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Subject: The Ahn Boys XVII This chapter took a whole different turn than I had planned. There are some references to a young girl with a man. I may consider a chapter with a whole lot more detail which would continue in the bi-sexual adult section as chapter 2 of Mrs. AHN. For you die hard man boy only guys you can do 1 of 2 things. Get over it or discontinue reading it. Most of all don’t fucking whine to me because I don’t want to hear it. The rest of you just enjoy the adventure. Hugs… Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AJ’s life and perspective Becoming involved with Lucian and thus Willie was a pivotal point in my life. Yes, I had lived a life of privilege, yes I’d had multiple successes due in part to my circumstances but also genetics; I inherited my brain, my drive and my competitiveness. Yes, I’d had the opportunity to engage sexually with boys from the time I was 8 years old in private school all the way up to my current age of 25. My first experiences were of course at the hand, mouth and cock of an older boy, a 13 year old to be exact. He was my roommate and my guide, and guide me he did; through all of the ins and outs of private school as well as the bedroom. Josiah sucked my cock the first day I was there and at least daily for the next 2 years. He taught me how to suck his cock as well as swallow the gooey sperm that his balls produced. I loved all of it. Part of it was the physical affections, something that had lacked in my young life but the other part was pure and simply sex. I loved it. “I love being with you Andrew,” Josiah told me one night as we lay cuddling in his bed, one hand groping my tiny butt and the other around my neck, his finally softened cock resting against mine. “You are the cutest most loving boy ever.” Josiah loved kissing me and I loved kissing him back. He fucked my tender virgin butt before Thanksgiving break, driving 5� inches of rock hard teenage cock in and out of me. I loved being on my back with my knees almost resting against my ears while Josiah fucked me, I loved the feel of his hairless sac of balls smacking against my butt. I loved being with him so much that I almost hated having to go home for holidays. My family often traveled during the holidays so I became adept at seeking out older boys to be with. Honestly it wasn’t too difficult. Even I realized that I was adorably cute verging on beautiful at that age but I can also say that because plenty of boys and men and even women told me so. Also I was circumcised which was mostly a rarity at that time and added even more interest to others. So it was that I was with hotel porters and service boys, street boys and sons of other wealthy families. I sucked lots of cock, got my cock sucked a lot and got fucked by lots of boys. My first adult happened when I wasn’t quite 10. I had avoided being with men simply because I preferred boys and there was no shortage of them. My first man was an older grandfather type that was staying at our hotel in Geneva one winter. He had talked with me on a few occasions and we had seen him at dinner quite a bit. He was always very nice. One evening I was in the swimming pool and Hans, the pool boy, who had fucked me a couple times, said that Mr. Gladding wanted to spend some private time with me. I agreed and since no one else was around Hans allowed us to go in the towel room while he stood guard. Mr. Gladding said I was a very beautiful boy as he rubbed the front of my swimming clothing then slowly pulled it down to reveal my hard young boner. He got to his knees and began sucking me and rubbing my butt, all of which felt very good of course. He then stood and pulled his own swimming attire down to reveal an enormous cock sprouting out of a thick tangle of black hair. The sac of hairy balls that hung below it filled my hand to overflowing. He asked if I could suck his cock, stating that he knew that it was quite large for my small mouth. I took hold of the snake like thing in both hands and held the end to my mouth. I managed to get a little of it in my mouth, the thing stretching me to the limit and he told me I was a good boy. He wanted to fuck me but I told him that it would hurt my butthole too much. “How about if I pretend to fuck you Andrew?” I asked what he mean and he said that he would just put it against my butthole and push but not really try to get it inside of me. “You are so beautiful a boy that just putting my cock there will make me cum.” I thought that would be okay so Mr. Gladding had me lay on a towel folding table with my legs and butt hanging over the side. He then stepped up to me, peeled a butt cheek open and put his cock head against the hole. He began pushing gently against me and all the while telling me how beautiful I was and how sweet I was and what a good boy I was. Of course I didn’t really realize that it was all talk but instead believed him. “Oh how I wish my cock would fit in your little butthole Andrew. Fucking you would be the most exquisite thing ever.” I felt proud that