The Adventures of Katie and Sarah Ch. 11

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Katie and Sarah arrived at the library knowing their sorority charity work would be completed following the end of their shifts.

However, once they got to the front circulation desk, they learned the library was closed for inventory and were told to report directly to the locker room. Both girls were happy that they would not be bothered by library patrons who mainly wanted to molest them instead of asking for any help locating books.

Sarah and Katie hurried off to the locker room and slipped out of their clothes. They opened the lockers and two sets of wrist cuffs and their old name collars. Katie’s collar said Pussy Whore and Sarah’s collar said Cunt.

The wrist cuffs were black and were independent of each other, but had circle hooks on them. The neck collars also had the same hook. Each helped each other with their uniforms and then walked out to see Miss Worthington with their bodies on full exhibit for all to see.

“Katie, Sarah, today you will start your work on the top floor and go down from there. You must obey everything you are told and you must work the entire time you are here. Do not let me catch you lallygagging about or daydreaming like you little girls like to do.”

“Yes Miss Worthington.”

Sarah and Katie walked up five flights of stairs to reach the seventh floor. Mrs. Huffington, the librarian on the seventh floor, where most of the local history books and information was stored, was waiting.

“Girls, come over here. Come here, I want to show you something.”

The girls walked over and saw that she was holding a series of chains. She hooked chains through the girls wrist cuffs, tied a chain from their neck cuff to a hook on the wall, and pulled on a lever which lowered a rope with a hook at the end from above.

“Put your wrists over your heads so they go over the hook,” she said. Soon their bodies were lifted off the ground.

“Stay put while I get the others,” she said.

“Oh no,” Sarah said.


“They are going to use us as their library sluts.”

Miss Huffington walked back with three other librarians. She lowered the lever so the girls were forced to their knees with their hands still over their heads. Each of the women came forward and sat their pussies on the girls’ faces, grinding themselves into them and slipping lower and shouting orders to lick them out. The women traded off of Katie and Sarah so each woman got off twice. Both girls had cum matted on their faces.

Miss Huffington pulled the lever and lifted the girls up again and returned with three more girls.

This went on until Sarah and Katie had satisfied 12 women in the library. They were let down off of the contraption, but their wrists were tied behind their backs with a chain connecting to our neck, forcing them to raise their wrists behind their back in an awkward and painful way.

“You girls are finished here, now go to the sixth floor and report to Miss Carrington,” she said. Both of the girls struggled down the steps and once arriving saw Miss Carrington wearing a black leather strap outfit with cutouts for her ass, tits and pussy.

“Come over here sweet lovelies,” she said. She removed the girls’ chains and aydınlı escort told them to lay on two tables side-by-side each other. There, Miss Carrington tied the neck cuffs to a hook on the table, and tied their wrists to opposite ends of the table. She left and returned with two of the eminence workers they saw pushing mops around. They were burly looking women who had rough appearances.

Both stripped out of their clothes and revealed large strap-on cocks, which looked as long as Sarah’s forearm and as just as thick. One woman got in front of Katie and dipped her cock into Katie’s pussy. She ordered Katie to wrap her legs around the woman’s back as she started thrusting deep into Katie’s pussy. The other women was fucking Sarah in the same fashion, and both were going at a furious speed and brought both girls to several orgasms before they unhooked themselves from the cocks and sat on the girls’ faces, grinding their pussies down and making them lick them out before they came and shook the tables below.

The woman was still on top of Katie when she felt the thrusting start again. She got up and Katie saw another woman had hooked herself up to the cock and was fucking her silly. This routine went on for at least an hour, with women fucking the girls and then sitting on them while other women took their place at their pussies.

When Miss Carrington untied them and told us to leave, both girls were covered in come and sweat and reeked of the same.

“Katie, I don’t think I can take this any longer,” Sarah said as they began to walk down the steps to the fifth floor, trying not to let their feet slip as they were covered with sweat and cum from the gangbang.

“It’s getting to be too much.”

“Sarah, we have to finish,” Katie said, nearly vomiting from their stench. “We have to complete this assignment.

Arriving at the fifth floor, a Miss Henderson was waiting with two large paddles in her hands. She ordered the girls to stand against the wall where she tied their wrist hooks above their heads and used her feet to spread the girls’ legs apart.

Without warning she began smacking the girl’s asses at the same time with each swat hurting more than the last one. Miss Henderson was grunting from her own excitement. The paddling continued for at least 20 minutes, then stopped. Miss Henderson left the girls alone for a moment, then returned with a whip with several strands at the end. She used the whip against the girls’ red asses, swinging it at Katie and then Sarah and then back again.

She left again and returned with a spiked paddle. “This bitch is really nuts,” Katie thought to herself.

Miss Henderson took the paddle to Sarah’s and Katie’s asses to the count of 30 for each, leaving them in tears and so excited by the paddling they both had puddles of their own cum between their legs.

Miss Henderson untied the girls and said, “Get the fuck out of here sluts. I have no more use for you tonight. You must report to the fourth floor.”

Both Sarah and Katie could hardly walk, but managed to step slowly to the stairwell, then ease down the steps to the fourth floor, where Miss Kennedy was waiting for them behind bağdat caddesi escort her desk.

“Katie, it has been some time since I last saw you. Where did your lovely blue tits go?” she said, recalling the time Rita colored my areolas blue and Lacy colored my nipples black.

