The Downpour – Part 3

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In theory, things were quite straightforward for progressing the sexual relationship between seventeen-year-old Conor Monroe and the forty-nine-year-old married woman next door, Denise Scott.On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays they had about a two-hour window to fuck in when Conor got home from school and before his mother, Sheila, got home from work. Sheila did not work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.The age gap lovers could also entertain each other at any hour of the night because Denise had moved from her husband Tony’s bed into what was their spare bedroom and that room directly faced Conor’s room across the divide between their houses.Tony was not bothered about his wife moving out of the marital bed because they no longer had sex and the only cunt that he was now putting his cock in was that of his young secretary, Kelly Thomas.It was not quite that straightforward however because nobody must know about what was going on so there was the risk of Conor being seen entering or leaving Denise’s house for their three times per week fuck. The woman that lived on the other side of The Monroe house, Mary Lomas, was very observant and she also liked to pass on any knowledge about others that she might acquire.Denise and Conor’s sexual relationship had only started on Monday, it was now Thursday morning, when Conor got caught in a torrential downpour and did not have his door key so Denise took him into her house. Conor’s rain-soaked school uniform got removed and the situation of a horny young man and a sex-starved mature woman led to Denise’s bedroom.Conor left home for school on Thursday morning and looked in the direction of Denise’s house, his lover was at her window and blew him a kiss. They knew that fucking was not on the menu this day because Conor’s mum would be home when he got home from school. Some fun that night from a bedroom window to a bedroom window was very likely though.During the day, Denise was outside her house humming to herself when Mary Lomas wandered over. “Hello Denise; you sound very happy with life,” said Mary, wondering why a woman whose husband was shagging a female less than half of Denise’s age would be happy.”Do I? Well, you have to be beylikdüzü escort really, don’t you?” smiled Denise, who did not dislike Mary but would certainly not want her knowing anything that she did not want others knowing. That Tony was fucking his secretary had been common knowledge for a while and Mary was a bit put out that she had not been the first to know of it.”I suppose so,” answered Mary, thinking that there must be some reason for Denise Scott’s happiness.”How is your Roger? haven’t seen him much lately,” smiled Denise, the rumour was that sixty-two-year-old Roger Lomas had a bit on the side but nobody locally was sure.”Oh, he is fine; works late sometimes,” said fifty-eight-year-old Mary, almost through gritted teeth.”Yeah, so does my Tony,” said Denise, her eyes on Mary. Denise felt slightly guilty because the remark was catty and cutting but she did rather enjoy the moment.”Um, well: must get on,” said a flustered Mary, obviously stung by the implications of Denise’s remark.Denise hummed to herself even more happily as Mary scuttled away. It looked as though Roger Lomas might be being a naughty boy, as rumours suggested.That night, Denise went to her bedroom just after ten. Conor’s room opposite was in darkness and she thought of phoning him or texting him but decided to put on a show in case he was in there.She left the main light on and the curtains wide open as she slowly removed her clothes’ She suspected but was not certain that Conor was watching her and if he was, she imagined that he would be wanking.She became naked up top and stood at the window stretching and displaying her large tits. She then removed her trousers and turned her back to the window to drop her knickers. She stepped out of them and remained bent over, her bare arse close to the window.Her mobile buzzed and as it was within reach she remained in that position. ‘Stay just like that; imagine me fucking you from behind you horny slut,’ read Conor’s text.Denise smiled to herself and remained with her big backside towards the window as her fingers started working on her cunt and clit. ‘I am going to cum,’ read the text on Denise’s mobile.’Oh fuck; bahcesehir escort bayan so am I,’ Denise typed back with one hand as she fingered herself to orgasm with the other, still with her arse pointing at the window.After she had finished cumming, Denise stood up and turned around. Conor now had his light on and he held up his hand, sticky with his semen. Denise held up her cum soaked fingers and the lovers smiled at each other.Denise and Conor cleaned themselves up and then spent about thirty minutes sending each other very explicit texts. They hoped to be able to fuck when Conor got home from school the next day as his mum would be at work.During Friday, Denise came up with an idea which might help her and Conor continue their relationship undetected, so she sent him a text. ‘Go between our houses and come in my back door, less chance of being seen,’ read Denise’s text and Conor acknowledged it.Mary Lomas was outside her house when Conor came home from school but, due to Denise’s idea, that was not the problem that it had been on Wednesday. Mary did wonder why after saying their ‘Hellos,’ Connor went down the side of his house rather than go in the front door though.Mary had been thinking about what Denise had said earlier and kept wondering if it was a throwaway remark or whether Denise Scott knew something. Roger Lomas was actually having an affair with a fifty-four-year-old woman from his workplace and she had been a friend of Mary’s.More humiliating to Mary than her husband having another woman would be other people knowing about it so she begrudgingly allowed the affair to continue as long as her husband and the other woman were discreet.Roger and Mary had rarely had sex in recent times but now sex between them was non-existent.Mary was hoping against hope that her husband’s infidelity was not becoming common knowledge like that of Tony Scott’s from two doors away.Denise was waiting at her back door when Conor got there and dragged him into her kitchen. “Come here stud; kiss me,” said Denise, pulling Conor to her and locking her lips on his.”Oh fuck I want you,” said the schoolboy when they broke from kissing.”Not escort bayan beylikdüzü as much as I want you, baby,” said Denise, before remembering to lock her back door.”Good job you said to come around the back, Mrs Lomas is outside,” said Conor.”Yeah, I know; I had a chat with her earlier,” said Denise, taking off Conor’s school blazer and leaving it at the bottom of the stairs.”Oh did you? What about?” asked Conor, as they went upstairs, he discarded his tie on the way.”She was trying to find out why I was so happy,” laughed Denise, as they kissed in her bedroom. The room that faced Conor’s room.”Why are you happy? What did you tell her?” said Conor, as he and Denise started to get naked.”Oh, I told her I was happy because I was getting great fucking from a seventeen-year-old,” laughed Denise, as she got Conor’s trousers and underpants down and started wanking his already rigid cock.”You didn’t tell her that, did you?” said Conor, taking off Denise’s bra having already removed her blouse.”Of course not,” laughed Denise, as Conor massaged her tits.Denise’s trousers and knickers were lowered and Conor was fingering her wet cunt as they kissed.They then got out of their lowered clothing and got on the bed, their first time on that bed.Conor’s penis was soon in Denise’s cunt and the Friday fuck had commenced. It was fast and quite noisy and briefly, Denise wondered if their fucking could be heard outside through the partially opened window but her first orgasm of the fuck arrived and that took such thoughts out of her head. The thoughts did not prevent her from crying out as she came.The fucking continued and so did Denise’s orgasms as her young lover gave her sensational pleasure.They had found themselves with Denise with her feet on the floor, upper body on the bed and Conor standing behind her fucking her hard and fast from behind. “Shit! Fucking hell! Oh baby,” shouted Denise as she came again.Conor gave a few more thrusts and then his body tensed, his cock twitched and he ejaculated hard into his mature lover.They lay on the bed having a recovery period, softly kissing as Denise wondered if they had enough time for another fuck before Conor had to think about going home.—————————-Mary Lomas was still fretting about whether Denise knew anything about Roger having an affair. She could not ask her outright but she wanted to know. She remembered that Denise had lent her a book a while ago and although Mary had read it, she had not yet returned it.

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