Steam Room Surprise

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Boring. That’s how Steven defined his life, boring. Maybe it was a factor of being 18 years old and not having a car yet, but Steven couldn’t help but feel like his life just sucked some times. Sure, he had a core group of good friends he hung out with on a regular basis, mostly the weekends. He also had an after-school job busing tables at the local diner. But that had become the problem to begin with. His life had fallen into a routine of college, work and friends (wait till he gets older). Steven just felt he should be doing more with his life.

Of course, girls were a part of the “more” that Steven wanted. But he hadn’t yet come into his own when it came to women. He dated a few times in high school, but it had never gotten past that awkward stage of holding hands and stealing a few kisses here and there. He thought that would change in college, but being a freshman significantly handicaps you.

So there went Steven, riding his bike down the quad and off to the main road. Steven enjoyed working out in the local gym, but not the school gym. The football players dominated the school’s gym and they were less than pleasant to be around when you just wanted to do a simple routine.

Steven rode into the parking lot for the 24-hour gym just as the sun was beginning to rise. The brisk air kept Steven awake during his travels as he rode to the gym around 5 am. Steven’s first class was at 7 am and he loved to get in the gym early mainly because no one else was around.

Locking up his bike Steven walked through the double glass doors and into the lobby. He waved pleasantly at the woman watching the counter who smiled politely back to him. Making his way to the locker room Steven changed into a pair of shorts and a white T-Shirt then locked away his duffel bag.

Casually walking into the main workout room Steven grinned at it’s emptiness. He enjoyed not having to compete for equipment for weights and besides, who would come to the gym at 5 am on a Friday?

He started this Friday the same way he started every day, with a simple 2-mile jog. With all the bike riding Steven did cardio was never a problem, but he enjoyed the warm up. About half way through his warm up Steven noticed a tall woman walk into the gym. “I’ve never seen her hear before” Steve thought to himself. She looked his direction and gave him a warm smile before getting on one of the workout bikes. She had to be at least 6 feet tall with short dark hair, shapely hips and a fairly large bust. She wore a skintight spandex top with very short shorts. When she jumped onto the bike Steven could see she was wearing a thong underneath her shorts, exposing most of her ass.

“Well that’s one hell of a way to workout I guess” Steven thought. He tried to return his attention to his jog but he couldn’t stop staring at the woman on the bicycle. It was odd enough for someone else to be working out this early in the morning, especially someone so incredibly attractive. Lost in his thoughts of bare asses and full breasts Steven didn’t even notice the woman look back at him with a smirk across her face.

“See something you like?” The woman asked.

Snapping out of his very dirty daydream and looked up at the woman’s face for the first time. “Oh god, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” Steven stuttered.

“It’s okay hon, I expect people to stare when I dress this way” the woman responded.

Steven turned a very bright shade of red as he continued to look at the woman, trying Ümraniye Olgun Escort hard to keep his gaze directed towards her face and not her breasts.

“You like these” the woman asked as she cupped her ample bosom. “I paid a good price for em, so I’m happy to be getting my money’s worth.”

Steven gulped. “Those are fake, I would never have guessed.”

“That’s the point hon, you’re not suppose to be able to guess” the woman said with a wink and a smile.

Steven had become completely lost in his gaze again as the heavenly figure before him cupped her firm fake breasts while looking at him like he was a piece of grade A beef. But, just like Steven always did, he completely missed the woman’s innuendos and decided he’d better call it a day before he embarrassed himself further. Smiling at the woman Steven politely excused himself stating he had finished and needed a shower. The truth was Steven hadn’t finished and although he could use a cold shower right about now he decided he would head for the steam room.

Steven entered the locker room again, and making sure there was no one else around, he stripped down to nothing and tried in vain to wrap a towel around his waist. A raging hard-on was providing a challenge in his towel wrapping since he couldn’t figure out a way to hide his excitement. In the end Steven just shrugged it off knowing that no one else would see it anyways.

