The Girl with the Silver Trombone

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2011 Sethp

All rights reserved

(This is a twisted little Christmas story. It was going to be a contest submission but I just couldn’t finish it in time! I hope you enjoy it. It’s a little flawed but I had a great time writing it. Thank you to PennLady!)


Ellie oiled the slide of her silver trombone with the ease of habit. Band practice was over, but she always took extra time to polish and maintain her instrument and was usually the last one to leave. Band director Noel Perkins walked over to her. “You sounded great today, Ellie. In fact I think everyone sounded great.”

“Thank you, Mr. Perkins.” Ellie nodded but averted her eyes. She was a shy girl despite her beauty and musical talent, and had a hard time accepting compliments. “I think we sounded good too,” she added, still polishing her trombone and not looking up.

“I’m not sure if we’ll be as good next year without you and the other seniors,” he said.

Ellie was eighteen and a senior in high school, so this was going to be her last year with the band. She had been accepted at Stanford, and planned to become a music teacher, just like Mr. Perkins. Music was her passion and she was one of the most talented students that Mr. Perkins had ever taught.

Mr. Perkins and a small group of students had been practicing Christmas music and Ellie was thrilled to get the chance to play downtown with the little ensemble. It had been her idea to form the Christmas band and Mr. Perkins had agreed. She adored Christmas; it was the best time of the whole year.

“Thanks for giving us the opportunity to play downtown this year,” she said.

“You are very welcome,” Mr. Perkins said, looking away a little too quickly.

She was going to miss her small town, her school and her band teacher. It was his encouragement that had allowed her to blossom as a musician the last couple of years. She didn’t mind that Mr. Perkins stole glances at her large chest every chance he got. Lots of guys did. She knew it was just a part of being well-endowed. She knew it was silly, but the attention made her feel good. It was the nasty comments she sometimes got that she didn’t like.

“Are you mentally ready to move to California?” Mr. Perkins asked as he gathered up the music stands they would need tomorrow night. “It’s a whole different lifestyle there.”

“I think so.” Ellie placed the gleaming trombone in its case. “I’ll sure miss it here, though.”

“We’ll miss you too,” Mr. Perkins said, quickly looking up from Ellie’s chest again and hoping that she hadn’t seen him. “You still have half the school year left though, so don’t look so heartbroken.”

“Oh, I know,” Ellie said, suppressing a giggle. She found it amusing that Mr. Perkins felt so awkward around her. She really liked him. Ellie was painfully shy but wasn’t a virgin. Her first and only boyfriend, Manu, had seen to that. She was still bitter that he had left her for skinny little Suzy Smith who was a lot more popular and funnier and outgoing. Ellie hadn’t dated anyone since her and Manu had broken up. She missed having a boyfriend and she also missed the sex.

Ellie pulled on her coat, grabbed her case and headed out to door as Mr. Perkins locked up the band room behind her.

“Okay, I’ll see you downtown tomorrow evening.”

“Yep, see you.” Ellie headed home.

The next morning was a catastrophe at Ellie’s house. The washing machine had sprung a leak while Ellie had been at school, and Ellie’s mom and dad were out of town helping her grandmother move into an assisted-living facility. Ellie woke up late for school and discovered that most of her clothes, including all of her bras, were buried deep in the dirty laundry, as was her favorite sweater.

“Oh, no!” She rooted through the piles of dirty laundry. She’d been so busy with school work and practicing for the holiday music ensemble that she hadn’t even thought about getting ready for this weekend. Her mother usually took care of the laundry.

Frustrated, Ellie threw down two handfuls of dirty clothes and went into her parent’s room. Ellie and her mother were close in size except for their chests. Ellie was multiple cup sizes larger with massive breasts.

Ellie found a cute sweater of her mother’s that would work, but she had to settle for a sports bra that did little to contain and support Ellie’s massive boobies. The thick sweater helped a little bit, but glancing in her mother’s full-length mirror, Ellie thought that she looked obscene. The sweater was way too tight and in the cold weather tonight, she imagined that the outline of her nipples would be visible.

“Great…just great,” she muttered as she did her best to adjust herself. It was a nice green Christmas sweater that matched her black mid-length skirt and leggings. Although Ellie didn’t usually mind the attention she got for her massive tits, she did her best to dress conservatively and minimize her figure.

