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Subject: The Mack Daddy Adventures Chapter 5 WARNING: The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males and incest between an adult male and a teenage male. This content is for mature audiences. If sexual activities between consenting males is illegal where you are, you are under the legal age in your location, or you find such material offensive, please exit this story now. This is a work of fiction and does not represent any real person or place, and any such similarities to any real person, living or dead, are entirely coincidental. The author claims all copyrights to this story, and no duplication is permitted without consent, except publishing on this archive. If you enjoyed this story, consider making a donation to the archive here: fty/ . Nifty Archive is brought to you by the many wonderful donations by people like you. Thank you! Chapter 5 I woke the next morning to a gentle throbbing from my ass, and the feeling of something wet coming from the area of my dick. I blinked as I slowly opened my eyes to find that Robert was kneeling on the floor in front of the couch, my hard rod in his mouth. I could not see his hand, but his arm was moving in what appeared to be a back-and-forth motion. As I gathered my thoughts, I heard a faint buzzing. Robert released my dick from his mouth. “Good morning,” he said with a gentle smile. “I didn’t think you were ever going to wake up.” His arm moved and a jolt of pleasure shot through my body. I moaned loudly, which only made him smile more. “I did explore a little and found some things that I thought might be fun to try.” I looked down and noticed that his hand was near my ass, no doubt controlling whatever was inside. Robert went back to sucking me for a moment before spitting my dick out again and standing up. “You hold onto that for me, won’t you,” he said as he knelt beside me on the couch. “Come over here and give me that dick. I wanna feel you inside me again.” I moved gently so as not to lose whatever was lodged inside my own asshole as I lined my dick up with Robert’s waiting hole. I placed the head of my dick at his waiting entrance and pushed in, moaning in delight as I slid inside him. Robert moaned as he pushed back, trying to take more of me. Unlike last night, I didn’t wait for him to adjust to my dick and began to move immediately, pulling out so that only the head was inside before pushing back in to the hilt. As I fucked Robert, our balls smacked together below us, the toy in my ass vibrated, Robert and I moaned in delight. The sounds of sex filled the living room as I moved in and out of him. I was so overtaken by the pleasure of it all that I didn’t last as long as I would have liked and before I knew it, I was pulling him as close as he would go, leaning down as I bit his shoulder, my orgasm shooting through me as I filled his warm hole. I pulled out of Robert and collapsed backwards on the couch, the toy in my ass still buzzing wildly in my own hole. Robert turned and reached down, slowly pulling the toy from my ass. He held it up and I saw one of the dildos my wife and I had in our sex toy box. I looked at Robert. “Just how much exploring did you escort bayan do last night,” I asked him. He just smiled devilishly as he turned the toy off. Robert lay down on top of me, pressing his body against mine, his erection poking into my hip. He nibbled along my neck, causing me to moan in delight as I moved my head, exposing more of the flesh to him. He nibbled and kissed along my neck until he had reached my ear, taking it gently into his mouth, sucking the lobe as he gently bit it. I whimpered and thrust my hips against his, grinding his dick into my hip. My hands moved down and clasped his ass, pulling him into me, trying to encourage him to fuck his load into my willing hole. He climbed off of me and stood, pulling me with him, flipping me around so that he was kneeling next to the couch, my legs in each of his strong hands. He pushed them into my chest, pushing my ass up, spreading my cheeks, revealing my tight hole. He leaned forward, his tongue swiping along my crevice, swirling my hole, stabbing into it. I moaned in pleasure as he ate out my hole, licking back and forth across it, pressing his firm tongue into the sphincter, opening it slightly as the muscle darted in and out of the opening. I reached around my legs and grabbed on to his head, shoving it as far as I could into my ass, trying to get more of him in my hole. As his tongue traveled up towards my taint, his finger replaced his tongue at my hole, swirling around the opening before pressing firmly, pushing into my ass. Robert fingered my hole as his tongue lapped at my taint and balls before he took each orb into his mouth, swirling it around in his mouth. When he released my balls, he moved up to my hardened rod and took it again into his mouth, sucking it for several moments while he worked another finger into my ass. As a third finger was added, he pulled off my dick and moved up to my mouth, taking me in a deep, passionate kiss as his fingers moved in and out of my quivering hole. He pulled his fingers from my ass and stood up, never breaking the kiss. I felt the head of his dick take the place of his fingers as he slid into my loosened hole, sliding in until I felt his large balls press against my ass. Pulling his lips from mine, he stood up, hands gripping tightly to my hips as he flipped me over and pulled me over the arm of the couch. I felt him move inside of me, pounding wildly at my hole, fucking me more forcefully than he had all night, all the while his hands roamed across my back. “Goddamn,” Robert said, voice barely a whisper. “If I’d know you would be the best fuck I’d ever had I wouldn’t have waited so long.” My mind was mush as his dick plowed in and out of my ass. My breaths were coming out in ragged gasps, my fingers digging into the cushions of the couch, trying to hold on for dear life as I took his big dick. I couldn’t even form a reply, no matter how badly I wanted to tell him that I wished he would have fucked me sooner. “What the fuck,” a