“Yes Miss Kennedy,” Katie struggled to say.

“Come here girls, you have to spend some time helping me and my girls get through this inventory we have. You know it builds up a lot of stress in us, and getting it out is the best way to work through the night.”

Miss Kennedy put chains through their wrist cuffs and pulled them over to a bench. She made the girls lean over the back so their boobs were resting on the top, then she tied the chain between their wrists to the floor, keeping them from moving. All of a sudden Katie felt a finger start massaging her ass. One finger, then two, then three, and when they pulled out, a metal strap-on cock starting running like a piston in her ass. Looking over at Sarah, Katie saw Miss Kennedy giving Sarah the same treatment.

After a few minutes the women switched and now Miss Kennedy was doing Katie and Katie saw that her good friend, Ashley, was the other woman, and was fucking Sarah’s ass.

Miss Kennedy kept pumping while she leaned over to squeeze Katie’s nipples which were sticking out like No. 2 pencil erasers. They were engorged as was her pussy, and she came all over the bench. Sarah and Katie stayed on the bench for about two hours, taking it up their ass by different women using strap-ons.

The girls were in a daze when Miss Kennedy let them loose, but let their wrists cuffed behind their backs.

“Girls, your services are no longer needed here,” said Miss Kennedy, standing naked and now butt fucking another girl sprawled out on her desk. “You girls need to get down to the third floor and see Miss Habernathy.”

Katie could see it was already pitch black outside and wondered how much more was in store for them. They struggled down the steps and found Miss Habernathy who told the girls to get on their knees and crawl to her. This was actually a release as walking was difficult from all the anal fucking and spanking they had endured.

They crawled to the middle of the room where Miss Habernathy tied their wrists to hooks on the floor and tied their neck cuff to a long chain to the floor, which kept them from moving their head up too high.

“Until you get released you are my property. Do not disappoint me and you will be released,” she said. With that, a bunch of girls walked into the room from behind. They each took turns making the girls suck their strap-on cocks and fucked us with the same cocks. At times Sarah and Katie were gang-banged with three cocks at the same time.

It was hard hearing anything with all the commotion of girls screaming that they were cuming or that they needed to fuck a bitch now. Katie tried to keep her concentration but was lost after having an orgasm and then another. The motion on her pussy was non-stop and she could not keep count of how many times she came. Sarah heard girls say cum was gushing out of her pussy every time they pushed their bahçelievler escort strap-on cock inside.

Hours had passed before all the girls were tired themselves. Miss Habernathy untied Katie and Sarah and told them to go to the main floor. Sarah and Katie walked hand-in-hand down two flights of stairs and saw Miss Davies in circulation. She took them behind the desk and forced them to eat her out. Miss Davies was a middle-aged lady who had worked at the library for many years. Katie went first and then Sarah, both of them licking her off to orgasm. Katie went back for a second time and Sarah had to lick at her ass. Then the girls switched after Miss Davies held onto Katie’s head in a rush of orgasm pleasure.

The girls must have brought her off to a half-dozen orgasms before she told them to stand up, where she kissed them hard on the mouth and thanked them for our hard work.

“I have been told you must report to the basement. It is quite dark there so be careful where you step. The stairs are over there,” she said, pointing to beyond the elevator.

It seemed like Sarah and Katie were going to get fucked or suck everyone in the library one floor at a time. The girls did not know the library had a basement and wondered who could be there. Once they arrived, Katie and Sarah heard a familiar voice.

“Katie, so glad you could join us for a little fun tonight.”

It was Rita, one of the bossy girls from their sorority. Rita led the girls in complete darkness to a storage room where Lacy was waiting. They had brought the punishment chairs from the locker room and told the girls to sit down. Lacy pushed the girls into position, with the chair’s cocks up their pussies and asses, then switched the machine on full, causing violent vibrations between their legs.

“Slutty girls like you need to fuck yourselves off to cum,” Lacy said.

Rita came back with nipple camps which she attached to the girls’ nipples and then strung a chain between them and then connecting the chains together causing Katie and Sarah to feel the same sensations.

The girls spent 30 minutes on the chairs which were covered in cum once the girls got off to lick Rita and Lacy to several orgasms.

“Get your asses to Miss Worthington, we are through with you,” Lacy said, having trouble getting her thoughts together from all the excitement she had.

Katie and Sarah were having trouble walking and were covered twice over in cum and sweat. They kept wiping cum away from their eyes, but it was covering their fingers and they just put more there. The girls arrived at the second floor and saw Miss Worthington.

“What would you girls like to do for the rest of the evening,” she said.

“If it is all right, I would like to soak in a hot bath,” I said. Sarah agreed with me.

“Girls, you have worked hard today, let’s go take that bath,” she said.

Miss Worthington led the girls down the stairs and to the back of the library where a large bathtub was filled with bubbles. They had spent the whole night and morning getting used at the library. The girls soaked themselves for 45 minutes before gathering their clothes and managing to walk home to the sorority house. Jackie met them at the door, and handed them their sorority pins and rings.

“Both of you have proved yourself worthy of this sorority. You have succeeded at every challenge thrown your way. Congratulations. Katie and Sarah were smiling and giggling. They had made it. They were sisters of the sorority. With no classes until the afternoon, the girls went to bed.

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