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Subject: The Chandlers Chapt 9 The Chandlers Daniel and Rudy Chapter Nine Daniel called the pharmacy early the next morning and his Grandpa, John, answered the phone. Daniel did not feel comfortable talking about sexual matters with his grandfather, so he asked if one of his uncles was in. A few minutes later, Frank came on the phone. “What can I help you with, Danny?” he asked cordially. If Daniel was nothing else, he was honest and bold. “Rudy and I want to have sex, Uncle Frank, and we would like to talk to you or Uncle Gerry first. When do you think we could see one of you?” Frank was really stunned. “Why don’t you come to the store for lunch? I’ll make you guys a sandwich and a malt, and then we can go in the back room for a talk.” It wasn’t until he hung up that the gravity and importance of the situation hit Frank. His nephew was gay, and that could well be the end of the Chandler clan. He was very disturbed, and confided his feelings to Gerry. “You’re too upset to talk to the boys,” Gerry said. “It doesn’t bother me in the least so I’ll talk to them.” “Thanks. I’m not a father, and I’m not up to the talk about the birds and the bees.” “Apparently they are way beyond the birds and the bees. Do you know if Harry has a movie projector?” “I’m sure he has. He showed us pictures from his trip to The Grand Canyon. Don’t you remember?” “Hold down the fort. I’m running home to get one of our porn movies. I’ll let the boys borrow it. Pictures are worth a thousand words, if you recall.” When Gerry was alone with the boys in the back room, he handed Daniel the movie reel, and told him to play it when he and Rudy were alone. “What if my dad asks us why we are borrowing the projector” Daniel asked. “Tell him the truth. You have to come out to your parents sooner or later.” Daniel didn’t have to tell Harry anything. He found the projector on the top shelf of the closet in the master bedroom. When he pulled the projector off the shelf, a dusty old book fell down with the projector. Rudy retrieved it and examined it. At first he thought it might be a diary, but it was a simple school-like notebook. Daniel and Rudy took the book and the projector to Daniel’s room. Rudy tossed the book on a dresser and it raised quite a bit of dust as it landed. They had no screen, so they aimed the projector at the window. They pulled down the blinds and hung a sheet over the window. They threaded the film in the teeth of the reel, and started the film. They watched with open mouths and hard cocks as the men in the film sucked and fucked each other. There were sequences with just two guys, some with three, and still others which were virtual orgies. During the entire film they sat in silence, too stunned to speak. As Daniel was rewinding the film, Rudy said. Tonight when we are alone in bed can we try some of that stuff?” “I’d like to try all of it,” Danny grinned. As the film continued to rewind, he walked over to Rudy, kissed him on the lips and grabbed his swollen package. “By the way, what’s in that book you picked up?” “I don’t know. Let’s look at it.” “After we make love,” Daniel smiled. They had both gotten naked while they were watching the film. They weren’t escort too concerned. Daniel’s parents were still at work, and Vincent had made an appointment with his counterpart in Canton to discuss any ideas for urban planning that they might be able to share with each other. They both had pulsating erections that needed attention. Suddenly without warning Daniel fell to his knees. He grabbed Rudy’s uncut, five inch cock, and gave it a tentative swipe with his tongue along the underside of the shaft. Rudy fell backwards onto the bed and emitted one long sigh. Daniel kept swiping Rudy’s rod from the outside, but after several laps, he took Rudy’s entire cock into his mouth. He continued swabbing the cock with his tongue and his lips pulsated gently on the outside. Literally seconds after Daniel took the cock into him, Rudy began to cum. His breath grew short and he started to whimper. Daniel made a quick decision not to withdraw. He vowed to himself to swallow it all. When Rudy came down from his high, the two boys kissed each other and Rudy could taste his own cum. “It was wonderful,” he murmured. “Indescribable! Let me do that to you.” “Who’s stopping you?” Daniel came almost as fast as Rudy. The two boys lay exhausted, unable to speak. After a while, Rudy asked, “What about that ass stuff?” “Tonight, when we’re in bed. Let’s wash up now before everyone gets home.” They returned the projector to Harry’s closet, but kept the book. Then they showered and dressed, and went downstairs to wait for Jane who was expected home first. The dusty old book was forgotten. Since Daniel had told Rudy about his suspicions that their fathers were lovers, both boys paid very close attention to the behavior of the two men that evening during dinner. It’s true that they were over attentive to each other, but it could be chalked up to Harry being a good host. It was after dinner, when Harry announced that he and Vince were going bowling, that both boys glanced at each other and their eyes locked. Still it didn’t prove anything. They were too young to drive so they couldn’t get in a car and follow their dads. Shortly after Harry and Vince left, Gerry called. “It’s Uncle Gerry,” Daniel yelled to his mother in the kitchen. I’ll take it in the den.” “Did you guys see the movie?” “Sure did.” “Did you hide it good?” “Yup!” “Well, what did you think?” “Thanks, Uncle Gerry. We tried some of that stuff already, and we’ll try some more tonight after lights out.” “I guess there’s no doubt in either of your minds that you are gay.” “None whatsoever, and Uncle Gerry, I think I love Rudy.” “Well, just be careful and have fun.” The two youngsters shocked Jane by going to bed early. As they were undressing, Daniel spotted the dusty book on the dresser. He grabbed it and ran into the bathroom. There he wiped it clean with toilet paper and returned to his room. He closed the door carefully, making sure it couldn’t accidently come ajar. Rudy was already in bed. He was lying on top of the covers totally naked and totally erect. Daniel shut the light in his room, and beckoned Rudy to come to his window. From the window, there was a clear view of the driveway, and anyone approaching the front door would be visible to the boys. The person would not be out izmit escort bayan of sight until he was about a foot from the door. Daniel