he thought so. I sort of wished that he could get it in me too but that wasn’t to happen. He finally grunted and said that he was cumming then I felt a rush of warm sperm on my hole. The stuff ran down onto my balls, soaking the small sac and still the gooey stuff kept coming out of him. He panted loudly and moaned as his cock kept on pushing against me and his sperm kept flowing out. A light rap on the door then it opening a crack cause him to stop. “Gotta hurry sir, other are coming into the pool.” The door closed and Mr. Gladding cleaned me up then kissed me and thanked me and said he hoped we could do it again and the next time he would make me cum too. I was all for that. I loved having my good cum feelings. I donned my swimming clothes and went back in the pool and while swimming about used the pool water to better clean my legs and butt up. He made a whole lot of sperm. I found out just how much of the gooey stuff he made a few days later. He invited me up to his room one afternoon while my parents were off doing something or other. Mr. Gladding stripped me naked and then did the same. I was amazed at the size of his cock. It was big enough when it was soft but hard is seemed as long as my arm. As an adult I would think back on it and if the man had been less than 10 inches I would have been surprised. In any case, both naked, we got on his big bed. He kissed me and licked me all over including my butt hole. He licked me while I was face down then he had me kneel above his face then lower my body. He licked all over my hole and my balls. When he sucked my cock he took the whole thing and my balls into his mouth which I thought was pretty amazing. He sucked me off until I had my own cum, the good feelings ripping through my body. As I lay there catching my breath there was a tap at the door so Mr. Gladding put on a robe and left the room returning a moment later with another boy. “Andrew this is Leif, another boy that I play with.” Leif looked to be about 13 or 14, was slender and like me was very blonde. He was also very cute. “You are beautiful Andrew. Do you mind if I play with you too?” I shook my head and lay there playing with my naked cock while the boy stripped his clothes off. He had a very nice cock, about the size of Josiah’s, and it was very hard, and at the base of it was a little patch of light brown hairs. His smooth balls hung very nicely between his legs. Leif got onto the bed and lay next to me and kissed me long and hard. He let me suck on his beautiful cock for a while then asked if he could fuck me. “I know that Bert, I mean, Mr. Gladding wants to fuck you but he’s way too big for your little butthole so perhaps I could fuck you and he could watch.” I didn’t need to think overly long about that. We spent a lot more time getting me ready but finally Leif shoved his cock in my butt and fucked me. He started with me on my back in the usual manner but Bert, Mr. Gladding, wanting him to do it different so he could suck on my boner and maybe have me suck on his. We ended up with Leif on his knees but resting back on his hands and I squatted down on his cock and he fucked me that way. Bert got on the bed and sucked my boner while Leif fucked me. I’d had a few experiences with more than 1 boy at a time but not very many so I really liked getting fucked and sucked at the same time. Bert offered me his cock to lick and suck on while I got fucked. He had Leif moved to a small sofa then I knelt above him, that way Bert’s cock was a perfect height. I sucked him with plenty of enthusiasm but of course I couldn’t get much in my mouth. He finally asked if he could shoot his sperm on me which I readily agreed to. “Careful not to drown him Bert,” Leif panted as he fucked his boner up into my butt. I wondered what the cute teen was talking about and a moment later I found out. I had his cock head in my mouth, the foreskin pulled back, when Bert said he was going to cum. A second later my mouth was filled to overflowing with his sperm. I tried to swallow but there was way too much and it started pouring out of my mouth and running down to my chin and flowing onto my chest and belly. Bert pulled his fat cock head out of my mouth and I got blasted in the face with the stuff and it too was running down my body. He pulled back slightly and we both watched as the gooey white stuff poured out of his cock like milk from a pitcher. It wasn’t really thick like most boy’s sperm I’d seen, but more watery like. He squirted out at least 5 times and still he seemed to keep cumming. Never for the rest of my life would I ever see a man unload such a copious amount of sperm. It was amazing. When he was done my entire torso was covered in the stuff, my cock and balls were covered and it had run down onto Leif’s cock and his balls then onto the towel that Bert had put on the sofa. He then took hold of my spermed up cock and jacked me off until I had an extraordinary cum and still Leif had kept on fucking me. I finally got off and went into the bathroom to see what it looked like and it was just incredible. Bert told