Stockings and Heels in Public

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This is a true story. Feel free to comment if you’ve had similar experiences or fantasies.


It was bound to happen. I had dressed for months in secret. Going even further, shaving my legs, chest, genitals and bottom. Hiding my newly acquired heels & stocking from my significant other. I had felt it for months. The drag of the same routine. Dressing, riding a dildo, while watching and admiring my self applied assfucking in a full length mirror. It simply was not enough anymore. I had to have the real thing.

I have been frequenting parks, adult arcades, and adult theaters for years. So, going to one of these establishments would not normally be so nerve racking, but today would be something different.

I had chosen a woman’s stretch turtle neck top that had long sleeves and matched my black lace panties, laced top black stockings and three inch strap heels. Sufficiently shaved and clean. I admired myself in the mirror before setting out. When dressed, no body hair would be visible on my frame and the stretch top hugged my thin, athletic frame, settling just above my panties in the back and front, while suggestively tugging at my hips when I moved.

I am very tall naturally and heels make me look giant, but even thinner, and I have long, long legs. I am masculine, no way to hide it, but I am very attractive to both sexes and have been able to put together a “look” or two I thought made me look rather fuckable.

Now, I am still a wreck with cosmetics and the few wigs I have tried out I think look disastrous. In addition, I don’t know if I could pull off an hour long drive in drag without having a nervous breakdown. The theater I selected to try today is quite a drive.

So, I settled on wearing blue jeans, socks and shoes so that I could muster the courage to pay the attendant and find my way down into the theater without choking on fear of being mocked or ridiculed while walking in or finding a seat. That way I could look like a normal joe till I felt comfortable revealing my secret.

An hour later I am walking to the door of the theater, hoping my plans and fantasy will play out as I hope. My heart in my throat as I enter and the attendant recognizes me. Though it has probably been over a year, he recognizes me. My good looks, good frame, and a penchant for being rather nasty I guess go a long way towards helping one remember me. Last time I was here he took me in the office and worked my ass quite nicely with a toy while talking very nasty to me. I came a bucket, thanked him and left.

He asks where I’ve been, how I’ve been, etc. We exchange pleasantries. I pay, then head towards the theater. I know he will be close behind. Ümraniye Esmer Escort I was counting on it, he as access to the only rooms with privacy in the theater.

I make a loop through the theater, checking out the patrons. Mostly old men, smell like smoke, looking for what I honestly don’t know. Then I see him, an older man, maybe ten years my better, in shape, down front. Not attractive but he’s got energy I can sense it. I can see by the light of the movie that he has his cock out and is working it. He sees me coming and moves over a seat to allow me room to get into the row he is seated in. I happily oblige. Once seated, I can hear the shuffle of old men as they begin to fill in the row behind us.

No words are exchanged. I simply reach out and begin stroking his cock for him. An average fellow, he probably went 6-7″ with a below average girth. Of great importance though was the fact that he was hard as steel and moving his cock in my fist with great enthusiasm. I rotate to me knees in front of him and take his cock in my mouth. That’s when I found out I got lucky. He immediately placed his hands on the back of my head and began trying to get all the way to the back of my throat. Then, things got even better, he got verbal. He started ordering me to suck his cock, take it, eat it. Bingo! The spark I was looking for, he used the word bitch. I can’t even remember how he phrased it, probably something like “Eat that dick bitch”, it didn’t matter. I paused with his dick as far in my mouth as possible, my nose resting on his lower tummy and rolled my head around, forcing his cock to gag me ever so slightly. Then I stood up. I could help but crack a quick smile at my audience. Then it happened. I decided this would be the day.

I pulled by pants down, revealing my stockings and panties. Turned around and pulled my panties to the side and whispered. “Get me wet sweetie, I need your cock.” He ate my ass for just over 30 seconds, spitting and wetting it with a vengeance. Then, grabbed me by the hips and pulled me into his lap. His cock just at the entrance to my ass, I began to grind and bounce ever so slightly, teasing and working him into a frenzy. Then, I stood back up, and turned around and pulled my pants up. “Stay right here I whispered, I will be right back.”

I quickly headed up the aisle hoping he would stay put and not waste his nut or energy on another.

I found the attendant quickly, laid out my offer and plan. If he would allow me to take my new found friend behind closed doors, then I would blow him while he watched us. Must have been an offer he couldn’t refuse, so I sprinted to the car retrieving my heels Ümraniye Eve Gelen Escort and then found my target just where I left him. I guided him to the room where the attendant said he would be. We all entered and the attendant locked the door behind us.

