The Calls

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My wife Shannon can be so funny sometimes. For most of her days, she’s a hard charging mom, working, taking care of our kids, and not all that concerned with her appearance. But watching her now as she stood in front of her full length mirror, turning to look at both back and front, she was such a girly girl.

Turning to look down the hall, she caught me watching her and laughed. “What are you looking at, Michael,” she said, maybe a bit embarrassed to be caught checking herself out in the mirror.

“Nothing baby. Just sitting here watching TV,” I answered, turning back to the TV screen. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her walking down the hall towards me, her hips swaying beneath her tight black skirt, her black high heels making that walk even sexier. She stopped and grabbed her purse off the counter, pulling her cigarettes and lighter from within.

“So do you like what you didn’t see?” said Shannon, stopping to stand between the couch and the TV, raising her cigarette to her lips to light it. Oh, I liked it alright. My wife was dressed in a light pink button down top, that black skirt hugging her ass like a second skin. Her blond hair was softly curled, her makeup perfect, and her black high heels made her legs seem to stretch forever. I watched a soft plume of smoke curl from her pink lips and shifted on the couch, my hard cock pressing tight to my shorts.

“Baby you look fantastic. Smoking hot,” I answered, my eyes moving up and down her body.

“This skirt isn’t too short is it? I want to look sexy not slutty. And I think I look fat,” she said, turning around in a circle so I could see her backside. I stood up from the couch and wrapped my arms around her waist, pressing my hardness to the crack of her ass.

“It’s perfect baby. And you worry too much. I’m sure Steven will think the same,” I said, feeling her ass massaging my cock, her hips pressing to mine.

“I hope so,” she whispered.

Steven. Her date for tonight. The reason she was dressed up. Another reason my cock was like concrete. Shannon had met him at work and one thing led to another that led to her date tonight. I had yet to meet him but had heard about him from my wife. Hot guy with a hot car. His car, an orange Dodge Charger had first caught my wife’s eye when she saw it in the employee lot. In our land of cracker crumbed minivans, a sports car turned my wife head faster than a tight ass. That Steven, according to my wife, was also a total hottie was just icing on the hot car cake.

Steven was coming here tonight to take my wife out on a date. And my cock was as hard as rock. I had seen my wife make love to other men and other women and I got off on it. I had jealousy issues at first, I won’t lie, but I came to realize that my wife loved me like no other and her getting a strange cock now and again just made our sex lives even more fantastic. So he was coming here to pick her up and I was going to stay here and watch TV until she got back. Watch TV and fantasize what my wife was going to be doing on her date. Watch TV with a steel rod in my shorts, in other words.

A knock on the door broke me from my reverie. My wife jumped a bit in my arms and I pulled her tight against me. “Go get the door baby. I have a feeling it’s your date,” I said to her, releasing her from my arms. She looked back at me and I smiled at her, trying my best to be calm, not wanting to freak her out anymore than I knew she already was. I watched her walk to the door and when she opened it and said hi to Steven, my heart starting racing just a bit faster. She invited him in and I stood there, waiting to get my first glance at hot Steven with the hot car.

He walked into our living room and I think he was just as nervous as the two of us. He was shorter than my 6 foot plus height and I probably had a hundred pounds on him. Where I was chunky, this guy was skinny but muscular. He had longish blond hair and was wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans. A couple of tattoos on his arms completed his bad boy, hot guy appearance. Totally my wife’s wet panty type of guy.

“Hi, you must be Steven. Shannon told me about you. I’m Mike, Shannon’s husband. Nice to meet you,” I said, determined to put everyone at ease. I walked over to him and shook his hand. He seemed to be relieved, maybe he thought I would be some mad psycho, ready to butcher him for coming on to my wife.

“Nice to meet you too,” he said, looking at Shannon and then back to me. “You sure you okay with me and Shannon going out? I don’t want to cause any kind of a scene. When Shannon told me about you guys, I wasn’t sure about all this but, man, your wife is soo hot…..”

“Dude it’s all good. Just make sure you have her home by eleven,” I said, laughing. Steven told me they were going out to dinner and I thought I could hear a slight Southern accent. For some reason that made me feel better about him.

“Steven, I’m just gonna grab my purse and we’ll get outta here. Okay with you Michael?” said Shannon, silent to this point, just watching to see how yalova escort this first scene between her new boyfriend and her husband was going to play out. Seeing that the first bit of tension had fled the room, I think she felt so much better about her date.

