Summer in the Hamptons Ch. 02

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Mike Robertson woke up to the sound of his alarm clock, and rubbed his eyes. He was slightly tumescent, as he in his half-awake and half-asleep state found himself thinking of Siobhan, and the evening that they had spent together.

After their nap, they had looked at each other. “What now?” Mike had asked. Siobhan had pulled the sheet up to her chin, and looked away. “Whatever must you think of me? Throwing myself at you like that?” Mike had stroked her shoulder, “Hey. Don’t take on. You didn’t throw yourself at me. We both needed this, we both enjoyed it. I don’t think any the less of you; in fact, I think the more of you. The question is, where do we go from here?”

Siobhan had turned back to face him and looked him in the eyes. “You’re right. It was good, and we both needed it. However, I’m not ready for a relationship. Can we leave it that we’ll stay in touch and maybe help each other out when we need something?” Mike had nodded, and agreed. After getting dressed, they had parted with a lingering kiss.

Now that his employers, Mr & Mrs Leigh, had arrived, Mike’s days and evenings were pretty full. He started work at 7:30 in the morning, to help the cook with breakfast, then supervised the local housekeepers as they cleaned the house. The Leighs generally had a light lunch, then took a nap in the afternoon. In the evenings, they either ate out or entertained a few old friends to dinner, which Mike served. His day ended at about 11 pm, when he fell in to bed. His favorite times were Wednesday and Thursday, which were his days off and he was free to either return to the City, or just potter about Easthampton.

One morning in mid June, Mr Leigh looked up from his breakfast and said, “Oh, Michael, I almost forgot. We’ve been invited to join a party on a three weeks’ cruise on Mr X’s yacht, and we’ll be away from Friday. Would you be kind enough to help Mrs Leigh with the packing?”

“Of course, Sir.” Replied Mike, his heart rising at the thought of a couple of easy weeks. “One more thing, Michael, my niece, Patricia, will be here next week. We invited her before we were asked to join the cruise, as she’s having a bit of a rough time since her divorce. I know you’ll look after her. Also, my other niece, Joanne, will be here the following week.”

Again, “Of course, Sir.” was the only reply open to Mike as he gloomily saw his easy time vanish at the thought of Patricia’s arrival. He remembered her from previous visits, a somewhat spoiled Upper East Side trust fund kid, she had made three very ill advised marriages before she was 30. Somehow, she had emerged from each marriage with a larger fortune, but at some cost to her emotional well-being. Mike knew that her latest divorce had been even more draining than the first two, as Patricia had to endure the public’s glee as the facts of her husband’s several infidelities had been spread over the tabloid press. Several of these infidelities had been with other couples and with men, and somehow the paparazzi had managed to take her photograph emerging from the clinic where she had gone for an AIDS test. Mike knew that she would probably be an easy house guest, unlike her cousin Joanne, who at nearly 35 had remained single, knew the biological clock was ticking away and seemed to behave more like a spoiled brat the older she got.

Having seen his employers safely off on their cruise, Mike had a fairly relaxed weekend. He had called Siobhan, but she had a house full of guests and wouldn’t be able to see him. sancaktepe escort Monday morning found him at Easthampton airport, to meet Patricia Leigh Travers when her helicopter arrived. She greeted him somewhat abstractedly, and waited in the car whilst Mike helped the pilots load her bags in to the back. As they drove to the house, Mike explained to Patricia that her Uncle and Aunt were away. “I know” she said, “They sent me an email. That’s OK – I just need a week or so to totally relax and get my head together. I know you’ll look after me, you always do.”

As Patricia settled in to her room with one of the housekeepers helping her unpack, Mike spent a few minutes chatting with the cook. They decided that Patricia was looking tired and that they would do their best to help her relax.