I began to remove my pants while my lover from the theater alternatively fingered my ass and tried to work his cock in as I bent over to remove my jeans. He was ready to try my ass out indeed. This continued while I put my heels on.

I took just a moment to look back at him and then at the attendant who was now in front of me with his cock out. A similar length to the patron, but twice the thickness with a huge head that looked like it belonged on a much larger cock. Pausing I savored the moment, then applied some lube to my ass as I was bent over by the man to my rear, then pushed to my knees as I was too tall to allow him access to my ass.

Now on my knees in an unused tile floored restroom in an adult theater I felt the cock line up with my ass as it pushed its way past my bubble cheeks. The hand on the small of my back forced my ass to align with the invading cock as the full weight of the man at my rear buried his cock all the way into my ass.

The man to my front stepped forward and pushed his half hard cock into my face. The huge head filling my whole mouth nicely. I grabbed his pants leg to steady my balance as that man in my rear continued his assault on my now loosening hole.

Within a few moments my fuckers found a comfort level with the situation and each other. It was so erotic that none of us knew each other, not even a first name. They began to get verbal. Talking about all the things they would do with me, force me to eat cum, open the door and let the theater patrons run a train on my ass, feed their cum. It was wonderful being talked to and treated like such a slut.

The man in my rear now had a hold of my shoulders and was trying to force as much of his cock in my ass as he could. The slap of his thighs on my ass cheeks, my grunts of pleasure and the filthy talk of both men filled the room.

The man in fronts cock had finally hardened all the way and I was working my head in a corkscrew motion over that huge bulbous head on his cock. I could tell he wasn’t going to last as long as the man in my rear. He watched me work his cock, telling me he was going to shoot his cum all over my face.

Then, the man in my rear picked up his pace, started really getting worked up over seeing the other mans cock repeatedly enter and exit my lips. He began to call me his slut, and tell me he was going to cum in my ass, make it his. So I took a Ümraniye Evi Olan Escort pause from my cock sucking to look back, and tell him if he wasn’t clean to please cum on my back. A true sincerity came over his face and he paused and said he was clean, apologized for not wrapping up, and said it all just happened so fast. I told him no problem as I am clean to and get tested regularly.

This momentary damper worked to my advantage as it took both men a few minutes to reach their previous state of excitement. So, I enjoyed being on my knees for another 10 minutes feeling two cocks use my mouth and ass, feeling the tension build in both men. Finally, the many at my rear forced me nearly to my tummy on the cold floor. Temporarily separating me from the cock in my mouth. My cheek resting against the cold tile, he pushed forward with all that he had, forcing his cock, willing it to open me up to him. He was seeding my ass, making it his for a glorious moment. I felt me ass wet with his cum, then he pulled out quickly, causing my ass to gape and the cum to run down my balls and thigh, dripping on the floor between my legs.

I had little time to savor that wonderful slutty feeling of being used anally. He pulled me up and the man to my front quickly placed his cock in my mouth getting it wet, then pulling out so that just the head was inside my lips he began jacking off talking nasty to me. Meanwhile the many from my rear began fingering my ass while rubbing his cock on my face.

This was too much for the attendant, he began coming. To my enjoyment it was quite a bit; his jerking sent some in my mouth while other squirts landed on my face and chin.

My face now a mess of cum, ass juice from the cock in my rear and salvia. I took a finger and wiped the mess of my cheek and purposely look up at both men and I sucked it into my face.

I had not come yet, the attendant quickly left as he had been away from his ticket booth for probably over 20 minutes.

I asked the patron to continue fingering my ass so I could cum. He turned me 180 degrees and showed me the cum that had run out of my ass. I sizable clear pool of lube and cum was puddled on the green tile floor.

He pushed my heads towards hit and told me to lick it. I was compelled more by the furious fingering my ass was receiving, as I believe he had worked three fingers in my ass and they were considerably wider than his cock.

Licking the puddle ever so timidly I found the last shreds of my dominant side give way, and slut in me begins to relax. I allowed him to push my head down so that my chin and cheek rested in the puddle, my body rocked by the furious fingers in my ass. I jerked my cock, my face flushed with lust and exertion I finally added my own puddle to that green tile floor.

I stood almost immediately. Suddenly uncomfortable, I wiped my face, redressed and virtually fled to my car.

Soon the courage, or lust will return and I will find a new adventure waiting.

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