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Anal Porn

Subject: Straight you sure part 14, (Gay, encounters) Straight you sure Part 14 This is a fictional story that involves consensual sex between people over the age of 18. Please donate anything possible to the Nifty fty/donate.html. Part 14- Oli Now this Oli Is completely different from Ollie in chapter 5 and 11, this Oli is a cousin of Will’s, but they are more like brothers than cousins. They are always hanging out and Oli basically lives at Will’s house. Oli is a couple of years older than Will and is a complete lad, he enjoys going out to raves and getting absolutely wrecked, and this made him even hotter. I always fancied him from the first time I saw him when he was 16, there was just something about him that made me want to drop his sweatpants to the floor and suck him dry. Oli is around 6ft tall and although he doesn’t have the fittest body that turns me on even more, he isn’t fat he just has a normal body with a slight tummy. His hair used to be light blonde but as he got older his hair turned dirty blonde and he keeps it slightly longer on top and shorter at the sides with the sexiest fringe . His face is a mixture of heart and oval shape, and he had a defined jaw. His lips are soft and so fucking kissable and his eyes are deep blue like the ocean. Oli’s body was smooth apart from the light brown treasure trail that led down his stomach and towards the goods in his underwear. Oli is sort of a chav and as much as I hate to admit it the chavvy look turns me on so much. Although he is chavvy when he puts on a suit jacket and a pair of tight trousers that accent his bulge he is a real head turner. Like his cousin Oli has quite the arse, so peachy and the sort of ass that you just wanna slap…no wait the sort of ass you want to bury your face between and lick the hell out of. I had always thought of Oli as a typical straight boy who loves beer and one-night stands, well I was right about the one-night stands, and he does love beer, so I suppose I was right about both of those. At the time of this story, I was 23 and Oli was 19 and let’s just say age had nothing to do with experience after this meet and After this meet Oli would never cum as much again. Now this meeting wasn’t planned in the slightest and it was by pure chance that we met. You might remember I’m friends with Oli’s cousin Will’s sister. So, me and Oli met every now and then. This time it was pure luck. Me and Will’s sister went out one night to the club in the next town over and we had an amazing time. Drink flowed and we danced the night away, before we knew it, it was 2am and the club was closing. We stepped outside and looked around for a taxi, “Shit there’s no taxi’s and I aint walking 3 miles to get home”. Now I was only a little tipsy but my friend on the other hand was absolutely wrecked and was currently asleep led on a bus stop bench. I was so unsure of what to do when I heard a car beep and pull up. I walked closer and the window undid, “Hey up Cameron late night is it?” I pointed to my friend and Oli chuckled, “Well she is a lightweight…listen there aint any taxis mate you want a lift home” This was music to my ears, and I smiled and replied, “OMG yes please that’d be amazing, but I think imma need some help getting her in the car.” Oli offered to help and as he stepped out of the car my cock twitched. He was wearing a fitted white T-Shirt with a picture of a girl in a bikini on and tight grey pair of tracksuit bottoms. I was in awe, and I was sure I saw his cock swing when he took a step and his arse fuck me his arse looked so peachy. His hair was un-styled, and his fringe made him look so sexy. He carried her arms whilst I carried her legs. His slight muscle straining as he carried her. We put her in the back seat, and I sat in the front. Now Oli was a bit of a boy racer, he drive an old Citroen Saxo with a massive exhaust that sounded like a rocket. We set off and quickly he began to drive fast, “Jesus Oli watch the speed” I chuckled as he shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Why I heard you liked it fast” I raised an eyebrow and just chuckled awkwardly sitting back in the seat. “What did he mean by me liking it fast.” It was at that point we started to go over some big speedbumps bouncing us into the air as Oli didn’t slow down at all. “Fuck me Oli…bit hard over