The Experiment

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It began with a notice in our college newspaper.“Wanted.  Students for a psychological experience involving sexual attitudes.  Must be open-minded, willing to experiment.  Couples only!  $500 each, for a five-day study during Spring break.”$500 to a college student is a fortune.  I’d do a lot for that.  But the requirement for couples was a problem.  While Betty and I had been going together for months, she was not the “willing to experiment” type.  That in fact was one impediment in what was otherwise a happy and affectionate relationship.  We’d been intimate, sure, but anything that your average missionary wouldn’t approve of was off-limits.Even though I knew she also needed the money, I knew it would be a hard sell.  Her initial reaction was as expected.“No way am I buying into a sex-besotted experiment, doing God-knows-what,” she said.  “Are you insane?”She uses words like “besotted.”  The hazards of dating an English major.“You don’t even know what it entails,” I said.  “Don’t reject it out of hand.”“Well, but you don’t know either.  I’m not willing to have our sex life probed and examined.”“Who said it involves our sex life?”  I responded.  Then foolishly added, “As limited as it is.”“I beg your pardon?” she flared.  “Are you back on that kick, trying to get me to do unnatural stuff?”Oh my.  I’d never persuade her like this.  I changed tactics.“With a $1,000 between us, we could go on a weekend retreat to that bed and breakfast you’ve talked about.  It’d be a nice reward after exams.”That bait bobbed on the surface for a while.  Then she nibbled. “Let’s talk with the professor running the study.  He can give us more information,” she suggested.A few days later, we arranged a Zoom call with the professor. “Dr. McIntyre, we’d like to know some more about the psychological study you’re doing over Spring break.  What’s the purpose, and what’s expected of the participants?”He responded, “The study is designed to analyze participants’ reactions to uncomfortable sexual situations.  We’ll deliberately expose them to things that are unfamiliar.  Some tests will feature a reward or a punishment, as an inducement.  Then we’ll try to discern what motivates people to buy into, or to reject new attitudes.”Betty was wary.  “What exactly are we talking about?  Is there sex involved?“I can’t go into more details, as we want the participants’ reaction to be spontaneous.  No one will be forced to do something they absolutely don’t want to do.  But you have to commit to carefully consider everything and to be articulate in your responses Göztepe Escort as why you chose or refuse to do something.  I’ve had a great response to the notice, so I only have a few slots left.  Let me know soon if you’re interested.”Articulate was not a problem for my English major but the exact nature of what we were to do was still shrouded in mystery.  To me, the prospect of her confronting new sexual attitudes was very appealing.  So, I pressed her.“Look, college is about expanding horizons.  The professor says you’d never have to do something you hate.  Why not take a chance?  We could really use $1,000.”She was skeptical, but in the end, she agreed.  We signed up.When Spring break began, the 12 couples who were part of the study gathered in the meeting room of one of the dorms.  Most students had gone home for the break, so we basically had the dorm to ourselves.Day 1: Dr. McIntyre greeted us.“Thank you all for agreeing to be part of this study.  You’re doing the psychology department a service by your participation, and I suspect you’ll know a lot more about yourselves when this is over.“I know you’re curious what we’ll be doing.  Many of you asked for details, but we were careful not to reveal much.  That changes now. “Sex is one of the strongest influences in our lives, if not the strongest.  If we’re not engaged with sex, we’re usually thinking about it.”There was some nervous agreement and laughter about this.“Sex is a universal presence, but we hide it away behind phobias and restrictions.  We view sex through societal rules and conventions, some logical, others not.  Girls don’t think twice about being in a skimpy bikini on a beach, but would you wear one down Main Street – or to class?  We’re going to examine those attitudes toward our bodies.  For our first exercise, tomorrow I’m asking you is to come to this session wearing a bathing suit, girls in bikinis, guys in swim trunks.”There was a predictable murmur over that directive.  Many guys had a smug look, contemplating seeing all the females wearing very little.  The girls were less gleeful – despite the fact that the guys would be similarly underdressed.Dr. McIntyre let this sink in for a while, then asked, “Who here is uncomfortable with coming to class in swimwear?  If you are, we can talk about your getting an exemption.”No one stirred, until one girl raised her hand.  As soon as she did, half the girls raised their hands.  One spoke, “I don’t want people to be staring at me.  On the beach, there’s a reason for a bathing Göztepe Escort Bayan suit.  It’s hot, you’re sweating, you can go in the water.  