She adjusted her glasses, sighed, and then hurried down the stairs to grab some orange juice. As she stared at escort fatih the wrapped boxes under the Christmas tree, Ellie felt a little sad. She had enjoyed Christmas last year with Manu and despite throwing herself into her school work and college prep, she still felt lonely and sexually frustrated. It didn’t help that her parents were never home. This Christmas was starting to suck. Ellie sighed again, grabbed her books and ran out the door.

School wasn’t as bad as Ellie had feared. and when the final bell rang and it was time to go home, she was focused wholly on playing Christmas music.

She arrived to see Mr. Perkins unloading equipment from the back of the school van with a couple of other students. Her mother’s thick sweater was very warm so she left her coat in the car. She hurried over to the van, her massive boobies bouncing up and down as she ran.

“Hi, Mr. Perkins.” Ellie was out of breath when she reached the van.

Mr. Perkins turned to see Ellie running towards the van. Seeing her boobies bouncing wildly under her mother’s sweater; he nearly choked to death on his hot cocoa. “H…ha…it’s…hi…” he managed to stutter, wiping his mouth with his coat sleeve.

Ellie lifted her trombone case in front of her chest, causing Mr. Perkins to snap his head up and look at her eyes. His face turned bright red and he turned back to unloading the van. The students helping Mr. Perkins hadn’t seemed to notice.

Ellie suppressed a grin, and grabbed a music stand and a folder of sheet music. Twenty minutes later, the small group of musicians had finished setting up in the town square, in front of the clock shop. It was the perfect location and already a small crowd of Christmas shoppers had gathered around.

“Ready?” Mr. Perkins asked, raising his hands in the air.

The group was ready, and on his signal they started playing “Hark. The Herald Angels Sing.” They were halfway through their set of songs when an old man ran out of the clock shop and grabbed Mr. Perkins’s arm, causing him to stop conducting. The band stopped playing as the old man glared at Mr. Perkins.

“Bah!” he yelled in Mr. Perkins’s face. “You’re scaring away my customers, and I can’t even hear myself think in there. Clocks are detailed machines and I require peace to fix them. You need to move away. Go spread your Christmas crap somewhere else!”

“I’m sorry but, we have permission…we…”

“Permission, my ass,” the old man said, turning beat red. “Be gone.” Then he turned and went back into his clock shop.

“Okay.” Mr. Perkins dragged a hand over his face. “Let’s pick up and move to the other side of the square.”

Ellie was starting to get angry, which was uncharacteristic. “But this is where all the shoppers are, and we’re right next to the toy store and the coffee hut.”

“I know. I know.” Mr. Perkins shook his head as they all grabbed their gear and moved across the street. “We don’t want to cause any ill will, besides, I know him. He donates a lot of money to the school and to the school’s music program. It’s just better if we move.”

The rest of the evening went well, despite moving from their preferred spot. They group received a lot of compliments and well wishes. It was still relatively early in the evening when they finished playing. Mr. Perkins thanked them all and reminded them that he’d see them the next night; same time, same place.

After Ellie stowed her trombone and coat in the back seat of her old Honda, she decided to go back to the square to get a cup of hot cocoa. Even though it was cold enough to snow, Ellie was more than warm enough without a coat on. The coffee shop was right next door to the clock shop and still full of happy shoppers.

Ellie wasn’t confrontational, but she found she was still mad at the grumpy old man from the clock shop. What right did he have to try to ruin Christmas for everyone else? With a cup of cocoa in hand, she decided to go in and ask him what his problem was. She didn’t care who he was or what his connection with the school was.

The sign on the front of the clock shop said open, but it was dimly lit inside. Ellie pushed open the door and a bell jingled. There was no one in sight. The store was cramped with shelves full of clocks of all shapes and sizes. Two giant grandfather clocks stood guard on either side of the front door.

“Hello,” she said.

There was no answer. She started wandering through the maze of shelves, amazed at the varieties of clocks. She navigated herself to the back of the store, where there was a small counter full of cleaning items and tools. A large antique cash register took up the biggest portion of the counter. There was an old fashioned bell-ringer next to it and Ellie pressed it twice.

“Hold your panties for Christ’s sake!” a voice yelled from the back rooms of the shop.

Ellie was about to yell back but decided not to. Her anger was giving way to uneasiness; she wasn’t so sure that she wanted to tell the grumpy old man off after all. She was about to turn around escort istanbul and leave when he appeared behind the small counter.

