Something Unexpected Ch. 03

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After a wonderful Friday and Saturday with her girlfriends, Angel was reenergized and ready for the upcoming week. Her mood and spirits were high until Sunday when she said goodbye to Camilla and Elise after a tense and awkward brunch.

During brunch there was obvious tension between Camilla and Elise. All throughout brunch Camilla and Elise would barely say one word to each other.

At one time there hands even touched and Camilla practically jumped out of her skin. Angel knew that something had happened between the two of them and she was determined to get down to the bottom of it sometime this week.

The beginning of Angel’s week was jam packed. On Monday she started her day at 6am and it didn’t end until around 7pm. Her day was full of classes, labs, meetings with advisors and meetings to set up study groups.

She was exhausted by the time she left out of her chemistry lab at 7pm but she was also starving. She decided to get a quick bite to eat at one of the restaurants in the student center.

“You look worn out.” Javon said standing behind Angel in line.

“I am.” She said with a huff and a sigh, “But what have you been up too? You didn’t text me all weekend.” Angel said giving him a mock angry face.

“I knew the girls were coming and didn’t want to intrude on your girl time.” He said doing air quotes and making a face when he said girl time. “Besides, me and my roommates took a trip to Maryland this weekend to check out this new casino.”

Angel and Javon both ordered some pizza and decided to sit in the common area and eat.

“So how was your girl’s weekend?” Javon asked over a mouthful of cheese and parmesan pizza.

“It was wonderful we went out, we ate, we reminisced. We really need to start carving out girl’s time at least once every two months.” Angel replied smiling.

“Anything eventful happen?” Javon inquired while raising a brow.

Angel’s mind immediately went to her encounter with Michelle. She was still reeling over how a girl had been able to make her body sing like Michelle had.

When Michelle artfully caressed and licked her body, it awakened a fire deep inside Angel. She brought out a side of Angel that had been dormant and buried inside her for a long time.

If Angel were honest with herself, she would admit that she wanted to see Michelle again and finish what they started in the tent.

So caught up in thinking of Michelle, Angel didn’t notice Javon’s chuckling at her changing facial expressions.

“Looks like someone got laid,” he said taking a sip of his drink. “So Dre finally got the cookie huh?”

Snapping out of her reverie, Angel replied “That’s not it at all. I actually broke up with him this weekend.”

“Good!” Javon said taking a bite of his pizza.

“What do you mean good?” Angel asked cutting off a slice of her own.

“I know you girl’s think he is a good catch and all, but Dre is a dog. He was a dog before you came to Jordana and probably is still one. I told you I didn’t trust him.” Javon said taking another bite.

Angel shrugged at this and said, “Let’s not talk about my love life, let’s talk about yours.”

“I actually wanted to talk to you about that. I’ve been thinking long and hard about what you said to me and I think I’m ready to get serious with someone. I even called my mom and talked to her about it, which was a bad idea, but she helped me put some things in perspective.” Javon began.

“Like…” Angel encouraged.

“Like when I start my residency and when I’m in medical school it’s going to be hard for me to date, let alone find someone who is on the same page who I can build a relationship with. She said that if I have a good girl right before my eyes I should pursue it now before I become a flashy bachelor who is still single and childless in his early forties.” Javon finished.

“So this means.” Angel said smiling and getting excited. She wanted to jump up and down and clap her hands together in glee but she knew that Javon would not approve.

“That I’m ready to be in a committed relationship…with Madeline.” Javon said.

“Oh my god I’m so excited.” Angel said jumping up and down and then coming over to hug Javon.

“Woa now. Don’t go planning the wedding just yet. I still need to get back in her good graces.” Javon said while Angel sat back in her seat.

“Don’t worry about that Javon, I have the perfect solution to win her over. This is what you should do…” Angel said lowering her voice.

After an hour of planning with Javon, Angel dragged herself back to her apartment. She went right to the shower and from there the bed.


The next morning, Angel groaned at her alarm clock. It was 8:00am and she had to get ready in order to make it to her 9:00am biology class on time.

After eating her breakfast and getting dressed, Angel marched off to class. She was relaxing and enjoying the music on her mp3 player when a figure appeared before her. It was the girl from her biology lab.

The girl saw a friend of hers and sat next to her in the row in front of altyazılı porno Angel. Angel noticed that the girl had a lot of similarities to Elise’s friend Michelle. “Could they really be one in the same?” Angel thought.

