The Fat Bimbo – Part 3

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The Fat Bimbo – Part 3Rebeca had never been happier. In the couple of months that she had been working for Brandon, she had saved up more than enough money to get her own tanning bed. The exact same one as Brandon, in fact. He had been so very kind as to help her with the ordering and installing. And aside from the money, her sex drive had never been higher. Every single night she danced on stage until she was soaking wet. After that, working the floor with her soaking panties rubbing against her pussy always made sure she got fucked by as many guys as possible. But no matter how many cocks and fingers and tongues she took, every night when she got home, she was only satisfied after her hubby made sure to fuck her brains out. Adrian seemed to be aware that there was something going on with Rebeca, especially since she was gone most nights. But with her sex drive as high as it was, he didn’t seem to be complaining. And due to the fact that he had mentioned the idea of him sharing her with other men, she figured she was just fulfilling his fantasy.But today she had to put all her horniness and nightly activities to the side for a while. Today she had to be social with her friends, Lizzy, Vania and Vania’s two daughters, Tina and Belle. The women were chit-chatting as they sat around Rebeca’s coffeetable, sipping at cups of tea or, in the case of Tina and Belle, gulping down soft drinks. But even now, with two of her closest friends around her, telling her about their lives and troubles, Rebeca’s mind was on the stage of the stripclub.Rebeca blinked as the sharp tones of Lizzy’s voice yanked her back into the here and now. “You can be sure I wrote them the worst Yelp review ever. Giving me Pepsi when I asked for Coke and the audacity of the waiter to not give me a discount..” Rebeca tuned out again. Even though Lizzy was only 23 years old, she was already more entitled than most people. She always tried to be the best at whatever she does, but unfortunately she also always believes that she is.As Lizzy kept raging about her latest restaurant “nightmare”, Rebeca couldn’t help but take a closer look at her friend’s well toned body. It was clear that her vain had driven her to take very good care of her assets. Her already darker Latina skin had become even darker from regular tanning, and to make sure everyone knew this, she had very clear tan lines sticking out from under her clothes. With a body like that, Rebeca thought, she would make for a great show on the stage.As the thought of Lizzy, dancing in front of a group of horny men, dressed in nothing but her tan lines, passed through Rebeca’s mind, her eyes locked with Vania’s. She couldn’t help but smile when she saw Vania subtly roll her eyes in a sign of annoyance. The image in Rebeca’s head quickly changed from Lizzy’s well toned body and perky medium tits, to that of the slightly older, tall and curvy milf, swaying her huge DD naturally saggy tits in front of an audience. Even as she watched Vania tend to her two overly spoiled daughters, she could only see all of them on a stage, doing all the things she herself had enjoyed so much. Even the daughters were there. She could imagine them growing a bit more and just dance for the much older men in the audience.”Excuse me.” Rebeca stammered, the images in her head becoming a bit too much. “I’ll be right back.” She hurried up towards her bathroom, barely out of sight of the women before her hand was already in her panties and furiously rubbing her clit. She covered her mouth and with muffled moans she came with 3 orgasms in a row to the idea of her best friends performing unspeakable acts for strangers. It took her a minute to compose herself again and walk back in the room where the conversation had shifted to beauty tips.”By the way, Beca.” Lizzy said as Rebeca went to sit down. “Where do you go to tan? My tan is good, but you look positively glowing.”Vania nodded. “Yes, I would love to know as well. I’ve been looking to get some color as well.” Her girls cheered, “we too. We too.”Rebeca held back a moment, scared that telling them about Brandon’s tanning bed would alert her friends to her extra, late night activities. But the vision of all of them on the stage together took back over and she realized gaziemir escort that this was actually her chance to make that happen. “I have a tanning bed of my own,” she started, “but until I saved up, Brandon was kind enough to lend me his.”The women knew of Brandon and his occupation, as he never made much of a secret about his activities, and their doubt about his reputation was clearly visible on their faces. Still, their eyes seemed to be fixed on Rebeca’s perfect tanning job and Vania finally responded. “Do you think we could use your bed to work on our own tan?”Rebeca swallowed hard. “Well, mine is new and I’m still figuring it out. Plus we would loose quite some time if we all stand in line for my bed.” She paused, trying to calculate the time that would take. But no Mather how hard she frowned, the numbers just didn’t seem to come together in her head. This had been happening for a while now, in fact. She shrugged it off. “I do believe Brandon has a couple of beds, so maybe you and the girls could use his,” she pointed at Vania. “And you,” her body swiveled to point at Lizzy, “could use my bed,””Sounds perfect,” Lizzy answered.Vania still looked a bit doubtful, but both her daughters were practically jumping up and down as they each held an arm, clearly unaware of the reason their mother was so held back towards the idea. “Mommy, mommy, please. We really wanna look pretty and tan. Can we please use the tanning beds.” With a deep sigh Vania rolled her eyes and gave in. “Okay, sure. We’ll see if Brandon is okay with us using his facilities.”