The Family Stud

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The Family Studdeleted“You are a brute, you silly bastard. Dont you see the difference between a girl of 18 and the 45 year old bitch you have been screwing I dont know for how long. You are big my dear brother and you are all the way in my little pussy. Your fat monster has stretched my cunt to its limits Kittu. Be gentle on your little sister. I am not a whore that your fuckmate Bua is. You have been fucking our Bua right under my nose and I never saw anything. I am full of your cockmeat. bro, but be gentle with your little sis, if you wish to make me your fuckmate like Bua.” cried Rakhi, my little sister as I pushed my 8 incher into her tight virgin cunt.Her cuntwalls gripped my cock like a vise and I could feel my jism boiling in my balls. I was holding my sister by her buttocks and my pelvis was hitting her swollen pussy. It was fucking awesome.You would find it unbeleivable that a man can be a sisterfucker, but thats what I am. In fact I have been a family stud since I was in class 12 in my school. I have fucked my aunt,(Bua), my mother and finally my sister. It all started with the death of my father Thakur Bhim Sen, the great landlord of Bhim Pura, in Rajasthan. the village was named after my father by my grandfather. My family is stinking rich and very i****tuosly immoral.I was 14 when dad was killed by a friend of his whose wife my dad had been screwing. That fateful day his friend came back home from work unexpectedly and found his wife in bed with my dad and shot them both and then killed himself. Besides that dad had been busy fucking his cock crazy sister Maya, my Bua and my mother would be waiting for getting her share of dad’s cock.The scene suited my grandfather and he one day seduced my mom and Dadaji fucked my mother. I remember my mother lying onher bed naked and I was playing in the corridor. Dadaji ejtered her room and saw his daughter in law fingering her cunt. Dadaji was drunk that evening. He went to my mother and she was shocked to see her father in law with his pajamas swollen like a tent ay his crotch.Grandfather did not say a word. He knew mom was starving for a meaty cock and dadaji had one hell of a cock on his body. Dadaji uttered the name of mom and put her hand on his cock which looked menacingly big ” Sushma, bahu, Bhim is starving you and I can see that. Beti, look at your choot, how its dripping wet. Your choot needs a big fat lund badly and who else is there than your babu ji. Beti, hold my lund in your hand and let me quench its thirst. I have been thirsting for my bahu for days now,’ and he put one of his fat fingers inside mom.s cunt and licked mom.s juices.Mom had never even dreamt od an assault like this by her father in law. But I think her cunt welcomed Dadaji,s invitation. She dumbly put her hand out and grabbed dadaji.s cock with an ohh and peeled its skin back to show big bulbous cockhead which had leaked a drop of pre cum.I watched the scene from the window. Mom,s eyes had turned red with lust and she asked,” Babuji, can i taste it. Your lund is big, even bigger than my hubby’s. I am not sure if I can take it in my choot. Babuji Bhim must never know of it or he will kill me” Dadaji laughed and said” Has anyone known that I fuck Maya or if Bhim fucks her everyday. Bahu no one will know that I fuck my bahu because Bhim is always busy fucking other females in and out of family and moreover what belongs to my son belongs to me too.”Dadaji spread mom,s legs and I was afraid when he entered his massive cock in mom,s pussy.”Ahhhh” moaned mom as he pushed his cock inside mom,s cunt and moved his hips forward.Mom lifted her ass upwards to meet his strokes. It seemed that mom enjoyed garndpa,s cock in her cunt. Mom has always been beautiful, fair, big boobed, large brown nipples, wide hips and black karabağlar escort fur covered triangular patch betwen her white thighs which created a big erection in my pants even then when I was a k**. Loud moaning made me aroused and I loved to replace dadaji with myself and I hated dadaji then.” Ohhh babuji fuck meharder, I have beeen waiting and wating for this moment, fuck your bahu, shoot your load into my hungry cunt,” mom begged dadaji and he fucked mom ruthlessly.Two weeks later dad was killed and then mom had to go to her parents house as her brother was sick and the same day dadaji suffered a stroke which he could not survive. Thakur family lost two males in one day and I was the sole male survivor of the family,” the man of the house” at the age of 14. I was feeling low and depressed when Maya bua came into my room, wearing a white sari(She wore white as she said that she became a awidow with the death of dad who had been her brother/husband) She became a double widow as her father/husband had died too.Maya bua is a classic example of Thakurain beauty who never married as she loved her brother (my dad) and her father too much to leave her paternal house. The two cocks that served her cunt were no more available but the third one was, thats mine. She is very sexy, not educated like mom is but extremely