“Hmm, maybe I was dreaming about this girl and not Michelle. I mean I didn’t even know Michelle so it must have been this girl right? But what would make me think about this girl?” Angel reflected.

Angel began looking the girl over to see just what it was about her that may have had her daydreaming about her and feeling this ever growing connection.

“She does have a nice little body on her. Her breasts look like perfect little handfuls too and her ass, mmm that is nice. I wonder how it would feel to grip her hair as she licks…”Angel thought but then abruptly cut off.

“Woa.” Angel said shaking her head and catching herself. I thought I would never have these feelings for a woman again. I thought I had buried them so long ago. Hmm I need to watch myself with this girl or I’ll end up turning into a total lesbian.

Angel looked away from the girl and continued listening to her mp3 player. 5 minutes later the professor started the class.


After an hour and twenty minutes of learning about invertebrates, Angel was beyond ready to leave the class.

She looked down and began putting her things in her back pack. She put on her jacket and began trying to find a song to listen to on her mp3 player. Still looking down she left the aisle to head for the door and bumped into someone on the way there.

“I’m sorry,” she said finally looking up.

“It’s ok,” The girl she was looking at earlier said with a chuckle.

This was the first time that Angel could get a clear full face to face view of the girl. The night on the bench was dark, but now they were in a classroom with bright lights so Angel could look her fill.

“She is just as cute as I thought and she has a light voice,” Angel thought. “Hmm, she is very similar to Michelle.”

“I’m Angel,” Angel said to the girl extending her hand so she could shake it.

“I’m uh,” Michelle began and then paused.

“Shit, shit”, Michelle thought, “I can’t tell her my name yet, then she will know it was me from the club and avoid me.”

“Erin.” Michelle said shaking Angel’s hand.

“Hmm.” Angel thought. “I guess she isn’t the girl then. Maybe Michelle is her sister?”

“We’ll it’s nice to meet you uh, Erin. Do you have any sisters that go here as well? You really look like someone else that I know.” Angel said with a chuckle as she began walking with Michelle out the door.

“No I don’t…” Michelle said nervously.

“You know, I think we have biology lab together as well.” Angel said to Michelle.

“Yea, I think we do.” Michelle replied as she and Angel reached the cross walk.

“Angel, Angel!!” Angel’s two friends Stephanie and Tabitha yelled from across the street gesturing for her to come over.

“Well I have to go this way,” Angel said pointing her head toward her friends.

“And I have to go that way,” Erin said her Puerto rican accent coming out a little.

“I’ll see you in class,” Angel said crossing the street. “It was nice meeting you Erin.”

“Nice meeting you too,” Michelle said walking to the left.

“Omg Angel, I haven’t seen you since last semester….”Stephanie said as Angel distractedly looked back for Michelle.


After catching up with Stephanie and Tabitha over coffee and a trip back to her apartment. Angel was on her way to her biology lecture. She was looking forward to it because today they were dissecting a starfish.

She signed in on the sign in sheet and went over to her groups table and started taking out her lab manual and goggles. Michelle came in about 5 minutes later and she said hi as she put on gloves for the lab.

There were four groups of six people and one starfish per group. Since there was only one starfish, two members from each group handled the dissection.

Angel and Michelle were chosen to dissect the starfish. As Michelle stood by ready with pins, Angel opened the starfish. The lab assistant came around making sure that everyone looked at particular items on the starfish, like the gonads, the madreporite plate and the pyloric cacea.

After everyone in the group had seen and photographed the list of organs, the lab assistant gave the groups ten minutes to take a break and clean up before she began her lecture.

As Angel and Michelle were cleaning up at the sink, Angel reached down and over Michelle trying to reach the soap for her hands. At the same moment, Michelle was reaching forward to put the dissection bin in the sink. The two girls nearly collided.

“I’m sorry,” Angel said looking up before pausing. Michelle’s face was extremely close to hers. She wanted to try and pull away but somehow couldn’t. There was dead silence in the room, the only thing the girls could hear were each other breathing.

“What the fuck is it with this girl? How do we keep ending up like this?” Angel thought. zenci porno “I barely know her and yet every time I’m around her my pulse starts racing.”

