The Irresistable Offer

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Part I    My name is Mark, and I was divorced for 5 years and 43 years old when I first met Karen, the woman who was later to become my second wife. From that new relationship a temptation and obsession unlike any I have ever had presented itself to me.  That took the form of her daughter from her first marriage, Rebecca, who was fifteen years old when I first laid eyes on her.  Rebecca was heart-stoppingly beautiful:  being bi-racial (her father was black), she had a glowing, clear dark tan complexion, high cheekbones, brown hair braided down to her shoulders, full lips, and almond shaped intensely dark eyes that seemed to look right into your soul.   She was 5’8″, fit-looking and slim waisted, with smallish perky breasts that rose enticingly from her chest like soft gentle hills.  Her legs were long and incredibly shapely, and she moved with a gracefulness and a natural, uncontrived sexiness that made it nearly impossible to take one’s eyes off her.  Just as sexy as her physical aspects was a sharp intelligence, an off-beat, playful sense of humor, and a soft-spoken but very direct style of communication, with a tendency to say whatever was on her mind without self-censoring.  Talking to her was just as much a turn-on as looking at her.    The first time I saw Rebecca was on my second date with her mother.  I rang the bell and when Karen let me in, Rebecca came down the stairs to meet me.    She was dressed to go to a party, and I struggled to keep my composure as she approached me.  She was wearing a short skirt, about six inches above the knee, and I tried to be subtle while visually taking in her legs.  On top she was wearing a sheer silk blouse that showed off her shape.  I could see the outline of a blue-colored bra strap, so I knew she was not being too daring, but it must have been one of those very thin bras with no lining, and perhaps she was a bit chilly, because two nipples were jutting out magnificently.  I turned my eyes away so I would not be caught looking, but I noticed that Karen made a quick frowning expression when she saw that her daughter’s nipples were so visible.  Rebecca smiled at me, looked at me for a moment, and shook my hand, holding it for a few seconds.  As she stood next to me I took in her natural floral scent, which was utterly intoxicating.    That was our first meeting.  As Karen and I got more serious, I started sleeping over weekends. Rebecca would always stay with her father on the weekends I was sleeping over, but sometimes she came by, or hadn’t left yet, while I was there.  Each time I saw her, she would almost invariably do something, always subtly, that would turn me on.  One time she put on deodorant while I was talking to her.  She was wearing a T shirt and she just reached under the hem, pulling the T shirt way up to where her bra began, revealing her entire perfectly toned midriff with a little peek of the bra bottom.  Another time, on a hot summer day, she was wearing cut-off jeans, which were cut extremely close to the crotch, and the leg openings were quite baggy.  She was sitting on the couch directly across from me (Karen was upstairs putting on makeup), and she began twirling her braids in a distracted way.  By this time we had gotten to know each other, so we were in a comfortable conversation, and in a casual way she leaned back and opened her legs.  Instantly, I had a perfect view of silky white panties.  I tried to keep eye contact with her so I wouldn’t be obvious, but I could not will myself not to look.  I could see that the panties were tight against her crotch, so that I could make out the shape of her mons pubis.  This went on a good ten minutes before Karen came down, and my heart was pounding the whole time.  I had the sense that Rebecca was very aware of what she was doing, but then I told myself that it could not be, she was just unconscious of how much she had been revealing to me.    By the time Rebecca turned 16 Karen and I were quite serious, and I was seeing a lot more of both mother and daughter.  Karen seemed to istanbul travesti be very trusting of me with regard to her daughter, and by now I occasionally slept over while Rebecca was staying at home.  This led to one major turn-on incident.  One evening, after Karen and I had both been feeling extremely horny all day, we agreed to get to bed early so basically we could fuck our brains out.  Rebecca was home that evening, but was leaving soon out to hang out with friends.  She announced that she was going to shower before going out.  Rebecca’s room was on the same floor as Karen’s, with a bathroom in between that was accessible from both rooms from separate doors.  Karen and I were in the bedroom, and we started fooling around a bit-the first time we had done this with Rebecca so close by. At the same time I was hearing the sound of the water running in the shower and started picturing Rebecca’s body glistening with water, as she rubbed herself with a soapy washcloth.  I was playing with Karen, but fantasizing about Rebecca.  Then the water stopped, and I heard Rebecca get out of the shower and then close the door to her bedroom.  A few minutes later, I went into the bathroom to take a leak, and Karen said she was going downstairs for a while and we could return to continue our “activities” after Rebecca left.  I could hear Rebecca walking around  her room getting dressed.  