pulled down the shade, and put the light back on. “Now let’s see what this is,” he said, looking at the book. He opened it up to the first page. It was like the title page of any book. Neatly centered in the middle of the page, in a neat script, they read. Ten Days A Love Story “I wonder who wrote this story,” Daniel said. He turned to the first page and he started to laugh. The script was almost illegible, so unlike the title page. “This looks like it was written by a doctor,” Rudy said. “Everyone says that their handwritings are illegible.” “You’re right, Rudy. This was written by my father. Let me try to decipher it for you.” He began to read. Henry and Janet were new parents. They decided to visit both sets of new grandparents for a week each to introduce them to little David. That was all the time off that they could manage, since Henry was in Medical School and only had two weeks off. They visited Janet’s parents last, and Janet said that she would like to extend her visit for a week or two. “You’re always busy anyway,” she rationalized. “That’s fine,” Henry said. “Take all the time you need.” The next day, he got into his car to head back home about 200 miles away. The first gas station he came across on the highway was only about 25 miles from his in-laws. He didn’t need gas, but he stopped and used the pay phone. Victor answered. Henry had a brother, Jonathan, who was gay. Jon had a partner, Carl. Victor was Carl’s brother. Henry and Victor had met one New Year’s weekend shortly after Jon and Carl became an item. Henry was engaged to be married, and Vic identified himself as straight also. Nonetheless, on that fateful weekend, the two men fell in love, and had raw unbridled sex. They knew that it was an anomaly, and agreed not to do it again. “Victor,” Henry began. “I’m going to be alone in Chicago for two weeks. Please come for a visit, please.” “It’s not wise and it’s all wrong. Besides, I am about to ask a woman to marry me.” “Just this one last time, Victor, please. I love you.” “OK. Just this one last time.” “I’ll probably be in school when you arrive. I’ll leave the key under the mat. I promise, you won’t regret this,” Henry said. Two evenings later when he arrived home, Henry could smell food cooking in his apartment. He threw open the door and fell into Victor’s arms. “Aren’t you going to close the door?” Victor laughed. “Yes, of course. What smells so good?” “It’s a secret recipe, an aphrodisiac. I’m not telling.” “I don’t need an aphrodisiac.” The two men restrained themselves and ate Victor’s delicious dinner. They cleaned the dishes, and had an after dinner drink. Finally Henry asked, “How would you like to shower with me?” Victor didn’t answer. He just headed for the bedroom where he stripped naked in record time. Henry saw Victor’s uncut, semi-hard cock, and he wanted to scream out in joy. He didn’t, but he did strip rapidly, and he adjusted the water temperature in the shower. In the shower, they soaped each other’s cocks over and over, until finally Henry turned izmit sınırsız escort his back on Victor and jutted out his ass. “Fuck me,” he said. Victor took the soap and started to insert soapy fingers into Henry’s ass. His fingers entered easily, and so he got bold and inserted his cock into Henry’s ass while his soapy hand reached around and enveloped Henry’s cock. Henry gave out one scream of pain and Victor stopped his entry. “Don’t stop, Vic. I love this,” Henry instructed. “Please start pumping.” Victor felt his orgasm beginning after the third stroke. “I’m cumming,” he whispered in Henry’s ear. “Try to hold back,” Henry begged, but he couldn’t. Neither could Henry. The two men came simultaneously. They clung together until Victor fell out of Henry’s ass. They remained silent until they were cleaned up, dried off and ready to climb into bed.” Daniel stopped reading. The boy was crying. “Why are you crying?” Rudy wanted to know. “This story is obviously about our fathers. Henry is Harry, Victor is Vincent, Janet is Jane, and David is me.” “My father is single, and your father is married. He’s cheating on your mother,” Rudy announced accusingly. “I know. But they love each other so much. I feel sorry for them. And now, on this visit, they are never alone. I wonder how they are managing. Hey, I’ll bet they didn’t really go bowling. Do you think we should tell them that we know about how much they love each other?” “Gee, I could never do that,” Rudy whined. “Why don’t you read the rest of the story while we think of something?” Daniel glanced down at the book. It must have been about two in the morning. Henry woke up. Moonlight bathed the bedroom. Victor was sleeping above the covers with his back facing Henry. Henry hunkered up to Victor. “Are you awake?” he asked. “I am now.” “I want to fuck you,” Henry whispered to Victor. “I’ve got plenty of lube in my night table.” “My pleasure,” Victor said. He rolled on his back, and raised his legs. Henry greased Victor and then himself, and entered easily. It took a little longer to cum this time and Victor said, “Take all the time you need, all night, if you can.” After he came, Victor went down on Henry, and Henry had another wonderful orgasm. They made love every chance they could for the next ten days. Both agreed that it was the best ten days of their lives. At Victor’s wedding, as he said his vows, all he could think about were those ten days. Henry was one of his ushers and the same thoughts were going through his head. He vowed to write it down as a story, so that neither of them would ever forget. “That’s all there is,” Daniel said. He closed the book and placed it under his jockey shorts in his dresser. Then he shut the light and lifted the shade over his window. “Let’s wait for our dad’s to get home,” he said. He sat down on his bed, but did not lie down. Rudy fell asleep. About an hour later, he heard his mother go into her bedroom. About one in the morning, Daniel heard his dad’s car pull into the driveway. He shook Rudy’s shoulder to awaken him. He and Rudy positioned themselves at the window and looked down. Their fathers got out of the car. Vincent walked around the car and Harry waited for him. The two men embraced and kissed and walked to the front door. The boys watched until they could no longer see their fathers, and they heard the front door open. “Even if we don’t tell them we know about them, I want to tell them about us before you leave,” Daniel said. To be continued…..

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