“Don’t be,” Michelle said breathlessly while looking at her lips. Michelle’s hair had formed a halo around the girls and shielded them from the view of anyone still in the classroom.

The sexual tension between the girls was electric. Angel could feel herself getting wetter and a small moan escaped her lips.

“She wants this. She isn’t she pulling away because she wants this. Just like that night at the club.” Michelle thought. “I should just kiss her and see if she…”

“Hey, Angel, can I look at the diagram you drew of the starfish? I think I missed some of the organs.” Tiffany another one of the girls’ group members asked.

“Um, yea Tiffany,” Angel said snapping out of her reverie and pulling away from Michelle. “Just let me finish washing my hands first.” Angel said turning her head and her body away from Michelle.

“Fuck!” Michelle thought as Angel left to show Tiffany the diagram and she began washing the dissection bin.

The rest of class went on without a hitch but the sexual tension between the girls was palpable. Every now and again they would each steal glances at each other and look away before the other noticed.

By the end of lab, Angel was even more confused about her feelings regarding girls, especially her feelings about Michelle. When the lab assistant called a close to lecture, Angel gathered her things quickly and tried to leave. Michele caught her right before she exited the building.

“Hey Angel, wait up.” Michelle said jogging up to where Angel was at the door. “I was wondering if you wanted to form a study group with me because we have a quiz coming up.”

“Fuck, I completely missed that,” Angel thought.

“That would be nice. I’m not the best at biology I’m a total chem nerd.” Angel said playing it cool.

Although she said that aloud, internally she thought, “And spending more time with you would help me sort out why I’m having this strong reaction to you.”

“Well, I’m a biology major so I can help you there. I used to be a chemistry major when I first came here but studying enzymes and DNA is my passion.” Michelle said.

“Hmm…” Angel thought, “Another thing she has in common with Michelle.”

“So how about I give you my number and you can text me when you are free to study. Sound good?” Angel asked.

“Sounds perfect. Maybe we can make it our thing to study on Monday nights since we have will be having quizzes every Tuesday?” Michelle questioned.

“Sounds good to me here is my number,” Angel said reaching for Michelle’s phone and putting it in.

“Well I will see you around Erin.” Angel said over her shoulder as she walked away.

“Definitely!” Michelle said aloud. Under her breath she said, “If I have my way you will be seeing a lot more of me.”

Michelle turned and began walking back to her dorm room. As a sophomore, she didn’t live off campus like Angel did as an upperclassman. She decided to talk to Elise on her walk back.

“Come on pick up, pick up.” Michelle said impatiently as the phone rang.

“Hello?” Elise asked.

“Hey, Elise this is Michelle.” Michelle said.

“Hey Michelle, What’s up?” Elise asked.

“I need some advice.” Michelle began.

“Let me guess, you want me to help you with Angel. Ah and so it begins!!” Elise said dramatically and with a chuckle.

“You know her better than anyone and I need some advice. I think she is interested in me, but I can’t really tell.” Michelle said.

“Let me ask you something first, did something happen between you two at the club?” Elise asked.

“I can’t answer that, but what I can tell you is we that we almost shared a kiss today and that she doesn’t know who I am.” Michelle answered.

“Wait, what? I’m confused. How does she not know who you are and you two almost shared a kiss.” Elise asked.

“We have biology lab and lecture together and we almost kissed in our lab today. We almost kissed before this too.” Michelle said.

“Wow.” Elise exclaimed.

“I know…She doesn’t know who I am because I introduced myself as Erin, not Michelle.” Michelle replied.

“Ah, so you gave her you middle name instead then. You may have gotten yourself into a pickle my friend. I wouldn’t let her go on too long without knowing who you are. Angel’s number one must have in all her relationships’ is honesty.” Elise advised.

“I know it was wrong to lie to her.” Michelle said with a sigh. “It’s just that I don’t want her knowing who I am just yet…So tell me what kinds of things she likes.”

“Before I tell you anything, you tell me something. What are your intentions with her?” Elise asked.

“To pursue her, you know, get to know her.” Michelle said.

“Just pursue her?” Elise questioned

“Ok, Ok. I think I want to be with her. From the little that I know about her she seems like a great catch. You know I’m not the type to hoe around Elise.” aldatma porno Michelle replied.

“I know but I had to ask.” Elise said.

“I mean she’s so intelligent and beautiful.” Michelle said heavily accented as she began to daydream.

