The First Time The Girls Feminized Me (Part 2)

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Ava Addams

“Yes, that’s a great idea,” said Amy.  “What do you think, Kaylee?”All the other girls chimed in, “Yeah Kaylee, come on let’s do it!””Yes for sure,” said Kaylee.  “Jon, let’s see how you look in a dress!  Margo, you don’t mind if we borrow some of your clothes, do you?””Not at all,” said Margo.  “Let’s pick out something pretty for him to wear.””That’s not a good idea,” I said. “I think this has gone far enough.”  I must admit there was a part of me that wanted to do it.  Just the thought of it got me even more excited and my boner was growing even bigger in my pants.  I was really embarrassed and concerned they would soon notice it.  I definitely did not want to get undressed in front of these girls and have them see me getting excited from being feminized.Kaylee said, “You girls go back to the living room and leave us alone.  I’ll talk him into it and then I’ll get him dressed.””Alright, but we all want to see when he is done,” said Margo.”OK, I’ll get him dressed, and then we’ll come out so you all can see.”The girls left and Kaylee shut the door.  “We’re doing this, Jon.  You’ve gone this far and you can’t get out of it now.”Knowing that it was really going to happen got me even more excited and even more embarrassed.  But still, I tried to act like I didn’t really want it and I was just giving in. “OK, Kaylee, I guess I’m outvoted.”Kaylee opened Margo’s closet and started to look through the dresses and skirts.  She pulled out a couple dresses and a skirt and a top and laid them out on the bed.  I couldn’t take my eyes off them.  One dress was a light cream color with small purple and pink flowers all over it.  It had a little ruffled collar up close to the neck and puffy ruffled sleeves.  It looked very short and had a small ruffle along the hemline.  It was the most feminine taksim escort garment I had ever seen.  The other dress was also quite short but of a slimmer cut.  It was light blue with little white butterflies printed all over it.  The skirt looked to be almost knee-length and was a pink and purple plaid design.  It has little pleats running all around it. The top that went with it was a white fluffy sweater that buttoned up the front with a little heart on the chest.   My fear and my excitement were mounting as I imagined wearing any of these feminine clothes.Next Kaylee went over to Margo’s dresser and opened the top drawer.  She looked through it and pulled out a pair of little pink panties and a pink bra with a little bow in the center between the breasts.  She opened the bottom drawer and took out a pair of tan-colored stockings.  She set all these on the bed and said to me, “OK, Jon, off with those clothes.”Well, I just stood there frozen in place.  I didn’t want to take my pants down and let her see my expanding erection.  It’s not that she had never seen it before.  She was my girlfriend, after all.  But I didn’t want her to know I was excited about being feminized.When I didn’t move, she said, “I’ll help you, honey.”  She came over to me and began to unbuckle my belt.  There is no way she didn’t notice my erection now.  As she unbuttoned my pants and slid them down, she said, “Oh, look who’s getting excited!” “Well, it’s exciting being undressed by my girlfriend,” I said.”I’m sure it is, but I noticed you getting hard the moment we put the wig on you, sweetie!” she said.I blushed three shades of red from the embarrassment. I didn’t want her to know this was exciting me.  I should have put up more of a fight when they suggested putting mascara on me.  beşiktaş escort But no, I just let them make up my whole face and I didn’t even argue when they put the wig on me.  And now I had agreed to wear a dress.  And to make it even more humiliating, Kaylee knew it was exciting me.”No, it’s you that is doing it to me,” I said.”That’s nice of you to say, Jon.  But I think you like looking like a girl.  Just wait until I get you in a dress too.”  With that, she reached out and began lightly rubbing my dick through my underwear.  It felt so nice and I was already close to shooting just from the excitement of the feminization.”We can’t have our new girl with a big hard-on, now can we?” she said.  She pulled my underwear down my leg and took it off.  She picked up the pink panties and told me to step into them.  Like I was in a trance, I put one foot and then the other into the panties.  Kaylee pulled them up my legs and the sensation was overwhelming.  She pulled them up and brought them over my balls, leaving my hard shaft exposed.She grasped it lightly with her fingers and began to slowly masturbate me.  My dick was twitching and I was so close to shooting a load.  I looked over to the mirror and saw my beautiful girlfriend stroking a dick on what looked like a cute girl with her pink panties pulled down just enough to expose it.  When I was just a few strokes away from cumming, she suddenly stopped.  She went over to the nightstand and got a couple of tissues and came back over to me.She said, “Does my little girlfriend want to cum?””I’m your boyfriend and I do want to cum.  Please finish me off, Kaylee.””Well, you look more like a girl now, so if you want to cum, tell me my little girlfriend wants to cum.”My dick was aching now and I wanted to cum so bad.  So I said, “Kaylee, your little girlfriend wants to cum, please!””Now that’s better,” she said.  She resumed her slow, gentle strokes and held the tissues out in front to catch my cum.  As I was nearing my climax, she stroked more slowly and gently and it felt so good.  Finally, I could hold out no longer and my dick started spewing its thick white cum.  She captured it all in the tissues, and she slowly milked the last remaining bits out.”Now that we took care of that little problem, let’s get our new girl dressed,” said Kaylee. “So which of these three outfits do you want, Jon?” she asked.  “The cream-colored mini dress with little flowers, the blue dress with butterflies, or the pleated skirt and white top?”I knew which one I wanted – the little cream-colored mini dress.  It was so feminine and dainty.  I could just imagine how it might feel to wear it.  But I could not bring myself to admit that to her.  So I just said, “I don’t know.  Why don’t you choose?”She said, “Well, they are all so pretty.  Let’s try them all on and then I’ll pick.”She started with the skirt and top.  She held the skirt out and told me to step into it.  My legs were actually shaking from the excitement.  I stepped into the skirt and she raised it up around my waist, fastened the button, and zipped it up.  Next, she picked up the bra and held it out in front of me, and told me to put my arms through.  I did and she pulled the straps around the back and clipped it shut.  She adjusted the shoulder straps to make it the right size.  I could feel the soft silky material of the bra tickle my nipples and it sent goose bumps down my arms.  It felt so nice.Kaylee said, “It looks like my little girlfriend likes the feel of her bra.”  She reached out and began to lightly stroke my nipples through the soft material of my bra.  My nipples immediately got tingly and hard.  I couldn’t believe how good it felt.”Enough of that for now,” she said, after rubbing my nipples for a couple minutes.

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