The Boss

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Bald Pussy

I had just finished from college and thought it was time to start applying for work placements, and to be honest, with my grades it wasn’t going to be that difficult to find a good one.

Within a week I had received some decent offers and I got invited to several interviews. The best of which was with this large advertising company, offering someone with fresh ideas such as myself plenty of scope to move up the corporate ladder.

On the day of my interview, I was surprisingly nervous, usually I was very confident, but today was different and it didn’t help things when I saw the amount of people that were waiting for the same position.

When my name got called out, I stood up and straitened my self out and walked into the interview room, trying to look cool in the process. I was reading this book the night before and it said you should give the impression of confidence the first time you are interviewed. However sometimes confidence can be mistaken for arrogance and I didn’t want to piss of my boss before I even was offered the position.

The office was very spacious and luxurious in decoration.

“Take a seat”, a lady told me. So the boss was a woman, I said to myself. “Thank you”, I replied, sitting down in the comfortable leather seat opposite her.

We began talking to each other and I was surprised by the casualness of the conversation and the informal ness of it. She asked me about how college went, my family life and just general things about me. She was a very pleasant woman that seemed to know how to make you feel less tense and more relaxed with yourself.

I would say that she is in her early to mid forties, she has short dark brown hair, large dark eyes, quite a longish nose, but not big and she looked slightly overweight sitting there in her business suit. I couldn’t really look at how curvy she was, but I definitely noticed the size of her breasts. She was obviously trying to hide them under her jacket, but that is mission impossible and they were ready to tear through their confinement.

I Hope she didn’t catch me glancing down at her chest every so often during our conversation, its just that they were so distracting to me, or anyone else with a heartbeat.

“Well Steve, its been interesting talking with you and you shall be hearing from us in the next few days”, she told me as she stood up and shook my hand. “Thank you Mrs Piper”, and with that I left.

I went home feeling that the interview went good and was reasonable confident of getting the job. If truth be told, I was actually thinking more about the boss than the job. Not that she was some sort of sex goddess, but she had something about her that just draws you into her and makes you want her.

That night I used Mrs Piper as the object of my fantasies for my nightly jacking off session and her big tits were the focus of it.

After a few days I got the phone call that I had been waiting for and I found out that I had been offered the job which was to start tomorrow morning. I was so happy to be working with the firm and to be working with Mrs Piper in particular.

The first day on the job was really just an introduction to the company and gave me a chance to meet the other members of the work force and familiarise with my working surroundings. This is when I first met Sophie, a lady that would be working with me on my first project. Sophie was a sexy looking woman at about 35 years old, 5’9, long etiler escort black hair, tanned and a body that showed curves in all the right places. She was definitely hot an she knew this and it showed in the way she talked and walked and just her overall presence. I couldn’t be sure but I think she was flirting with me, the way she shock my hand, holding on just that extra bit longer than you should and the way her eyes looked at mine, there was some attraction there between the both of us, I think.

“You better watch your self there Steve, Sophie will eat you for breakfast”, Tim told me, the guy that was showing me around the office. “What do you mean ?”, I quickly replied.

“Well, lets just say that you wouldn’t be the first guy in the office that Sophie had taken a liking to, and you probably wont be the last”, he said with a smile on his face.

I just smiled back, not wanting to seem bothered by what he was saying and besides, he might just be talking crap and a little jealous from the attention I was receiving from this sexy woman.

This flirting between me and Sophie continued over the next couple of days while we were working together. She would brush up against me as she passed me, stand provocatively while we talked and laughed at my jokes that weren’t funny. I have to admit that I was enjoying this attention I was getting from her and wanted to make my move on her, but I was just waiting for my opportunity.

I didn’t have to wait long, because we were both behind on an important deadline so we had to stay late in the office to finish it off. We knew it was going to be a late night so we ordered some food to be delivered and got down to business.

During the night we worked, chatted, ate together and just generally had a laugh, even though we had so much work to get through. It was pretty hard on my part trying to concentrate on the job while sitting next to Sophie, sitting there in her short skirt that had risen much higher up her thighs than was intended and her tight fitted sweatshirt that revealed her more than adequate cleavage.

It was a challenge, but I made it through the night, managing to finish our work in the process and feeling good about pretty much everything.

“Now that we’ve got that out of the way its time for this”, she told me as she leaned over to me and kissed me wildly. Her hand went straight to my crotch and began rubbing my now very erect man hood as she continued attacking my mouth with hers.

She then suddenly broke our kiss, rose from her seat and started to walk towards the desk, moving her ass that extra bit, just to make sure I noticed.

When she got to the desk she turned to look at me, hitched up her skirt as far as it would go and jumped on the desk. Spreading her legs apart, revealing her red panties to me, she put one of her hands over her crotch and started to massage her pussy through the thin material, meanwhile she had placed the fingers of her free hand into her mouth and was sucking on them gentle.

I was sitting there in my chair mesmerized by this sexy woman playing with her self on our work desk, my cock ready to explode. I started unzipping my pants and my cock sprang free as I stood up. That’s when the door opened and a voice said, “What the hell is going on in here ?”. It was my boss, a very angry looking Mrs Piper and she was standing in front of me with my pants around my feet, my cock pointed straight towards escorts her and Sophie with her legs spread open on the desk

“I want to see you in my office now Sophie, you can just wait her till I call you in”, she said in a stern voice as she marched to her office, followed by a shaken Sophie who passed me without even looking my way.