those bumps aint it” Oli looked at me and winked, “Yeah but you like it hard” Again I just chuckled awkwardly not wanting to presume. We continued driving for a few more minutes it was slightly awkward and all that I could think of was what Oli had said, suddenly we hit a massive speedbump and my head hit the roof, “Ahhhh…fuck Jesus Christ Oli don’t be so rough” Oli actually laughed and through his laughs he spat, “Why you like it rough” That was it I had to confront him, “SO I TAKE IT WILL TOLD YOU” I spat at him looking dead serious. Oli smiled that killer smile and whispered, “He told me everything and I have to say I’m quite impressed” I looked back at him in shock, “Impressed what do you mean” I replied looking really confused, “Yeah that he fucked you as good as he said he did” I sat in my seat shocked that Oli knew, He reached over and tapped me on the shoulder, “Who do you think taught him all his moves…yeah that was me, I showed him tons of porn pics to teach him how to fuck… Did you think he fucked good?” I stuttered my words as I struggled to reply, “I…errrrr… ummmm yeah it was…really good.” Oli sniggered and put his arm behind his head, “Yeah…well if you think he was good just remember who taught him all the stuff and I have loads more I didn’t tell him” I gained some confidence and reached over circling his shoulder with my finger, “Well…well is that an offer Oli” looked at me straight in the eye and whispered, “You want to feel how a real man fucks… Wanna feel me stretching that gay arse feel my straight cock explode” I nodded, and he smiled, “Right ok…just to be clear I like pussy I just wanna see who’s better at sucking and if a guy’s arse is better than a girls.” I smiled at him and reached down mimicking rubbing his bulge, “Oh of course Mr straight man…but I already know the answer” Oli reached down and groped his cock the outline looked freaking huge, “So where we gonna do it then?” I whispered licking his ear, Oli shuddered and replied, “Will said his place is free this weekend so wanna fuck in his bed?” I smiled and Oli drive on to my friends house rubbing the hard cock all the way there. After we dropped her off I stepped back in the car and, “FUCK ME OLI THAT’S HUGE.” Oli had pulled down his shorts and was now wanking his fat juicy teen cock. It stood at around 9 inches long and was girthy as fuck, it stood with a slight curve making the head look up to the sky, that’d feel amazing inside me later. His dirty blonde pubes were trimmed, and his foreskin was rolled back perfectly, he had the pinkest mushroom head I had ever seen, and it was Oozing Pre-cum from the slit. His balls were large and slightly hairy and hung nice and tight in the sack. Wank me while I drive” He ordered as I wrapped my hand around the warm hard fleshy pole. I gently rubbed the shaft back and forth as he drove pulling the foreskin back and forth over the glistening shiny head. Pre-Cum oozing onto my hand as my strokes became harder and harder, “Oh fuck yes…yes” Oli moaned trying not to throw his head back in pleasure. His fat cock was so fucking hard and before I knew it I was wanking harder and harder, I must have got a little carried away because before I knew it Oli moaned, “Fuck…no I’m gonna cum” I quickly ripped my hand away from the cock as it jumped back and forth trying to find the pleasure to make it explode, Oli screamed into his hand and the car swerved in the road. “FUUUCK…NOOO…FUUUCK” Oli shouted into his hand as his orgasm subsided and his cock stopped thrusting. As he regained his composure he laughed, “Well…fuck that was…close” I smiled and replied, “Yeah a little too close maybe we should focus on driving” Oli chuckled and pulled his shorts up, I sat there and watched as his cock went soft in the shorts. Luckily for us we didn’t have long to go and before we knew it we were pulling up at Will’s house. “Will gave me a key for this very reason” Oli smirked unlocking the door and walking inside. He sat on the sofa and pulled his shorts down again only this time his cock was soft, even soft the boy was hung it looked to be around 5 inches long and the foreskin covered half of the meaty head. As I sat down next to Oli he looked puzzled, “What’s up?” I asked him looking just as confused. “Ummmm well Will said you did something to him, and it nearly made him cum on the spot and umm I was just…” I cut him off, “You want me to