voluptuous. She wears saris which leave her belly naked and her hair is done in a bun.She has beautiful buns and medium sized tits. she can talk dirty especially while making love in bed. Her course language makes man horny. Here I was crying and feeling weak and low. She come in elegantly and put her arma around my head and pressed my face into her ample bosom which felt warm and heartening to my low spirits. Bua pressed her boobs to my face and made me realise that a great responsibility has now come over my shoulders. Her breasts felt so soft which began to harden at my touch. She kissed me on my lips and I felt a boldness come over me.Bua knew how to make you feel important and bold. She told me ” You are the head of Thakur family now and you are supposed to perform all the duties that Bhim bhaiya used to do or Babuji did. From now onwards what Kittu says will go in this house. You may order anyone to do what you want. Dont be afraid of anyone and od what you wish. You are to provide to teh rest of family what they used to get when babuji or bhaiya were alive.” And what is exactly that?” I asked. She elaborated ” Kittu beta give your mom what your dad gave her and make me happy as you dad made me happy. I think you know what I mean. you are big enough to know and even if you dont know everything I am here to guide you. Now you have to sep into bhaiy,s shoes. Be the family stud teh way your dad was. Ok” I nodded my head understanding only a part of what Bua was telling me and then aske dher,” Bua will you guide me and instruct me what and how to to all?”she began the guidance from that moment. “You are the prized bull of the Thakur family. You will fuck all the females of the family including me, your mother, your sister when she is old enough. You may fuck any female member of the household. But first of all lets see your tool, your lund. Can it satisfy us all poor women. Can you fuck like bhaiya could?” With that she lowered my pants and I wore no underpants. Even at 14, I was big, 5 feet 9 inches and I was well endowed with an 8 inch boner which came ti life as bua touched my cock with her soft hand.We had no worries as no one was likely to walk in as was custom in the house. If anyone had to come, she would announce first and after gatting permission will enter my room. ” Bua I want to see you naked. No clothes at all,” I said hesitaingly but was shocked to see my Maya bua take off her karabağlar escort bayan sari immediately.She stood naked before me looking at the ground. With trembling hands I fodled her white tits and she smiled,” You dad too touched my tits first of all when he took my cherry. You are just the replica of my brother, Kittu, see my nake body, its all yours. Let me touch your cock, beta let me feel your throbbing lund in my hand. Let me be the first to taste the virgin male of this family in my choot beta. I will lead you from choot to choot, from ass to ass, from pleasure to pleasure which is forbidden to the world but not to mera beta, oh god bless mera beta”I was entering the mysterious world of sex which does not become available to most men till they are much older. I was being ushered into the forbidden world of i****t to which most of this world is not allowed. Here I was about to enter the cunt of my father’s sister who was begging me to fuck her. I stared at her choot, without a trace of hair, bald completely with its lips swollen with anticipation of a virgin cock. the cock of her nephew.I touched her cunt with my fingers which got wet with her sticky juice. I cuped her ass cheeks as Bua clung to my body. Her body emnated a sweet female fragrance which aroused me beyond limits. She silently guided my cock into her cunt and I without a word pushed forwards instinctively.I had never experienced anything compared to what I was feeling. My cock was engulfed within the ward soft walls of bua,s pussy and she was urging me on by saying things like” Yesssss son, your lund is just like you father,s, move deep into your bua’ cunt. Let me milk your cock with my choot. Ohhh bhagwan mera bhatija mujhe chod raha hai. Fuck meeee I am dying for a young boy,s cock. Fuck your bua like a stud that you are going to be. I will supply you with best pussy to feed youe cock. Would my son like to lay his mom? Sushma is a nice piece of ass and you will fuck teh very hole you came into this world through and I will see my bhabi screw her own son in front on my eyes. Will you like to fuck your mother, you dirty mother fucker?”I was too horny and burning inside that I humped my sexy bua like a b**st and shot my load in less than 5 minutes. I had a feeling that my whole being was leaving me and my balls were tighteneing and my life seemed to go out of me. sticky liquid squirted out of my cock which bua received in her choot thankfully. ” There is nothing to be ashamed of son, next time will be better. You have your bua to practice on.” She was right. I improved with each bout of sex with my lust bua. She even provided me with young cunts from the household but I had a special liking for old ones. I fucked her ass on the third day after my dad’s