me to go ahead bursa escort and clean up so I did and when I went back into the bedroom Bert was lying on his back and Leif was sitting on Bert’s huge cock. He had about half of it in his butt when I got there and I watched as the boy sat all the way down taking the whole thing into his body. I was very stunned by that. Leif started rising and falling on Bert’s massive cock all the while moaning and groaning. When he wasn’t going up and down he sat on Bert and moved his butt forward and backward. Finally Bert rolled him over and fucked him like normal. I got to see Bert’s cock going in and out of Leif’s butthole which meant that I also saw how wide the boys’ hole was being stretched open. I couldn’t believe it. When Bert was all the way inside of Leif his balls almost reached the bed and when he pulled out a little bit they hung in the air like big hairy apples. He finally said he was cumming and Leif said he was going to cum too and I just stood there watching them fuck. Sperm began leaking out around Bert’s cock when he pulled out for another thrust. When Bert finally pulled his cock out his sperm poured out of Leif’s butthole which was now wide enough for me to put my whole hand in. I was shocked and wondered if his hole would be like that forever. When it was done Bert gave Leif a hundred dollar bill which, in 1922 was a lot of money. Leif thanked him and said he’d see him next month then the boy kissed me and thanked me for letting him fuck me and said he would love to do it again if I was ever around. Bert wanted to give me money too but I didn’t take it because I didn’t need it. Bedsides how would I explain that to my parents. Things went along as they were supposed to and I started making sperm just before my 13th birthday. When I was 14 I became a guide for a 9 year old boy and true to the school spirit and tradition I was fucking him before a month was out. I was also fucking a few other boys at school and of course I was getting fucked as well. I also began being with men. In the beginning they wanted to blow me and have me blow them and I was happy to do both. I took my first man in my ass when I was 13� and loved every thrust of it. He was a math teacher at my private school and had half flirted with me for months. I finally took things into my own hands after school one day. I went to his office and told him I had a bug bite and asked him to look at it and he said sure. When I started to unbutton my slacks he said wait and locked the door and turned out the light. He had plenty of light from the windows to see by when I dropped my slacks and my underwear. I told him it was on my inner thigh so he hefted my balls up and poked around and by the time he let them down again I was almost hard. “You’re a very healthy boy Andrew,” he said. Indeed I had grown to almost my full adult size by that time and was quite a hit with the other boys. He didn’t ask but simply took hold of my cock, pulled it down and began sucking me off. It didn’t last long before he stood up and pulled me into his arms and kissed me. “Why don’t you come over to my house later so we can continue with this?” I agreed but wanted to see his dick first. He undid his clothes and pulled it out, the hard flesh smaller than mine but fairly fat. “I want you to put it in my ass,” I told him and I thought he would faint on the spot. I went to his house that evening after dinner and stayed until curfew at 10, making it back to my dorm just in time. We sucked each other and he fucked me good and hard, making me cum without my touching my cock. He had me fuck him which was sort of fun. He was on his hands and knees and I was swatting his ass as I slammed 7� inches of cock into him. I would end up fucking him over the next 6 months, often tying him to his bed posts to fuck him or even lightly whipping him with a cat o’ nine tail, belts or other objects. Eventually there would be 2 of us boys, one fucking him while the other whipped him or pissed on his face or other degrading things. It was great fun and before I graduated he wrote me a hell of a recommendation letter for Yale, not that I needed it. As I told Willie I had started flying aero planes at an early age, did my solo at 16, 2 years after I entered Yale, and moved on to multi engine air craft. I loved flying almost as much as I loved sex, sometimes even more so. Sex at college was only different in that the boys were older. That didn’t stop me from being with younger boys however as there were plenty to share my bed, sometimes picked up by older classmates for my pleasure and theirs. On more than one occasion we shared a young teen boy, plowing his mouth and his asshole at the same time. I entered Yale law shortly after my 17th birthday and graduated at the top of my class just before my 20th birthday. Yes, I was a genius, a whiz kid with an eidetic memory. I went straight to work in my family’s law firm, which had always been the plan and why not. First of all it was a leg up. Second they had made money hand over fist for 100 years. Third I had been reading law in our huge law