‘Steamy’ – My First Time Ch. 01

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I was 21, in my last year at university and had just broken up with my high-school girlfriend, who we shall call Jennifer. Jenny was from a Christian family and, while we had obviously fooled around a lot, she had always been reluctant to have sex and I cared enough about her to respect that. And yes, I know what you’re probably thinking: “21 year old virgin, har har”, but I’m not ashamed and, believe me, I’ve more than made up for it since!

At the time I was living in a shared house that included three girls and I would often cuddle up in bed with each of them to watch TV, listen to music and generally chill out. They were all cute and I enjoyed this time with them, but it always felt innocent and I certainly didn’t think any of them were interested in me. That night, however, I discovered that I was mistaken. One of them was particularly hot and slightly promiscuous (let’s call her Sarah). She was a little younger than me, about 5ft 4 and half-Japanese, with long black hair and beautifully large, dark brown eyes. However, I had always felt that she was out of my league and never seriously considered hooking up with her.

Anyway, things with Jennifer had been difficult for a long time and after several months of trying, we had finally decided to break up. Although it was for the best, I was still saddened by the whole thing and I really wanted to be alone that night, but it was not an option. One of my other friends was having a night out for his birthday and we were all invited, so I reluctantly tagged along. I tried to put on a happy face, but Sarah could tell that something was wrong. At one point, she cornered me away from the others and I explained what had happened. She hugged me and spent the rest of the night trying to cheer me up, with surprising success. I drank a lot more than I normally would (helped by Sarah, who bought several drinks for me) and eventually the party wound down and we headed back to the house. I wanted to grab a shower, so I headed upstairs towards the bathroom in a mildly drunken haze. I turned the light on and went to close the door, but Sarah had followed me.

“What are you…?” I started to say, but she put her finger to my lips and half-followed, half-pushed me into the room, locking the door behind us. I could tell that she was also very tipsy by this point. Her face was pink, and the pinkness had spread down and across her ample bosom, which was very much on show in the black tank-top she was wearing. I managed, eventually, to tear my eyes away and I just stood there, unsure what to say. She moved over to the bath and turned on the shower tap before turning back to me. The sound of the flowing water and the accompanying steam quickly filled the bathroom.

“Go on then,” she said, nodding towards the shower. I frowned at her and laughed. I wasn’t sure what else to do. I think that part of my brain had realised what was going on (and that it was probably a bad idea), but it wasn’t able to make itself heard through the fog of drunkenness. It was also being drowned out by another part of my psyche, something more wicked and more primal that hadn’t really stirred for a long time.

“I’m not getting nekkid in front of you.” I said, eventually.

“Don’t worry, I won’t look.” She said, smiling. Her smile was so very sweet, and she almost pulled off the expression of feigned innocence, but there was a hungry gleam in her eyes. “Besides,” she continued, “I’m worried about you; I don’t think you should be alone tonight.” And with that she sat down on the chair (which was traditionally used for dumping clothes) and put her hand over her eyes theatrically. I rolled my eyes and stood watching Temelli Escort her for a while, but she seemed to be serious and didn’t move. I was too drunk to care so, glancing back at her to make sure she wasn’t watching me, I quickly took off my clothes, climbed into the bath and stood under the showerhead. I started to relax as soon as the hot, cleansing waters washed over me. After giving my body a quick rinse, I put my head under and water flowed through my hair and between my fingers as I washed my face.

I had been washing myself for a minute or so when it occurred to me that Sarah was being unusually quiet. I rinsed my face and turned to say something, only to find her standing by the bath, watching me. I froze. She was completely naked! Now, Jenny had been a curvy girl, and I like my girls curvy. But Sarah was something else. She was shorter, but somehow more perfectly formed. Her jet black hair was long and sleek, and poured over her shoulders like liquid silk. Her tan-coloured skin was perfectly smooth with not a hair visible, even on her arms. Her breasts were 34C’s, large and shapely and so wonderfully perky, with small, dark, round nipples. My eyes traced the contours of her body, down across the smooth curves of her stomach towards her pubic mound, which was completely shaved.