— — —Brandon was in a good mood today. Rebeca’s show last night had been very impressive and her willingness while working the floor was perfect as always. He had been happy to put up a tanning bed, equipped with all the bells and whistles of his own model, in her home. The only thing he was still waiting for was the remote control. Soon he’d be able to adjust the bimbo settings on her machine from his own mobile device. With the success of a normal housewife on the stage, Brandon was seeing the possibilities now. He had used his machine to plant a need in Rebeca. The need to guide more of her potentially hot friends to his or her machine. Soon he would have a lot more every day women, turning into bimbos and making him more money.Even as he was running these plans through his mind, the doorbell rang. The visual from the security cam on the front door made Brandon smile even more widely. The group of five women standing in front of his door proved that his plan was working. And faster than he could ever have expected.With his genuine smile still on his face, he opened the door. “Rebeca, what brings you here? And you brought friends. Come in, come in.”Rebeca stepped in without hesitation, the other women were a bit more slowly and in awe as they were taking in the extravagant interior of Brandon’s place. “Well,” Rebeca broke the silence once the door closed behind them. “These lovely ladies were admiring my tan and wanted to know where I got it. I would love to let them use my machine, but I only have one and need to learn how to work it first. Could some of them possibly use your room?” Her voice went up a little as she looked at Brandon with big eyes and popped her chest forward a little to make her breasts stick out even more.”Well,” Brandon started, scanning the women in front of him, immediately sure he could work with them. “I have three machines in my room.””Ooh, ooh, ooh,” Tina jumped up and down, grabbing her sister’s and her mom’s arms. “We’re three people.”Brandon raised an eyebrow as he measured the three women up in his mind. They were clearly family. The oldest one, clearly the mother, would need little to no physical adaptation, just some dumbing down and hormonal increase should do. The daughters however, needed some work. Their minds could possibly stay untouched. Brandon was actually very curious where the bratty characters of these girls would lead them. But their bodies were still young and ready for development. Neither of them had inherited their mom’s amazing looking natural tits. The older one was already feeling the consequences of too many sugars and had turned out rather pudgy. Still her skin color, combined gaziemir escort bayan with a bit of tan would give her a nice exotic look next to her mother. Now the younger one was more interesting. The sugar hadn’t quite set in yet and even though she had barely any tits or ass, just like her sister, her dark blonde hair and smaller stature made an interesting contrast against the other two. All these thoughts came natural to Brandon and had passed in a mere fraction of a glance.As his smile widened he opened his arms. “But of course, you ladies are welcome to use my machines. Who am I to turn down charming young women like you all.”Vania blushed a little at the compliment, but didn’t react any further as Brandon started guiding them down the hallway. “Let’s all meet up back at my place when we’re done,” Rebeca yelled before she and Lizzy went back to her own tanning bed.Brandon took his time guiding the women to the three beds and gave some basic instructions to the machine and the timers. He also made very sure to stress that a good tan takes time and that they were all free to come back later in the week for further sessions. With a warm smile he assigned each woman their to their machine and started making sure the ‘special settings’ were all in order. With some quick swipes on a hidden touch panel he made sure the intelligence on Vania’s machine was turned down a couple of percents and her submissive nature was turned up. Both the girls were given immediate physical changes. Not too much yet but their boobs should at least be half their mom’s size and their asses could use some work too.Satisfied that the changes would be subtle enough, Brandon made one last adaptation. He planted the desire to come back here into their minds. This was where they needed to tan again. Soon, he would have one natural bimbo and two alpha bitches at his command.— — —A couple of weeks had passed by and Rebeca was pleased to see Vania and her daughters return several times for more tanning sessions. All three women looked positively glowing every time they left the house. And she felt more connected to Vania than ever before. Vania had never seemed this calm and even the girls seemed to have matured. Maybe they finally had that growth spurt, but they seemed almost less bratty. They were still demanding, of course, but in a much more controlled manner. A manner that sent shivers down Rebeca’s spine. The same kind of shivers she got on stage somehow. It was only one night, later in the month that Rebeca realized just how much these shivers were real.It was a pretty normal night at the club, with only one exception. Rumors were spreading amongst the girls that another new act was going to be introduced tonight. Still, no one seemed to be in the known about the details. Rebeca had no idea, but something about the situation, excited her. That night her panties were already soaking wet before she even got on stage and her show was one of the hottest yet. She came, squirting her juices to the insults of the patrons and