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Subject: The Inn on The Pacific Coast Highway Please donate to Nifty at fty/donate.html. Your donation will allow stories such as this to be published. The Inn on The Pacific Coast Highway There’s this inn on the Pacific Coast Highway, about midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. It is very quaint and very charming, and looks like a wonderful bed and breakfast, where one would enjoy spending the night. Never judge a book by its cover, or an inn by its appearance. This is no inn at all. It is a brothel, a whore house, a house of ill repute. It is also not an inn where the average man would be likely to spend the night. To be perfectly frank, it’s a male house of prostitution. The inn is run by a guy named Jerry Rubino, and he caters mainly to two types of clients; middle aged married men, and teen agers anxious to lose their virginity. ********** We’ll get back to the inn later. Let me tell you about Mitch Tobias and his son Matt. Mitch has been using the amenities of the inn for a very long time. He is deeply closeted, and the inn allows him to have discreet male sex as often as he can. Mitch has always known that he was gay, even though he was a jock and played both football and baseball for his high school’s teams. Every high school jock has a slew of young co-eds who are anxious to have sex with them. Mitch was (and still is) exceptionally handsome, and is also blessed with an athlete’s body. His life was altered at a Halloween Party in his senior year. He was dancing with Mary Talbot, and she suddenly grabbed his package and started fondling it. “Let’s go to your car,” she suggested to Mitch. Although Mitch was yearning for male sex, Mary’s fondling had aroused the nearly seventeen year old. The two youngsters ran out to Mitch’s dad’s car, and entered into the back. They grabbed for each other’s clothing, and they were both naked from the waist down before you could say Mary Talbot. Mary grabbed Mitch’s hard seven inch, cut cock and guided it into her dripping wet vagina. Mitch hadn’t even had time to use the condom that had been in his wallet for months. He came before you could say Mitch Tobias. Mary wasn’t satisfied, so Mitch fondled her clitoris until she came. They put their clothes back on and returned to the party. Two months later Mary announced that she was pregnant and Mitch was the father. Mitch had no intention of going to college. His father owned a brewery, and Mitch had worked there summers and part time whenever he could. He was going to work there full time, and learn the business as soon as he graduated. He and Mary had a shot gun wedding. They lived together until their son, Matt, was a year old, and then Mary disappeared. She left a note telling Mitch that she wasn’t cut out to be a mother, and that he didn’t ever satisfy her in bed. She said she needed to get away, and she was going east to pursue a career in modelling. Mitch and his son never heard from her again. Mitch could not have been happier. He had his marriage annulled, and now he was free to be gay. Because of his decision, he and Matt could not live with his parents. He bought a small cottage near his folks, hired a nanny, and began actively to pursue male contacts. In order to do that, he had to go into L.A. or San Diego as often as time permitted. He did that for several years, but he didn’t like it. He was too far from home, and he could not entertain. He always had to go to the home of his trick du jour. ********** One day, when Matt was about ten years old, one of Mitch’s contacts asked him if he lived anywhere near The Spartacus Inn. He had never heard of the place, so his date told him the true nature of the inn, and where it was located. Mitch could not believe it. It was less than five miles from his home, and he had never heard of it or been aware of its existence. He was excited about how close the inn was, and what a convenience it would be. He knew that he would have to pay for sex, but he could well afford it. His father had retired a couple of years earlier, and now the brewery was his. Matt was also the recipient of his father’s good fortune in discovering the inn. He now saw a lot more of his father. The first Friday evening, when Mitch went to the inn, Jerry took him around and he introduced him to some of the boys who were not yet working, and were just hanging out in the living room. When they saw this hunk, some of them would have performed for him at no charge. It was rare for them to have a mature client who was single, handsome, and not too long in the tooth. He was practically the same age as the prostitutes. One of the working boys caught Mitch’s eye. Mitch figured that he was close to thirty, and Mitch was only twenty-eight. He went for maturity and experience, and engaged Paul Price for the night. After that first night, he had a standing date with Paul every Friday night for five years. The two men became such good friends that Paul was often invited to Mitch’s house for dinner gaziantep