I must have looked like something out of a cartoon; my eyes widened, my jaw dropped and it felt like I became fully aroused in seconds. She looked at me, giggled sweetly and bit her lower lip as her delighted eyes scanned my body. Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m no Adonis, but I eat well, swim regularly and walk everywhere, so I’ve always been fairly comfortable with my body. I’m 6ft 2 and quite toned. I’ve got quite long, slightly shaggy brown hair and dark brown eyes. My body hair is quite thin and light, I naturally have very little hair on my chest and I keep certain other areas neatly trimmed – after all, I figure that if you expect anyone to spend any amount of time in a ‘particular area’, you should at least make it as pleasant for them as possible! She raised an eyebrow and smiled wider as she saw my cock growing larger. I’m not particularly massive down there, but I’m reasonably well-endowed and quite girthy. All 7 inches of me were at full attention now. I stood there, unable to move, my hands still held up in front of me as they had been when I was washing my face.

Sarah climbed into the bath and walked slowly towards me. Time seemed to slow down and the steam from the shower filled the air, making the scene strongly reminiscent of those scenes in movies with the soft focus and slow motion. She picked up the bottle and squirted shower gel into her hands, lathered them up and started to spread the warm bubbles across my chest. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her soft, warm, round breast. Then she leaned in, gently placed her hand on the back of my unresisting neck and pulled me into a deep, slow kiss. Maybe it was the alcohol, or the steam from the shower, but I felt light headed and that moment seemed to last a very long time. My whole body was quivering with sensation; more that I had ever really felt before.

I obviously knew what was going on, but it was like I was under a spell and I couldn’t resist. Our breathing was slow, deep and in sync, like the waves lapping on the shores of a tropical beach.

As we kissed, I felt her tongue gently probing into my mouth and I reciprocated. She let out a soft moan and pulled me towards her so that our bodies were pressed together. She grabbed my hand, which was still cupping her breast, but in a stunned state of stillness, and encouraged me Temelli Escort Bayan to squeeze her. Her breast felt so soft yet firm, her skin smooth and warm and now wet from the flowing water. Now that she’d got me groping her, she grabbed my other hand and moved it down to her ass, which was ample, round and firm. I teased her supple curves with my fingers before finally giving in to my desires and squeezing her tightly, pulling her body even closer to mine. She gasped and I felt her body shiver as I began to tease her ass with my fingers.

“Touch me.” She half whispered, half begged into my ear as her hand moved towards my fully-erect cock. My whole body trembled as she slowly wrapped my fingers around me; I felt it pulse in her hand, straining to her touch. Slowly, tentatively I slid my hand around her thigh and gently slid my fingers down between her legs. Even before I slid my middle finger slowly between her pussy lips, I could feel how wet she was. And this time it was not the water, but her sweet, thick and slippery juices. She was so hot and very wet. I felt the bump of her clitoris and she trembled as I rubbed against it. I was starting to regain some confidence; this was something where I felt I knew what I was doing! She reached up and wrapped her spare arm around me, her other hand still wrapped around my tumescence. I slid my finger back, teasing her hole and spreading her lubrication over my finger tip. Then I moved back to her clit. I could hear her breathing heavily in my ear. I moved my finger in a circular motion, steadily increasing speed and pressure. She began to moan softly in my ear as her head rested on my shoulder. She gripped me for balance with one hand as her other hand continued to stroke slowly up and down my shaft.

As I continued to massager her clit, now with two fingers and increased pressure, I started to run my hand up and down her back and across her ass, half-tickling her while gently scratching her. This caused her to shudder and quake and gasp even more as her breathing became deeper. As my fingers probed her hot, soaking pussy I felt her hand gripping tighter and tighter on the back of my neck as she tried to somehow pull herself even closer to me.