library almost since I could read. That was one of the things that helped me shoot through law school. I read law books while other kids were reading Dick and Jane. Once I went to work the amount of time that I spent with boys dropped dramatically. I lived at my grandfather’s house at his request, I worked 14 hour days and when I wasn’t working I was flying. I did spend some time flying various members of our company to see clients in other cities and of course billed accordingly. Actually my flying helped stimulate business. It was new, exciting, it was a mark of being affluent. Within a year of my coming on board the company brought in over a dozen and a half new accounts all worth over a quarter million dollars a year in fees and more a few of them twice that. The day that I met Lucian my grandfather had told them I would be taking over their account when the reality was that I’d been handling all of the Everson affairs for almost 18 months and I did in fact know every facet of it. I knew from the moment that I met Lucian that things were going to be interesting partially because of the way the boy, Jesse, looked at him and then held on to him. If they weren’t lovers or at least playmates I’d eat my shirt. Hearing that he was teaching 5 or 6 other boys all but confirmed it in my mind and I received even more confirmation when he said they all swam naked together. I thought that I may have given myself away when I heard about all of that and then again when Lucian told me about Willie. Honestly, I didn’t care. If Lucian was indeed a boy lover than it all would work out better than anyone could have hoped for. When we met the next day I committed to buying Jesse’s house, had dinner there with them and agreed to keep the staff and the furnishing. Five days later I flew down to Philadelphia, met the entire crew of boys and fell in love with Willie. God he was cute but it wasn’t just that; I’d been with plenty of cute boys. He was sweet and kind and very attentive and I was glad that we hit it off right off the bat. A little later Gideon, the young black boy asked Lucian if I could fuck him and ended any questions about Lucian’s relationship with the boys. Swimming that evening with a group of naked boys brought back many memories of boarding school where we often had swimming classes naked. Plenty of boys always got boners, even some of the 13-15 year olds. The teachers never commented on it and although I didn’t have sex with any of the teachers I knew other boys that had. At Lucian’s, afterwards we had an orgy in a large storage room off of the pool and what an experience that had been. Of course part of that was the fact that I fucked Willie for the first time and boy did I ever fuck him. As I’ve said, I fucked lots of boys, 100’s perhaps, but fucking Willie put him at the top of the list. Obviously that had to do with the feelings that I had for the boy that seemed to me to be reciprocal. All around us boys were fucking and Lucian was fucking a boy as well, but I only had eyes for Willy. I had started out with him and Mathias, a very precocious little blonde boy about 7 or 8 years old but it didn’t take long before it was just me and my adorable young lover. I feel like I gave the boy the very best that I had to offer. I held off on my own sperming for 20 minutes once my fat cock was inside his tight little ass. Just entering him is worth a story in itself. I fucked long and hard, I fucked him slowly and before it was over the boy was whimpering. I don’t know how many times he called out my name as I drove 8 inches of cock in and out of him. When the boy wrapped his legs and his arms around me and started sucking my nipple I thought I might cum right then and there. Getting sucked on while I fucked a boy was a first for me and I fucking loved it. All around us were the sounds of boys’ bodies slamming into each other, of boys’ cumming and still I fucked him. At one point Willie reached his hand out to Lucian and the two touched fingers but then a spike of feeling shot through his body and Willie pulled his hand back saying that I was making him cum. I continued to fuck the boy until I finally came, and Willie came a second time, both of us very vociferous in our orgasms. Willie and I stayed connected and we kissed and hugged and whispered to each other while the rest of the crew headed to the pool to clean off. Mathias or maybe it was Frankie didn’t want to go but Lucian made him and I knew it was to allow Willie and me some privacy. My respect for the man went up even higher. I needed to move my leg and when I did Willie said, “Don’t leave me AJ.” I looked into his eyes and told I would never leave him; ever.” I told him I wanted him to live with me, that I would love him forever but if at any time he felt he needed to go I wouldn’t stop him. “I will never leave you AJ, ever” he said, his still high pitched voice filled with emotion. “Now love me again.” I ended up fucking the boy again, then three more through the night. We couldn’t’ get bursa escort bayan enough of each other. It had been some time since