The Basketball Team

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My wife and I stabilized our relationship years ago. She is in charge and I do anything that I can to please her. It seems odd, she is 5′ 3″ and small; I am 6’3″ and 220lbs, but she is the dominant one in our sex life. She is very imaginative and her sex drive is incredible. There is no telling what she will come up with or what she will require me to do to satisfy her. I am a very lucky man.

This past weekend is a perfect example. We were staying at a hotel in Orange Beach, AL and there just happened to be a Junior College Basketball team there as well. We ran into them on the beach, at the pool, the restaurant and in the halls. My wife flirted with them at every opportunity and it wasn’t long before we had several of the young men around us all the time. While at the pool, my wife invited all of the players present to come up to our room in about an hour. They agreed and she and I left to go on up. When we got to the room, she told me to shower, shave and generally get cleaned up. When I finished, she took her turn and we were soon ready for our visitors.

I knew what to expect in general, but, had no idea what she would have us doing in particular. I could tell that she was very excited and of course, that excited me. We were both naked under our bath robes and while we were waiting, she told me to get on my knees in front of where she was seated and to lick her pussy. I happily complied. Shortly, there was a knock at the door, she told me to go open it and then come back to her. I went to the door, opened it and six of the team members came in. I walked back to my wife, got down and began licking and sucking her cunt again. I could hear her telling them to come in, sit down and that there was beer in the refrigerator. At first there was silence from the men, but, my wife started asking them if they liked what they saw and what I was doing. She continued to lead them on until they were all talking about what they wanted to do to her and what they’d like for her to do for them.

She eventually pushed me away from her wet crotch and told me to wait; then she asked them if any of them wanted a blow job? Of course, it was instant pandemonium, they all wanted one. She then explained that while she intended to participate, she just wanted to watch for awhile. She then interrupted their groans of dismay by telling them that I was her sex slave and that she was going to have me service each of them in whatever way or ways that they preferred. That seemed to shock them and there was silence again.

I am going to digress for a moment and explain that my wife had discovered early in our marriage that I am fascinated by cocks. We would be watching porn and I became the most excited when the screen showed someone sucking someone’s erect dick. She started me on strapons and worked on up to having me suck other men at her command. The only difference in this case was of quantity. She was offering to have me suck six men for as many times as they wanted. I was thrilled, turned on and somewhat apprehensive, all at the same time.

Before more than a few seconds had passed, she turned to me and told me to crawl over to the nearest and ask him if I could suck him off and would he mind if I swallowed his cum. I did as she commanded and the young man turned beet red, looked at the others and finally mumbled something that I took to be a yes. I reached up and pulled down his bathing trunks, revealing a semi-rigid cock. As soon as I got the trunks off his feet, I took his balls in one hand and his penis in the other and started fondling them. I leaned forward so that I could lick the end of it. I was rewarded by both seeing and feeling it get larger and harder. It became fully distended and was both steel hard, but, with that soft, velvety exterior of which only an erection is mardin escort capable. I licked a drop of pre-cum off the tip and then took him fully into my mouth. He was only about 71/2″ so it was no problem for me to take the entire length into my throat, still continuing to massage his balls. I’d like to say that it was my best effort ever, but, he came quickly. He did have a huge load though and I had some difficulty in swallowing it all.

For the next hour or so, it was just me sucking them off, one after the other, while my wife sat in her chair, shoving a dildo in and out of her cunt and giving directions. Once each of them had cum, my wife decided that it was time for her to get involved. She asked the men if any of them had ever screwed a man in the ass before and they all said that they had not. She told them that she wanted them all to take me that way, that I hadn’t been a good slave and needed punishment. It was easy to see which of them was interested by their various states of arousal. I was not as happy, I like to suck cock and swallow cum, but, I’m not so excited about having one up my ass. I protested and she told me to shut up and to come over and lick her some more. I did and could hear her telling one of the men to get the ointment from the night stand in the bedroom. When he came back, she told him to rub some on my asshole and then do what came naturally.