“Oh shit,” he said looking her up and down. “I suppose you want to sing now, do you? Are you afraid that you haven’t made my ears bleed yet?”

“What? N-no,” Ellie stammered.

“Oh, you’re a real conversationalist aren’t you,” he said with a chuckle. “I guess that’s what they teach you these days.”

“No…that’s not so. I mean, I didn’t come here to argue with you.”

“Why are you here then? I suppose it’s not to buy a clock is it?” the old man said to Ellie’s chest. “This is a business, in case you hadn’t noticed, and talking to high school kids doesn’t pay the bills.”

She thought to cover herself up with her coat and then realized that she had left it in her car. She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at the old man. He was tall and didn’t seem to really fit in the clock store at all. His large hands were splayed on the counter. Ellie summoned up her nerve.

“Why did you kick us out from in front of your store? It’s Christmas!”

“Christmas is for young fools like you,” he said, still gazing at Ellie’s chest.

“Well, other people might like it.” Ellie’s resolve was starting to fade and she was no debater. She wasn’t going to win any arguments about Christmas; especially with this old man.

The old man shook his head. “You people always think you know everything and that it’s your way or the highway. Look, I like music as much as anyone. I do. That doesn’t mean I have to like Christmas or all of that goddamned sappy Christmas music and if I hear one more person tell me that Jesus is the reason for the season, I’ll puke!”

“I’m sorry. I should leave,” Ellie said. She really wanted to ask him why he hated Christmas so much, but decided she just needed to go. As she turned, she tripped over a small box of clock parts. Ellie twisted and stumbled backwards, avoiding falling but spilling her cocoa all over the front of her mother’s sweater. “Oh!”

“Careful!” the old man yelled, “You’re going to break something!”

“My sweater’s all wet!” Ellie gasped, more than a little annoyed that the grumpy old man cared more for his precious clocks than if she hurt herself.

“Well, shit,” he grunted. “Talk about ruining someone’s evening.”

“I’m sorry,” Ellie said and started towards the door.

“You’re not going outside like that,” the old man said. “Stop.”

Ellie stopped and glared at the old man.

“Look…I’ve got an old sweater of my late wife’s upstairs that you can wear. I suppose you hooligans will be out again tomorrow night polluting the air with your noise again. You can return it then or I’ll have you arrested for stealing it, of course. Follow me.”

Ellie stood there for few seconds wondering what she should do. It wouldn’t kill her to go to her car like this. However, it was getting colder out and this could give her a chance to get through to the old man and find out why he hated Christmas so much. Besides, what could happen?

The old man disappeared through the darkened doorway behind the counter and then popped his head back out a few seconds later. “Well, hurry up and before you come back, put my closed sign up and pull that lock across. I don’t want anyone stealing my clocks while you’re wasting my time.” Then he was gone.

Ellie was starting to get mad all over again and almost walked out the door, but she didn’t. She turned his sign around so it said closed and then locked his front door, then walked behind the counter and through the doorway to the back of the clock shop.

If the shop was cramped and cluttered, the small room and hallway behind it was ten times worse. Ellie came close to tripping a few more times and almost knocked over several stacks of boxes before she reached a small stairway.

“Hurry up or I’m taking back my offer,” he yelled from the top of the stairs. “Jesus…I’m old, what’s your excuse for being so slow?”

With an indignant sigh, Ellie went up the stairs. When she got to the landing at the top, the old man was holding a white sweater with red hearts and holly leaves on it.

“It was Edna’s favorite sweater. She was your height with big boobs too, so it should fit.” He leered at her.

Ellie was getting used to the old man’s rudeness, but this was crossing the line. “Could you try not being so crude?” She took the white sweater from him.

“Could you try being more grateful when people help you out? You can go in the bathroom and change.” He pointed to a door on the left.

Ellie went into the bathroom and tried to shut the door. It wouldn’t close all the way.

“The door doesn’t shut all the way, but don’t worry… I won’t look.”

Ellie thought she heard him chuckling.

“Great,” she grumbled as she peeled off her wet sweater. The sweater was probably ruined and her bra was soaked as well. It wasn’t doing much for her anyway. She took them both off and thought she caught a glimpse of movement reflected escort bayan taksim in the bathroom mirror.

She spun towards the doorway, trying to cover herself. Had he been spying on her through the opening? Anxious now, Ellie pulled on the white sweater, discovering that it was even tighter than her mother’s one and that without a bra she looked completely obscene. Her large nipples poked against the fabric. “Great,” she said again and then walked out of the bathroom.