travesti on his nights off. Crazy as it sounds, on those nights, after Matt was tucked into bed, the two men made love, and no money was exchanged. Sometimes Paul even slept over. One day Mitch realized that he really cared for Paul, and Paul was talking about leaving the inn because he was getting too old. He told Mitch that he was thinking of returning to New York City, his home town. Mitch felt crushed, and he offered Paul a job at the brewery, which Paul happily accepted. He started to think about asking Paul to move in with him, but if he was to make such a daring move, Mitch decided that he had to come out to Matt. Matt was fifteen now, and Mitch felt that he was mature enough to accept the news that his father was gay. Little did Mitch know that by the time Matt was thirteen, he began to suspect the true nature of his father’s relationship with Paul. When the light dawned, he did a lot of snooping. He would go to bed, but remain wide awake on those nights when Paul slept over. He could hear the door to his father’s bedroom being closed. He waited ten minutes, and crept stealthily up to Mitch’s closed door. He listened intently, and he knew what he heard. Both Paul and Mitch were very noisy lovers. Matt only caught snippets of sentences, but he heard things like, “Fuck, this feels so good,” or “Fuck harder, wuss. I need this so badly.” Listening at the door, Matt began to harden, and his immature cock even produced a smidgen of pre-cum. The boy was overwhelmed by two emotions. He desired desperately to join the two men in bed, and he was fearful that they would discover him snooping. He ran back to his room and whacked off; all the while fantasizing that Paul and his father were sucking his cock. Matt had his own secret. He was as gay, if not gayer, than his dad and his dad’s friend. From that eye opening night until the time Mitch decided to come out to his son, Matt jacked off often, and dreamed about seducing his hunky father. Perhaps if Mitch had two sons, and one was straight, he would have seen the signs that his son was gay, but he didn’t. Matt acted like he had no idea that Paul was any more than a friend. With evil intent, he started to badger his father about getting married again so that he wouldn’t be lonely when Matt went off to college. He also wanted to know where Mitch went one or two evenings a week. Finally, Mitch had to lie. “I’m seeing a woman on those nights.” He hesitated, and then added, “Different women that is.” Matt smiled and hugged his father, making sure that his cock rubbed hard against Mitch. “I’m so happy for you,” he said. Something happened to Mitch after that incident. He knew that Matt had rubbed a hard cock against him. He suddenly saw his son as a sexual human being, whose puberty was over, and who was entering adulthood. For the next two years he watched his son mature into a handsome young man, and much to his dismay, he began to desire him. Mitch actually changed his habits. He had always been shy around his young son, but suddenly he paraded around the house naked when the mood struck him, and he began to use the bathroom while his son showered or brushed his teeth. As his son matured, he would often comment about the growth of Matt’s pubic and armpit hair. He even dared comment on Matt’s penis growth. One night he took Matt’s cock in his hand and compared it in size to his. They were about equally well endowed. Of course, Matt erected immediately, and Mitch laughed and teased his young son. He was laughing hard, and Matt took no offense. “Well,” Matt said,” we know we’re the same size soft. How do we stack up hard?” He took his father’s cock and started to stroke it very gently. He was scared, because he didn’t know how his father would react. Mitch reacted by getting hard, and purring like a kitten. He pulled Matt to him and started to kiss him. Matt kissed back, and it became more passionate. Their mouths opened and their tongues began to tickle each other. Mitch could no more stop Matt from jacking him off, than he could stop a speeding train. As his orgasm approached, he murmured, “Faster, son, faster.” In due time he screamed and filled Matt’s abdomen and palm with his plentiful gooey liquid. They were both scared about what happened, but not regretful. “Let’s wash up and discuss this,” Mitch said. They went into the bathroom and helped each other clean up. Still naked, they went into the living room and sat together on the sofa. Their bodies were touching. “I have a confession to make,” Mitch said. “I was going to tell you next week, but tonight has certainly changed my time table.” He looked at Matt, smiled, and went on. “I’m gay, Son. I have always been gay, and always will be gay. Paul is my lover, and next week he’s moving in with us. Like I said, I was going to come out to you next week … and ask for your blessing.” Matt started to laugh. “And I was afraid to come out to you. I’m gay also, Dad, and I have gaziantep masaj salonları known about you and Paul for more than two years. Every time I jack off, I fantasize