“I’ll be home soon baby. Love ya,” said Shannon, kissing me and then walking over to Steven.

“Love you too baby. You guys have fun.” I told them as I watched them walk out the door. Plopping back down on the couch, I let out a deep breath. Now that I had met Shannon’s new guy, I felt better, I could put a face to a name. I picked up the remote, flipping through the channels. It didn’t matter what was on, I wasn’t going to be paying that much attention to it anyway. My mind was going to be totally on what I thought was going to happen with my wife and her new boyfriend.

I got a decent vibe from the guy and I wasn’t all that worried about him. Shannon said he was a real nice guy but I did glance down at my cell phone, making sure it was close, just in case. You never know. As if it was waiting for my glance, my phone starting ringing. Thinking it had to be my wife’s mom, guardian of our children for this night, I picked it up and was surprised to see the Caller ID showed it was my wife calling.

“Hey baby, did you forget something?” I said, and was surprised again at who answered my question.

“Mike, it’s Steve. Hey, Shannon wants you to go look out your bedroom window. Right now.”

“Is she alright?” I asked, jumping up from the couch to walk quickly back to our bedroom.

“Oh yeah, she’s fine….so fine,” he answered, his voice now low and raspy. I pulled the curtains to our bedroom aside and looked out at our driveway. The streetlight in front of our house lit up the front of our house and I could see Steven’s car parked behind my wife’s minivan. The light reflected off of the windows in the car and all I could make out were shadows in the front seat.

“God baby that feels so good, don’t stop. Can you see me, Mike? Ooooh…”

I strained my eyes but could see nothing inside the car but listening to his breathing from my cell phone, I had a feeling I knew what was going on. My cock was tenting my shorts and I reached down to give it a squeeze, my knees quivering in pleasure. I lifted my hand from my cock and gave a small wave, letting Steven know I saw them, my voice caught in my throat.

“Mike, you know what happened man? I was getting in the car…….holy shit that feels good Shannon…..and I joked I was having a hard time getting in cause I was so excited watching her walk. It was a joke but she said she could take care of that…and then….and then…..”

“Take your hand Steven and softly massage her head, she loves that. Just run your fingertips through her hair…,” I whispered, telling my wife’s lover how she likes to be caressed when she was sucking a dick. I heard a low moan and knew that had to be my wife responding to Steven, his hands tangling in her hair. I was stroking my cock through my shorts, seeing Shannon in my mind, taking his cock deep into her mouth, his hand moving her head up and down on his entire length,

No sound from my phone but breathing and moaning and wet sucking sounds. Sounds of my wife’s mouth wrapped around Steven’s cock.. “Now Steven, when you get close, just start pumping your hips, fuck Shannon’s mouth, hold her head gently and fuck her wet warm mouth.”

“Oh yeah…..Shannon…..don’t stop baby, I’m gonna cum…..oh…..oh….damn….”

I gripped my phone tightly in one hand and my cock in the other, listening to Steven exploding in my wife’s mouth. As hard as I was staring, I could see nothing inside Steven’s car, just had to envision what was happening from the moans coming from my phone.

“I so need a cigarette baby. Do you mind if I smoke in your car?”

That was my wife, the first coherent words I had heard from her in what seemed a lifetime.

“You go right ahead, Shannon. After that, you could set this car on fire and I wouldn’t care. Oh, hey Mike, we gotta go. Gonna be late for dinner. Talk to you later man,” said Steven, remembering that he was on the phone with the husband of the girl that just sucked his cock right out in front of their house.

“Talk to you guys later,” I croaked before pushing the end call button. I watched the glow of Shannon’s lighter from inside the car as Steven pulled out and drove away. My legs were trembling as I stumbled back to the living room, more falling than sitting back on the couch. Did that just really happen? Did I just listen to my wife blow her boyfriend and then give him tips on how to please her as she did so? The hard cock in my shorts told me yes, it had indeed just happened.

I tried to focus on what was going on in the movie on TV but my mind was having none of it. Visions of my wife’s sexy mouth moving up and down on a huge cock filled my mind, the sounds of that phone call replaying over and over in my mind.

When edirne escort my phone rang again, my head whipped around as if someone had just taken a shot at me. Picking up like I would a live snake, I checked the caller ID. Shannon. Pushing the talk button, I said hello in a soft voice.

