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Surprise ReferralFor those who follow my posts (everyone of them is factual, not fantasy), you know I’ve been a long-time sexual mentor of newbies and youngers. You also know that, as a mature bi guy, I share my experience – knowledge – patience – creativity without restriction (as long as prospective newbies/youngers are legal age of consent).Today, I had a visitor who showed up out of the blue. Most often, lately, my playmates/students have been male. Most are either university students or faculty. I do my best to introduce people to an alternative side of sexual pleasure. The visitor who surprised me is a female. A sophomore at the local university, I discovered she was referred by a university student (male) who was friends with this young woman. She is a flag bearer for the marching band, and is occasionally in the mascot costume. She knocked on my door. When I answered, I was pleased to see a very sweet and lovely young woman. She’s about 5’5″ – auburn hair – fair complexion – and a lovely smile. Her eyes sparkle like diamonds. She introduced herself as Maggie, and said she was a friend of Damon (that was a reliable referral, as Damon and I have been carrying on for about a year. I asked her what I could do for her, and her response was “I’m a sexual virgin, and have been afraid to open up to guys on campus. So many are a-holes!” I chuckled, and invited her in. My place is fairly small, but has a very cozy living room with nice furniture and a gas fireplace. I invited her to sit, and offered her a beverage. When I took her coat, she was sporting a pair of purple leggings and a white & purple V-neck knit top. Nice shape, overall – especially her tits and thighs. I asked her to expound on her “a-hole” comment, and she said “The guys think they’re all it – and like I’m supposed to just fall into bed with them!” I nodded, with no chuckle this time. “Yes, college boys (and, they ARE boys) can be like that. They have no life experience, and limited people skills. Let’s canlı bahis talk more about why you’re really here!” She responded with “Damon said you’re a very kind, gentle man with great skills – most of all, respect. That’s what I seek!”As we sat and sipped our beverages, I couldn’t help noticing beads of sweat on her upper lip. Her breathing was heavy and rapid. I said, “Maggie, the first thing we need to do is get you to relax. It seems you’re really wound up tight!” She replied, “Well, yes – I’m about to give up my virginity, so it’s a big deal!” I replied with, “Well, if you trust Damon, you can surely trust me to do the right thing by you!”I continued with “Let’s get you unwound. I have a jetted tub in my master suite. Let’s get you some hot water and turn on the jets. I’ll put some relaxing music on my iPhone, and you can use my wireless ear buds.” She nodded, and we went to the master suite. I started the water running, got her a towel, and said she could get undressed & in the tub. In spite of her seeming nervousness, she seemed to sigh and say “Thanks!” I stepped into the bedroom part of the suite, so she could be alone to prepare for the tub. Naturally, I have mirrors all around the tub and vanity. It was easy to catch glimpses of her as she stripped.”I’m ready” she shouted. I entered the tub area, and she was in the water that was not yet covering her tits. I thought she’d cover her tits with her arms, but she did not. I commented that she already seemed more relaxed, as I saw her clothing folded and lying on the vanity. Her tits were nicely sized, but the big attraction was her areolae. They are uniform in size and darkness, quite large (a big turn on for me). Her nipples were the size of Early June Peas. We talked as the water level rose, and soon I turned on the jets. “OK, Maggie, slide forward and let the jets bring you down to comfort and relaxation!” She did so without hesitation. I noticed her cunt lips were bare, but she kept a full bush on her bahis siteleri mons. I love hair on a woman. We stopped talking, and I let the water flow and music do their magic. It looked as though she was about to fall asleep, but it was simply the grand effects of the environment.I told her it was about time to get out, so she didn’t get “pruned.” She giggled, and out she came – before I could leave. With that, I grabbed the oversize bath towel and began to blot the water from her lovely form. I paid special attention to her tits and crotch and ass. Once dry, I offered her a massage (I used to be in health care, and massage for in-hospital patients was a skill I’d acquired.’ The bed was only a few steps from the tub, so she was lying down in a jiffy. I gave her a good, firm head to toe massage – with the music still playing. I’d offered her another towel with which she could cover up, but she declined. I continued, working my muscle magic about her lovely form. I made sure her tits were not neglected, and eventually got to her thighs. As I mentioned, she has lovely thighs that terminate at the partly shaved/partly nude cunt.As I completed a thorough stimulation of her body, I returned to her thighs and massaged them some more. I asked if she was OK with it, and she sighed a sigh of approval. I asked her to part her thighs a bit, and she dutifully did so. Now, her lovely cunt was fully exposed. I told her we could stop any time, and she said “OK.” I began breathing and blowing warm air on her exposed slit. She wriggled immediately, but did not stop me. I got closer, so the warm air from my lungs would be most effective. I looked up at her, and said, “Maggie, I’m about to give you oral sex. Are you ok with that? Has anyone ever done it for you?” She moaned, and said, “Only when I was in high school, and I had a gf for a sleepover. We got crazy and began to experiment. She went down on me, but only used her tongue. No penetration!”I assured her we’d be fine, and for bahis şirketleri her to just go along for the ride. I did what I love best – giving a woman full attention, with a goal of completely selfless pleasure to her. I licked and nibbled and massaged, all the while using the blowing technique on her pubes. She was gaining intensity in her breathing, and her back – butt – thighs were squirming and arching. The moans increased in intensity, and I knew she was loving it. I stopped long enough to say, “Maggie, massage your clit while I use my mouth on you. Let’s do this together! It’s all for you!”Maggie joined me with stimulating her cunt, and we were in concert with our movements. She would writhe and buck a bit, and that told me we were on the right path. We continued, and I would sneak glances at her tits – firm and all, with some great movement to them. We continued for a bit, but I soon sensed her reaching a sexual crescendo, and was about to orgasm. With that, I opened my mouth – laid my tongue on her clit and finger – and worked my tongue like a machine gun. She screamed, arched very high, and I watched her slit gush. It was a sight and sound and aroma to behold. It took her a few minutes to completely come down from her O.I laid next to her, holding her – still naked – and we spoke some more. I said, “Maggie, the reason I did this was to instill in you a trust level that Damon shared with you. I wanted you to experience what a REAL man – a civilized, mature man would do with you. Young guys tend to be about themselves, not so much about the woman. This was your first lesson, without penetration, but also showing you the pleasure you can receive from a true man who “gets it!”We lay there for awhile longer, discussing future visits. I confirmed if she wanted to return, and she said “Oh, FUCK yes! When can I come back!” We arranged a date & time, and I look forward to her return. We’ll discuss how she’d like to progress, and I’ll throw out some ideas for her. We’ll also confirm if she wants to surrender her cherry to me, or to save it for a bf.Maggie is a delight. 19 y/o, nearly 20, and will be provided an education she wouldn’t get on campus. I’ll post again after her next visit.

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