The Holding Cell

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Chapter 1 A Job Offer

Did I regret the choice I’d made? Not in the least, however it would be an understatement to say parts of my body were currently very sore. Truth be told I was so sore I could barely walk but I’d found out that my masochistic fantasies extended to my body as well. There is something amazing and euphoric about someone wanting you so badly that they don’t care how sore you get in the process. All that consumes their mind and body is to have you in every possible way as long and as hard as they possibly can. That is what I love and the soreness somehow enhances it.

My fantasies had evolved in my twisted kinky mind to a primal level eventually leading to where I lay now, exhausted, sore and somehow feeling very good about the outcome. For any of this to make sense I need to go back to where it started.

I’m a normal guy, quiet, reserved but full of nasty thoughts. You’d never guess from the outside though. I live on a planet with thousands of different alien races and in a city that seems as wide as it is tall. The city has taken over the majority of the planet with areas that stretch above the clouds to places that look like any old average city from centuries before having apartments shoved up close side by side. I’d gotten a job in the prison industry and the prison itself was like its own small city catering to all sorts of needs and contracts.

It certainly wasn’t your typical prison loaded with hardened criminals and killers but instead contracted out to many different groups and for different reasons. Granted some cell blocks held the typical petty criminals while other blocks held political and white collar criminals and yet other areas were more like luxury resorts behind bars. Maybe a prisoner had ticked off to many people in power but still held major importance? They could be put into the prison to cool their heals and learn some manners. Some prisoners could even check themselves in for temporary safety while continuing to enjoy the finer things of life. Simply put the jail fit any number of needs and that’s where I come into the picture.

At the beginning I didn’t take care of the fancy inmates but rather the afore mentioned petty criminals. I showed up to work, did my thing, kept to myself and headed back to my small apartment. Many times walking to the transit I’d been in awe at the size of this prison city. Some of the entrances to the prison even managed to conceal they were entrances with false fronts looking like upscale apartment buildings. I had no idea why but was soon to find out.

Sitting there eating my lunch one day I was surprised to hear my number called over the PA system. “Officer

0487 please report to your shift officer and request to be released from duty. You’re presence is requested at your block office.” The message was repeated a second time and it took me a moment for the surprise and realization to sink in. I was being personally called to the office!

I immediately followed orders with all sorts of thoughts running through my mind. What had I done? I never messed up, never caused drama and was never late! What in the world could I have done to get called on the carpet?

Having been released from the immediate officer in charge I now stood in front of the block office with my heart in my throat waiting to be called in and I didn’t have to wait long. “Come in” come the crisp command after my knock.

Stepping in to the spacious office my nervousness immediately turned into panic. The block officer sat behind his desk staring at a HUD screen as all sorts of information scrolled past his vision. The reason for my change of feeling came from the couch against the far wall. To the average human the person regally sitting there presented nothing more than a very beautiful woman taller than the average human male. She was approaching seven feet tall I surmised but delicate differences in her face in relation to her height immediately told me she was not your typical human. Rather she was a Denufari female which made face turn somewhat red while also scaring me. I tried to keep my face as non emotional as possible while pretending nothing was out of the ordinary.

The Denufari race to the best of anyone’s knowledge were entirely female, highly secretive and like the other races had their own section of the city. They had special physical attributes as well and few knew about those, but specifically only those really digging could find out about their more unnatural aspects and I was one of those. They were also a very technological race, always curious and while never aggressive seemed to know everything. Was that why she was here? Had she somehow found my private porn collection and I’d transgressed some unspoken cultural law? This planet was loaded with Demirlibahçe Escort laws and races and a person had to be very careful where they stepped.

The block officer spoke in a distracted tone while continuing to read whatever was passing across the screen. “I want to introduce you to Lady Careella of the Denufari consulate.” My mind raced, the consulate! Fuck me I blew it! How did they find me? I take every precaution to hide my porn and don’t live with anyone so how could they have found out!

A slightly low and soft woman’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

“I’ll get right to the point. We have a job offer for you that requires discretion and the accepting of strict NDA agreements.” She looked at me calmly but I felt like she was looking right through me. She continued “we are constantly keeping our eyes open for potential employees and you seem to fit the need. You are reserved, don’t cause problems, largely keep to yourself and are reliable. Would you be interested in working for the Denufari consulate?”

I was momentarily at a loss for words and this was not at all what I expected. “I don’t mind a different employment option but don’t I work for the jail already?” I directed my question to the officer behind the desk and he briefly looked away from the screen at me.

“Lady Careella’s request is allowed by the jail and this happens with different parties quite often. Companies find it easier to employ people already vetted by us who also have a good work history. They will personally pay you and you would need to adhere to their specific legal requirements and needs and should you accept their offer your employment will shift to them immediately”. He continued in a monotone voice of someone repeating this an untold number of times. “After discussing the details with her just let me know your final decision.” With that he went back to his reading and I might as well have vanished from his office.