“Mike, Steven again. Sorry to hang up on you like that before. Just got a bit freaked out. You know what I’m saying?”

Why yes indeed I knew what he was saying. I could here the sound of music playing in the background, maybe the sound of people talking. He was calling from a restaurant.

“It’s okay Steve. No problem. Can’t say I’ve ever had a conversation quite like that one either. You guys eating dinner?” I asked, wondering if he just called to apologize, see if I was upset.

“Yeah, I brought her to this nice Italian place I know. We got here and I got us a booth in the back, one of those round ones that fits like eight people. They’re nice, you can sit together, close you know?”

“Sounds very romantic,” I answered, beginning to get puzzled. Did he want a tip on what wine to order with dinner or what?

“Well, we got here and your wife had a couple of drinks, and we’re eating and I see her squirming around a little. I ask her if there was something the matter, like maybe she had to go to the bathroom or she didn’t like the food or something. And she you know what she said?”

“I have no idea,” I answered but knowing in my head exactly what was the matter. A couple of drinks after a hot cock exploded in her mouth gave me a clue of just why my wife was squirming in her seat.

“Mike, she told me she was soaking wet, can you believe that? She was squirming ’cause she was so fucking horny she didn’t want to stick to the damn seat. I got to tell you, Mike, my dick got hard again hearing that.”

And so did mine. My cock was throbbing again in my shorts.

“So, what did you say to her after that? Is she sitting there squirming right now?” I replied, picturing Shannon fidgeting in her seat, listening to this whole conversation. At least I could stroke my cock right now, not just squirm around with a raging hardon.

“No I told her to go to the bathroom. She should be back in just a sec. Here, she is right now. Shannon just slide around over on this side. That’s it, doll, up nice and close. Thank you very much. I think I’ll hang on to these for just a bit. Like a souvenir.”

I just listened in, feeling like I was in the next booth, eavesdropping on their conversation. He wasn’t talking to me at the moment; he was getting close to my wife in a big round booth and collecting his souvenir. I doubt it was a stuffed animal.

“Mike, you know what you’re wife just gave me?” said Steven, his voice sounding like he was a little kid at Christmas. I bit back the urge to say a stuffed animal, a laugh in my throat that I covered up with a low cough.

“What did she give you,” I said, stroking my cock and hoping I knew the answer already.

“Her panties. She said you picked them out so I hope that you are not mad that she gave them to me. And Mike, they are soaked. Shannon, yeah you can lay your head right on my arm and have a cigarette. Just spread a bit more, that’s it baby. Damn, you weren’t kidding.”

Listening to Steven’s voice over the phone was hypnotic, the way he starting addressing me and then right in the middle just start talking to my wife. A bit disjointed but I pictured him sitting next to my wife, she tight up against him, smoking, and he holding a phone up to his head trying to talk to me and sex up my wife all at the same time. Had to be difficult. Maybe I should get my wife one of those little cell phone headsets.

“No I’m not mad about the panties. I bought them for her so she could wear them on her date so you should get them. I can get her another pair,” I said, listening to Steven breathing.

“She is so fucking wet Mike. I got two fingers inside her right now, fucking her right here in the restaurant. That feel good baby? Not as good as my cock is going to feel later but good right?”

I heard my wife sigh, her head had to be close to the phone, her voice loud in my ear. I stroked my cock faster, my hands in my shorts, my fingers sliding up and down my wet cock, the precum flowing from me like a river.

“Steven, curl your fingers up inside her, stroke the front wall of her pussy. She loves that. Not too hard,” I said, again being Steven’s little helper. I could hear Shannon gasp aloud as Steven must have followed my instructions very well. “Now if you can, just grab her and lift her up. Lift her up and bounce her a bit on your hand. Believe me you will know when you are doing it right.”

I hope the booth they were in was indeed in a secluded spot in the dining room because my wife’s sighs were getting louder over the phone. I could just imagine her next to Steven, bouncing up and down on his fingers, wanting to scream but only able to gasp and gasp and gasp.

“That is incredible erzurum escort baby, that feels unbelievable…Mike she is soaking the whole seat, she is squirting all over me man…. Goddamn…,” Steven said to me over the soft sounds of my wife whispering ‘Don’t stop, don’t stop, please don’t stop.’