As the week passed by, the staff found Patricia to be an undemanding and appreciative houseguest. She took her meals when she said she would, and spent much of her time sunbathing by the pool, or sitting under an umbrella reading her book. Mike made sure that she had a good supply of cold drinks in the coolbox, and checked regularly to see if she needed anything. On the afternoon of her last day, Friday, he made one of his usual trips out to the poolside, and immediately noticed that something was wrong. Patricia, normally a strong swimmer, was floundering in the pool and was obviously in some distress. Dropping his cell phone and PDA on the ground, Mike dived in, and with a couple of lengthy strokes was at her side. Panicking, Patricia started to claw at Mike, but he was able to turn her so that she had her back to him, and supporting her struggling form on top of his body swan backwards to the shallow end, where he was able to get both her feet on the bottom. He held her from behind at arms length, his hands on her upper arms, as she recovered sufficiently to be led to the steps and he helped her out of the pool. She shakily sat down in a chair, as Mike got a towel and wrapped it round her shoulder. “Are you alright, Miss Patricia?” he asked, “What happened?”

Patricia shuddered and seemed to shrink into the towel. “I don’t know. I got cramp, and couldn’t move. I should have left it longer after lunch before I went in the pool.”

Mike looked concernedly at her as she shivered, despite the warmth of the day. “Can I get you anything?” he asked. “You should probably see a doctor.”

“I’m fine” she replied. “I’ll just lie here and have nap, and I’ll be good. You need to get dried off, though.”

Mike picked up his things, and started towards the house. Hearing Patricia call his name, he turned back and walked over to her. She stood, placed a hand on his shoulder and, looking him in the eye, said, “Thank you Mike. You saved my life.”

“Miss Patricia, you’re so much more than welcome.”

That evening, Patricia was quiet as Mike served her dinner, and afterwards he sent the housekeeper to her room to help her pack whilst he arranged for the car service to come and collect her at six the next morning.

Having spoken with the helicopter pilot and confirmed that the weather looked good for Patricia’s flight in the morning, Mike went to her room, tapped respectfully on the door, and waited to be summoned in. Patricia sat at the desk, and he reported that all was set for her departure and flight. She rose from her chair, and walked towards him holding an envelope. “Mike, here is some money for the ümraniye escort staff, you’ve all looked after me so well this week. Would you share it around?”

“Of course, Miss Patricia. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay.”

“There’s just one thing, Mike – I still haven’t thanked you properly for this afternoon. You did save my life.”

“Think nothing of it, Miss. It’s what I’m here for, and I’m just glad I was in the right place at the right time. Now, is there anything else that I gat get for you this evening?”

“No thank you, Mike. Good night.”

Saying his own “Good night, Miss Patricia” Mike left the room. After making his usual security round, he retired to his own room and after his usual bath, retired to bed.

He was awoken by the sound of his door being opened, and as he blinked his way into consciousness, he became aware of the presence of somebody in his room. Switching on his bedside light, he saw Patricia standing by the door wearing a blue Chinese silk robe. “Miss Patricia” he said, “I’m sorry – did I sleep through a call? What can I do for you?”

Patricia walked slowly towards the bed. “Mike. I couldn’t sleep. I need to say thank you properly.” As she said that, she undid the belt of her robe, slowly let it slide from her shoulders and to the floor and stood before him in all her naked glory. Mike already had a fairly good idea as to what her body looked like from having seen her in her bathing suits all week, but what he hadn’t been able to se were the alabaster white breasts topped with raspberry pink nipples that grew as he looked. Neither had he seen the perfectly trimmed bush of pubic hair, almost the color of her tanned skin but set within the larger white triangle where her bikini briefs had shielded her from the sun. She pulled back his bedcovers, and climbed onto the bed beside him. “Miss Patricia – please don’t think that you need to do this.” protested Mike, but his protests were cut short as Patricia kissed him gently on the lips silencing him. “Mike, please, I want to do this. Let me say thank you in my own way.”

She kissed him again, and when her mouth opened slightly he felt her small tongue flickering against his lips. Tasting her toothpaste, Mike parted his own lips and her kiss intensified as she explored the inside of his mouth. Meanwhile, she snuggled into his shoulder, and her free hand fluttered over his chest and down over his stomach. Finding his growing penis, she fondled it gently into full erection. As she did this, unable to help himself, Mike found himself stroking her back with one hand and her side with the other, until that hand reached the side of her breast. Gently, she removed his hand and returned to fondling him. A little confused as to precisely what she wanted, Mike moved his hand down her stomach until he reached her bush, when, again, she gently removed his hand.

