The Hotel

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The HotelDan was upset because his wife had been denying him sex for over a month. He was horny and needed to fuck some one bad. He decided to drive down to 4th Ave and pick up a whore standing there. As he drove he didn’t see one he wanted till a young girl with huge tits was walking down the street. She also had the ass you just want to sink your cock in. He pulled up beside her and she came to the car as he rolled down the window. She looked at him and said “Want to have some fun with me?” He answered “I sure do. Get in the car.” She opened the door and slid in. He looked her over and told her to take off her top. As she pulled it over her head she smiled and said “Do you like my big titties?” Dan grabbed her and pulled her over to him and began fondling her tits. She laughed and told him “I have big natural tits. I am 34F.” Dan put his mouth over a big nipple and sucked as he sqeezed and played with the other monser tit.Dan told the whore “Take you skirt of. I want to see you naked.” The girl pulled her skirt down and she wore no panties so she was now naked for him. He spread her legs and looked at her bald cunt and then grabbed a nipple with his teeth and shoved two fingers into her and began to finger fuck her right there on the street. He then started the car and began to drive as he kept his fingers in her cunt. He pulled up to the hotel he had reserved a room and told her “Leave your clothes in the car. You won’t need them in the room. I want to see your ass as you walk.” She got out and started into the building as he followed her watching her big ass cheeks sway. He opened the door to the room and as soon as they were inside he grabbed her and shoved her on the bed and stripped his clothes off. “Spread your legs wide” he told her. “I want to see that pussy before I fuck it.” As she spread her kadıköy escort legs he ordered her “Spread your pussy lips apart and play with with your clit.” He watched as the whore fingered her clit and he saw it swell and get harder. “Now take one hand and pinch your nipples and rub your tits and take the other and finger your cunt. I want to see you cum. Turn me on.”The whore was really fucking her cunt and playing with her big tits as Dan felt his cock get hard. He pulled her head to his cock and shoved it in her mouth. He felt her lick him and suck him making his cock leak as she knew how to suck cock. He had a thick ten inch cock and he grabbed her by the hair and began to fuck her mouth shoving every inch into her as he demanded “Now suck my cock hard. Take it in your throat and suck it.” He then pushed her head balls deep and held it as she sucked and then he let her have a huge load of cum as he watched her swallow it. He then pulled her over his lap with her tits hanging down as he rubbed her ass. He spread her legs again and rubbed her asshole. Then he pushed his thumb into her ass and two fingers in her cunt. As he fucked her ass and cunt he then grabbed a tit and gripped it tight and pinched the nipple. He watched her ass as he fucked her and then pulled his fingers out and began to spank her big ass cheeks. He gave her ass a few swats then gave her pussy a few swats. He liked that she had such a big ass and was going to fuck it several times that night. By now his cock was rock hard again and he pulled her to his lap and had her face him and straddle his cock. He pulled her down and shoved every inch in her cunt and began to move her up and down on his big shaft. As he fucked her hole she took the muscles üsküdar escort in her cunt and tightened them around his cock and it felt like fucking a virgin. The whore knew how to fuck and please a man. She had the sexiest body and could suck cock and fuck better than any one. He fucked her quit a while as her cunt gripped his cock and as he fucked he sucked and chewed on her tits. He could not even begain to get the huge jug in his mouth. But he sucked and bit them harder the more excited he got as she gripped his cock.He fucked her for awhile before he unloaded cum in her cunt. He then pushed her off his lap and told her “Now dance for me. Shake those big tits and that sexy ass and give me a wild lap dance.” She stood before him and put a foot up on his bed where he sat and giggled her tits as she spread her pussy lips and ran a finger thru her slit. She then sucked her finger as she moved her hips. Then she turned her back to him and shook her ass then bent at the waist and spread her legs and put her hand between them and to her ass. He watched as her fingers went inside her ass as she swayed and finger fucked herself. She then staddled him as he sat and ran her tits all over his face and across his lips. She grabbed his head and smothered his face in her tits. Then she got on her knees and put his cock between her tits and fucked him like he had never been fucked. She did not let him cum but stood on the bed beside him and grabbed his head and rubbed her cunt all over his face. By now Dan’s cock was rock hard and jerking as he watched and felt this sexy little whore. Dan then grabbed her and bent her over the edge of the bed and spread her ass apart. He brought his cock to her ass and shoved it in her all the way. He screamed “I have wanted to fuck your tuzla escort big hot ass all night. Now I am going to ride you like a horny bull. I am going to put every inch of my long cock in your ass and fuck you so hard.” He then pushed his cock all the way inside her and began pounding her ass. He would pull almost out then ram back in. He did this again and again. Sometimes he held it in her balls deep and sometimes he gave her bare ass a few hard slaps. But he did ride that ass like a horny bull as he promised. Her big ass felt so good and it was made for cock. He fucked her for over an hour before he was able to cum again. He then pushed her on her back on the bed and began to suck on her monster tits. He loved the feel of her huge nipples in his mouth. He sucked each one back and forth. As he sucked one tit he played with the other. He had never been with a woman that had these enormous tits. He put a pillow under her back to arch her back and he sucked and licked her for quite a while. Then he told her “Spread your legs wide as you can. I am going to suck your titties as I finger that cunt.” She spread wide and he put two fingers in her as he sucked and bit on her nipples. He then put a third finger in her hole as he bit harder on her fleshy tit. He heard her moan as he ravaged her body. He then rubbed her clit with his thumb as he finger fucked her wet cunt. By now she was moaning and wanting him to never stop. He grabbed a nipple with his teeth and pulled on it. He looked at her and asked “Do you like those tits tortured? Want me to bite them and pull them as I fuck you harder?” She nodded and pulled his head tighter to her tits and he then put a fourth finger in her cunt and began biting all over her tits. She was humping his fingers and moving his head all over her tits as he bit. It was now near morning and he told her he had to take her back to her corner. He asked her if he could pick her up the next night and she agreed. She walked to the car naked and then dressed when she got in there. He looked at her and smiled and told her “I have really enjoyed myself with you tonight. I will be back here at eight o’clock tomorrow to pick you up again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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