The Affair pt 2

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The Affair pt 2PART TWOJulie had been away on a business trip for a few days. We chatted briefly every evening around supper time while she was out of town. It sounded like she was having a good trip. She told me that the meetings were rather involved and that they were wearing her down. When she got home, everything got back into its usual rhythm. We would make love once a week in our usual manner. Yes, I was experiencing some guilt for having slept with Diane but I did everything I could to hide that fact. A few weeks after Julie’s trip, we were in bed snuggling like we do every night. She had seem quieter than usual that day. I knew that she often did this, thinking about the budget and such, so I thought nothing of it. “I have a confession to make,” she said. “Oh?” I replied. “I don’t know how to say this but I wasn’t a good girl when I was away,” Julie revealed. “What do you mean you weren’t a good girl? Did you go out to a strip club or something?” I asked. “Or something,” was her shy response. I was intrigued. “Go on.” Julie looked at me and calmly stated, “I fucked a black man.” “Wow!” I thought. I didn’t know what else to think or say. Part of me was sick and sorta jealous of this revelation. Another part of me was excited as this was a bit of a fantasy of mine. Mind you, my fantasy involved me watching. At no time was there any thought of my dalliance with Diane. Julie continued, “Several of us girls went down to the hotel bar one night,” she continued. “We were just going to have a few drinks and talk about anything but work. After a few rounds, we were not feeling any pain. “The next thing we know, a round of drinks show up at our table. We asked the server where these came from as none of us had ordered them. The server told us that the guys at the bar had sent them over. We looked over and there was a group of four guys standing there. A couple of white guys and a couple of black guys. “When we saw them, they started to walk over. When they got to our table, they introduced themselves. Because they bought a round, we invited them to join us. After yet another round, the guys asked us, there were six of us, if we wanted to get out of the hotel bar and go to a club. Because we were well on the way to drunk, we said why not. “So we went down the street to a dance club where we found a couple of booths near the back to sit at. We needed two booths because, after all, there were ten of us.”By now, even though there was no sex in the story yet, I was hard as a rock because Julie had reached down and started to stroke my cock. “We hadn’t been there long when one of the black guys asked me if I wanted to dance. I said yes and up to the dance floor we went. Derrick was about 6’1” tall and a pretty good dancer. We danced to a couple of fast songs before a slow song came up. “He asked me to dance the slow one with him, and I figured why not. He pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me. As we danced, his one hand went lower down my back and pulled me closer. I felt the beginning of his hard on through his pants. türbanlı aksaray escort I suddenly felt a little flush. I couldn’t believe that I was getting that kind of reaction from him.”I asked, “Why not? I’ve been telling you for a long time how sexy you are.””Anyways,” she continued, “after the slow dance, we went back to the booth. When we got there, we were the only ones there because the others we all up dancing. Derrick sat next to me and put his hand on my thigh. Maybe it was the booze or the excited state I experienced when I felt him getting hard, but I didn’t move his hand. “He took that as encouragement and moved it up closer to my crotch. Again, I didn’t do anything so he leaned over and kissed me. I touched the side of his face and kissed him back. He started stroking my pussy through my pants and I opened my legs further for him. When I did this, I realized that I was going to do whatever he asked.”I reached down and began to stroke her already soaking wet pussy. “Continue,” I said.”After a few minutes of being played with, he asked me to come back to his hotel room. He was staying in the same hotel as I was, so I agreed. When we got into his room, we both quickly stripped down to nothing. I was that hot. I then knelt down in front of him to examine his cock. It was beautiful. But I didn’t know if I would be able to handle it. He was 8 or 9 inches long and thick. I stroked him for a moment then licked him. Just the way you like to be licked. “After a few licks I took the head of his black cock into my mouth. He seemed to like the way I swirled my tongue over it. The way he moaned told me I was doing a good job. I took as much as I could into my mouth. My jaws were stretched as far as they could.”I took my fingers out of her slick cunt and licked them. They were delicious – I’ve always loved the taste of my wife’s juices. I rolled away from her and reached into the top drawer of my nightstand. She was a little worried that I was going to run away or something. Instead, I pulled out a 2 inch wide, 10 inch long dildo and rolled back over to her. “What are you going to do with that?” she asked. I replied by stroking it between her legs. “Continue your story, dear,” I commanded. She had never consented to its use prior but here I was adding to her excitement. “I did my best to please him with my mouth. I must have been doing good because he kept on moaning and even put his hands on both side of my head. When he started to fuck my mouth, I realized that he was getting close,” Julie said. I continued rubbing the fake cock up and down across her swollen pussy lips. “Did you let him come in your mouth?” I asked.”No. By this time, I had decided that I wanted everything he had where it belonged,” Julie answered.”And where is that?” I wanted to know as I slipped the head of the phallus into her hot, wet cunt.”I think you know,” she moaned as the dildo started to stretch her pussy. “I pulled my mouth away from his baby maker and pushed him back to the bed.” türbanlı aksaray escort bayan She knew that using that kind of language would turn me on. “He wanted me to sit on his face so he could lick me. I wanted none of