I’d fucked all night long and when I finally went to sleep it was like the sleep of the dead. Things seemed to go extremely fast after that. The next day I flew up to Boston, taking Willie with me, and starting the boy on flying lessons and actually letting him fly the plane. We stayed at his house, my new house, and we fucked all night long again. It seemed like neither of us could get enough of each other. I had Willie fuck me as well and just the idea of having his delicious cock in my ass was almost enough to make me cum. The last bout I fucked his delicious little ass for 25 minutes and through a variety of positions until be both collapsed after a crashing orgasm. “God AJ I can’t believe what you do to me,” he whispered in my ear after the last one. We lay in bed cuddling, not even bothering to clean up the spilled sperm. “I know sweet boy,” I whispered back, my voice choked with emotion. The next afternoon we flew back down to Philly in the Boeing twin engine, Willie replete in my old leather flying jacket and hat that I had dug out for him. Before we left we went to my grandfather’s house to pack up some of my clothing and personal items, the flight jacket being one of them, to take back to my new house. I fucked Willie in my bedroom at grandfather’s mansion and thus full filling a little wish that I’d had for some time, that being to fuck a boy in his house. Our welcoming at the aero dome was filled with boy laughter and joy. We didn’t stay long but piled back in the larger plane and headed up to Providence where we were met by Jenkins and Gregory, whom I’d heard of but never met. Jesse’s home in Newport was monstrous, easily 5 times larger than my new home and 3 times larger than my grandfather’s or Lucian’s mansions. We were only there a few days then flew down to Boston, spent the night and picked up a smaller aero plane then headed back to Philly. We discovered that Gerard was leaving us due to cancer and leaving his entire estate to Lucian. I immediately agreed to take over his responsibilities which included spending a great deal of time in Philly while I learned all the intricacies of the Ahn business and there were a lot. Willie wasn’t happy about me being gone that long but also agreed that spending long days alone in either Lucian’s or Gerard’s homes wasn’t in his best interest. I agreed to fly back up to Newport every 4-5 days to spend the night or a night and two days. That wasn’t just for Willie but for Lucian as well. Between his, Jesse’s and the Ahn estates we now had a vast empire that spread out in multiple directions. I would need help. It also meant that I’d be taking the long trip out west. We had checked out a private varnish in Boston and agreed to sell it and commission a car more suited to our needs. We checked out Auntie Ahn’s private varnish in Philly and agreed to have it remodeled and commissioned another one just for kitchen and dining. We then got a solid lead on our own locomotive and crew which turned out to be an amazing bit of luck. Willie and Jesse schemed to have a 4 way with Lucian, me whereby I fucked Jesse and Lucian fucked Willie. I was okay with that. I know how much Lucian means to the boy. It was actually pretty hot watching another man fuck my boy and for me to fuck a boy while Willie got to watch, not that either of us spent much time watching. We were mostly sucking and fucking. It was a great deal of fun. I had Lucian fuck me as well and I have to say it’s been years since I’d been penetrated by a man as well as a cock as big as his. I didn’t realize how much I missed both of those things and vowed that I would engage with him more often. We went at it again the following night, each with our own boy for the first boy and for the round second I fucked Lucian while the two boys offered him their raging hard cocks. Jesse has a pretty nice dick for a no hair 12 year old. Toward the end Willie was standing in front of me fucking my face while Jesse was underneath Lucian, each sucking the others’ cock. We all cummed together, which is always fun and ended up all sleeping together in Lucian’s bed, each cuddled up to our own boy. I flew out the next day and landed in Philly around 10 in the morning. Before I left I fucked my boy one more time. Afterwards we cuddled and snuggled. “Do you think you’ll fuck other boys while you’re gone AJ?” I said that I didn’t think so mostly because I didn’t know any one besides, except for the current crop of boys, I was devoted to him. Willie kissed me and said that I was so sweet but also reminded me that he would be having sex with all the boys and Lucian while I was gone so if he had a chance to be with a boy to go ahead. I kissed him and thanked him and told him to have fun. Gerard picked me up at the aero field and took me to Lucian’s where I left my bag and picked up his little roadster, the Auburn Boat tail speedster to use while I was there. I followed Gerard back to his house, a large mansion not unlike Lucian’s, and we went straight to work. We began with property holding, what where and how much. There was a