The Family Affair Chapter 9

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The Family Affair Chapter 9As with the rest of the story. All characters are adults in this storyline and are freely experimenting with their fetishes and fantasies. The Family Affair Chapter 9Brianna AttendsThe Bush Inaugural Ball ** He was sitting in his chair as he watched the ladies come back from the shower. They sat on the edge of the bed and replaced her stockings and shoes. They then placed on each other there ball gags. They knelt down before their Master. Mike looked back and forth that his slaves. It turned him on to see them on their knees heads and eyes cast down. He ordered Brianna to retrieve the belt from the table and bring it to him. Yes Sir, Daddy. She quickly crawled over to the table and retrieve the belt and placed in daddy’s hands. Then return to her kneeling position.****It is now my turn to take a shower. When I come back. I will use this on you. Do you understand? His slaves all nodded yes. He disappeared into the closet. After a bit, he returned. With a bag that looked heavy and paint stir sticks. He stood before his slaves. Set on the edge of the bed he ordered them. They nodded and set on the edge of the bed. One at a time he tied a paint stick to their feet. The backside of the paint stick had several tacks stuck in them. When he was finished he ordered them to stand on their tiptoes. He ordered Debbie and Amanda to stand in front of Danielle and Brianne. They carefully moved around as they were ordered.****He then ordered them to hold their hands up in front of them and he placed heavy balls in each of their hands. You will canlı bahis stay this way until I get back from the shower. His slaves all nodded yes. Danielle and Brianne had a hard time keeping that position. Before their Master returned the two sisters could not continue. Their arms dropped to their sides. They had a hard time keeping up on their tiptoes. Just before their Master came back the two women looked at each other and nodded. They drop their arms as well. There Master entered the bedroom shaking his head.**** Do you not understand? Do you not think you must obey? You disappoint me! I ordered you to do one thing. Can you not do that! SET ON THE END OF THE BED! Remove the sticks from your feet! Amanda retrieves the paddle from the closet. You know the one. She nodded yes in reply. She returned with a paddle with short tacks glued to it. Amanda stay were you are at! The rest you kneel to my left! They nodded yes in reply. Looking at his slaves. When I give you a command. I expect you to obey! It is not a suggestion! It is a command and when you break a command you will be punished.****The two sisters were so ashamed they began to cry silently. Amanda attention. Without saying a word Amanda snapped to attention. He took the tack paddle and slapped her tits hard 10 times. The sisters could see her wince in pain. Now turn around and place your palms on the bed and your head between them. She nodded yes in reply. She placed her forehead on the bed and her hands on either side of her head. He then gave her 10 licks with the paddle across both cheeks. bahis siteleri When he had finished with Danielle. He ordered her to retrieve the alcohol and wipe hers and the other two ladies tack marks.****Brianna stand before me! This is your first experience so I will only slap each tit and each ass cheek twice. Do you understand? With the ball gag in her mouth, she nodded yes. Danielle stand behind your sister and grab her by the elbows and pull back so her tits are pushed out! She nodded yes and complied. With her being held he hit each of her tits hard with the tack paddle. Each tit developed little spots of blood from where the needles have penetrated. Now set on the bed Danielle. She nodded and then set on the end of the bed. Brianna place your forehead against your sister’s lap and wrap your arms around her waist. She nodded and did as she was ordered. He looked at Danielle and said, Hold her. He then tagged each cheek of Brianna’s ass cheeks.****Danielle Doctored the tack marks on everyone. Soon the bleeding stopped. Kneel before my chair he ordered them. They nodded and complied. Returning from the bathroom. He retrieved the belt from his chair and sat down. He was back in his close that the ladies had bought him. Brianna, he said, Look at me and remove your gag. Are you 100% positive you wish to continue? She looked her Daddy in the eyes and replied yes Daddy I am 100 % positive. You realize I’m going to do what I did to your sister to you. I’m going to spank you until you drop the towel in your hand. As long as you hold it I will spank bahis şirketleri you. As I did with your sister. I will do to you. Do you understand? She replied yes Sir. Again I ask are you 100% positive? She lowered her eyes and head and in a loud voice said. Yes, Daddy. Very well slave. When you’re ready replace your ball gag. She quickly replaced her ball gag.****Looking at Danielle he realized he didn’t finish with her. It looks like I forgot to finish what I was doing to you, Danielle. Debbie ties a spreader bar to her wrists and rope her to the hook. Debbie tied Danielle wrists to the spreader bar. Now tie Amanda the same way. Mike then tied Debbie and suspended her arms over her head. All ladies were on their tiptoes and had a rag in their hand. Brianna, I want you to watch as I punish these three. Then I will get to you. She nodded and waited to watch what was to come next. He warmed them up with the flogger. Slapping their breasts belly and pussy as well as their backs and asses. Their skin was turning red. He then moved to a belt. All three ladies begin to show signs of bruising and their bodies were being covered in red marks.****When he retrieved the whip Danielle could only take five stripes from daddy before she dropped her towel. The two women took at least 10 stripes appease. He released the rope and allowed them to slumped to the floor. They immediately got back into the kneeling position. Brianne removes the spreader bars. She nodded and did as she was ordered. He ordered the women to kneel to the right of the spanking bench. Debbie Mike said. Debbie looked at him. Mike raised his arms and question. Through the ball gag, Debbie smiled and nodded her head. If you’re ready Brianne stand. She stood quickly. Dad grabbed her by her collar and pulled her forward.**

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