The Last Escort Part Twenty-One Chapters 81-84

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Chapter NineMcKinley arrived early so he could position himself to see Grace when she walked in. She showed up promptly at 7:00 P.M. dressed in a black skirt that stopped just shy of her knees and a white blouse. Not conservative, but not overtly sexy either. He had to admit that he admired her taste. She was, he realized, the kind of woman he might pursue romantically if he were so inclined. But the very reason she was here was that he was looking to avoid attachments.He stood up to greet her and pull out her chair. She was gracious and allowed him to be chivalrous. But there was still an awkward vibe between them. He hoped this meal might be a start in repairing that.“Thanks for agreeing to meet me,” McKinley said. “Since we are scheduled to leave next week, I thought it would be prudent to go over the schedule for the first leg of the trip.”“I appreciated getting the links to everything so I could check things out. The accommodations are quite nice,” Grace commented.“Yes, Alice typically chooses well,” he replied.When the waiter approached their table with a bottle of wine, McKinley said, “I hope you don’t mind that I ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio. I figured it would go with whatever we order.”“Not at all; that’s a lovely choice,” she answered. She preferred Moscato, but, at this point, any alcohol was a welcome sight.After the wine was poured, Grace took a sip to calm her nerves. “I will start arranging the gatherings that you outlined in your email tomorrow. I noticed you also included a link to The Golden Key sex club. Am I to arrange a group outing there? Or was that meant for your personal use?”McKinley choked on his wine. “I apologize. I was clicking on links of things to do in the area. I must have sent that by mistake.”Grace sipped her wine gracefully. She was amused at seeing McKinley so flustered. “Of course.” She played along with his ruse. “Should you change your mind and require, or even just desire, their services, just let me know. I’m happy to arrange whatever you need.”The waiter returned to take their dinner order, sparing McKinley from having to continue any conversation about the sex club. Or so he thought.Once the waiter left, Grace brought it up again. “It looks like a very classy place. But I noticed they cater only to men. I’m surprised in this day and age that there isn’t a place for women to relax with a bevy of sexy guys. Then again, women have a much larger variety of toys to choose from if they need release.”“Grace,” McKinley said, looking exceedingly uncomfortable, “perhaps we can change the subject.”“Oh, certainly,” she said, “I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”He laughed, “Yes, you did. And don’t pretend otherwise. It’s insulting.”Grace smiled, “Fair enough. I only wanted you to share the discomfort I felt when I clicked on the link expecting it to be a restaurant. It’s one thing to know you will find your sex elsewhere while we are in Amsterdam; it’s quite another to have it thrown in my face.”“It was you who wanted to take sex off the table, Grace,” he said.“As I recall, it was you who suggested it. I merely agreed,” she countered.McKinley inhaled sharply, “Grace, do you suppose we can work on looking as though we aren’t ready to start brawling bahis şirketleri any moment? Part of my hiring you as my escort was to be able to fend off some well-meaning clients who try endlessly to fix me up with their daughters or sisters.”“It must be a burden being so rich and good looking,” she said sarcastically.“Maybe this isn’t going to work out after all,” he said.Grace smiled sweetly, “Nonsense, darling. Couples argue, it’s a perfectly normal phenomenon.”McKinley pondered that thought for a moment, then chuckled, “Well, you’ve got me there.” He raised his glass, “Here’s to being a perfectly normal couple.”Grace smiled and clinked her glass gently against his, “Here’s to us, Mac.”“Ah, an olive branch,” he mused. “Thank you. I appreciate the effort.”They spent the rest of the time enjoying their meals and discussing the schedule of events for the first two weeks. They ordered dessert and tea on McKinley’s insistence. He simply wasn’t ready to let her go. The wine had helped their conversation flow much easier. It felt good not to be at odds with her.“I want you to know that when I do not require your services, you are welcome to enjoy the hotel amenities. There is a spa available. And a pool that looks rather inviting,” he said before taking a bite of his Tiramisu.“Thank you, the pool sounds nice. I imagine the spa treatments are pricy,” she said.He looked at her as if she’d suddenly sprouted horns on top of her head. “You needn’t worry about the cost of spa treatments, or anything, for that matter. This trip is all-inclusive. I don’t expect you to spend the salary I give you on things like that. I thought you understood that.”“Oh,” Grace replied, feeling a bit overwhelmed by his generosity. “I didn’t want to presume anything. Especially since we will be sleeping in separate beds.”McKinley sighed, “Grace, I don’t intend to pay you any less than I originally agreed to. If, and when, you decide to sleep with me again, it will be because you want to, not because you’re being paid to do so.”“Oh, well, thank you,” she said, feeling a little flustered by his decency.“I will, however, expect you to keep up the pretense of being my lover. Can you do that, Grace? Can you be convincing in that role?” he asked pointedly.She leaned across the table and took his face in her hands. Then she kissed him softly. “I think I can manage that,” she said. “I really have to go now, though. Thanks for a lovely dinner, Mac.” She stood up and turned to leave. But he stood as well and grabbed her hand, pulled her into him, and kissed her passionately.After a moment, she broke off the kiss and walked away.He motioned for the waiter to bring the check and sat down to finish his tea. He smiled as he realized that the evening had ended on a good note. She’d called him Mac, and she hadn’t reacted negatively to his kissing her. It was a start. Chapter TenGrace hated to admit it to herself, but McKinley’s kiss had made her wet. She wanted to be angry with him for stirring her desire. But it would definitely be easier to pretend to be enamored with him if she felt a physical attraction to him.When she got home, she undressed and got into the shower. The hot water felt delicious, raining down on her naked bahis firmaları body. She moved her hand down between her legs