lot. Gerard’s cook brought us great Philly steak sandwiches and hand cut French fries and still we worked on. We stopped about 6 and had dinner, a wonderful pork roast and afterwards brandy in his library. “You are an incredibly quick study AJ,” Gerard said, “this may not take as long as I’d projected. I thanked him and told him I was glad, that duty called in Newport. “Willie,” he asked and I nodded my head. “Adorable boy I must say. I told Lucian the other day that I had a Chinese brother and sister that I was currently playing with, the girl 9 and the boy 13. They will be here shortly, if you’re remotely interested.” “I’m not really interested in girls of any age Gerard,” I said honestly but he grinned. “I can handle the girl, how about if you take the boy? He’s quite a hot little number I have to say. And you’d be doing me a favor believe me. Typically we have a 3-way during which he fucks his sister too but really he likes a man’s cock in his ass; loves it actually.” My interest was piqued. I had never been with an Asia boy before, not that they could possibly be that different. At that moment the doorbell chimed. “Oh, one last thing. Don’t be surprised by Xiou Chen. He can be a little, mmm, outr� at times but believe me he is a tiger in bed. His sister Maylin is a rather demure and seemingly shy little girl but she too can be a wildcat under the sheets.” A moment later there was a knock at the library door and then one side of the pockets doors opened and in came 2 children. I was completely speechless. Alongside me I heard Gerard whisper, “told you.” I was glad that I’d been told that they were brother and sister along with their ages otherwise I would have believed I was looking at 2 sisters. One was easily 2 heads taller than the other and both were dressed in traditional white Chinese silk robes that went from neck to foot. The smaller one, whom I assumed to be the girl, had fist sized bright yellow roses and smaller pink cherry blossoms scattered around on hers. The other, the boy, had a blood red dragon that seemed to start at the bottom hem of his robe and went around his legs and front, wrapping around three times and I assumed that the head was dead center of his shoulder blades. Each sleeve had a smaller dragon that stretched from mid forearm to the front of the shoulder and they too were blood red. The detail on both robes was exquisitely detailed. The boy’s pitch black hair was done up on his head in an elaborate style that had what appeared to be jewels placed strategically throughout with a tassel of some sort hanging from the top. He wore full face makeup, his lips a soft pink, his large almond shaped eyes done quite artfully including liner, his thick lashes and brows blackened and shaped. His face was very lightly powdered and his cheeks rouged so subtly that it was almost impossible to see. Had I not known it was a boy I would have assumed it was a very beautiful young Chinese maiden to be entering the room. The children approached us deferentially, hands clasped in front of their waists but hidden beneath the billowing sleeves, their head looking down. They stopped in front of Gerard. “Welcome children,” he said then spoke to them in Chinese, I would learn later that it was mandarin, a language I too would learn and that Gerard spoke fluently. Both children came to stand on front of the chair I was in. “Good evening honored sir,” Xiou Chen said, his voice still high pitched. “My sister and I are here to serve you. Can we assist you in a bath?” I looked to Gerard. “It is more of a Japanese thing than Chinese but public bathing is common although being bathed by a child is, ahem, more of a personal thing. In any case some years ago I had a bathing area installed so if you have no objections we can adjourn there and experience a relaxing very hot soak, bath, and even a light massage. Afterwards, well, what happens is your choice.” I was intrigued so stood up, as did Gerard. Xiou took my hand and led me out of the room, Maylin following with Gerard in tow. He led us down a back stairway, down a short corridor and into a moderately sized room that was tiled in a very soft emerald green with other tiles of a white silvery tone were used to create beautiful designs on the floor and the pool that awaited us. The Pool was large enough to accommodate a dozen adults with ease. Steam rose heavily from the surface so I couldn’t tell much more about it. Off to a side was an open shower area that held 4 shower heads and on the other I could see an arched entry to what appeared to be a hall. “Here sir,” the boy said and bent down to untie my shoes while next to me Gerard was going through the same process with the little girl. Next came shirt, then pants, the clothing folded neatly and put into what looked like a dumbwaiter. Xiou then knelt in front of me and pulled my underwear down and off. If the boy was surprised at the size escort bursa of the cock that was in his face he gave no indication of it. He removed my socks and while I noticed it when my shoes came off it didn’t register, but I noticed