I felt his hands on my hips and then I felt the tip of his cock touch my tight little hole. He began to push and I resisted. My wife commanded me to relax and take it or it would be the worse for me. I tried to relax, but, it felt like someone was trying to park a Buick in my butt. He continued to persist and I felt it pop past the sphincter muscle; it went quicker after that and he began to pound away. It really hurt at first and then I started getting a warm feeling in my stomach and realized that I was starting to enjoy it. My wife noticed that I was moving in and out with his thrusts and she told him to stop. She pulled my head out of her cunt and asked me if I liked it. I told her that I did and she told me to beg him to continue fucking my male pussy. I did so and he fucked me till he came, filling my ass with his cum.

By this time they had formed a line and the next one was instantly shoving away at my butt; this time I was doing everything that I could to help him. I wanted another cock in my ass. My wife decided that she’d like to be fucked and picked out one to do her; she knelt on the floor so that he could take her doggie style. She wanted to be able to watch me while she was screwed. She told another to sit in the chair where she had been sitting so as to have me suck him. This way I could take care of more of them sooner. I made a contest out of it; whether I could get the guy in my mouth to ejaculate before the one in my ass or the other way around. I can’t remember how many time that I won my own contest, but, I must have swallowed a gallon of cum and had at least as much pumped into my ass. My wife was fucking, sucking and being fucked and sucked by two and three men at a time. Eventually, everyone wore out and our visitors left, happily exhausted.

That evening we returned to the pool, thinking that it would be fun to just float around in the semi-dark. We had hardly gotten in the water when some of our new friends showed up with some of the members that hadn’t been with us earlier. Of course, they wanted us to take them back to the room so that the new guys could have some fun and get their rocks off. My wife told them that she wanted to stay in the water, but, we could work something out. She told them and me to follow her to the far end of the pool, where it was darkest. She had each of them to sit on the edge with their feet van escort trailing in the water and told them to pull out their manhood. She and I were still in the water, she told me to begin at one end of the line and suck then off. I begged to not do it; I was sure that I’d get caught. Anyone could look out their window or walk down to that end. She was adamant and I had no choice but to do as she wished.

I started on my mission and in the excitement, soon lost all my inhibitions. I was in oral heaven, doing what I loved best, sucking cock and pleasing my wife. Around the time that I started on the third one, I felt someone enter the water with me, pull down my trunks and start shoving something at my asshole. I realized that it was one of my new buddy’s erections and I arched my back to give him a better angle. Wonderful got even better and I was filled at both ends, several times that night.

We or at least I did have one scare. We heard someone ask what the hell was going on, in a loud voice. It turned out to be the coach and assistant coach of the team. The men went nuts, not knowing what to do or say. Ever resourceful, my wife stepped in and gave the consenting adults speech; following up with didn’t they want to join in. At first it was not going to be a good thing, but, my wife reached down, removed her bikini bottoms and sat down on a lounge chair. When she spread her legs and told the coach to get over there and help her with her wet pussy, he lost it. He nearly broke his neck getting his face into her crotch. The assistant coach just smiled and pulled out his cock, pointing it at me. I can take a hint and I gave him the best head he said he’d ever had. He also said that he’d never had anyone swallow before. His wife didn’t like to suck and would never swallow.

The time for the team’s curfew came and went, but, eventually the coaches sent them to their rooms for the night. My wife and I were asked if we’d lime to come up and have a “night cap” with the coaches. We agreed and no sooner were we in the room than my wife had her bathing suit off. She told me to sit and watch while she was taken care of. She asked the coaches if they had ever fucked a woman at the same time, one in the cunt and one in the ass. They hadn’t and she showed them how to do it. They started with her on her stomach, on the floor and one of them entering her ass. Once he was ensconced as far as he could get in her cute little butt, they rolled over so that he was on his back and she was on top facing upward. She told the other to come over and mount her in the conventional manner and he did. They began to fuck her with wild abandon while I had to just sit, watch and play with myself. My wife had positioned them so that she could see me the whole time. She thrives on tormenting me. It was really hot.