do it to you, what was it?” Oli smiled, “He bursa escort told me you licked his…ummmm,” I smiled, “I licked his arsehole…you want that then you’ll have it.” Oli put his arm behind his head, “Yeah that’s great but won’t getting my shitter eaten out make me a bit…you know” I raised an eyebrow and sighed into my hand, “Gay… no loads of straight guys like there ass eaten you will still be straight…but one thing do you know how to clean that area?” Oli looked puzzled, I chuckled, I guess I forgot not everyone has their ass eaten daily. “That area needs to be cleaned properly” “How do I do that?” Oli asked looking puzzled, I sat up and told him, “Go upstairs and use the toilet and then have a shower… point the shower head whilst warm NOT HOT against your asshole” Oli looked well shocked, but he nodded, “I…errrrr ummmm ok I suppose” and he stood up and walked to the door, I sat back in the chair rubbing my hard cock, “This was going to be so much fun.” Oli was gone for like 30 minutes, I was sat on the chair trying not to fall asleep when he walked back in, my mouth fell open and I wolf whistled, he was still slightly wet but sporting a huge boner. “WOW” I shouted out as he stood in front of me with his hands on his hips, “Well that was an experience” Oli sighed trying not to chuckle. I looked up at him, “What happened?” I responded. Oli put his hand in his face and laughed, “As soon as the water hit my asshole I got instantly hard and nearly shot my load all over the glass of the shower.” I tried to stifle my laughs as Oli slapped me on the shoulder, “Hey don’t laugh…anyway if I had cum you wouldn’t be getting any.” I raised an eyebrow and scooted forward, “That is true…so you squeaky clean now then” Oli turned around and to my surprise he bent over and spread his cheeks. Fuck me his arse was something else, so peachy with fat smooth wobbly cheeks and the tightest pink pucker I had ever seen. His ass was completely smooth apart from a few soft blonde hairs in the crack, but they were sparce, “So what do you think,” Oli asked still bent over. I like to reply with actions rather than words so taking a deep breath I rammed my face between his wobbly cheeks and dove into his arsehole immediately lapping and sucking at the teen hole. “OHHHHH SHIIIIIIIIIT,” Oli moaned as the sensations sent shivers throughout his body and made his cock pulse. Oli had never felt pleasure like this, and he didn’t ever want It to stop, “Fuck…yeeeeees…deeper…lick my fucking aaaaassssss” Oli moaned as I wrapped my other hand around his cock and began to pump it back and forth whilst shoving my tongue inside the tight heat. Making it drip with my saliva. Oli began to grind his arse against my face his hole rubbing against my lips and nose as I inhaled the pure scent of the teen stud. Fuck me his ass smelled incredible, like pure stud and I couldn’t get enough of it. Oli’s hand reached around and pushed me hard into his ass holding me in place as he threw his head back and closed his eyes muttering, “Fuck…fuck…fuck…fuck yeah.” Oli took his hand away form my head and muttered, “Back-up” I just had enough time to scoot back as he stood on the sofa and backed me up against the back of the sofa before pushing his arse against my face pinning me to the sofa, I immediately began to lick and suck at the tight heat pushing my tongue hard feeling the tight pucker open and close. I continued to wank his fat cock as it dripped Pre-Cum onto the sofa and made my hand so slick and wet. I crammed my face in as hard as I could, and Oli pushed back grinding his ass against my face covering my face in his juices ad he grunted above me. I squeezed the fat juicy cheeks around my face and motorboated the hole the sensations jolting through Oli’s body as his eyes widened and he moaned, “OHHHH FUUUUCK YEEEEES.” He held me in his arse for a few minutes before letting me go, I kissed down his hole before licking his massive lightly haired balls swiping a figure of 8 around the large eggs. “Fuck yeah…lick my nuts” he moaned lifting his cock to give me full access. I licked up and down one of the balls before popping the left one in my mouth and sucking my tongue dancing around the soft hairy skin. Oli grunted above me and began to wank his fat cock the foreskin rolling over the glistening head. I licked all the sweat off his left bollock before popping the right one in making his legs spasm