spontaneously came a second time to the couple of guys moving to where her juices would hit them. Once she was changed into her floor clothes, she made it a point to meet those men up close and personal. They were very pleased to meet and touch her. Just as she was lounging between two of them, both of their hands tucked into her panties, a voice boomed out of the speakers. “And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a special treat for you tonight. For the first time taking the stage, we have an entire family of a mother and her daughters here to please you all. Give a warm hand to Vania, Tina and Belle.” Rebeca gasped and straightened her back. And this time, it wasn’t due to the fingers sliding in and out of her pussy or the thumb of another hand rubbing her clit.She watched in a strange mix of terror, awe and excitement as one of her close friends walked on the stage. Well, she didn’t really walk, per se. Her eyes went a little wider and her pussy became a little wetter when Vania came crawling forward from behind the curtains. She was wearing a skintight black and white maid’s outfit. Her long dark hair was pulled back in a bun and her eyes looked eager, almost hungry, over escort gaziemir the crowd. Both women locked eyes for a second and somehow they both smiled, completely unashamed because they recognized their own primal desires reflected in the eyes of the other. Rebeca’s eyes broke away, focusing on the collar around her friend’s neck and she slowly followed the two leashes hooked on it. Her body went into a small orgasm at the mere sight of the two women holding the leashes. Dressed in tight leather and latex, Rebeca could clearly see Tina and Belle. Even behind the leather masks they were wearing, there was no mistaking those greedy eyes looking down on her.Rebeca was practically unaware of the two men now fully fondling her body and removing her clothes as her eyes stayed glued to the stage and the show unfolding in front of her. As they dropped the leashes, both Tina and Belle started circling Vania, each of them brushing a riding crop over their mother’s body and slapping it on her exposed ass and face. Within a couple of minutes, they had Vania doing tricks like a trained dog until she finally ended up on her back. Both girls stood over their mother’s body slowly removing small strips of the latex outfits they were wearing, revealing nothing but their nipples and their pussies. They spontaneously started lowering over their mother, Tina sitting on her face and Belle taking Vania’s hand to start rubbing her pussy with it. Even from across the room, Rebeca could see the glistening juices drip out of the small openings in the latex suits to cover up Vania, and all she could do was lick her lips, wishing to taste those for herself. For lack of anything better, however, she turned to one of the guys, eagerly taking his cock in her mouth as she kept her eyes on the show.Screams from both girls filled the room and their juices squirted all over their mother as they came by their own mother’s hand and tongue. They didn’t lose any time recuperating, though. Even as their pussies were still visibly pulsing in pleasure, the girls got up, pulling their mother to her feet with them. Vania stood there in the middle of the stage breathing heavy, but grinning as her eyes locked with Rebeca’s and didn’t let go until Rebeca pulled back from this stranger’s cock, swallowing the big load he had just shot in her mouth. Tina and Belle clearly weren’t done with their mother yet. With rough movements and aggressive pulling they started ripping the now soaking wet maid’s uniform from Vania’s body, revealing the mature woman’s well toned and tanned body. Her breasts were as gorgeous as ever, not looking bigger than usual but definitely a bit more perky as her hard nipples poked out like towers on the top of golden brown hills. Both girls latched on to the nipples faster than when they had been fresh born babies, sucking, biting and squeezing them to their mother’s pleasure.By now Rebeca had shifted her seat. As she looked on how the fingers of Tina and Bella eagerly worked Vania’s pussy, she had moved to the lap of the second guy that had been pleasing her. By now, her juices were dripping all over his cock as she had already reached two orgasms bouncing on it. Her body trembled and shook anther time when she saw Vania’s knees buckle under her own daughters touches. The pleasured screams of both women filled the room as they both came at the same instance. Breathing heavy, Rebeca stumbled towards the stage now, completely ignoring the guy’s cum, dripping out of her pussy and down her leg, focused on getting a closer view of the final part of the show. The three women had now lowered themselves to a sitting position, their legs spread wide to give the whole audience a prime look at their pussies. All Rebeca could think was how delicious they all looked as they started roughly fingering each other. Vania reaching to her left and right, sliding two fingers in each of her daughter’s juicy cunts as each of them reached to her pussy to fingerfuck it hard. Rebeca reached the edge of The Stage just in time for the screams of the three women to reach a crescendo as they all came, pulling their fingers back to squirt all over Rebeca, who greeted the juices with open mouth.All four women nearly collapsed, breathing heavy from the multiple orgasms that had just coursed through all of their bodies. Slowly, the whole situation came back to them and they could hear the men cheering and whistling. Rebeca’s eyes locked with the three women on stage and their smiles told her that this was not the last time they’d all be in here.

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