I could hear her moaning and panting and it drove me on. I wanted nothing more than to make her cum; to make scream with sensation and to give her the best orgasm of her life. Nothing turns me on more than knowing I’ve given someone that amount of satisfaction. Or at least, that was what I thought…

“Oh, Sam,” she whispered my name into my ear, “That feels sooo good. I can’t wait to feel you inside me.” I shuddered at her words, Jenny had never had the confidence to talk dirty to me and hearing her say my name in that way was hotter than I ever could have imagined. I could have blown my load right then and there, but her stroking had slowed and become erratic. “Oh… wow,” she panted, “I’m… gonna… cum…” I deliberately slowed my hand movements down ever slow slightly. She groaned in protest at first and I felt her thrusting her pelvis against my hand, begging for more. But, I had done as I had hoped to do; slowed down just enough to draw out the excitement, allowing the tension and anticipation to build for longer, before finally granting her release. Her panting grew louder and faster until she finally let out the most amazing noise a man can hear; a noise somewhere between a moan and a scream; the primal, uncontrollable audible release of pleasure. Everyone in the house can probably hear her, I thought… possibly everyone on the street, but I didn’t care. Her entire body shook violently and I had Escort Temelli to steady myself against the cold tiles to stop us both from falling. As she continued to tremble in my arms, her body still pressed against mine, I felt a rising feeling of warmth, satisfaction and, quite frankly, pride in my abilities. It felt so good to know that I had caused this. I had, of course made Jenny cum on numerous occasions, but she had never been so vocal and so it had never felt so rewarding.

After a few moments, though it felt a lot longer, her breathing started to slow and return to normal. We just stood there under the warm flow of water, held tightly in each other’s arms, her head resting on my shoulder and her face nuzzling against my neck. Then she started to kiss me gently and moved slowly down across my collarbone towards my chest, pulling away slightly as she began to lower herself slowly to her knees. Now, I’d had blowjobs before, but Jenny was always seemed nervous and somehow reluctant to do it, which made me feel guilty and kinda ruined the whole thing. Not even my wildest fantasies could have prepared me for what followed.

Sarah was on her knees before I knew what was happening and took the head of my cock into her mouth so suddenly that I had to lean against the tiles again to stop myself from collapsing; the sensation was amazing. At first I felt a pang of concern, feeling kinda guilty, as I had done in the past, but then I looked down at her. She was so into it, she went at it like she was hungry for it. She really seemed to be enjoying herself and, at the same time, seemed genuinely excited that I was now so hard because of her. She looked up at me, her big brown eyes gleaming brightly, and then she turned her attention back to what she was doing.

She wrapped her lips tightly around me and I could feel her tongue flicking back and forth across the tip of my penis. Far outside of my controls, muscles tensed and my cock twitched and pulsed in excitement. “mmmmm”, she moaned in response, sending tantalising vibrations into me. The tingling seemed to fly along my shaft and spread across the rest of my body. And she licked, and she sucked, and she stroked my balls with her fingers and teased me with her teeth as her hand slid up and down my length. It was the most amazing feeling of my life. Naturally it was not long before I began to moan uncontrollably, unconsciously trusting myself into her mouth. I could feel the waves of orgasmic heat and pressure building up inside me.

“I’m… ugh.” Was all I managed to say. I expected her to draw back but she didn’t. She looked directly up at me, that gleam in her eyes once more, raised her eyebrows at me and moaned, hungrily. She locked her lips around the head of my cock and, again, I could feel her tongue lapping at my hungrily. She started pumping my shaft harder and faster. I couldn’t hold back any longer, my entire body shuddered, muscles contracted and I pumped what felt like litres of hot, sticky cum into her eager mouth. She managed to swallow the first few streams, but then she took my cock out of her mouth, so that the next few spurts went across her breasts. I’m not usually much of a squirter, but then I’d never cum a hard as that before. She looked down, watching the cum spray from me and dribble down her chest, smiling with wicked delight.

I slumped back and sat on the edge of the bath, trying to catch my breath. She sat down beside me and we wrapped our arms around each other. I was on such a high, so delirious that I started to laugh uncontrollably. She smiled, then leant in to kiss me. Once I’d calmed down a bit, she stood up silently, quickly washed her boobs, then grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself. She leaned in towards me.

“Don’t be long.” She whispered, then turned and moved towards the door. Then she stopped and turned to look back at me. She had that hungry gleam in her eye once more. “I’ll be waiting.”


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