that you and Paul are making love to me.” “Wow,” was all Mitch could manage to say. “Have you had sex with another boy yet?” “No, Dad. Your cock was the first one I have ever held in my hand other than mine.” “Look son, what you did to me, for me, was very, very nice, but extremely inappropriate. It must never happen again, but I have an idea. How would you like to lose your virginity with a handsome, experienced young man?” Matt’s grin threatened to crack his face. “Yes, for sure,” he smiled at his father. “Remember when you used to ask me where I went on the nights I came home late? Well, I’m taking you there Friday evening.” ********** All the boys at the inn were experienced whores, even the youngest of them. Mitch had called Jerry Rubino during the week, and asked him to reserve his youngest employee for his son Friday evening. Jerry was flabbergasted. “You’re pulling my leg,” he said. “This is a first.” It was Paul’s final week working at the inn, and Mitch worried about what his son would think when he saw his future step dad there. He decided that from now on he would be perfectly candid with his son. There would be no more secrets between them, and he didn’t care if Matt found out about Paul. When father and son entered the inn on Friday night, Paul flew to Mitch and engulfed him in a bear hug. Matt’s eyes opened as big as saucers. Then Paul hugged Matt very hard, and whispered in his ear, “I love your father very much. I promise to take good care of him.” Matt smiled at Paul, letting him know that all was well. Jerry interrupted by bringing over a handsome young man, who didn’t look a day over twenty. “Matt,” he said, “meet Roger. Go upstairs with him. He’s going to make you one happy dude.” “Yes,” Mitch said, “go upstairs with Roger.” He took Paul’s hand and led him up the stairs also. As soon as Roger entered a bedroom with Matt, he closed the door. Matt expected him to start undressing, but he sat down on the bed fully clothed, and indicated that Matt should sit down beside him. “Let’s talk first,” Roger said. “We have plenty of time. Your dad paid for an all-nighter. I understand that you’re a virgin, which makes me really happy. I promise to show you what true eroticism is, but you must promise me something.” “What?” Matt asked. “A virgin tends to fall in love with the guy who takes his cherry. Promise not to fall in love with me. I’m a prostitute. I like my work, and I make good money. I intend to stick to it until I am no longer desirable. When that day comes, I’m going to open a place just like this one. I already know several areas of the country where a place like this would go over big. So now you know the score. Will you promise not to fall in love with me?” “I promise, but I won’t be going off to college for two more years. Would it be okay to see you again?” “Absolutely, as long as you pay my fee.” That having been said, Roger began to undress. He was scantily clad in the first place, and it didn’t take him very long to get naked. Matt was frozen. All he could do was stare at Roger’s cock, which at the moment was flaccid and five uncut beautiful inches. “Get undressed,” Roger said softly. As soon as Matt was naked, it was Roger who whistled. Matt was even bigger than he was; eight hard inches of cut cock. Roger laid Matt on his back, and proceeded to give Matt a trip around the world. There was not a spot on Matt’s body, front and back, where Roger’s tongue was not. When Roger spent a good deal of time rimming Matt, he felt himself cumming, and he stopped Roger. “I want to cum inside you,” he said. So Roger took Matt’s manhood into his mouth, and if Matt thought that rimming was nice, this was everything he had ever dreamed of. Roger teased Matt by withdrawing whenever he sensed Matt cumming. The educated whore knew exactly when to stop teasing or the boy would cum. He put a condom on Matt and greased it plentifully. Then he greased his ass, straddled Matt, and guided Matt’s gooey prick into his waiting love tunnel. Needless to say, Matt came after just a few strokes. Nobody had ever screamed louder than the young boy did that night. He not only filled the condom, but gravity was forcing his cum out of the rubber and onto his pubic hair. When he began to soften, he fell out of Roger’s ass. The young prostitute removed the rubber and flushed it down the toilet. He wet a wash cloth and thoroughly cleaned Matt and himself. The two young men then lay side by side, holding hands, and basking in the afterglow. After a long period of silence, Roger dared ask Matt how he had enjoyed the experience. “Is there something more I can do for you?” he asked. “Well,” Matt said. “You didn’t satisfy me. I won’t be satisfied until I do everything to you that you did to me.” Roger gaziantep escort bayan began to laugh. He leaned over Matt and kissed him. “Whenever you’re ready,” he said. ********** When Paul moved in, things became very difficult for Matt. His Dad and Paul thought nothing about parading around the house naked. Sometimes, on Sunday, when they came