and him grunt, “Oh yyyyeah.” I lapped and sucked on the ball making it slick with my saliva before plopping it out of my mouth and licking up the back of his balls and back into his tight arsehole. He squealed as my tongue rammed inside him once more, a hand quickly bending back to hold me in place as he wiped his arse all over my face. He pushed hard and held me deep inside his cheeks rubbing it back and forth and grunting as I fought for breath, “FUCK…FUCK…STAY THERE” He grunted pushing me as hard as he could before pushing me off his hole and stepping off the sofa. He turned around and chuckled, “Fuck me your covered in my ass juices…that…was…incredible” He sighed rubbing his cock, “I’ve never felt anything like that before my cock felt like I was gonna cum the whole time” Oli leaned down and whispered, “Fancy sucking my cock now then, its nice and wet for sliding deep in your throat” I nodded and he grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me into the kitchen, “Really in here” I asked him as he jumped on the kitchen unit, putting his bare ass on the counter. “Fuck yeah we gonna do something in each room…now come here and slobber over this oh yeah I like it rough and sloppy” I could suck Oli stood up in this position which would be so good for my knees. I bent down, his cock centimetres away from my face, his cock was so close I could smell the Pre-Cum that had oozed from his piss slit, I reached my hand around the steel shaft once more, rolling the foreskin back and forth before moving closer and taking a long swipe across the wet head with my tongue coating it in sticky juices a bead of Pre-Cum sticking to my lips. “Ughhhh Fuck,” Oli moaned above me as I lapped around his cock head flicking my tongue against his sensitive piss slit before licking all the way down his shaft feeling every single bump and vein along the long thick shaft and Oli was purring above me, and his hands were ruffling through my hair. I reached his pubes and took a deep inhale smelling the scent of a pure stud. “Usually have a bit of a bush but decided to trim it today…it’s like I knew” Ollie chuckled as I looked him straight in the eye, “Mate I’d eat this cock bush or no bush” Ollie smiled, “Well next time I won’t trim it.” I smiled, I had this boy hooked, “Oh next time…there will be a next time will there” Oli smiled and grabbed the back of my head, “Shut up and carry on smelling me pubes” Oli pushed on the back of my head moaning, “Yeah…smell my bush… smell my teen chavvy bush.” I pulled myself off his bush and looked up at him as I engulfed his head in my mouth and began to suck hard whilst my tongue paid attention to the underside of his sensitive head, his eyes rolled and he threw his head back moaning, “Yeeeeeeeeees.” He looked down at me in amazement as I began my decent on his cock taking inch after inch into my throat, at around the 6 inch mark his mouth fell open in shock and he threw his head back in sheer pleasure . As I hit his pubes, he braced his legs and fucked it hard into my mouth pushing it as deep as he could moaning, “Ohhhhhhhh god yes nobody can usually deepthroat me fuuuuuuuuck.” I could feel his cock bending and sliding down my throat lodging its way halfway down my throat. “Ughhhh SHIT THAT’S FUCKING DEEP.” He moaned reaching down and feeling his cock deep in my gullet. “Shit bro that’s well deep.” He chuckled as I hummed making my vocal cords vibrate his sensitive cock head this made him thrust his cock upwards stretching my already stretched throat.” Oli clamped his hands around the back of my head pushing his hips as he pulled me down, grunting and groaning, “Fuck…take it all…take my…fucking…cooooooock” He thrust his hips hack and forth throat-fucking me gently. After a couple of minutes, he pulled me off and chuckled, “Fancy a real throat fucking?” I smiled at the stud and chuckled, “Never knew that such a young stud could use his cock like that.” Oli shook his cock at me and smirked, “Well when word got around that I had a beast like this the girls went crazy I’ve pretty much done everything, anal done it vaginal done it,” I learned how to use my cock over the years, but nobody has taken it as well as you.” He stood up from the counter and walked me over to the dining room table, “Right lie on that head over the side…I’m gonna deep dick that throat. bursa escort bayan I knew what he wanted to do, and this