that the floor was heated. Xiou got my socks off and added them to the pile of clothing then shut the door on it and pushed a button on the wall beside it. I turned to see Gerard watching me with a slight grin on his face. He too gave no indication of my nudity although I know he looked, as I had looked at him. He was hung about like Jesse only with hair but it clearly had been groomed. The man was cadaverously thin, bones showing almost everywhere. He didn’t look the least bit healthy and honestly, I preferred him clothed. “The clothes will be cleaned and pressed by morning,” he said. I turned to watch Xiou gently undo his robe and let it fall open then slide down his shoulders, supporting it and keeping it off the damp floor then hanging it on a hook. He was wearing a loincloth, a simple cloth that is held about chest high and let drape over the genitals and tucked through the legs, then twisted until it would fit up the butt crack then continue to wrap it around the waist and brought up through the twisted part and wrapped around the waist again at least twice and the loose end tucked into the waist at the small of the back. The excess cloth then went through the same process but being shorter only went around one and it too was tucked into the waist at either the front or the back. The brilliant red cloth suited his slight brown tones nicely. I could see his balls and his cock nestled in the pouch of cloth which told me that the fabric was very sheer indeed. The boy was about 5’6, typically Asian slender but nicely formed and defined none the less. When he turned around to hang up his robe I saw a beautifully formed very slender brown butt and I started to thicken at the thought of being between those golden globes in one fashion or another. He turned back and saw me watching him and smiled as he approached. “Do I please your sky blue eyes sir?” I nodded my head. “Very much.” “Hhmmm,” he said with a serious expression on his smooth face. Looking right at my cock he said, “It would not see so sir. Your one eyed dragon remains sleeping.” “Perhaps with some coaxing he might wake,” I replied. “First we must bathe him, come,” the boy said and took my hand and led me to the shower where Gerard was already wetting down. Xiou got the water going and bade me get under the spray, directing me to get everything wet. Done he shut the water off and led me a rather strange collection of posts. They were no more than 7 inches square, the posts in each set about 7- 8 inches apart, the set themselves about 2 feet apart. The tops were padded green leather. I saw Gerard already seated on another set so knew what to do and sat which allowed my entire groin area to be open and unfettered. Maylin had already started washing Gerard and a moment later Xiou was doing the same. He picked up a bottle of some sort of liquid and squirted it all over my head then began scrubbing it using the balls of his fingers. He worked quickly but massaged as he went. I picked up a very pleasantly fragrant scent that I couldn’t place. He then squirted more of the liquid onto a soft cloth, worked it around to created suds then began at my face. He had a very light and gentle touch but accomplished the task quickly. Using a dipper he scooped water from the pool then poured it over my head, doing so 4 times to ensure than all the soap was gone from my hair and my face. The water was quite warm. After wiping the water from around my eyes Xiou then went about using the cloth to wash my entire body. Needless to say the seating arrangement offered the boy unrestricted access to my asshole and my cock and balls. He washed me thoroughly but I didn’t detect any prurient interest, just very thorough washing. “Your secret sac is quite prodigious sir. I would imagine that it puts forth quite a large amount of gooey juice,” he said as he worked my balls. He also commented that my dragon has lost his hat, which was quite a shame in his opinion. When he was done Xiou used a bucket, dipped in the pool, to rinse me down then used the dipper and poured the water into his hand which was directly under my hole and then my balls. That done he took my hand and led me to the pool where Gerard was already ensconced up to his neck. I stepped in, discovered that it was hot as hell but continued, cupping my cock and balls as I slowly submerged myself. “Quite entertaining isn’t it,” Gerard finally said after giving me a few moments to adjust. I nodded my head and mumbled yes. “I had this installed about 15 years ago and have never regretted it. It beats the shit out of a regular bath or a shower neither of which I do but rarely. The water is kept on all the times using a separate boiler dedicated to this system. I ran pipes under the tile to create the warmth and the water from this pool is recycled through them. It actually comes directly from the boiler tank at about 260 degrees but cools to the pool temperature quite nicely.” “What do you think of Xiou,” he asked after a few moments silence. “Very interesting boy, seems quite talented.” “You don’t know the half of