The Ladder

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The LadderI live in a very quiet neighborhood in a small city. My former wife and I divorced a few years back and I never felt the need to re-marry. I have dated quite a bit and been asked over and over about marrying again but always tell them they are just jealous. The houses on both sides of me have married couples. One house had very young girls and the other has a boy and a girl that are in college. It is always interesting when Anna, the girl in college, comes home. She has always used my hot tub from the time she was in the eighth grade. After I divorced she continued to use the hot tub. Anna has developed into a beautiful young lady and I love watching her as she gets in and out in her bikini. It seems they get smaller and smaller as she gets older. I have had many a jerk off thinking of her in her bikini after she leaves.Anyway; I was at home one Saturday about 10 AM when Sue, her mother, rang my doorbell. I had done my Saturday chores during the week and was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. I hadn’t bothered with underwear and had on a pair of cotton shorts. When I opened the door; Sue was very upset and on the verge of tears. She said Randy, her husband, was out of town and she had left the house without her car keys which had the house key on it. She had been on her way to the grocery store and had her list but forgot to pick up the keys on her way out. I asked if she had an open window and she did on the back side of the house. You needed an extension ladder to get to it with the slope of the yard. Sue wanted to know if I had one. I told her I would get the key to the building and meet her in the back yard.She was pacing as I got to the back of the house with the ladder. I extended the ladder and put it up beside the house. I looked at the bathroom window and then looked at Sue. There was no way I would fit getting in through that window. Sue is a diminutive person. She is only about five feet tall and is very slender. She always works out and keeps her body toned. I told Sue that I could not fit through that little window. She agreed and said she would need to be the one to get through the window. I thought it would be a tight fit for her but that was her only option at the moment. She turned completely red and said there was a slight problem. I just looked at her. She said she knew I would need to steady the ladder as she went up. She then hung her head and admitted she did not put any panties on under her sun dress this morning.I laughed and told her I had gone commando as well this morning. Sue was still red faced as she said I would need to steady the ladder for her. She also knew I would be looking up as she ascended. Sue looked at me and said that I didn’t need to tell anyone she had gone without panties. She said Randy would really get upset if he knew. I promised her I would not say anything to anybody about it. Sue told me to meet her at the garage door after she got in.I watched as she went Eryaman Rus Escort slowly up the ladder. I enjoyed the view I was getting as she went up. When she got to top and was ready to climb in; she looked back at me, with a grin on her face, and asked if I enjoyed the view. My penis was about 3/4ths hard and I turned sideways so she could see my penis sticking out and told her I believe so. I was taking the ladder down when Sue appeared at the side of the house. I asked if she found her keys and she had and she had also left the door unlocked for now. She said she was sorry for getting me all hot and bothered. I replied that I enjoyed the view from the bottom and laughed. Sue laughed also and said she needed to shower. She had got so worked up over forgetting her keys she was sweating. I told her I was going to the hot tub and she was welcome to join me. I noticed she was still glancing at my penis, which was still slightly hard, as we talked. She then said she would try to find her bathing suit and join me in a couple of minutes.I slipped on a pair of swim trunks and went to the hot tub. I was relaxing when Sue rounded the corner of the house. She was wearing a wrap over her bathing suit. When she got to the tub she unwrapped and climbed in. She was in a bikini which seemed to be about two sizes too small. Her top just barely covered her nipples and the bottom crotch was embedded in her pussy. The top of her pubic hair was also showing. I had the jets on when she arrived which helped cover the fact that I was sporting an erection. Her bikini was doing nothing to ease my erection. As conversation I asked where she was going this morning. She had been going to the grocery store but it could wait. She had been going to just get out for a few minutes. Anna had stayed at college for the weekend and with Randy gone; she just wanted to inter act with some people this morning. She continued that she was just going to be gone for a few minutes and saw no need to put on underwear. I laughed and remarked that I was thankful that she had left them off. Sue apologized again and I told her I was glad she had left them off. Sue then asked about my dating. I told her I usually did it on weekends but had missed a couple lately and did not have one for tonight either. I told her that if she wanted to interact with someone all she had to do was come over to my house anytime she wanted. She laughed and said she needed to remember that for the next time Randy was out of town. I was admiring her tits as they floated in the water. The nipples were erect as she talked. The jets shut off and I knew my erection would be visible through the water. There was no way to hide it. I thought of Sue earlier when she had to admit she was going commando to the store and got caught when she left her keys inside. My erection was certainly understandable with this gorgeous woman in a small bikini Sincan Rus Escort with me in the hot tub. Sue told me she had borrowed one of Anna’s bikinis and it was a little small for her but it was one she could find easily.I moved over