and let a finger slip between her labia, finding herself slick and swollen with need. She leaned back against the wall and slid another finger inside as she moaned. Her thumb rubbed against her clit, and her body moved rhythmically as she brought herself to the edge several times before allowing herself the sweet release of an intense orgasm. She leaned back against the wall and felt her legs quivering. She’d needed this so badly. So much so, that she nearly caved and invited McKinley back to the hotel. But she needed to stick to her guns.He’d thrown her off balance when he said her pay wouldn’t change, even if she didn’t sleep with him. She was even more surprised when he offered her perks like spa treatments. It would be so easy to allow herself to go back to the original plan. But she couldn’t trust that the part of him that acted like a dick wouldn’t rear its ugly head in the middle of sex and spoil it all again. McKinley was an enigma, and that left her feeling disconcerted. But she was confident she could play the part of his incredibly efficient event planner/lover.She slipped a thin nightshirt over her head and brushed her teeth. Even though she’d taken care of her needs, she found herself restless and lonely. Eventually, her eyelids grew heavy, and she drifted off to sleep.The next few days felt like a whirlwind with all that she had to do before they left for Amsterdam. Alice insisted that Grace come to McKinley’s to try on the plethora of clothing ordered for her.“I gave you my measurements,” Grace protested. “I’m sure it’s all fine.”“I don’t want to take any chances,” Alice said. “If anything that needs to be taken out, we need to have the tailor do so before you depart.”Grace caught the snarky vibe in Alice’s comment. She countered with, “Or taken in?”Alice smiled smugly, “Oh, sure, I suppose that’s a possibility, too.”After hours of feeling like a life-sized Barbie doll, being dressed and undressed in dozens of outfits, Grace was ready for a break.“Oh, well, you still need to try on the undergarments and the sleepwear,” Alice pouted.“Nope, not gonna happen,” Grace argued. “I’m not worried about a nightgown being too loose or too snug.”Alice looked cross, “Well, you should be. Mr. Stewart demands, and is entitled to, perfection.”Grace frowned, “Does he, though? I feel as though that’s more your thing. Besides, not a single piece of clothing that I tried on needed alterations. So, I highly doubt that there is truly a need to try anything else on.”“Just one nightgown, please,” Alice said. “Try on just one, and we can move on to the other tasks you need to complete today.”Grace sighed, “Just one nightgown. Then I eat something, so I don’t become a raging bitch from low blood sugar. After that, I will take care of the rest of this to-do list on my own.”“Fine.” Alice gave in.Grace chose a green, ankle-length nightgown with a black lace bodice. The back was open, except for thin, green straps that crisscrossed.“Take off your bra before you try it on,” Alice instructed.Grace hesitated. It was bad enough that Alice had seen her in her bra and panties. Now she’d kaçak bahis siteleri need to bare her breasts in front of her.“Fine.” Grace relented. She unhooked her bra and let it slide down her arms. She set it aside as she watched Alice stare at her tits.Grace figured she might as well remove the panties, too, at this point. So, she slid them down, exposing her bare mound, and set them aside with the bra.Alice’s face turned a bit red as she handed Grace the nightgown. Grace put it on and looked in the mirror. The black lace was stretchy and held her breasts in place nicely, while the green satin hugged her hips ever so slightly. It fit her perfectly! She was glad that she’d let Alice nag her into trying it on. It made her feel sexy and beautiful.The door opened, and McKinley froze for a brief moment. He opened his mouth to apologize for intruding, but a compliment fell out instead. “That looks lovely on you, Ms. Remy,” he said, unable to take his eyes off her.Grace wanted to be angry at him for barging in, but she couldn’t quite muster enough annoyance at the moment. The fact that he was looking at her like he wanted to devour her in big, greedy bites was both exhilarating and disturbing.“Thank you, Mr. Stewart.” She blushed.“I’m so sorry; I didn’t mean to interrupt you. I thought you would both be at lunch by now,” he said, still staring at her. “Surely, you must be famished!”Her stomach chose that moment to make a thunderous growling noise. “Beyond famished, but Alice wants to finish before we take a break.”Alice watched McKinley’s facial expression go from amused to annoyed. “I think we’re done here,” she said quickly. “If you want to put your street clothes back on, I can start packing for you.”“You don’t need to pack my things, Alice,” Grace said.“Ms. Remy, why don’t you let Alice take care of that task so you can grab lunch with me and still have time to finish the arrangements for Amsterdam,” McKinley suggested.Grace noticed that Mac was still staring at her breasts, straining against the black lacy bodice of the nightgown. A brief glance at his jeans revealed his desire. She felt herself blush a little, then watched him realize she’d noticed his erection. He smiled sheepishly, which made her laugh.Alice felt like a voyeur as she watched the unspoken interaction unfolding between her boss and his escort. It appeared they were more interested in each other than either one would care to admit. She understood now why McKinley had chosen Grace over her. He had never looked at her that way and probably never would. She sighed a little and wondered what it felt like to be so desired.She cleared her throat and asked, “Were all of the items to your liking, Ms. Remy?”“Yes, Alice, you did a lovely job with your selections,” she answered politely. It wasn’t a lie. There wasn’t a single item that she hadn’t cared for; she was pleasantly surprised that Alice hadn’t picked ridiculous outfits out of spite.Alice’s face looked pinched, and her smile tight. “Mr. Stewart made the selections. I simply made sure that the tailor had your measurements so everything would fit perfectly. So, you see, that is why we needed to make sure that nothing needed altering.”Grace nodded and got dressed. She thanked Alice again and went into the foyer to see if McKinley was ready to go to lunch.He was in the study on the phone, so she sat on the little couch in the hallway. She wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, but his voice was loud, and it carried.

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