Strangers on the Dance Floor

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The room was filled with music and dancing. One after the other nondescript man dancing with her and all she could think about was taking walk in the garden to get some air. Then he came over and silently lifted his hand requesting the dance. His presence let her to believe it wasn’t a request at all. It was a waltz and not one she should dance with a stranger, but her hand went in to his and his other around her waist and the dance began.

He glided her effortlessly across the dance floor. Their feet in one dance, their eyes in their own. His eyes never left hers, penetrating and communicating so much. No words were spoken while they waltzed in the large room where she played as a child. But she didn’t feel like a child now. She felt very much the woman. Their eyes were fixed on each other. She felt his strong hand on her waist, easily guiding her, leading her. She felt small and feminine. His other hand holding hers, formally, properly, but there was nothing proper about his gaze. He saw through her. She knew it, too. She felt heated, flustered. She imagined his strong hands holding her elsewhere – without the hundreds of couples around them – privately, intimately. As if he read her thoughts, gold flecks of lust reflected in his eyes and she blushed knowing he knew what she thought. It was then that he smiled and took her breath away.

He wanted her from the minute he saw her dancing with some clod across the room. He watched her dance with idiot after fumbling idiot until he couldn’t wait any more. He didn’t know what it was about her – her sparkling eyes, the creamy skin that he could almost feel, or the passion he knew was just under the surface. As he danced with her and felt her gaze, he felt that passion reach beyond the surface and touch her cheeks and eyes. He knew she was responding to him and couldn’t help but smile.

His smile was disarming and reached his eyes. She was unprepared for the combination of the gold flecks and his smiling eyes. It was a contageous smile and she returned it with one of her own as she felt the hand around her waist tighten, warming her already flushed body. Amazing how that one hand and magnetic eyes can lead her body and her thoughts so thoroughly. Little did she know.

She found herself sad when the waltz was about to end, there would be no more dancing until after dinner and she found she liked his touch. The music stopped and he spoke to her for the izmir escort first time. “A walk in the garden?” A rhetorical question. If she wasn’t already disarmed with his gold-flecked brown eyes, strong hands, and smile, his voice alone would have accomplished the task. It was warm and had the effect of a brandy warming her body.

She nodded her agreement and let him lead her to the entrance to the gardens. He seemed to know his way, although she never recalled him being at her home. But many of the old homes here were built alike – they looked completely different from the outside, but had the same trappings inside.

He led her out the veranda overlooking the gardens. She felt more in her element out here, as opposed to the stuffy ballroom. Afterall, she played here in her gardens more than she ever did inside. It gave her a comfort that she didn’t have while he waltzed her around the dance floor. He walked, naturally leading her with his hand on her lower back. He was obviously looking for a private nook or cranny in the expansive garden. She turned her head back and smiled at him and in a childlike manner said, “Here, let me show you my favorite spot.”

He smiled at her thick drawl and how her eyes smiled impishly before it reached her mouth. He took her offered hand and had her lead the way through path of gardenias, forsythia, and dahlias. He was amazed at how her behavior changed from the blushing bunch of nerves to the happy, go-lucky impish woman. They walked for a few minutes before she said, “Look!”

He realized that he no longer saw the house behind the magnolias and pecan trees and distantly, in the other direction, he saw the waterfront. There was a beautiful redwood swing that hung from a large magnolia. She went to sit on it when his hands were on her waist keeping her upright. He stared in to her eyes and then her lips and then her eyes again and he knew he had to kiss her. She was caught off guard and he liked the fact he brought the blush back to her face.

She knew he was going to kiss her, but it was an eternity looking in to his eyes before his mouth claimed hers. And they surely did claim them. Her lips became his, his tongue danced with hers in some intimate dance and she knew she was lost. She’d been kissed before, or so she thought. But none had this effect on her. Liquid heat started rushing through her body like rapids on the river and she got lost in the kiss.