I looked at the Denufari woman and again attempting to sound completely calm asked “what do I need to do if I work for you?”

In response she stood up, nodded to the officer which he somehow saw and nodded back and she headed for the door. “Please follow me and I will explain everything you need to know. I’ll also be glad to answer any of your questions.”

I stood up and followed her out the door. She was elegantly dressed in a two piece suit. The coat was long and trim over a long slim skirt that reached halfway down her calves. Under the skirt it looked like she was wearing a shiny black pair of leggings. With me knowing somewhat about them I was surprised they were dressed so modestly. The Denufari were known to be a highly sexual race so to see her dressed in such a business-like fashion took me by surprise. Granted I’d never met one in person so it looked like I’d have a lot to learn.

We headed out the front doors of the jail not speaking and then headed down the sidewalk. It was a long walk and I walked behind her since it was so narrow. Thankfully she couldn’t see my face and watching her hips move as she walked was very pleasant and arousing. My mind started to go wild with my private fantasies and I had to quickly think about other things when my lower anatomy started to respond. Regardless I continued to watch her elegant lines and movement as she walked ahead of me.

At one point in the silence she surprise me with a brief look over her shoulder at me. My faced turned a bit pink and guilty but her expression didn’t seem to show she noticed. However it seemed the look in her eye said something I couldn’t figure out. We continued walking till we arrived at the prisons upscale false fronts and walking up the steps to a door she opened it and let us both in. With the door closed behind me I saw the interior was lavish and was shocked that such a nice place was considered part of the jail complex.

She walked past me and motioned me down some wide steps leading into a subterranean floor and that’s when I noticed it did fit the jail. The room on the lower floor was like a giant square split down the center by a row of very thick bars dividing the two sides. Both sides were similar and comfortable. Each side was like a fully equipped house complete with furniture, king size beds, and large wet bathroom. Both had entertainment centers and computers complete with all the amenities for a long comfortable stay. The only thing that indicated it wasn’t a luxury resort were the dividing bars.

Lady Careella She sat on one of the couch’s and motioned me to sit across from her. “Now that we are completely in private we cant speak freely” she said. “However the only way that can be done is if you can guarantee the privacy of the Denufari and of course we assure your privacy Demirlibahçe Escort Bayan as well.”

“I don’t quite understand…” I started to say and she stopped me with a look.

“Let me save us both some time” she smiled. “I’m always looking out for who would fit our needs and we specifically need human males for this position.” She raised a delicate eyebrow as she looked at me and I continued to sit there while attempting to keep an innocent look on my face.

“Oh please” she laughed. “I appreciate your carefulness but the Denufari carefully release specific pornography on purpose and then follow it to see what humans enjoy it. It’s our way to passively seek out humans that would assist us without being alarmed by us.” She paused and when I remained silent slowly turning red she went on with a slight smile.

“You first started with futanari porn several months ago and eventually became so intent on finding more that you came across our race and our special features.”

I didn’t know what to say other than to turn more red. Thankfully she was saving me from having to talk all the while laying out my private fetishes as an object for discussion.

She continued, “This is where you come in. This is a holding place for Denufari arriving from our planet. Denufari females are highly aroused by human pheromones and upon arriving on this planet find themselves in a difficult situation suddenly being surrounded by them.” She paused then went on. “It would be similar to taking your average human male when he’s already highly aroused and throwing him into the middle of a strip club. Suffice it to say the reaction of Denufari women is far more powerful than that and remaining in control of our passions becomes concerning.”

I finally spoke putting pieces together. “You need a place to keep them locked up while being in the presence of a human male while they learn to adapt safely to being around us?”

She smile “you’re quick and that’s good!” I smiled at the compliment. She went on “You’re penis is also hard and that is good as well.”

I was so intent on her and our conversation that I hadn’t paid attention to the perverted fantasies sneaking back into my mind. I looked down shocked and turn beet red as my penis tented my pants. “uh uh… sorry!” I stammered trying to cover my hard on.

She smiled at me again and her look seemed to indicate she was enjoying the show. “No need to apologize” she assured me. “What your body is telling me is that I’ve chosen well. It’s hard to find human males that don’t become uncomfortable around us and our unique traits.”

As I tried to regain some of my composure and dignity she went on like nothing had happened. “Our primary requirement is that everything that happens here and between us remains entirely between us. You are not allowed to discuss any of these matters with non Denufari and the jail already knows this. Anything you do as well will remain between us.”

“What exactly do I do here? I asked

“All your meals are catered and will be brought to the front door every day. You bring the food to the woman in your custody and take care of any of her needs… unless of course she wants to have sex with you and then I recommend you keep the cell doors firmly locked. Remember the Denufari look very feminine and delicate but we are extremely strong, far surpassing human males. If you were to unlock her door I assure you she would unable to resist her impulses or control her strength…” she paused waiting for the information to sink in.

