We left the motel. I went home, whistling. Yeah, I totally like the way I spend my nights. I need thrills, folks. You won’t believe the things I’ve done. Picking up fights in bars, arm-wrestling against both men and women (so far, I’m undefeated) and also drinking heavy-duty alcohol. I also have a habit of speeding on the highway, especially when I’ve got a state trooper on my trail. My father has reprimanded me for this conduct. He doesn’t understand. I can’t turn it off. I am pathologically competitive. I can’t change. I am what I am. A remorseless thrill-seeker. Maybe it’s going to lead me to an early grave, but it’s going to be a fun ride!

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