“I’m in here,” he called from the room across the hallway.

Ellie walked into the old man’s living room. He grinned when he saw her walk in. “Very, very nice,” he said, eyes glued to Ellie’s chest. “You’re welcome,” he said, sarcastically.

“Thank you,” Ellie said, blushing a little. “I don’t even know your name. I’m Ellie.”

“I’m Hank,” he said walking towards her. “Hank Longbone.” He extended his hand. He took her small hand in his large one firmly and shook it. “I have to say that you fill out Edna’s sweater just like she used to.”

“Thank you…I think…I mean you shouldn’t say things like that,” Ellie said. She was turning beat red and Hank wasn’t letting go of her hand. Ellie was amazed at how tall and strong he was. He was definitely old, but not in a sickly, fragile sort of way. He was ruggedly handsome for his age despite his wrinkles and ruffled white hair.

“Let me show you something.” He ignored her comment and pulled her over to the mantle above the fireplace. It was covered with pictures. He picked one out and showed it to Ellie.

“Wow,” Ellie said as she took the picture from him. It was a black and white picture of Hank and a light-haired woman. Ellie had to admit she did look a lot like the woman in the photo.

“That’s me and Edna,” he said. “You look a lot like her. You both have the biggest tits. God have mercy.”

“Okay! That’s enough. You can’t talk to me like that and you don’t talk to other women like that!”

Hank had turned away and didn’t appear to be listening.

“Did you hear me?” Ellie’s face was flush with anger and also a little embarrassment. She never raised her voice and here she was telling off a man that she had just met, who was old enough to be her grandfather.

Hank turned to face Ellie and he was crying. Now Ellie felt terrible. She had just made a grown man cry.

“I miss her,” he said sniffling. “It’s only been a couple of years.”

Ellie went over and gave Hank a hug. He nuzzled against her shoulder as he continued to sob. His hand started creeping down her back, towards her ass and she had to swat it away more than once. He stepped back.

“Thank you. It felt good to hold someone again and you really do remind me of Edna, big tits and all,” he said wiping his eyes.

Ellie decided not to respond. He was just baiting her. No one could be that crass unless they meant to.

“Before you go, please let me offer you a drink to take the chill away. I owe you one, kiddo.”

Ellie started to protest, but decided that no one would know and she deserved it. It would be fun to have a drink.

“Please sit down. I’ll be right back,” Hank said shuffling out of the room.

Ellie sat down on the couch and looked around. It was very modern and uncluttered compared to the rest of his home and shop. She noticed that there wasn’t one single Christmas decoration. Maybe Edna had died during Christmas. That thought made Ellie feel really badly for Hank. Then she laughed a little at how lecherous he was. He was probably over compensating for being so lonely.

“Here we go…uh….”

“Ellie,” she reminded him.

“Yes, of course.” He handed her a large glass filled with a sweet-smelling liquid and sat down next to her.

“That’s a big drink and I have to drive home in a few minutes,” she said eying her drink.

“Nonsense,” Hank replied gruffly. “Do you think I’d…oh never mind. It’s my own holi….I mean winter recipe. It was Edna’s favorite and I hope you like it too. You’ll be fine. It’s not that strong.”

Ellie took a drink and immediately her insides warmed. It was like a cross between peppermint and mocha and something else that Ellie couldn’t quite think of. “Oh, that is good.”

“I’ll make you two deals.” Hank stared at Ellie.

“Okay.” Ellie took another drink. She had only ever drunk alcohol one time before in her life and it had ended with her puking and passing out. She had been grounded for nearly a year after that. She made a decision to only drink half of it. Her parents wouldn’t be home tonight and nobody would ever know. “What’s your deal?”

“Deals,” he said. “The first one is that you relax for a few minutes and watch a show with me. I’ll promise to be a gentleman.”

Ellie laughed a little too loudly. “Deal!”

“The second is that you promise not to tell anyone I gave you that drink and I’ll let you play in front of my shop tomorrow night.” He drained half his glass. He grabbed the remote control from the table beside the couch and switched on an old black and white movie.

Ellie couldn’t believe her luck. She had done it. By being assertive and talking to the clock shop owner she had made him change her mind. She had a smile from ear to ear. Full of pride, she took another drink. She felt warm inside and a little bit dizzy.

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