Stripper Story Part 1

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Stripper Story Part 1You have a friend named Anne. Shes petite, 5′ 3″, blonde, 34 B, 48 yrs old. Shes been married for a long time to her second husband but not happy any more. Bored. She was never much of a partier but you guys knew each other from when your k**s played baseball together. You still talk on the phone and see her sometimes. You are talking on the phone one day and she says she saw an ad in the paper for a male strip show at a local club and half jokingly says you guys should go. You say hell yes, and she says, Really? You convince her it would be fun and she agrees to drive.So u and Anne are at the bar and you have dragged her to the front row. She has had a few drinks and finally starting to relax and have fun, giving dollar bills to the different guys and laughing and having a great time. After the show you move to a table in the back and are talking and two of the guys come over. They are dressed in their street clothes and introduce themselves and buy a round for everyone. Maxwell is 6 foot, and either half black/half white or part latino, you cant tell, but he has really green eyes set off against his skin tone. Ronny is 6′ 2″, longer blonde hair and blue eyes. You drink and talk for awhile and they ask if you could drive them to their hotel which is close by, and theyll get some drinks for everyone at the hotel bar. Cheaper than a cab, they joke.Once at the hotel you have a few more drinks and talk about dancing and everyone is getting a little tipsy. Bodies are brushing against each other as people get up to get drinks or use the bathroom. Nothing overt, just little subtle things. Eventually you say, Well why dont you guys give us a private show? They laugh and say sure! Everyone gets up and you and Anne stop by the bathroom first. She grabs your arm and says, OMG are you sure about this? You respond, of course, whats the harm, dont you wanna see a private dance? She laughs and says hell yes, those guys are hot! You all get on the elevator and head up to the room. Once inside they tell you to sit on the couch and enjoy your drinks while they shower up real quick. So you tell Anne you’re gonna call me and to sit tight. You go out on the patio and call me. You actually get ahold of me (shocker!) and tell me whats happening. Of course I’m excited and turned on! You say, you want me to leave the phone on babe, so u can listen? And I say, R U k**ding! Of course! So u tell me you’ll pick it up later and give me a kiss and go back inside. You lay the phone on the table next to the sofa and sit down next to Anne, who is obviously buzzed and on pins and needles. She grabs your arm and says, what do you think is gonna happen? What are they gonna do? You tell her to relax, shes gonna see a really sexy show up close! Just for her! She smiles and grabs your arm and says ok!, just dont leave me! You laugh and rub her back and say don’t worry it’ll be ok!You are both laughing hysterically now as Max and Ronny walk back into the room. They are dressed ordu rus escort in their dancer outfits and Max dims some of the lights and Ronny lights a few candles that are in the room. They now both begin dancing seductively in the living room area. Not fast, just slow and methodical as they begin to unbutton their shirts and rub their chests. Anne is holding her drink in one hand and grabbing your arm and squeezing it with the other. The guys are moving a little closer now and are starting to pull off their pants. Once they are down to their thongs they are moving in front of you, running their hands across their bodies and swaying to an unheard beat. Ronny moves closer to Anne and begins dancing in front of her as Max moves in front of you. You can smell his cologne and clean skin and he takes your hand and puts it on his chest. Your hand moves with his rythym and you bring your other hand around his waist to pull him closer. Your hands start to move to his tight stomach and you see Ronny is doing the same with Anne, her eyes focused on his body.Max pushes your hands downward and you run them over his thong and you can feel his hard cock straining against the material. you look up at him as you reach over and undo the clasp on the side as his cock springs up, causing his thong to spin around and drop down his other leg. His cock is long, 8 and a half inches you think and thick, sticking up at a 45 degree angle right in your face. You see his clean shave balls tight against his body and the fat head wet at the tip with precum. You glance over and Ronny has his cock out now. Its longer, maybe 9 and a half and even thicker than Max’s, but his cock is sticking straight out with a slight downward bend. You can see the thick veins in his cock as he brings it towards her open mouth and she begins to suck it.You look up as you feel his hands on your shoulders and the wet tip of his cock graze your cheek. You open your mouth and take a big gulp, pulling as much as you can in one take and slowly letting it out. He moans as you move your hands to his tight ass cheeks and slowly move him in and out of your mouth. You pull your mouth off a few times to let him see the spit and Anne says, damn Tammy, where did you learn that!? You say, my boyfriend, he’s listening right now! Everyone laughs and says really?, as you pick up the phone and hold it next to his cock as I hear you slurping and sucking loudly for me on his cock. Anne goes back to sucking Ronny but you can see she is struggling with it.The guys pull you both up and remove your clothes slowly, taking care to kiss your arms and necks and not go to fast. Once Anne is naked you watch as Ronny picks her up and he sits down on the couch, lowering her onto him, his arms under her legs. As she slides onto his huge cock she moans and says Oh my god you’re so big! She slowly begins riding him, taking more and more with each stroke. You take Max by the hand and pull him down with ordu rus escort bayan you to watch from behind. You are both on your knees behind them now, watching as she