I was left there alone, just thinking about what was going on behind that closed door. I wasn’t worried about what was going to happen to Sophie, I was just concerned about my self. That may seem really selfish, but I was just starting my career and couldn’t afford to loose a good job like this.

Just sitting there pondering my future on the unemployment line, Mrs Piper’s door opened and Sophie stormed out crying and ran past me out of the office. “Its your turn now”, Mrs Piper shouted, still in an angry voice.

If Sophie had just been sacked and she had been working with the firm for many years, then what chance did I have. As I walked into her office I knew I was going to be sacked, so I had to take it like a man.

“Close the door and take a seat”, she surprisingly calmly said. I did as she said and sat down, my head down looking towards the floor and waiting for the inevitable to happen.

“I’d expect that kind of behaviour I just witnessed in there from a slut like Sophie, but I expected a lot more from a young man with the potential that you have”. My head rose and looked at her, not knowing if I heard correct.

“Now, I am not going to sack you because I believe that it was Sophie that was leading you on and I know that if it wasn’t for her then you wouldn’t ever do anything like that”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“I think we can put this behind us and move on like this never happened but I will be following you closely and you will have to do what I say, if that is ok with you ?”. I sat up in my seat, “I am so sorry about what happened out there Mrs Piper, I will never do anything as stupid as that again, I just want to give my best for the firm and I will work harder than ever to make this company even more successful, I shall do anything you tell me“. I was basically just rambling away, not knowing what I was saying, I was too relieved that I still had a job.

“I’m pleased to hear that Steve”, she said as she got up from her leather chair and walked round her desk to where I was sitting and sat herself on her desk in front of me.

Because of what had occurred over the last 15 minutes, I didn’t really think of Mrs Piper in a sexual way, as I had done the first time I met her, but now that she was sitting in front of me my sexual urges toward her had returned strongly. She sat there with her legs crossed, her skirt just sitting above her knees, the sweater she was wearing hugging against her cleavage and outlining her impressive breasts which are definitely her best assets and her sad eyes staring at mine, obviously concealing some kind of heartache.

It was a bit strange, because she was just sitting there and not saying anything, but I got the feeling that she wanted to talk to me, but didn’t know how to open up. It was also kind of weird that she would be in the office this late.

I was just about to say something to her, when she placed her fingers over my mouth. “Don’t say a word”, she told me as she climbed down from her desk and moved herself towards me, positioning herself onto my lap, straddling my legs with her bagcilar escort facing me. Her ass was placed firmly on my cock and she was shifting herself from side to side, rubbing my cock through my pants. Those tits of hers with staring me in the face, bouncing each time she moved her body. “Put your hands on my breasts and squeeze them gently”, she ordered. I obeyed her command and placed both of my hands on her tits, firstly feeling the roundness of them, then squeezing them as she wanted. They felt so soft and the size of them was unbelievable as my hands continued their assault on them, squeezing them a little harder and pushing them together. I let out a slight moan when she moved up and down hard onto my lap, liking the way I was playing with her tits.

“Take my top off”, she moaned. I reluctantly moved my hands from her tits and started to pull up her sweater, my eyes locked on her chest, watching as her top moved up her body, exposing her tanned flesh. She lifted her arms over her head to help me remove her top, leaving me the sight of massive bra covered breasts. She didn’t wait for me to take her bra off as she reached around her back to unhook the biggest bra I’ve ever seen before.

I just carried on staring at them as they literally just spilled out of their support and almost hit me in the face. For a woman in her forties there was very little, if any sag in these beautiful breasts of hers. “I want you to suck them hard Steve“, she said, but I had already started in on them with my mouth like a new born baby would do to its mother. I squeezed them both together with my hands and sucked from one to the other in rapid succession, listening to her groaning and feeling her hands on my zipper and quickly in my pants. I felt her squeeze my cock hard and the sensation made me bite down hard on her left breast which made her jump in painful pleasure and hold on to my cock that little but harder. I could feel her getting more excited and more aroused by the second and she was rushing with her actions now. She let go of my cock and started trying to pull her skirt up as high as it would go, but she was struggling and I could sense this, so I let go of her tits and moved my hands down to her skirt and yanked it up with force revealing her panties to me. I felt them with my hands and they were soaking wet from her juices, she was ready to be fucked I thought as I pulled them down and pulled her towards me. Her tits were now in my face again and her wet pussy was rubbing against my pumped up cock. She moved herself higher up on my lap and sat down hard on my cock which resulted in both of us groaning out loud as her pussy moved all the way down to the base of my cock. She stayed there on top of me then started jumping up and down on my cock with a fast pace that was making her tits bounce everywhere, making it hard for me to grabbed them with my mouth, both my hands already working on her large but shapely ass.

She started screaming when she began to cum and rode my cock even faster. I grabbed hold of her ass tightly and squeezed both of her cheeks hard and began thrusting all I had, trying to match the pace that she was bouncing on me and finally I came into her pussy and she kept riding me till she had finished.

She calmly got off of me and breathlessly said, “Well Steve, I’m glad that we have put that little incident behind us and Ill expect to see you here tomorrow first thing”.

That was the beginning of a good working relationship between me and my boss and over the years we continued to fuck on a regular basis with both of us not expecting anything more from each other.


Hoped you enjoyed and always nice to hear your comments.

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