made me choke like hard, how did thus stud know at such a young age how to deep dick this hard. I climbed up on the table and led over the side, Oli stood with his legs either side of my head and his cock was waving above my head. I winced as a drip of Pre-Cum leaked from his slit and hit my face. “Sorry dude you’re just making me so horny.” He chuckled bending his legs and sliding the wet cock head into my mouth. He didn’t give me time to think as he sunk his large cock down my throat watching as inch after inch of his fat piece slid into my throat, Before I knew it my face was mashed against his trimmed bush, I tried to stay calm and breathe through my nose. It was usually ok until they started thrusting and held me there. I inhaled hard smelling the musk of a horny hunk. Oli smirked a devilish smile and pinched my nose and fucked his cock in and out of my throat sighing pleasure before spitting at me through gritted teeth, “FUCK…FUCK…SHIT FUUUUUCK.” My vocal cords vibrated and spasmed around his wet cock head sending shockwaves up his cock. I immediately gagged and began to choke, slapping his lightly haired legs to let me off but I knew that it would be to no avail. Oli threw his head back and moaned “No…just fucking take it.” After a couple more thrusts he let go of my nose and pulled it from my throat still holding it in my mouth as I coughed “My god that felt good your throat went so tight” Oli grabbed my head and whispered, “Open your mouth.” I did as told, and he pursed his lips, and a long string of saliva dribbled its way into my mouth and to the back of my throat. “Get ready man that spit is going straight into your stomach” He braced his legs once more and sighed as he slid it deep in my throat, Oli was in awe as he noticed his cock bulging in my throat, he pushed as hard she could before feeling my throat, “Fuck…mate I can’t believe that’s actually my cock inside you.” He fucked his cock back and forth spreading his pre-cum around my throat. Oli smiled and slid his cock out of my throat and slapped his cock against my face the sound filling the room. His hot salty teen juice splashing all over my face. He ordered me to open my mouth and slammed inside me hard and fast, his hips moving extremely fast as his cock fired down my throat like a slingshot. He slid the entire cock inside before pulling back letting the head rest before firing back down again. His face had a pure look of dominance his grunts filled the room and his lips pursed as he fucked and fucked my throat, all I could see was his balls swinging back and forth and fuck me did they look hot. I reached out and massaged the large hairy eggs making Oli purr, “That’s it…rub me balls you’ll be draining them later.” Slap after slap filled the room as a sheen of sweat filled the room. As he was mercilessly slamming my throat an idea came into my head, an idea that he’s gonna really like or really hate, but I decided that it was worth the risk. As he slammed it inside my mouth I swiped some saliva off his balls left there from when I spluttered all over his balls. I made my finger wet and as he slid it inside my throat I pushed my finger between his cheeks and pushed hard firing my finger deep inside his virgin asshole, “FUUUUUCKING HELL WHAT ARE YOU DOING.” Oli sighed as I felt his arse spasm around my finger, all I could think was, “Fuck me this is tight.” His virgin anal walls clamping around my finger as his eyes shot open and he collapsed on top of me sending his cock right down my throat his legs shaking and his toes curling. I still wasn’t sure if he liked this but well my finger was still inside him so it must feel sort of good. Oli cried out above me as I pulled my finger slowly back before pushing it back in twisting it around inside him. “AHHHH FUUUCK…SSSSHIIIIIIT.” Oli cried out and I began to finger fuck his arsehole. He led on me for a couple of minutes, and he adjusted to the finger inside him. My throat stretched by his monster cock as it dripped and oozed into my stomach. Finally, Oli muttered, “I’m standing up don’t shove in.” He stood up and pulled his cock out of my throat, “Fuck mate…wasn’t expecting that at all…at first it hurt like a motherfucker but now my cock is actually throbbing… mate you know my ass is virgin right, nothing ever been inside there…well except that finger” I smiled and slid back inside him watching him throw his head