Walking the short distance to the steam room from the men’s locker room Steven immediately threw on more water, increasing the blazing heat. This was Steven’s favorite part of the day. Since the gym was always vacant (now almost always) he loved to end his routine in the steam room where he could really relax. Because of Steven’s awkwardness around women he often let loose in the steam room, beginning by removing his towel. Steven didn’t know what it was about the hot, wet air but it got his juices flowing in all the right directions. Of course, after seeing that beauty in the gym his juices already knew exactly where they were going. Steven looked down at his throbbing dick, stretching its full 6 inches. Sweat rolled down his chest, against his stomach, down his shaft and finally ending on his balls. He felt great in here and he began to slowly stroke his cock, using his own sweat as lube. Steven was never in a rush to cum; instead he liked to slowly build up a huge load. Once, he had even hit the door, but he made sure to clean it up afterwards.

Soon Steven became lost in his casual masturbation and it took the cold outside air to snap him out of it. The beautiful woman from the gym opened the door, still wearing her spandex and shorts, and Steven turned a bright shade of purple this time. Strangely enough, his flushed face was almost the same color of his cock head.

The woman only giggled as Steven rushed to cover his deflating penis with the towel he had discarding just a few minutes ago.

“Thinking of me I see,” the woman teased, brushing her chest with one hand, as she looked the young lad up and down again.

“I’m so sorry Miss, it’s just that no one is never here and I just…” Steven stammered.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind at all, just so long as it was me you were thinking about” the woman said as she sat on the bench one step down from Steven, less than a foot away.

“Well uh…yeah” Steven admitted, turning a new shade of red now.

“So what is it about me that catches your fancy? My tits, Ümraniye Sarışın Escort my ass or my legs?” The woman asked.

Steven looked bewildered for a moment, wondering why she wasn’t screaming pervert at him. But since she asked he decided to be honest. “I guess it would have to be all of the above.”

“You’re sweet honey. Tell ya what, since it’s so hot in here and I’ve already seen you in the buff, I’m gonna take my top off. Is that okay?” the woman asked.

Once again Steven took a huge gulp as he stared down at those wonderful mounds of flesh. “Sure, I don’t mind” he whispered weakly.

“Thanks hon, I’d hate to ruin this top. Tell ya what, if they get to be too much for ya just tell me and I’ll put my top back on. Or, if you feel like it, you can go back to stroking yourself. I don’t mind” the woman stated as she removed her spandex top, placing it next to her.

Steven wasn’t sure if she was being serious or not about him masturbating in front of her, but he didn’t much care. He stared wide-eyed at her beautiful tits. They were more than a handful, maybe around 36 DD. Even in the humid air her nipples stood at full attention and her skin began to glisten as sweat built up on her chest.

Steven raging hard on started to return, and in double force this time with the new stimulation in front of him. He panicked inside his brain because the woman said he could jerk off if he wanted to, but he didn’t know if she was kidding. Then, as if to answered his unasked question, the woman looked up at him. “Go ahead kid, I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Steven removed his towel with a shaky hand, exposing himself to this woman for a second time. She stared longingly at his cock, licking her lips slightly. Steven gripped his cock at the base and began to slowly stroke himself while watching her every move. The woman breathed slowly and purposefully, causing her chest to rise high. After about two minutes of this the woman looked Steven in the eye, locking his gaze with hers.

“You doing okay there kid?” the woman asked.

“Uh yeah, are you still okay with me doing this?”

“Absolutely, it just seems like you’re having some trouble is all” the woman cooed. Suddenly, the woman stood up and sat on the top bench, right next to Steven. Her smooth skin rubbed against him, sending shivers down his spine. He could feel one of her tits resting against his shoulder, which made his entire body feel numb.

“Here, you’ve been at that for a while. Tell ya what hon, I’ll take over for ya and feel free to give these puppies a feel if you need extra motivation” she said while fondling her tits.

