The Cucking After Chapter 3

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“I’m gonna have to get her a purse if we keep on with this,” Nancy laughed.“If?” Greg and Dan laughed.I heard their laughter as I closed the front door.“Scared?” Joan asked as she pulled away from the curb.“Very,” I replied as I looked about.“Not to worry,” she began. “I’ll go to both places, you just wait in the car.”“Thanks,” I replied, a smile on my face.“Other than the heels, you seem very comfortable as Harriet,” Joan began.“Well, to be honest, I’ve always liked women’s clothing,” I replied.“A turn-on?”“At first, it was, I think, but now I’m just comfortable. Like you are.”“You have a strong feminine side.”“Is that what you call it?” The term felt comfortable.“My sister has always suspected that,” she said, as she looked over at me with a reassuring smile on her face.“Then why was she always against me dressing up?”“She worried that maybe you’ll go too far. You have a tendency to do that.”“And become a shemale?”“Or worse.”“I love her too much to ever hurt her like that.”“You better lover her, or one of these times when she’s got you cuffed I slice your balls off,” she remarked. “But then looking at you right now, I somehow think that wouldn’t bother you.”I got ready to reply when a car pulled up beside us.“Stop looking,” she told me.“It’s a nineteen-fifty-four-”“I don’t care what it is, don’t look,’ she said. “You’re supposed to be a woman, and women do not drool over cars.”“Okay,” I replied.“But the driver is cute,” she remarked.I looked over as if looking at him, but only to admire the car.“That’s enough, we don’t need him following us,” she advised.“Yes ma’am,” I replied as I looked ahead and the light changed.“You really like the submissive role, don’t you?”“Yes I do,” I replied after some thought. “I’m comfortable, and in a way, feel safe.”“My sister likes it too.”“And your sister likes it when you eat her pussy.”“Yes.”“Her clit is a lot of fun, isn’t şişli escort bayan it?”“Yes, but I used to hurt her feelings teasing her about it.”“Teasing her?”“I used to tell her that she started out to be a boy, and something went wrong.”Her tone told me that she was ashamed of her actions.“Well, I’m glad she has it, I love sucking on it,” I said, trying to reassure her that all was okay.“That didn’t help back then,” she went on, as she looked straight ahead.“Teens will be teens,” I joked.“Teens or not, she almost turned it into a nightmare.”“How?”“She never told you?” Joan went on as she pulled into the parking lot of the liquor store.“No. What?”“Back in her junior year of high school, she almost cut it off.”“What?” I nearly shouted. “She’s never told me about that!”“Mom caught her.”“Your mom?”“Alright, we’re here,” she said. “If you have to talk while we’re in here make sure to use that soft sissy voice my sister told me you have.”“You want me to go in with you?” My heart began to race.“Yes,” she replied, a sadistic smile on her face. “Just us girls.”“But when we left, you said I could stay in the car,” I protested, as my knees shook.“I lied.”“That wasn’t too bad, now was it?” Joan asked once we’d gotten back in the car.“I don’t know,” I half mumbled, my hands still shaking.“The guy at the counter really gave you the eye,” she quipped.“I saw that, and I didn’t like it.”“Now you know how us real women feel,” she added, with emphasis on the ‘real.’“I thought you women liked it when we look?”“I’ll bet he looked at you and thought ‘I’d like to do her,’” she said as she glanced over at me, and continued. “Just like our cousin used to do you.”“Nancy told you about that?” I asked as I felt my face redden.“Yep.”I looked straight ahead, as felt her eyes on me.“Care to tell me more?” She asked.“Maybe after you tell me about your mom walking in on my wife,” şişli escort bayan I countered.“Simple,” she began as she came to a stop, then went on. “Nancy was in our room, sitting on the floor about to slice her monster clit off with a razor blade when our mom walked in and stopped her.”“Did she know what your sister was doing? How old was she?”“No. Mom had just come home and walked in on her. Nancy was seventeen.”“Pizza is that way,” I remarked as she turned in the opposite direction.“I know, but I figured that I’d go around the block to finish our talk,” she acknowledged.“Okay,” I said as she reached over an grabbed my crotch.“This talk has you excited,” she quipped, as she put her hand back on the steering wheel.“Yes. It also hurts that she thought so little of herself.”“I blame me for that,” Joan said. “But it turned out okay. When I walked in on them, mom was hugging her, and she’d stopped crying.”“You got home right after your mom did, huh?”“No, I was in the other room watching television.”“What happened after that?”“I don’t remember exactly what all, but mom assured her she wasn’t a freak and bawled me out for making fun of her. Then mom got undressed and showed us both her large clitoris and inner labia. We talked more and before long all three of us were masturbating.”“What!” I shouted, my dick hard, and I was so aroused I thought I’d cream my panties.“We touched ourselves, not each other,” she sternly stated.“I didn’t mean to imply anything.”“Bullshit! You know damn good and well you were thinking something else,” she said.“Your mom had a large clit and lips too, huh?” I said in an effort to change the subject.“Yes. In fact, we talked about that afterward.”“After what?”“After we’d all achieved our orgasms,” she stated, I could hear the annoyance in her voice.“I know. I’m sorry, I just wanted to hear you say it,” I acknowledged.“You guys all mecidiyeköy escort think alike.”“Sorry,” I said. “But I just couldn’t picture me and my dad sitting there jacking off.”“That’s because your dad wasn’t a really cool parent like our mom,” she went on. “She said that Nancy got her oversized clit from her. That it’s in our genes. She also said that either one of us could pass it on to our children.”“Large lips, and more large clits, huh?” I inquired. I rightfully elected not to ask about my nieces.“Mom’s lips were lopsided,” she added.“Lopsided?”“Yes. Her left lip was about a half-inch bigger than her right.”“So, she just spread her legs and stretched her lips out for the two you to see?”“Basically.”“Wow. I’m trying to picture her doing that,” I said as I again shook my head.“Well don’t,” she flatly said. “And stop shaking your head, your wig keeps moving.”“It belonged to your mom,” I remarked.Their mom, who had died from breast cancer, had worn it when her hair fell out from her chemo treatments.“I know,” she replied, as she stopped, and made another turn. “Then there was another time when she walked in on us sixty-nine-ing. She simply said ‘excuse me’ and left. Later she told us that if we didn’t want an audience to let her know.”“Wow,” I exclaimed. “So your mom never had a problem with lesbian incest?”“No. I ask my cousin, the same one that was doing you, to make me a little wooden ’69’ sign,” she went on. “After that, when we wanted to, we’d put the sign on the outer doorknob, and mom knew not to walk in.”“Did she?” I asked.“Did she, what?”“Ever watch the two of you?”“With the bulge in your skirt, and crooked wig, you stay in the car,” Joan said as she pulled into the parking lot.“Yes, ma’am.”“You said that with such sincerity,” she remarked, as she pulled into the stall.“I figured out of respect for your mom,” I replied, happy to be staying in the car.“That’s sweet,” she said. Her face was lit with a genuine smile.~~~“The girls are back with the goodies,” Dan said as we entered the house.I felt my face redden.“The way you were banging her, I thought my sister was the ‘goodies,’” Joan shot back.

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