back and his eyes roll back, I was wearing the straight boy as a finger puppet and I freaking loved, it. Oli slid his cock from my throat and ordered, “Stand up.” I slid out of his hole and licked my fingers tasting the incredible taste of his arse juices. “Mate that’s just been up my arse that’s filthy,” he chuckled as he sat on the table and whispered into my ear, “Wanna put some more small things inside me?” I smiled from ear to ear, I had a straight boy asking me to put things inside his near virgin hole, well I certainly couldn’t resist that. I nodded and Oli raised his legs into the air and pulled his cheeks apart making his pink pucker wink at me. I looked around for something to put inside him that was rather small. I looked in the fridge and saw the perfect thing. I pulled out a carrot around 5 inches long and about an inch wide the perfect size for a beginner, Oli’s eyes widened at the sight, “Mate that’s pretty big” He stuttered as I grabbed his cock, “Mate this is going up my arse later and you think that’s big”. Oli shrugged his shoulders, “True…go on then put it in.” I knelt and I sucked on the vegetable before putting it at his entrance teasing his hole making it slick. Oli began to Jerk as I pushed the vegetable against his hole, it gave a lot of resistance he had never had anything more than my finger inside him, but I was strong and finally the hole opened and the Carrot was pushed into his guts Oli threw his head back and screamed into his hand, “FUUUUUUUCK ITS SO BIG.” He began to jerk his cock making It wet, tears filled his eyes as I laughed, I remembered when 5 inches was big . I had 4 inches deep in his ass and his ass was clamping down on it as he adjusted to the anal invasion. I could tell this hurt, so I went to pull it out. Oli put his wet hand on mine and growled through gritted teeth, “Don’t stop…feels good”, Oli’s hole was clamping around the vegetable and he moaned as I pushed and pushed it until it was deep inside his hole, when it was all in, I pulled it out and pushed it back in making Pre-cum shoot from his cock and make his stomach shine, I pushed It in fast and hard making his big balls bounce up and down and James moan, “Fuck…fuck…fuck”. I pushed it in deep and held it there pushing harder until my finger started to go inside as well Oli’s cock was leaking Pre-Cum making his stomach shine as he jerked it faster and faster. I decided to help him and as I thrusted it inside him, I began to suck on his massive balls coating them in my saliva. Before spitting them out and slapping his hands away from his cock, “Let me suck you.” I ordered taking half of his cock into my throat his hands overing his face as he screamed, “YEEEES” into his hands as I sucked with gusto continuing to push the cucumber into his now looser hole. I sucked hard and fast getting faster and faster and thrusting and thrusting until he moaned, “Fuck…gonna…cum.” I ripped the vegetable out of his arse and stepped away as his cock flailed around and he sighed and grunted his face turning red as his orgasm was denied. “Fuck…fuck…fuck,” he sighed through gritted teeth until finally he sighed loud, and he led back on the table. After 5 more minutes he stood up and winced, “Shit my arse is a little sore”. I chuckled and slapped his arse making him cry out a little. Oli smiled that sexy smile, “But fucking hell that was incredible…now shall we go to Will’s bedroom, and I’ll put my carrot in your ass.” I reached out and grabbed his cock making him grunt, “Oliver this cock is more than a carrot more like a fucking cucumber and a large one at that” He smiled and grabbed my hand pulling me up the stairs. I watched his arse wobble as we ran up the stairs and I heard his balls slap against him, I was sure I’d be hearing this sound a lot in a few minutes. We burst into the room and Oli pushed me onto the bed, “Thank fuck Will brought a double bed imagine fucking on that old bunk bed. We burst into the room and Oli pushed me onto the bed, “Thank fuck Will brought a double bed imagine fucking on that old bunk bed. I raised an eyebrow and smirked, “No way…how did you fuck on that small bed” I laughed, “There wasn’t much need for space when he was on top of me” Oli shrugged escort bursa his shoulders, “Suppose so…now let me get up you” Oli grabbed my legs and pushed them into the air and put them on his shoulders. He knelt on the bed and