The only reason to wear a bathing suit here is so that guys can stare at us.”There were a lot of heads nodding in agreement. “Well, I can understand that,” said the Professor.  “No one wants to be objectified.  So let me change the equation.  I’ll give $50 to every girl who wears a bikini here tomorrow.  Does that make a difference?”It made a big difference.  Every girl in the class said they’d be okay with that incentive, even Betty. The guys wanted to know if they would get $50 too. “No way,” said Dr. McIntyre.  “You’re lucky I don’t charge you guys $50 each to see the girls in their swimsuits.”We laughed, and I don’t think any of us guys really expected men would get the cash bonus.  But the societal construct over how men and women treat revealing their bodies was stark.Before we left, Dr. McIntyre asked us tomorrow to also bring regular street clothes, as we would not be wearing the bathing suits the entire class. Day 2: We came as we were instructed.  There was a noticeable excitement in the air, as we eyed each other.  Clothes hide and shape our bodies, concealing what we want concealed and displaying the shape we’re proud of.  A bikini doesn’t allow for much deception.  We eyed the girls, noticing whose breasts spilled from their tops, whose did not, and who had a few extra pounds around their middle.  Guys were likewise exposed as to their musculature.  The girls were right.  There is no purpose to a bathing suit outside of a beach, except to reveal the body. The discussion drove home the point that our professed attitudes can be influenced by many factors.  No girl wanted to be objectified.  But funny how that understandable concern evaporated for $50.But the Professor had a wrinkle prepared.“Now that we’ve spent a fair amount of time wearing swimwear, we’re going to change.  I want you all to change into your underwear.  There’s hardly any difference between the garments, so no one should object to being viewed in underwear.”But there was a mini mutiny over this directive.  The girls protested that underwear was different. “I know it feels different,” said Dr. McIntyre.  “That’s the whole point.  I want you to experience the difference, so later we can discuss it.”With some grumbling, the girls went into the women’s bathroom and began to change into their bras and panties.  In truth, panties often covered more of their skin than Escort Göztepe bikini bottoms.  Yet they felt more vulnerable knowing it was underwear.We guys, who’d gone into the men’s bathroom, were actually the ones more exposed, as men’s underwear is thinner than swim trunks.  The girls could see more of us, especially a few whose penises bulged against the fabric from the sexual tension. We all discussed how the atmosphere was more sexually charged sitting around in underwear, despite that the same amount of bare skin was revealed.  Most of all, we wondered where this study was headed. Dr. McIntyre gave us the answer as he dismissed us for the day.  “Tomorrow we’re going to extend our exploration of attitudes toward the body.  One girl and one guy will be asked to volunteer to be nude for the class.  Please consider who it will be.”We were stunned.  There was silence as this dramatic news seeped in.“Professor, what if no one volunteers?” asked one of the girls.“It’s required that someone from each gender volunteer.  You have to work that out.”It was a slow walk back to the dorm rooms.  The guys and girls each huddled, trying to figure out who the sacrificial lamb would be.It went quickly for the guys; two volunteered.  Both guys were physically very fit, gym rats, and proud of their bodies.  Obviously proud of all parts of their body.  Lots were drawn and one was selected. For the girls, it was different.  No one volunteered.  Several insisted they would never, ever, agree to it.  There were expressions of outrage and a sense of betrayal.  Hadn’t they been told they’d not be forced to do something they didn’t want to?  But one girl, Tiffany, was mostly silent in the heated discussion.  She was a thin girl, with small breasts.  Not voluptuous, and one who looked better with clothes on than without.  The last person who should want to flaunt her body.  After the discussion had raged on for a half-hour, she spoke. “I’ll do it.”“You don’t have to,” said another girl.  “If we all stand firm, we can force the Professor’s hand.  He can’t oppose all of us.”“No, I want to do it.  I’ve spent my life wearing padded bras and hoping I looked better than I know I do.  I look more like a boy than a girl.  But if this study is about changing our attitudes toward our bodies, I shouldn’t hide.  I’ll let everyone look at me.  Naked and unafraid.”It was hard to argue with that courage.  So, it was decided.Day 3: The tension in the room was palpable.  Our two guinea pigs, Tom for the guys, Tiffany for the girls, sat dressed, waiting for instructions.  Would they be asked to strip in front of us?  Sit naked in their chairs, walk around?  What about during the lunch break?  Would the guys have erections?  How to handle that? “Good morning class,” said the Professor.  “Let’s talk about how you handled selecting today’s volunteers.”

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