She tasted so good, he couldn’t stop. Her mouth fit perfectly with his and he kept probing, tasting, and taking. Normally in control of something as simple as a kiss, this woman made him realize there was no such thing as a simple kiss with her. He pulled back and looked at her again. Her eyes took on another gaze – a hungry one – and this time it was her mouth on his before he realized it. He pulled back again and saw that her lips were puffy, her cheeks had a rosy glow and her eyes glowed in their heat. He pulled her closer still and kissed her again. Their bodies, through all of their formalwear, were moving in a mating dance communicating their mutual need.

Her body was screaming for more and she knew his was as well. She pulled away and took his hand and led him to the place she used to hide as a child when she was in trouble. There was a vine canopy in this little child-made cove. There was no seat here, but the grass bed was plush and he took off his jacket and laid it on the ground leading her to sit.

His mouth moved to the flesh right above her breasts, while his fingers deftly unbuttoning what seemed like 100 buttons along the back of her dress. When enough were undone so that the dress loosened and her breasts spilled and he took a nipple in to his mouth, she lost all breath in her lungs and gasped her pleasure. Her reaction fed him and he took the other one in his mouth and he felt her quiver. He sucked and nibbled on it, tugging it perfectly and her body felt the most intense pleasure soaring from her nipple throughout her whole body. He could feel the intense build she was feeling, the urgency for more, the need to go over that edge. He shifted her dress and put his hand underneath it and felt the heat and moisture through the thin barrier of her underwear. He moved his finger beyond the barrier and entered her as he sucked her nipple hard and he felt her body quake her release just as she moaned out the most beautiful sound. Watching her, hearing her, feeling her cum like that was only an appetizer. He needed more of her.

His finger now covered with her juices, he removed it and showed her what he wanted by simply putting it in his mouth. Her eyes widened and she shifted so that he could remove the dress and anything in his way. Left her in just her stockings and corset, he leaned her back, but she needed to see him. She watched his head dip down and couldn’t stop staring at what he was about to do. She was filled with anticipation and need and his eyes were pure gold – no longer flecked. Her need grew as his head dipped lower and he stuck his tongue out. She felt the heat of his breath right there. She needed what he promised.

He was breathing her in, the aroma intoxicating him. He loved that she needed to watch him, that she couldn’t take her eyes off his every move. His tongue first lapped at her and she couldn’t help the spasm. He took her ass in his hands and kept her still as her knees bent up and widened so he can feast on her. Never did she know such pleasure as his mouth on her. He continued to lap on the most sensitive part of her and she couldn’t stop the quakes. They were coming in long pleasurable waves and so were her moans.

Never did she feel such intense pleasure. She didn’t understand it, nor did she care. She just knew that he seemed to understand her body better than she did.

When she tipped over that edge again, he quickly removed his pants and kneeled back down. “Your shirt, please, I want to see you…” she pleaded and it felt good to him. He unbuttoned his shirt and her hands reached out to feel his flesh. His hair, his skin, it sizzled when she touched it. Like she had electricity at the end of her fingers, he heated under her touch. She pulled him in and kissed his chest. She touched his nipples like he did hers. Her mouth felt so good.

He shifted himself and moved her legs wider. Her eyes were the most hungry and welcoming he’d ever seen and he could wait no longer. His mouth claimed hers as he entered her moist heat. He was drowning inside of her as he felt her wrap her legs around his waist. He loved how she clamped on to him, wondering if she even realized she did it. The need to move now drove him… and he drove in to her. Their hips were in perfect sync, their eyes never leaving each other, he felt her shatter on him again, this time feeling the gush of her cum over his cock as she milked him. He couldn’t stop, nor did she want him to. Driven in their need, he pushed – she pushed back. He kissed her, she kissed him back. He fucked her, she fucked him back. He felt her again and this time said… “Wait for me….”

Hearing his plea, she tried to stop her body from the tornado that was happening inside her. She squeezed and tried to hold back, and he said, “Nowwwww!” And she went over the cliff, tumbling to the oblivion that was so new to her. He joined her in that place where she was… he liked it there.

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