home from church, they would strip naked and not dress again until the next morning. Now that everyone in the house knew that the entire household was gay, Mitch and Paul rarely closed their door at night. The sounds of love coming from their room were driving Matt crazy. Like his father before him, he worked part time at the brewery. He saved every cent he could, and when he accumulated Roger’s fee he would spend an evening with Roger. Roger always made sure that the boy went home happy. Matt was very closeted at school. He constantly tried to identify other gay students at his high school, but even if he suspected someone, he was too shy to probe further. He kept hoping that things would change in college. He was accepted to UCLA, and prepared to go there. He spent his last night at home with Roger. It was the last time the two young men saw each other. They both moved on with their lives, just as Mitch and Paul had. On the very first Friday night in L.A., Matt scoped out a gay bar in West Hollywood. The clientele were mostly college students. Matt was a handsome hunk, and the very first time he visited the gay bar, he went home with a junior who lived off campus. He spent the night and most of Saturday with his new friend. He returned to the dorm, showered, shaved, and changed clothing. He went back to the same bar, and scored again. By the end of the first month, Matt had made plenty of school friends. Even though not everyone became a friend, Matt had nodding acquaintances with many more. Consequently, he began to notice other students at the bar that he knew. His gaydar was sadly lacking, because he had never suspected that any of them were gay. Now that he knew, he had no trouble scoring. His first two years at UCLA were a whirlwind of sex and classes. When he returned to school for his third year, he entered his first class on his first day back. He was early, and headed straight for the back row. Moments later a young man sat down beside him. The guy was gorgeous and Matt’s heart literally skipped a beat. The young man stuck out his hand. “Hi,” he said, “My name’s Luke Hanson.” Matt returned the handshake and introduced himself. He wondered if Luke was straight or gay. His gaydar was non-existent. Not so Luke’s. He knew immediately that Matt was gay. He too was physically attracted to Matt, and he determined to pursue it. “Are you living on campus or do you have a place of your own?” Luke asked. “I rented a furnished studio apartment last year, and I’ll be in it until I graduate.” “I just transferred from NYU back east. My dad was transferred to L.A. and I wanted to be near my family. I live at home.” Then Luke got bold. “So you have your own place. I’ll bet you keep your bed plenty busy.” Matt finally got that Luke was coming on to him. He was flabbergasted, but before he could reply the professor entered the room. “Wait for me after class,” Luke whispered to Matt. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. They slept together that very night. They didn’t have sex; they made love with each other. It was easy for both men to tell the difference. Luke went home with Matt that very first weekend, and was delighted to meet Matt’s gay parents. They were just as pleased to meet him. They had been praying hard for Matt to settle down. That night in bed both bedroom doors were wide open. Matt said to Luke, “Tonight when we make love, make plenty of noise. I want to give those two a taste of their own medicine.” Neither couple knew what they were doing on a conscious level, but subconsciously they were trying to outdo each other in the noise department. It was each couple’s intention to tease the other. Paul had stayed in touch with his friends at the inn. At breakfast the next morning he told Matt that Roger had moved away to start his own business in Salt Lake City. “He told me that he wanted to capture all those closeted Mormon boys.” Paul started to laugh hysterically. Of course, Luke started to ask questions about the inn and who Roger was. Matt filled him in on everything, except the fact that Paul used to work there. “How’d you like to see where I popped my cherry?” Matt asked Luke. “We could do a three way, if you’re up to it.” “I’m up to it,” Luke said. “How about you guys? Wanna go with us?” Matt asked his parents. Mitch and Paul got quiet as if they were considering. Finally Paul smiled. “Why do any of us have to go to the inn?” he asked with a smile. “We’re all family here. We could have a ball together. Matt, you’ve had the hots for me and your dad since you were a teen ager, and you, Luke, I saw you pop a boner the minute you met us, so what do you say?” “My dad said it would be very inappropriate for us to be intimate,” Matt said. “You were a teeny bopper then,” Mitch reminded his son. “You’re an adult now, and capable of making your own decisions. Do what’s in your heart.” Nobody said another word. They just made love together all night long. It was only the first time of many times to come.

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