When they had both cum, my wife ordered me to clean her up; I started to get a towel, but, she said that I had to do it with my mouth and tongue. I got down on the floor between her legs and licked her pussy clean of all the sperm deposited there; as I finished, she rolled over and told me that her ass need the same attention. I licked and sucked until she was satisfied. Once done, we gathered our possessions and went back to our room.

By this time I was in misery; I hadn’t cum once and was suffering from a near case of blue balls. I knew that my wife was still turned on and had hopes of getting relief. As soon as we closed the door, she turned and began to kiss me passionately. She was pulling at my clothes, nearly ripping them in her efforts to get them off. I couldn’t believe it when she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. Wow!! It was fantastic!! Then she stood back and asked me if I liked that. I said that I did. She said that ankara escort if that’s what I wanted I’d have to do something for her first. She told me that she was hungry and wanted room service. I was to order it for her and then, no matter who it was, I had to service the person that brought it, orally. We argued or at least I argued; she doesn’t argue with me, she just tells me. Yes, you guessed it; I called room service and then waited uneasily to see how lucky I would get.

The knock came and I went to the door. Happily, it was a nice looking young man that wheeled the cart into the room. You could tell that he was a little taken aback when he saw my wife reclining on the couch with her robe barely covering the fact that she was nude. You could see most of one breast and all one leg up to the curly hairs at her crotch.

He blushed when he realized that we’d both caught him looking. I asked him if he liked what he saw and he mumbled that he did and he was sorry. I laughed and told him that it was alright to look, she turned me on also. About then she spread her legs and revealed her sopping pussy. You could see drops of her love juices glistening on the hairs. I thought that his eyes would pop out of his head. I asked him if he’d like to make her happy and he said that he would.

I told him to take off his clothes, he was so turned on that he didn’t hesitate and the next thing, he was naked with a very respectable erection that was clambering for attention. I dropped my robe, pulled him over to the nearest chair, pushed him into it and told him to relax and enjoy making her happy. He started to struggle back out of the chair, but, as soon as my mouth touched his cock, he sat back and watched me engulf him. I sucked him in and out a couple of times, then pulled back and asked him if he wanted me to finish. He gave me a very enthusiastic, affirmative reply and I went back to work. Alas, again it was all too quick and I was swallowing his load long before I was ready for it. I cleaned him up, got him dressed and out the door. It was my turn!!!

Mt wife told me that she loved watching me do things for her; she loved for me to do men almost as much as she enjoyed doing them. She took me into the bedroom and told me to lie on my back on the bed. She got on the bed and mounted my head facing toward my feet. She started humping my face and I was tonguing her clit. She started stroking my nipples. I haven’t told you about my nipples, have I? I have incredibly sensitive nipples and she knows it. I couldn’t stand it and started massaging my cock and she slapped my hands away. I could barely hear her telling me that she would let me know when I could cum. What exquisite torture, my cock felt like it was going to burst if I didn’t get relief soon. I could feel her humping, thrusting and gyrating on my face; I was suffocating, but, I knew that I had to continue until she was satisfied. When I thought she was going to rock completely of me, she grabbed my hands and placed them back on my erection. I heard her say that I was to not cum, but, to tell her when I was about too. I started jacking of and she continued fucking my face until I knew that I was about to explode. I frantically waved my free hand over my dick and she got the message, she leaned forward, pushed my hands aside and buried my manhood deep in her throat. I came like a garden hose and she stayed with it; I could feel her throat muscles contracting around it as it pulsed and emptied itself. She took in every drop before allowing it to be drawn out of her velvety mouth. I nearly passed out and hardly noticed as she got off me, turned around and placed her mouth on mine. I could feel her tongue against my lips and opened my mouth wide to receive it. What a surprise when I found my mouth filled with my own sperm along with her warm tongue. We french kissed, sharing my cum between us until we had swallowed it all. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, sexually, physically and emotionally exhausted. My last thoughts before drifting off were thinking that I hoped the basketball team was still going to be there the next day.

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