“Steve, I want to hear her pussy. Put the phone down next to your hand. I want to hear it, hear my wife squirting all over you,” I said to him, hoping that I didn’t just go over the line, asking my wife’s lover to do some Twister type of move just for my satisfaction.

I guess it was possible because the next thing I heard was the sopping sound of Steven’s fingers stroking my wife pussy, the very loud and very wet sound filling my ears. I could only stroke my cock and listen, knowing that my wife was going to cum, cum all over his fingers in the middle of an Italian restaurant. I could hear her voice, muffled as her orgasm took her, she must have her face buried in his shoulder, biting back the scream, the passion.

“Mike you still there? That was intense. I didn’t know a woman could cum like that. Fucking awesome. No, I don’t think we’ll have dessert, she’s full, I mean we’re both full…,” said Steven, laughing out loud. “You can just bring the check. You do want dessert, hang on I’ll call her back. Oh, Shannon, that is so hot. Mike, she is licking her juices off my fingers man. Oh baby, we have got to go before I bust one right here in this booth. Mike I’ll call you later.”

And just like that he was gone again, my phone silent in my hand.

No doubt that phone call was real; the dark stain of precum all over the front of my shorts was all the proof I needed. I just melted into the couch, my whole body covered in sweat, imagining my wife on wobbly legs trying to make it out of the restaurant. At least her black skirt would hide the wet spot. When Shannon squirted, she soaked our sheets so her skirt had to be sopping wet-maybe as wet as the front of my damn shorts.

I had to get off this couch and find something to do. Pee. Eat. Something. I couldn’t just sit there and wait for my phone to ring. I got up, peed, and then wandered into the kitchen to find a snack. I opened the fridge and grabbed a soda and a thought crossed my mind that made me laugh out loud. Every time Shannon had Italian with her sister, I always got a doggie back full of leftovers. I doubt this time I was getting the leftovers-hell I wasn’t even getting the panties! But damn I might just get some sloppy seconds!

I continued to laugh at myself and sat back down on the couch with my soda. A different movie was playing and I couldn’t care less. I kept glancing over at my phone, willing it to ring; picking it up to make sure it was charged or maybe I had somehow missed a call.

Maybe there wasn’t going to be anymore calls tonight. Maybe Shannon’s phone died, or Steve had tired of this game, or maybe they were just pulled over somewhere, in a cell dead zone, fucking their brains out in the back of his hot car. If the phone didn’t ring again I knew that I would hear what happened from Shannon when she got home. It would be sexy as hell hearing her describe what happened but I really wanted that phone to ring again.

It did.

I answered it in a flash, seeing my wife’s name on the caller ID, and in a harried voice said hello.

“Hey Mike. It’s Steve again. What you doing man?”

“Not a whole lot man. Just sitting here watching TV. Whatcha doing?” I answered. It was starting to sound like we were a couple of guys, calling to say ‘Whazzzz up!’ Oh just fucking your wife and drinking a Bud! Now that would make a hell of a commercial.

“We got to the hotel, it’s a nice one too, no Motel 6 for your wife man, and we started fooling around. Kissing, getting naked, she sucked my cock some more and I went down on her. She tastes as good as she looks but I guess you know that already.”

I did know that. My cock was again surging the front of my shorts and it was time to lose them. Holding my phone to my ear, I used my other hand to pull my shorts down my legs. Once free of them, I laid back and just stroked my hard cock, waiting for what was to happen next.

“Now picture this Mike. Your wife has her face in a pillow, she’s up on her knees, that beautiful ass up nice and high and she wants me to fuck her from behind. Told me that was her favorite position. That true big guy?”

My God why haven’t they fucking invented a video cell phone yet? The new Iphone was supposed to do it but I didn’t have a fucking new Iphone right now and I just had to imagine my gorgeous wife, her ass up high, begging to be fucked from behind.

“Steve she fucking loves it from behind. Loves it hard and fast,” I told him. Hell I had been helping him all night, no reason to stop now. I was stroking my cock hard and fast now, my mind being my Iphone, seeing Steve ramming my wife doggie style.

“Babe, this thing got a speaker phone…..hold that button right there? Mike can you still hear me?”

He sounded like a guy about to fuck my wife on a speaker phone but I could still hear him clear as bell. “Steve I can hear you just fine, can you hear me?” Maybe I should get the Verizon guy to help Steve double team my wife, the two of them screaming ‘Can you hear me now’ as they plowed her. Man my mind was racing.

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