“You sound like a love sick teenager. I’m glad you like Angel I really am, but I think you are forgetting one key thing.” Elise said breaking Michelle out of her daydream.

“What’s that?” Michelle said mentally going over everything she knew about Angel to see if she missed anything.

“She’s straight!” Elise said bluntly.

“Angel is not as straight as you think she is Elise.” Michelle countered aloud.

Inside she thought, “A straight girl would not have done those things that Angel did with me, would she?”

“Regardless of what she did with you Michelle you have to know that Angel has lived all her life as a heterosexual woman. No matter what bi or gay tendencies she has, making her commit to you in a relationship will not be an easy task. Sure she can have sex with you or flirt. Hell if you get me drunk enough I would have sex with Vin Diesel, but marrying him or being with him, pssh hell no.” Elise said.

The phone was silent for a few moments as Michelle reflected on what Elise had just said. She knew that Angel had lived most of her life as a heterosexual but she figured because of what happened in the club, it wouldn’t be so hard to get Angel to be with her.

There was obviously chemistry between them and something there.

“Look Michelle. I didn’t say all that to say that it can’t be done. I said that to say this will not be a quick seduction. You are really going to have to woo Angel. She likes to be challenged and although she is dominant what she really wants is someone to put her in her place. I can tell you what she likes and how she is and what she doesn’t like. However, the rest is up to you. Are you ready for the challenge?” Elise questioned.

“I’m always ready. My father taught me that you have to fight and go for what you want and I want Angel. It wouldn’t be worth it if it wasn’t a challenge.” Michelle answered with steel in her voice.

“Ok then, this is what you need to know…….” Elise said as Michelle listened intently.


Don’t know if you got a girl.

Don’t mean no disrespect but,

Thoughts of you rule my world.

I even dream of you, I swear.

Angel sang the words to Be Your Girl by Teedra Moses as she cleaned her apartment. It was around 11:00am on a Thursday. Earlier that day she had had biology lecture and noticed that Michelle was absent. She wanted to text her and see if she was ok, but she didn’t have Michelle’s number because she hadn’t text her yet.

Angel was still confused over her connection with Michelle. She felt that there was something between them but she couldn’t understand why. She had not looked at a girl the way she looked at Michelle in a very long time. The fact that Michelle brought out these feelings inside her frightened her.

Angel put the mop aside when she felt the phone vibrate in her pocket. It was a text message from Michelle.

It read: Hey Angel. I missed class today and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind meeting up so I can get the notes from you.

Angel texted back that she wouldn’t mind that and asked when Michelle wanted to meet.

Michelle replied: I’m in class now but when I get out at 12:00, I want to get something to eat. Can we meet then?

Angel responded: Sure just text me when you get out. Ttyl.

Angel decided to make scanned copies of her notes to give to Michelle when they met. Since she had an hour to get finished and get dressed, she quickly finished mopping and rushed to her room to pick out an outfit.

Angel decided to wear a skirt and a cute strappy pink top because it was so hot out. She paired this with her new Play It Sexy perfume by Playboy and some cute flats.

An hour later and true to her word, Michelle text her that she was out of class and wanted to get something to eat. They decided to meet at a local sub shop.

“I’ve never had a sub from this place before,” Angel said walking over and hugging Michelle. “What do you recommend?”

“She smells delicious,” Michelle thought. Aloud she said, “I would get the chicken, bacon and cheddar sandwich.”

“Then that’s what I’ll get,” Angel said turning to the cashier and ordering.

Michelle couldn’t help but admire Angel’s curvy frame as she turned in her skirt to place her order to the cashier.

“Keep it together girl, don’t let her see you drool.” Michelle thought.

Michelle ordered the same as Angel and the girls sat down at a table nearby and began eating their sandwiches.

“So Angel, tell me about yourself.” Michelle said as she began to dig into her sandwich.

“Well I have three brothers and my mom raised us all as a single mother. I was born and raised in Chicago but I moved to Ohio with my mom a few years ago to go to school here. I love to cook, play video games, and overall just enjoy life. What about you Erin?” Angel asked.

“I was also raised by a single mother but I have two sisters and one brother. I’ve lived in Ohio all my life and have wanted to go to Jordana since I was a little girl. I like to work-out, play video games, read and cook sometimes.” Michelle replied.

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