“What . . .” he began only to be interrupted once again with a kiss.

“No, Mike.” She said, “This is my thank you to you. It’s all about you, tonight, so just relax and enjoy.” She continued kissing and fondling him for a minute two, then broke the kiss and began to move down his body, planting small kisses all the way, until she reached his penis. Still holding it gently in her hand, she kissed the end, before gently peeling back the foreskin and taking the glans fully into her mouth. Slowly stroking the shaft, she began to roll her tongue around the glans tuzla escort and began a series of gentle sucks that Mike found almost exquisite. Her hand wandered a little, and as well as his penis she began to tease his scrotum with her fingernails. Mike could do little but look down at the top of her head as she delicately worked on him, and noticed her move her body so that she was lying on his leg. He felt her adjust her position, and was suddenly aware of her pubic hair on his foot as she began to rub herself against him. Just as he began to sense moisture there, she stopped her ministrations, and moved up his body. Straddling him, she smiled, and said, “Sorry about that, but it was the quickest way that I could get wet for you.”

With that she guided his penis into position, rubbed the end against her clitoris a few times, then slowly lowered herself onto it. She remained motionless for a moment – her knees bent under her, her body upright and impaled upon Mike’s throbbing shaft. Using her knees and hips, and remaining upright, she began to move up and down. Once again, Mike reached for her breasts, and as he touched them she stopped him again, and repeated, “No. This is just for you.”

“But it doesn’t work that way for me. I need to see that I’m giving pleasure as well as getting it.” said Mike. She let go his hands, and leaned forward slightly to put her hands on Mike’s chest as he caressed her breasts, cupping them in his hands and feeling the nipples rub against his palms. She leaned back again, and Mike could only just reach her nipples with his fingertips. Lightly flicking alternate nipples with his left hand, he slid hi right down into their sopping and commingled pubic hair, as he sought out her clitoris with his thumb. A whimper told him when he had found his mark, and he began to flick it gently with his thumb as she began to increase the pace. Patricia shuddered into an orgasm that she had never sought, and Mike struggled a little to try and reach his own, but without success as Patricia fell forward onto him, uttering little squeaks and moans of delight, planting small kisses on his cheek which began to decrease as she descended from her orgasmic high. Sensing Mike still squirming a little beneath her, Patricia chuckled a little, kissed him on the lips, and said, “I’m sorry. This was meant to be for you.” So saying, she grabbed hold of him, and rolled them both over in the bed so that they were in the missionary position. Wrapping her legs around his, and grasping his buttocks, she told Mike, “Go ahead, please, use me. I want to feel you come deep inside me.”

Mike by this time needed no second invitation, and began thrusting with increasing speed. Despite being fully sated, Patricia wanted to help and thrust back against him. Before a rhythm could really be established, Mike felt the familiar boiling sensation at the base of his penis, and with a shudder, emptied himself in Patricia’s sodden womb.

Mike withdrew his shrinking penis from Patricia and lay on his back beside her as they both got their breath back. Mike started to say something, but Patricia put her finger to his lips. “Don’t say anything, Mike. Let’s just accept this for what it was.” So saying, she slipped from the bed, put on her robe, and was gone.

The next morning, Mike was on hand to see Patricia into her waiting car. “Goodbye, Miss – it’s been a pleasure having you.” Said Mike, with a straight face.

“The pleasure was mine,” she replied with a small smile playing on her lips. “Have fun with my cousin Joanne next week.”

As the car prepared to leave, Mike saw Patricia’s window open. “Mike, would you do me a favor?” she asked.

“Of course, Miss Patricia. What can I do?”

“Just this, Mike. When you write your memoirs, don’t use my real name, will you.”

“Of course not, Miss Patricia. Of course not.”

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