beside her and switched on the jets again. I noticed she was looking at my erection again. I explained that her bikini was having a profound effect on me today. Sue asked if she needed to go home and change into something else and I told her to please not do that as I was enjoying having a lovely lady to share the hot tub with today. The controls for the hot tub were to the side of Sue and I knew when I got up to turn them back on; my erection would be clearly visible. Sue had already seen me partially hard and I had the privilege of viewing her exposed pussy so seeing my erection poking from my trunks didn’t seem like a big deal. I turned the jets back on and as I was sitting back down; Sue blushed as she asked if she had caused my erection. I responded that she most certainly did. She tried to apologize but I stopped her saying it was no big deal to me as long as she didn’t freak out and tell Randy. She laughed and said she would have to tell on herself and she wasn’t about to do that.Sue’s cell phone rang and she got out to answer. As she got out; I was treated to a view of her nicely shaped ass with the seam of her bikini buried up her ass crack. I actually tugged on my erection watching her get out. Her call was from Randy. After she disconnected Sue told me Randy was being asked to work for another week at the plant he was inspecting. I had heard her tell him that it would be fine with her. I watched as she returned to the hot tub. The crotch of her bikini buried in her pussy and tips of her black pubic hair escaping the patch of fabric. I pulled on my erection again and tried to adjust as Sue watched. Sue grinned and said it must be getting tight in my trunks. I told her it was stretching the limits of the material.Sue was still smiling when she rationalized that I had viewed her privates already so she saw no reason for me to continue to hide mine. I hooked my thumbs in the waist band and looked Sue in the eye and asked if she was sure it wouldn’t bother her. She was still grinning and told me she was rather curious at this point. I was still looking at her when I told her if I was going to do it then she should feel free to lose her bottoms as well. I went on that I had already seen anyway so it shouldn’t be a problem for her either. Sue nodded in agreement and reached and untied her bottoms and removed them as I removed my trunks.I was now gently stroking my erection. Sue was keeping her eyes on me. Sue began telling me that Randy really wasn’t into intercourse and when he was it was only until he was done. He never considered that she needed to be satisfied as well. I just listened as she went on. She continued that she Etlik Rus Escort usually just satisfied herself when he wasn’t around. Sue then asked if it would bother me if she satisfied her itch in the hot tub. I responded that I was currently doing that for myself. As Sue reached for her cunt; I told her that with just the two of us around it would be a shame for us not to help each other. I moved beside Sue and reached for her crotch. She moved her hand out of the way as I inserted two fingers into her pussy. Sue moaned as my fingers entered her hole. Her hand found my hard penis and she stroked it a few times before she announced she was going to orgasm. I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers as she moaned “OH GOD” over and over. As she calmed down; I kept my fingers in her cunt and continued to work them in and out of her hole. Sue said that this morning’s events had her on edge and she really needed that orgasm. She looked me in the eye and said that if I kept that up she would have another one. I grinned and told her that was the idea wasn’t it. I lifted her top over one tit and took it into my mouth as I kept up the assault on her pussy. Her hand was just resting on my penis as she leaned back and spread her legs farther apart. I used my thumb to hit her clitoris as I kept fingering her hole. When I did; she screamed out “OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING AGAIN”. Sue was humping my fingers and moaning as her orgasm continued. She released her grip on my penis as her orgasm subsided. I removed my fingers from her cunt and released her tit. Sue looked at me and finally said that she couldn’t remember the last time she had back to back orgasms. I leaned over and kissed her. Our tongues met as our arms wrapped around each other. I got between Sue’s legs as our kiss continued. My penis was lined up with her pussy. As my penis rubbed her pussy lips; she broke our kiss. She looked me in the eye and said she didn’t think she could take my big penis and even if she did Randy would wonder how her pussy got stretched out. I said Randy will never know and this could be the perfect arrangement for both of us. We could satisfy each others sexual needs when Randy and Anna are not around. You said Randy was not that interested in sex and this way you get your sexual needs filled with no commitment. Sue was biting her lip and thinking. She finally said that her tubes were tied. I eased my penis into her waiting pussy. Sue winced with pain as I entered. I waited and eased more into her. As I continued to ease into her tight pussy our kiss rekindled. I began to gently fuck Sue. After giving her two orgasms while she toyed with my dick; I knew I wouldn’t last long. I hoped that going slow would lengthen my staying power. Just as I was ready to fill her full of cum; Sue screamed out “I’M CUMMING AGAIN”. I cut loose and started shooting ropes of cum into her tight pussy. As my penis finished; Sue leaned up and kissed me hard. She filled my mouth with her tongue. Our kiss broke and I pulled my spent penis from her cum filled pussy. I leaned over and told Sue she was an amazing fuck. She wrapped her arms around me and asked when we could do this again. I told Sue we could do it again as soon as she got me hard again. In the mean time; I continued that my plan was to explore her body and suck on her gorgeous tits.TO BE CONTINUED

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