rubbed the fat cock against my quivering asshole. “This is gonna be a rough fuck…I only fuck hard,” Oli chuckled as his pre-cum made my ass glisten. He braced his legs and pushed hard and fast plunging his cock into my ass moaning as it went inside. My ass spasmed around the gigantic shaft and I screamed, “FUUUUUCK SO BIG” Oli slid it all the way inside me in one quick motion, He grunted into his hand as he began to fuck his big hard willy into my ass feeling the sheer tightness on his head and shaft, his big hairy teen balls began to quickly slap against my ass, my ass was on fire again, but I had to get used to this I wanted to please him in any way possible, who knew I could be taking his cock again if I did a good job. His grunts filled the air, and he was muttering, “Fuck, take it… take my fucking cock” as sweat covered his chest. He leaned in putting his head on the pillow by my head and began to jackhammer my arse smash after smash the only sound being heard was the loud slap of his balls against me as we both grunted and groaned. “Fuuuuck this is so good… so much better than even a girls as they can never take it as hard” He grunted loudly as I realised his sweaty body was on top of me. His sweat covering my chest turning me on even more. As Oli leaned up his chest was right in my face and I couldn’t help myself, I leaned forward and took his left nipple into my mouth and began to lick and suck the big pink nip. “What are you do…fuuuuck that feels good” He moaned grinding his cock inside my asshole smearing it with his salty man juices as I bit the pink flesh pulling it, Oli screamed out in pleasure and I felt his cock spit juices inside me” I bit one more time and pulled away as Oli slid his piece out of me and whistled, “Fuck that arse is gaping and shit Will’s sheets are covered in sweat”. I smiled and turned on my side, “Let’s get some more juices on these sheets…salty juices” Oli smiled and led behind me, he raised my leg up into the air and put it on top of his. Oli leaned in and kissed my neck as he slid back inside me once more moaning as it hit the base and I felt his pubes brushing up against my ass. He put one arm around my waist and one around my mouth, I was confused as to why he put his hand on my mouth, but I wasn’t left wondering for long as he began to plunge his cock inside me hard and fast, his face turning to a face of dominance as out bodies made the bed shake and I screamed in sheer pleasure into his hand. Oli smiled and grunted, “Fuck…Yeaaah you like that…you like my…fat…fucking…cock up you” I nodded, and he continued to slam into me harder and harder. Oli turned sideways so he was led on the bed, “Lean forward head in pillow ass up” He ordered, I did as told, and he put his feet on the bed and began to smash the shit out of my ass juices from his cock and ass dripping down his cock as his face turned red in sheer pleasure. Oli put his right arm behind his head and closed his eyes, his armpit was so sexy, it was big and had a patch of wet blonde armpit hair. Now you know I’m a sucker for a sweaty armpit, so I just had to, I leaned in and smelled the pure scent of a stud and before I knew it I rammed my face into his sweaty pit and began to lick and suck on his juices. Oli opened his eyes and moaned, “Fuck…so filthy” His armpit was musky, and I fucking loved it Oli reached out and pressed his hand on the back of my head as he sunk his cock inside me and pushed hard making me scream into his armpit, Oli he let out a loud sigh as I sucked all the sweat from the pits covering my face in a mixture of his salty juices and my saliva, I put the hair into my mouth and sucked it hard tasting his sexy pit hair and teen stud juices and covering it with my saliva. I pulled out and Oli moaned into my ear. “Fuck I’m getting close” He pulled out of me and ordered me on my stomach. I led flat as he slammed inside me making me scream into my hand, this wasn’t the best position for anal because it hurt but I wanted his cum so bad. Oli thrusted and thrusted harder and harder his face becoming redder and redder as he reached down and pinched his nipples, something that he never realised turned him on so much. I squeezed my ass around his cock, and he grunted loudly as his balls began to tighten, I was going to let this boy cum now having stopped his orgasm twice already as his thrusts got more vicious his balls smashed