I took out my penis to pee, and then I looked down at the floor next to the shower and my heart skipped a beat.  There on the floor was a light colored bra, and a pair of black panties, that she had removed before showering.  My mouth went dry and my heart was pounding.  I tried to resist what I immediately wanted to do, but I couldn’t.  I picked up the bra, held it in front of me, and took note of the size (34B).  It was not an underwire or padded bra, just a thin piece of sheer material, and holding my hand under it, I saw that it was nearly transparent. I immediately visualized how clearly her nipples must have shown through when she was wearing that bra.      I dropped the bra and then, holding my breath with anticipation, I picked up the piece d’resistance, the panties.  I held them by the waistband and noted how they were bikini shaped, cut very high in the legs.  There was no doubt that unless she shaved very close, her pubic hair would show on the sides.  Without yet daring to touch the crotch of the panties, I turned them so the inside of the crotch would show.  I almost lost it when I saw that the crotch panel was visibly quite wet with her secretions.  Unable to stop myself, I took my fingers and gently touched the wetness.  It was not the kind of non-sexual secretion that many women stain their panties with.  This was the clear, slippery lubrication that women secrete when sexually stimulated.  Not only that, she had lubricated copiously, because when I looked at my fingers they glistened with her moisture.  I licked my fingers hungrily.  Unable to control myself, I buried my nose right into the wetness.  I cannot describe the thrill induced by that smell, which was somehow a perfect mix of clean, fresh, flower-like innocence, combined with a hint of the very sexual funkiness of a highly aroused woman.  After breathing it in deeply for a while, I gingerly stuck out my tongue and tasted it.  Sampling its salty perfection, all I could think was that I would give anything to eat the pussy that secreted that nectar, and if miraculously given the opportunity, I would eat it for all eternity in a state of ecstasy without any need for reciprocity.  Finally, I left the bathroom, so as not to arouse suspicion, and after Rebecca left, I fucked Karen’s brains out, but all I could think about was Rebecca’s sweet pussy.    So our lives continued, Karen and I moving gradually to marriage.  Rebecca was now 17, even more beautiful, and beginning her senior year in high school.  The little, innocent-seeming teases continued, but never enough to alarm Karen.  By now I could sleep over when istanbul travestileri Rebecca was home.  One morning after I stayed, I came down for an early breakfast while Karen remained in bed.  I heard soft footsteps on the stairs, and suddenly Rebecca appeared sleepy-eyed in the kitchen.  She was wearing her sleep clothes, on top a loose fitting large sized sleeveless man’s undershirt with the armholes cut very deep, and only panties on bottom, which were not completely covered by the oversized top.  She was not wearing a bra, and her amazingly firm breasts jutted out with not a hint of sag.  I got the best view I had ever seen of the exact shape and size of her nipples.  I could now see that her nips were dark colored, with fairly large aureoles–bigger than her mother’s.   The points of the nipples were erect and pushing out with no subtlety against the thin material.  I thought she would be embarrassed, but she seemed quite comfortable to be dressed like that in front of me, smiling and chattering happily.  She turned slightly to the side, and I could see the sides of those beautifully hemispheric breasts peeking out from the large armholes.  I barely could contain myself already, but then she upped the ante by reaching up high to get a pot from the pot rack.  Two things happened simultaneously with this movement:  the undershirt lifted up so I saw her entire panties, which were low riding enough that I saw a bit of ass crack, and I got a peak of almost the entirety of her left breast through that big armhole.  As she held up her arm to try to pull the pot down– was it taking an unusual amount of time?– she was faced away from me, so I stared freely.  I could see the entire beautiful half-melon shape of that perfect firm breast, but I was just a tiny fraction of an inch short of seeing the nipple.  Finally getting the pot, she walked towards me to put the pot on the stove, all the while with a sly smile on her face that seemed to suggest she knew exactly what I had been looking at.  As she walked, her breasts jiggled against the shirt, and it seemed that the nipples were jutting out even more than they had before.  I couldn’t take it any longer, and after we both had finished our breakfasts, I went upstairs and jerked myself off for relief.    By that spring, Karen and I made plans to marry, and Rebecca was going off to college that fall.  All the time I was getting more and more aware of and addicted to Rebecca’s sexuality, which burned with a steady glow under that poised, thoughtful, open and direct yet somewhat demure demeanor.  Karen told me that she was sure that Rebecca was still a virgin, and though she dated and was quite popular, she did not have a steady boyfriend.  At this point my obsessions started to get the better of me.  