it,” Gerard said with a chuckle. “But you’re going to find out unless you state otherwise and do so firmly. Just so you know, we will leave this pool, rinse in very cold water to close the pores and the children will dry us off then lead us to another room where a half dozen mattresses have been sewn together to make and incredibly large bed where we will get a light massage. There is no expectation that you interact with May and or myself although you’re welcome to if you wish and to do so just roll over and jump in. Xiou is quite used to such combinations. Otherwise it will be me and her and you and Xiou,” which sounded like something between shew and chew. I found it easier, as did Gerard, to call him Chen which is what I will do most of the time and likewise Maylin will be May. “You know, it occurred to me,” Gerard said after another couple minutes of silence, “that we could take the children up to Newport and save you running back and forth. That way you wouldn’t have to be away from Willie and we’d be able to include Lucian in much of the discussion instead of using the telephone. Too it would give him an opportunity to gain a firsthand knowledge of the Ahn empire; and make no mistake it is an empire.” It was definitely something to consider. The biggest drawback was having a little girl in the mix, albeit a sexually active little girl. Perhaps Lucian would consider allowing the boys to gain an education regarding the opposite sex. On the other hand my being in Philly would allow Gerard to introduce me to many of the players in Auntie Ahn’s affairs which would be done eventually in any case. The traveling back and forth wasn’t a problem because I loved flying but on the other hand my being away kept Willie from getting his flying lessons, which wasn’t a huge issue since the separation wouldn’t be that long. But we were also planning on taking off on an extended trip which would put Willie’s lessons off for months unless I could manage something along our route. Still, being in Newport meant that we could fly daily. Gerard’s suggest had a great many merits and I would present it to Lucian. It finally became time to get out of the pool. I went first, Chen leading me to a corner of the open area to a pool not more than 3 feet square, a pool ladder mounted against one side. I was told to simply jump in. I did. My feet hit the bottom and I shot to the surface, screaming as my head cleared the air. I grabbed the ladder and came out as quick as I could. I knew the water wasn’t freezing because I’d seen no ice but it was Jesus fucking Christ cold. Chen was right there with a huge fluffy looking towel that he wrapped around me. It was toasty warm and my shivering went away quickly. A moment later Gerard was standing close by having completed his dunk albeit with less noise than I. “It is highly invigorating AJ, very healthy for the body inside and out,” he said. “I wouldn’t suggest it for one that had heart problems,” I quipped. We were led to the room that Gerard had spoken of, his description accurate. It was larger than the playground at Lucian’s and the bed was on a raised platform about 20 inches or so off the ground. It seemed a perfect height for someone to stand alongside the bed and fuck a partner, which I learned was the exact reasoning behind its design. On the far side, the floor was raised in increments to allow shorter people, and you can read that as children, to stand and fuck a partner as well. Very ingenious. Gerard and I lay down, he one side and me the other. Chen had me face down and began applying a lotion to my back and shoulders, rubbing it into my skin. Like the soap it had a light but very pleasing fragrance. The boy did a very credible job of massaging me and I felt myself wanting to drift off to sleep. Until his slippery fingers massaged my balls. I came right back. “Roll over sir,” Chen said softly and when I did the boy smiled. “It seems that your prodigious dragon is waking up sir.” Indeed, it hadn’t moved much but it wasn’t lying lazily across my hip either. “Would you consider having me shave you sir,” Chen asked nodding at my crotch. “He’s very good AJ, should you decide to try bald, “I’ve even had him do my face.” I had never done bald. I’ve trimmed short, and as an adult kept my thatch trimmed, and always my balls shaved. “Perhaps after your next shower sir,” Chen said. I asked why I might need another shower. “Why to clean your gooey love juices off sir. That said the boy bent over took hold of my cock and began manipulating it, causing it to rise quickly. “Oh my; it is a prodigious dragon. So strong and so hard. I am not sure it will fit in my mouth or my love canal,” he said coyly then backed away. I could see the front of his loincloth tenting and reached over and pulled on the cloth, allowing the top wrap to fall away. I swung my legs over the side and sat in front of him and began unwrapping the boy, Chen standing still and allowing me to do so. When the last of it fell away he asked demurely, “Do I please you sir?”

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