death. Maya was amazingly tight in her ass.On a Sunday. mom came home with Rakhi who was then just 7 years of age. Bua took mom in her room and they talked for a long time. It was dark by the time the two women came out. Mom had a new strange look on her eyes. She looked at me in a strange way. She lowered her eyes whenever our eyes met. Bua took me aside and said,’ You are going to be a mother fucker tonight. Sushma bhabi is dying to be fucked by her son. Beta you are going to be the real man tonight. If you fuck your mother well you will never lack any thing in life. Do you want me to be presnet at that time or you can manage on your own?” I was the man of the house and needed no one not even my bua, my first fuck. Mom was my first love, my godess. I was going to fuck my own mom just as dadaji had done.That night mom came yo my room and lay beside me and said” son, now that your dad is gone, I have no one else to turn to. You are my only hope for everything, for money, food, escort karabağlar clothes and…..” ” and for cock for your cunt, mom?” I asked shamelessly and embraced her and cupped her big tits in my hands and kissed her lips. ” Ahhh yesssss my son from now onwards you are my man, my husband, my owner, my lord. Maya was telling me you have become very good in bed. Will you show me how good you are my lord? Wil you fuck me, your mom/wife like Bhim did? Can you show me your lund which has already fucked the brains of your bua? Its goood taht you did not let Maya in this room when you were to fuck your mother. Being a motherfucker is the best i****t in this world. Here your mother offers herself to her son. So take me as you wish. I have my legs spread for you my son. The cunt you were born from is now open for you to enter with your cock. Make your mother cum on your dick. feel my pink pussy with your fingers, with your mouth, with your cock. Ohhh lord shiva, become the owner of this mother, my son, ram your holy prick, your ling in my choot, take place of your father, I am all yours,”I accepted the gift of my mother’s body. I had been lusting after her. I took off her clothes, one at a time and she lay naked as she was born before me. I let her hand touch my cock and I pushed my finger into her throbbing cunt meat and she cried” Ohhh beta, chod do mujhe. I ahve been dying to be fucked by my own son. You are my husband. Bhim has left me to be owned and screwed by my son, fuck me and own me like a husband, make me pregnant if you want to. I wish to mother the c***d of my son in my womb.” I pushed my cock into her and cupped her wide ass in myhand as i fucked her cunt like a maniac. I pounded imto her and kept pounding even after both of us had cummed many times. I sucked on her tits as I had when I was a k** and she breathed deeply into my chest. So I began my journey into real i****t and kept fucking my mom and aunt.Time passed and I grew up to be 25 married to my wife Uma but continuing to fuck my bua and mom in my own house with Uma’s knowledge but she never raised the issue. Then last week I was fucking bua in the afternoon when Rakhi happened to pass that way. Bua was riding my cock and I saw Rakhi looking at the fucking couple. The sight of my sister seeing me fucking my bua excited me a lot more than I felt normally. I rammed my cock deeper and more brutally into Maya who was crying in exstasy” Han beta chod mujhe apni bua ko chod. Your cock is deep inside me. I am too old to match your stamina. I am already spent. I need to look for a young pussy young as your sister Rakhi to match your youth beta, fuck me”I knew I had been seen by my sister and I was right. The same day in the evening Rakhi confronted me tauntingly,’ So bhaiya, aj kal bua ko bhi nahin baksha ja raha. That old bitch can fuck anything which is hard, even her own father or son. But you should have some reservations. Consider her relation if not her age. You should be ashamed of your i****tuous actions,’ Rakhi was in front of her room and I grew horny on seing her big boobs, just like mom;s. I could see some mischief in her eyes and grew bold as I was man of the house. I pulled my sister inside the room and kissed her lips and hugged her tightly. I asked contemtuosly,” didnt you hear byua that she will find some nice young cunt like you? why look for a younfg pussy outside when you can find one at home. Sis, we are all i****tuous family, so no harm in getting laid by your bro. Come on lets fuck, let your bro take your cherry. You are one hot little dish, why let anyone from outside the family taste your cherry. Lets fuck donrt waist time and get laid. I will show you heaven with my cock,” She resisted but a couple of powerfull slaps on her fce set her right. I was burrie ddeep in her and she was on cloud nine when she uttered ” Ohh bhaiya you are sooo sweet, fuck meee like that old bitcch bua, make me cummmm, oh maa, fuck me, you bastard, but be gentle or I will tell mom,’ I answered ” Dont tell mom otr she will ask for her share of my cock and she loves it darling sis”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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