against me until they began to tighten up and I could feel his cock throb inside me. Finally, he thrust into me deep and pushed as hard holding it in place and screaming, “FUCK IM CUMMING…” as he collapsed on top of me and began to cum. He leaned his face up and it was screwed up completely focusing on his orgasm as his legs shook, his toes curling. He screamed as his fat monster exploded shooting 12 shots of thick white salty teen cum deep inside me his body shook, I felt his cock jump inside me, and I felt the cum pour out of the piss slit and he ground his cock around in my ass making the cum coat every inch of my hole. Oli screamed out once more and collapsed on top of me, cum already leaking from my ass as I felt him go soft inside me. Oli pulled out of me with a grunt and led on the bed breathing heavily his sweaty chest rising and falling until he finally regained enough composure to speak, “Fuck…me…that…felt…fucking…incredible” I smiled and chuckled, “Well I did tell you my ass was good”, He raised an eyebrow and smirked, “Well you weren’t lying…let me get a towel to clean you up”. I led on the bed and waited for him to return. When he came back my mouth felt open, “What…what’s up” Oli asked looking confused, I pointed to his cock which was now rock solid once more. “Oh fuck…that usually doesn’t happen…well since I’m hard wanna suck a load out of me see if I can cum that much again.” I shoved his cock into my mouth and sucked it hard tasting a mixture of my own arse juices and his cum. “Ughhhh yeah fuuuuck,” he moaned throwing his head back and pinching his erect nipples. He thrust his hips back and forth not too brutal this time, I sucked hard all the way up and down the shaft coating it with my saliva. I really wanted to taste this boy’s cock and I wanted to make him explode just as hard as he had before. I tongued his sweaty bollocks making him grunt above me. “Fuck…fuck…that mouth is so good” he sighed as his hand went to the back of my head and began to fuck my throat again slamming it in and out. His cock getting wetter and wetter with his own pre-cum. I smirked as an idea came into my head. I quietly reached around and bluntly shoved my idle finger deep inside his tight teen arse. “SHIIIIIIT,” Oli moaned leaning over as I dipped my finger in and out of his hole, as he leaned over it sent his cock spiralling down my throat once more. I continued to finger his ass as he assaulted my throat. Suddenly I felt his balls tighten and he ripped my hand from his ass and pulled his cock from my throat, “Fuck…I wanna cum on his pillows” Oli moaned as he began to wank his cock faster and faster grunting and groaning as his other hand pinched his nipples. He gritted his teeth as his breathing became faster and he gritted his teeth until finally he opened his eyes and moaned, “UGHHHHHHHH…FUUUUUUUUCK” And with that his cock began to shoot, rope after rope of his thick salty man juice exploded covering both me and Will’s pillows. Cum covered my chest and face and I even got a few spurts in my mouth as Oli grunted and groaned above me. His cum tasted fucking incredible so freaking salty and manly. He shot another 9 large ropes of cum all over us. Finally, after the last spurt he sighed and fell back on the bed as I crawled up him and took his semi into my mouth and sucked the juices off his cock. He moaned as it was so sensitive. I spat his cock out and he sighed, “Fuck there’s cum everywhere…shit Will’s pillows are covered in my babies” I chuckled, “They aren’t the only thing covered…you gonna wash the sheets” Oli raised an eyebrow, “Fuck no he can sleep in my cum that’s well filthy.” He handed me a pair of Will’s used underwear and I wiped the cum off me. We looked at the time and it was now 10am, we had been fucking for 7 hours nearly. “Shit we better get dressed and go Will’s getting home soon” we cleaned up and I kept the underwear as something to remember. Oli drove me home and yes…yes I did suck a load out of him as he drove… 7 ropes of cum not bad for a third time cumming, this was certainly a night to remember, and it wouldn’t be the last I would see of Oli This was so hot to write, any feedback is so gratefully received, who do you want back in future chapters? What sexual stuff do you want Cameron to do…? Should he top a straight guy you let me know. Send emails ook

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