Steven almost jumped out of his skin. His hand had frozen in mid stroke on his cock and the woman brushed his hand aside, taking a grip on his man meat at it’s base. Steven tried to mentally calm himself because he could feel his orgasm building heavily. He didn’t want to squirt already and embarrass himself in front of this hot woman. She didn’t rush him either, she took slow and steady strokes up and down Steven’s shaft just the way he liked it. After he felt he was calm enough Steven reached over with a trembling hand and began massaging the nearest tit. It’s flesh felt soft in his hands and he still couldn’t believe they were fake. Soon Steven became lost in his world of pleasure, now massaging those great tits with both hands. Her strokes were erotically sensual and mixed with the hot air Steven felt like he Ümraniye Şişman Escort was in extascy.

As he ate up her entire body with his eyes, Steven noticed the woman’s free hand was down her shorts making slow and steady movements. “Man, is she as turned on as I am right now” Steven wondered.

“Uh…whatcha doing down there?” Steven asked.

The woman looked up at him, breaking her gazed on his cock, and she giggled slightly, turning red. “Why, I’m doing the same thing down there as I am up here” she responded.

This turned Steven on even more and he began trying to catch a glimpse of what she was doing. “Hey, I wanna see what your doing” he pleaded.

“Are you sure honey, do you really want to see?” she asked in a warning tone.

Steven was lost again in his world of pleasure and simply responded “Yeah, of course I wanna see.”

The woman never stopped stroking Steven’s cock and with her other hand she stopped playing with herself long enough to pull down her shorts. A 7-inch cock came springing out from the confines of the fabric. She had pulled aside her thong and as soon as her shorts were off she went back to stroking herself, keeping the same pace on her cock as she was on Steven’s.

Steven’s mind went blank for a good five seconds. He never stopped her from jerking him off, and he never thought about stopping her from pleasuring herself, he just didn’t know how to process this. The wires in his brain must have been crossed because even though she had a dick, one bigger than his own, he was even more turned on by her. Even her dick was sexy, with silky skin and completely shaved balls.

The woman was scared for a moment about how the kid might react. But after a few moments had passed and the kid didn’t do anything to stop her she figured he had to be into it at least a little and was trying to figure out how to deal. She decided she’d make it easy on him.

As Steven stared intently on the beautiful cock in front of him, his world suddenly seemed smaller as he felt warm lips wrap around his dick. He looked down and saw the woman vigorously sucking his cock, rubbing her tongue against the bottom of his shaft. It had finally become too much, the tits, the masturbation and now the beautiful cock.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” Steven whimpered.

The woman, like a pro, stopped sucking Steven off. Instead, she kept her lips wrapped around his cock head and began jerking him off furiously. Steven exploded in her mouth, his cum trickling out from the corners of her lips. She gulped down the first load, then she opened her mouth and let the cum fly all over her face. Seeing this caused another wave of hot passion to come over Steven and he began to cover he beautiful lips chin with his cum.

After he and sufficiently covered her face, Steven sighed heavily, leaning back against the wall. They were both covered in sweat and she continued to idly stroke her cock as Steven came down from his orgasm.

“That was great.” Steven sighed. “I’m sorry, but I never got your name?” He asked.

“Jessica, but call me Jessy” she replied, reaching out with her free hand to shake his.

Steven shook her hand, then looked around for a moment kind of uncomfortable. “So, your not exactly a woman are you?” he asked.

“And I’m not exactly a man either. Are you okay with that?”

Steven thought for a moment. He actually found her dick to be extremely sexy, it even suited her. “Yeah, I think I am. Uhhh, I was hoping that we weren’t done here. There’s at least an hour before anyone else gets in.” he cautiously asked.

“We’re not done if you don’t want to be done cutie” she teased.

With that Steven leaned over and kissed her cum covered face, boldly going where he never imagined he would.

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