When I was alone in the house– by now I was living there almost full time and was planning to officially move in soon– I would go into Rebecca’s room, and invariably there were worn panties on the floor.  I always examined them, and I learned that she had begun to wear very sexy underwear, such as tiny thong panties, panties that were completely sheer, and at least one pair that had no gusset, that was just thin silk-like material without a cotton liner.  I became bolder about sniffing and licking those panties, and I was always thrilled by the taste and smell of her most intimate area.  Boldly I began to leave my saliva on the panties, knowing that she might figure out that they had mysteriously become wetter than when she had taken them off.  I would examine the panties and could often discern that they had ridden up into her slit, leaving clear crease marks where her pussy lips had held the panty.  A few times those creases were so visible that, like ancient fossils, I could see the exact shape of her labia left behind, right up to the top of her slit and her clitoral hood.  I also relished seeing the one or two pubic hairs that were sometimes left in the panty crotch.    One time that summer, just before travesti Rebecca was leaving for college, she and Karen left together early in the morning to do some last minute shopping.  As I often did, I went into Rebecca’s room, and on the floor were her sleep pants with the panties still wrapped around the leg, as if she had stripped them off together.  I touched the panties and saw that this time they were not just moist, they were completely soaking wet with her slippery sex juice.  They were light blue panties.  I pulled them off the pant leg, and saw that the crotch was so saturated that the front was one large wet area.  This was more sexual secretion than I had ever seen in any woman.  I was racked with curiosity.  Had she had a morning wet dream?  Had she just masturbated in the morning, touching and rubbing herself through the panties?  How could she have gotten so completely wet, and why would she leave it so exposed?  I could not resist my next action; I pulled my pants down, took out my dick, and wrapped the crotch of those panties around the shaft.  Knowing that my dick was touching the juice from her sweet pussy, it took only seconds.  I came in huge spurts, spraying on her floor, one shot on the side of her bed, and at least one shot into the panties.  I cleaned the floor and bed because Karen might spot it, but I left my cum on the panties and put them back on the pants leg.  Later that day when they had returned, I saw Rebecca carrying a laundry basket with those same pants on top. The light blue panties were now separated from and lying next to the pants.  I could see how wet they still were, both from her cum and my cum.  She surely must have noticed it, but when she passed me carrying the laundry, she flashed me the sweetest smile I had ever seen.  Maybe I was crazy, but I think I saw a twinkle in her eyes. Part II    Karen and I got married that summer, and then Rebecca went off for her college freshman year.  On occasional weekends, Rebecca would come home.  Each time, something would happen to turn me on.  When she would hug me hello or goodbye, she would do a full frontal hug, so I could really feel her breasts against me as I inhaled her scent.  She was playful and teasing with me, and called me by a nickname-Marky-that nobody else used.  One time, on a hot day of Indian summer, she wore a loose fitting, low cut blouse, and–this was unusual for her– was clearly braless.  Every time she bent over I could see her breasts.  This was a complete view of both breasts so I saw their exact shape as they hung down, and only the nipples were just barely hidden by resting on the fabric of the blouse.  I was thrilled when I thought I spotted just the beginning of a brown edge of an aureole, but I wasn’t sure.  Again, I had to jerk off right after that.      Another time when Rebecca was home for the Christmas holiday, Karen left the house to have dinner with a friend and left us alone.  We watched TV sitting on the couch together.  We turned to HBO, and came smack upon a pretty graphic soft-core lesbian scene, with two women tongue kissing and their nude bodies intertwined.  Rebecca laughed and said, “Hmm, you like that, don’t you Marky?  Trying to keep it light hearted, though my heart was pounding, I answered, “Yes I do, and I’m not ashamed to say it.”  Rebecca laughed and said, “Well there’s nothing in it for me, so let me have the remote.”  Mock protesting, I said “No!” and held the remote away from her.  To my shock and delight, Rebecca leaned over and tried to get the remote, grabbing my arm and leaning her whole upper body against me.  I could feel her breasts against my shoulder, and then she brought her left leg over my legs so that her thigh was against my thighs.  As I continued to hold the remote away, she leaned in even more and now her crotch– she was wearing tight blue jeans– was pressed against my hip bone.  Time seemed to stop momentarily.  I leaned away from her, towards the arm rest of the sofa.  Instead of ending the physical play, her body followed me, and for several seconds I could simultaneously feel her soft breasts pushing firmly against my shoulder and her crotch pushing against my hip.  Then something amazing happened.  She was still reaching for the remote with one arm, but at the same time I felt her hips do a slow circular…

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