I added in question “so what your saying is if the door was unlocked she would rape me indiscriminately and nothing could stop her?”

Lady Careella nodded “Not the most delicate way to put it but best we are up front with each other and you’d be correct. While it might sound very erotic considering your pornography fantasies please remember that our phallus’s are very large and would most likely do considerable damage. There’s a good reason we place our new arrivals in a holding cell till they can maintain self control.

“Now to continue answering the question of your responsibilities, I’ll leave things up to your discretion. We are a highly sexual race so please feel comfortable being open around the Denufari in your care. In fact the more open you are the faster she will most likely reach her peak. Once she’s reached her peak she will then be able to stabilize herself and be safe to leave.

I have to admit I was getting turned on and it made me far more bold than I would have been otherwise so I asked “When you talk about being freely open around them what do you mean?”

Lady Careella replied “I mean anything you want to do sexually. It seems you fantasize about exhibitionism Escort Demirlibahçe if I remember?” I nodded somewhat embarrassed again but she went on like it was nothing. “Then maybe you watch pornography in front of her, pleasure yourself in front of her or maybe it just means you shower with the curtain open” she stated motioning to the large wet bathroom and the large shower curtain put there to give me privacy. “None of this this is required of course” she continued and if all you do is watch movies and take care of her needs then that is fine as well. Finally you’ll be given a line of credit to assist you. Use your imagination. If you want things for comfort it will be made available and if you want to buy sex toys that is ok as well.”

I remembered Lady Careella had paid attention to my internet habits and I realized that meant more than porn. She obviously knew of my addiction to buying every odd sex toy I could try. I wondered how many times my face could turn red in one day but none of this seemed to phase her.

After that she had me sign papers and become her employee and the official business was over. We sat and talked for a while with her answering questions about the Denufari. I noticed once or twice a few strands of her hair lightly glimmering. It was another detail she revealed to me when I asked her about it.

In response she smile again but this time there was warmth in her eyes when she answered “It’s another trait of our race that are hair will glow or as you stated, glimmer when we are aroused. The more aroused we are the more of hair reacts in this way. I’m sure you’ll see this happen a lot with the women we send here.”

I was flattered to think I was having even a small effect on this incredibly beautiful woman. She didn’t seem taken back or shy about it so I pressed my luck. “Are their other things other than pheromones that arouse Denufari?”

“An excellent question” she replied. When human males start releasing pre-cum we are very aware of it. It’s stronger than pheromones and has a narcotic effect on us. Those of us who rarely get the chance to be with a human male have found that if we stroke the male’s prostate he will often release this for a long time. It tremendously heightens our sexual experience and activities.”

Lady Careela’s hair strands began to shimmer, slightly brighter and more strands this time. She continued “As I’m sure you’ve noticed my hair is glowing more and that means you are aroused as well and already releasing pre-cum.”

My face warmed again and I didn’t bother to look down this time. I could feel myself hard again and had no doubt I was starting to pre-cum. To state this was arousing for me was an understatement but I just had to know. “So what happens if a male full on ejaculates inside a Denufari? Has that happened?

She gave me a knowing look, reserved but there was a restrained heat in her eyes. “Yes it has happened and it’s perhaps the highest level of bliss we know. Think of it as a powerful narcotic to us with no bad side effects. It can effect each woman differently and to most if it touches their skin it’s… amazing. On the other hand if a male wishes to enter us and ejaculate whether orally or otherwise it sends us into a haze of pure pleasure. To others the effect is strong enough to render them unconscious for a short amount of time.”

By this time her hair was really starting to react. Her hairs glimmered and glowed orange like watching the stars of the Andromeda galaxy on dark night. After that she also stood up somewhat quickly. “The rest I am sure you can find out for yourself by simply asking those in your care. I have other things I need to attend to for now.”

While she spoke politely and crisply I did not miss hearing that her breath had sped up and of course her hair was a complete giveaway. She didn’t look embarrassed but merely appeared to be aiming for a professional demeanor.

I stood up also in response and asked “What do I do for now since there is nobody here to take care of?”

She spoke briefly while walking to the door. “Feel free to go about your daily life but consider yourself on call. If nobody is here you will be paid the full amount regardless. However when there is someone in your care it will be expected that you live here for the full duration of their stay and until we deem them fit to leave.”

We both headed headed out of the holding cell and out onto the street.

Her transportation was pulling up to the curb and she finished with the details. “Sometimes you may have nobody to take care of for weeks on end. Consider it a perk of the job. At other times you might have Denufari in your care back to back or their time in holding might take a month or more. It is expected you remain here at all times and so in preparation we recommend you prepare in advance.”

She held out her hand. “It’s been a pleasure to have you enter our service and we look forward to… working with you.” Her hair slightly shimmered again and I took her hand smiling politely. Knowing I had this sort of effect on her was a compliment in itself.

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