slowly works her pussy up and down his long thick shaft. You reach over and begin playing with his cock and her pussy, running your hands all over the action. Max comes forward and pushes your face closer to it and you begin licking all over. He joins in and you are both licking her ass and pussy and his cock and balls. Both of them are moaning in pleasure as you hear her say YES YES YES, and you see her creamy white cum starting to appear on his shaft.You can feel Max’s rock hard cock against you and you tell him you want to feel it in you. He moves behind you and you feel his strong hands grip your waist as he slides his swlloen head against you r clit and then pushes into your already sopping wet pussy. You say OH YES! as he slowly begins stroking it into you. You tell him to give you more, give it all to you and you can feel him now beginning to put every inch in you. You start playing with her asshole and you see Max reach over and hand you a bottle of lube. You lube up your fingers and her ass and begin to finger her ass. At first she says slow but after a while she is taking a few fingers and you are working her good.Max then reaches down and scoops you up, lays you on your back on the couch and puts his cock back in you. You run your hands down his muscular arms and you can feel the veins bulging as you look down and see him thrusting every inch of his long hard cock in you. You look next to you and Ronny has put Anne on the carpet in mish and it looks like hes doing push ups on top of her. You can hear her saying Oh my god, Oh my god, more, more, as he thrusts into her. You can hear her wet pussy and the sound of his balls slapping against her ass, her short legs pinned back with his thick arms.You feel the orgasm building inside and Max tells you to cum and you release it, waves hitting you as he keeps stroking you, his powerful arms keeping you in place. He pulls you up then and you both move towards Ronny and Anne. Max tells you to sit on her face and you squat down and shove your pussy on her mouth and she begins licking like a hungry dog. Max stands next to you and you take his cock in your mouth and suck it hard as he groans and says, godammit, shit!! He pulls out of your mouth and says You’re gonna make me cum if you keep that up! He and Ronny laugh and there is a gargled murmur from between your legs as Anne tries to laugh.Ronny pulls out and stands and takes you by the hand to stand up. Anne sits up almost dazed and Max takes her puts her doggie on the couch. He whispers to you, finger her ass again. Both guys stand by as you lube up her ass and your fingers and begin fingering her ass. She asks you to start slow but soon you are really working her. Max stands on the couch above her and squats down and you take his cock in your rus ordu escort hand like a giant dildo and begin working it into her ass. Rubbing it against her asshole at first and then pushing the head in. She is squirming a little and saying oh god, oh fuck but you get the head in and he begins to slowly push it in. As your doing this you feel Ronny put his hands on your shoulders and slowly slide his big cock into you. Your eyes widen and you let out a long moan as you feel him enter and push deep inside you. YES YES you say give it to me! Fuck me with that big dick! You fall to your knees with your ass in the air, his hands on your shoulders, pulling you into him harder now, your wet pussy taking all of his cock now and you feel the orgasm coming. You tighten down and cum on him and you hear him say Jesus! Damn that feels good! Cum for this big dick! You can feel the gush coming and spraying all over him, running all down your legs. As you come out of the fog of orgasm you can hear Anne saying Oh god yes, oh shit yes, more, give it to me!! You look up and Max is still mounted over her, but now he is hammering her. You can see his big cock pounding into her ass and hear his balls slapping against her wet pussy.You grab the lube and reach back, lubing up your ass and Ronny’s cock and you start to work the head into your ass. Ronny says, Are you sure? And you say yes, I wanna feel the big cock in my ass. You work him in just like you practice and soon his hands are on your ass, spreading your cheeks and slowly stroking your ass with his thick long cock. Its not like the dildo, softer, but still thick. You can feel every inch and you close your eyes and moan, more , more, yes yes, fuck my ass motherfucker, fuck it good, cmon!Ronny cant take any more and says Im gonna cum! You say in my ass motherfucker, put all that hot, young cum in my ass! You can feel him release, his huge cock swelling and contracting and the warm wet rush of his cum unloading in your tight asshole. You moan and say oh shit as you cum and gush, quivering with excitement. He is groaning and cursing and you feel his body twitching as you push against him to get every now softening inch. You look up and the sounds have been too much. Max pulls out and brings Anne down with you, your faces together as he strokes his cock furiously, screaming OH SHIT, and the cum begins to spurt from his cock. The first shot is like a river, it doesnt shoot out, put it pours into Annes open mouth. The next few spurts are powerful! They hit you in the nose and mouth and chin and he unloads the rest on Anne with one grazing her ear and another in her hair, the rest going in her mouth. He is yelling oh fuck, oh shit and you both grab his cock and suck it clean, swapping his cum between your mouths as he tries to stay on two feet. Eventually he falls on the couch quivering while Ronny is standing behind you both, running his hands over your bodies and you notice that his limp cock is still 7 inches long and a long trail of cum hangs from the head. All of you collapse to the ground, alot of panting and heavy breathing. Your pussy and ass are tingling. Your nipples are still hard. Anne looks dazed but you see her staring at Ronny’s cock as she leans over and starts sucking him again. Oh shit, you say, here we go again.

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