that. By now, all I wanted was to feel that big, long, thick black cock inside me. You’ve been asking me forever to fuck a black cock.”I pushed the fake cock a little further into her tight cunt. She moaned as I did so. I pulled it out and bit and began to fuck her with the first couple of inches.She continued her recounting of her unfaithfulness. “I straddled his hips and rubbed my slit over his long cock. He moaned almost as loud as I did. I lifted myself up when I couldn’t take any more and had decided I was ready for him. I positioned the head of his cock at my opening. I was a little worried because I’ve never taken anything that big in my cunt. He looked at me and asked if I wanted him to wear a condom. I told him I wanted to take all the black cum that I could into my unprotected, unfaithful married cunt. That took Derrick by surprise.””He didn’t know you were married?” I queried.”No, I had forgotten to put my ring back on before we went out,” Julie responded. About now, I started going deeper with the fake fuck stick. Julie was really having a hard time concentrating on her story. “I started to lower myself over his cock. Gawd, it felt amazing. I went slow and got his head in me. Oh! That feels so good, dear. “Anyways, I held his cock there for a few moments to get used to it. Then, I raised myself up and then came further down that black pole. The lights were on so I could see the contrast between my milky white skin and his blackness. Pretty soon, I had half his cock in me. I had never felt that way before. Deeper. Fuck that cock deeper into me, dear.”By now I had six of the ten inches in her. “You like that big cock? Do want it all?” It was dark so, she didn’t really see it when I brought it out. “What if I told you this was a black cock in your cunt?”She moaned and started to fuck back. “I want it all. On about the fourth of fifth stroke, I took Derrick all the way in. My bald cunt rubbing against his pubic hair which his smooth black cock was buried in me. Ooohhhhh, yesss. Fuck me with that black cock. I ground my pussy into him. I leaned forward so he could suck my nipples. Then I rolled him over so that he was on top. “Gawd, that felt so good. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he started to do the work. My gawd, he could fuck. He pulled all the way out and then all the way in. He was reaching places your 6 inches never could. Just like that black cock in your hand is doing right now.”I continued to stroke the phallus into her. She began to fuck back. Keeping one hand on the dildo, I rolled over on top of her and started to mimic the fucking she was describing. I had all but an inch of the black toy in her. As I moved that black cock in and out of her cunt, I moved my hips to simulate the guy she was describing as he fucked türbanlı escort aksaray her. Julie wrapped her legs around me and continued with her story.”My clit rubbing against him. Every time he went in or pulled out, it was like the friction on my g-spot would never end. Just like now. Fuck me harder. Oh my GAAWWWDDDD!!”Her legs tightened around my waist as she started to cum. I was giving my wife an orgasm using a black dildo as she was telling me about her fling with a well hung black man. My cock was raging hard but I was no where near wanting release just yet.”He made me cum so hard,” she finally said, ” and so many times. He kept fucking me. It was so amazing. GAAWWWDDDD, I’m cumming again. FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!”I continued to dildo fuck her while she kept cumming. I can’t remember the last time I have her so many cums. “He kept fucking me. Finally, his pace increased and I could feel his cock getting even thicker. It felt heavenly. I knew he was going to cum soon. I pleaded with him to fill my unfaithful cunt with his black baby making seed. He drove as deep as he could and froze. His cock pulsed and I could feel his cum splashing all over the inside of my cunt. He spasmed again and I felt more. It felt like he was… OH FUCK!” she cried out as she came again. After my wife calmed down, she resumed. “It felt like he gave me a gallon of his seed. I felt every shot he gave me”.”He held me like that for a few minutes, making sure I was full and well filled with his potent seed. To add to the fantasy, I lied and told him that I was fertile that week and he might have gotten me pregnant. He questioned my motives so I continued with the lie and told him that my husband could never satisfy me the way he just did.”I slowly eased the dildo from her well used cunt and replaced it with my raging cock. I plunged in as deep as I could go into the now loosened cunt of my wife. Gawd, she was soaked. The sheets under her ass were so wet there was no doubt that we would have to change them before we actually went to sleep.As I fucked her with my cock, I asked her how my cock felt. “Right now, I can’t really feel it. All I feel is your pubic bone on my clit when you bottom out.””So, what made you decide to tell me about this tonight?” I queried. “The trip was three weeks ago.”I moved a hand down to her crotch and began strumming on her clit. “I gave Derrick my card when I left his room. He sent me an e-mail today. He wants to get together when he comes to town next week.”I started to fuck her even harder and faster. “Does that excite you, dear?” she asked. “Do you think I should get together with him and let him fuck me again?”With that, I drove into her as hard as I could and started to cum with more cum than I have produced in a long time.After I had recovered, I rolled off of Julie. “That really got you excited, didn’t it, dear?””A bit,” I lied.”So, what do you think? Should I get together with him again?”I picked up the dildo again, and pushed it into her well lubricated cunt and started to fuck her with it again.She began to moan as the giant black cock resumed it’s pleasuring. As I pushed it in and out of her sperm filled pussy, I asked her if she wanted to.”Maybe,” she quietly responded as she grabbed my hand and came again. “Do you think he would let me watch him put his big, hard, unprotected black cock into my beautiful wife’s unfaithful cunt?” I said as I slowly removed the dildo.

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