voice shouted from behind Robert. “What fag shit is this?!” Robert’s dick was gone and he was helping me to my feet as I turned around to see my brother-in-law standing in my living room, his face screwed tuzla genç escort up in disgust. “I come over here to check on you and find you bent over with another man’s dick up your ass,” he yelled. “I should have know you were a faggot.” I looked at him, scared about what might come next. “Please, Richard,” I said. “You can’t tell anyone about this.” He scoffed. “Yeah? And why the hell not?” He looked between me and Robert. Robert looked at me as he stepped forward. “You’ve known me a long time,” he said softly. “I’m asking you to keep this to yourself out of respect for our friendship.” Richard looked at him, eyes wide with shock. “Our ‘friendship’?” He laughed. “Our friendship is over as far as I’m concerned.” I stepped forward, placing my hands out in front of me. “Richard, please. Don’t tell anyone. I’m begging you.” Richard looked at me. “Begging? If you’re begging, you should be on your knees.” He chuckled lightly at his own joke as he pushed me down to my knees. I looked up at him as he stood there, looking down at me. “I think I like you on your knees,” he laughed. I noticed that his crotch was an inch from my face. I leaned forward and closed my mouth around it, mouthing his dick through the fabric of his jeans. I reached up and unbuckled his belt before popping the button on his jeans, pulling them down, revealing a large bulge in his tight briefs. As my mouth reconnected with his bulge, I could feel his dick lengthen in his briefs, pulling them down and revealing the monster contained within. Even in its partially-erect state, Richard’s dick was at least seven inches long, and almost as thick as Robert’s was hard. I took it into my mouth and tugged on Richard’s balls as I felt him swell to his full size of at least nine inches. I knew it had to be large from a vacation I had spent with him one summer, but I wasn’t expecting that! I could barely fit the whole thing in my mouth, but I sucked in as much as I could before I pulled off again. “Fuck,” Richard groaned. “That’s good.” As his dick slid back into my mouth, Richard’s hand went to the back of my head, pressing hard, trying to push the last few inches in. I took a deep breath and swallowed what I could, but his large monster dick caused me to choke. He held my head there for a moment, humping my mouth, before he released me and let off so that I could breathe. We went on like that for some time. Robert, in sensing that I would need some assistance in taking a dick that big, brought some lube out from under the couch, coating his fingers with the liquid and then applying it to my asshole. He started with three fingers and before long he had four of his fingers moving in and out at a rapid pace. I couldn’t contain my moaning as Robert worked my hole, Richard fucking my throat with his large fuck stick. Richard pulled out of my mouth and shoved me hard. “On your hands and knees,” he ordered. I did as he told me to and felt his dick lining up with my lubed hole, hoping against hope that Robert had applied enough lube. “Let’s see how you like this,” he said, shoving into my ass. I let out a scream of pain as Richard’s monster dick tore my asshole apart. He had tuzla kendi evi olan escort shoved in only a couple of inches and I felt a fire from my ass burning through my body. Richard looked over at Robert, sitting there like a kid waiting his turn. “Shut him up,” Richard said. Robert did as he was told, moving around until his dick was waving in front of my face, placing its head at my lips. I sucked it down until I felt Robert’s trimmed bush tickle my nose. Richard was less than half of the way into my ass, but he grew tired of waiting and rocked his hips forward, thrusting the remainder of his large weapon deep into my aching hole. Richard was a stark contrast to the gentler fuck of Robert and Aaron. Richard pulled out almost immediately before shoving back in again, fucking me in long hard strokes, plunging his rod deep into my guts. He moved in and out, fucking me rough and hard, his pace speeding up as he developed a rhythm. Fast, hard, and deep, Richard took no mercy on my ass as he abused me. I whimpered and moaned around Robert’s dick as I bobbed up and down on the hard phallus. It was all I could do not to scream as Richard wrecked my hole. I brought two fingers up and shoved them into Robert’s ass, feeling my load still inside of him as I hooked my fingers, pressing against his prostate. He moaned loudly and shot his load down my throat. I moaned as I milked that last drops of his seed from his dick, shooting my load onto the floor without even touching myself, Richard’s dick pounding against my own prostate enough to send me over the edge. As I came, my ass clamped down around Richard’s dick. He pulled almost all of the way out and flipped me over. “I want to see your face as I fill you with my seed,” he crowed. A few more hard thrusts was all it took and his dick exploded inside my ass. My legs wrapped around his back, my arms around his neck, pulling him as far into me as I could. He dick shot rope after rope of cum deep inside of my guts. Richard pulled back and sat up, looking down at me as he sat there panting, his monster still in my ass. “Goddamn,” he said. “That was good. Better than any other ass I’ve ever had. I wish I would have known fags could fuck like that.” He chuckled. “Maybe I’ll have to come after that hole more often.” Richard pulled his dick from my abused hole and got dressed. “I’ll be sure to tell your wife that you were fine when I checked in on you.” He walked to the door, making to turn the knob before stopping, looking back at me and Robert, still seated on the floor where he had left us. “I won’t mention what else I saw while I was here. But you owe me.” With that, he opened to door and left. Robert came to my side and wrapped his arms around me, his lips finding my neck as he kissed up towards my ear. “You okay,” he whispered tenderly. I looked at him and smiled. “Other than my ass hurting like hell, I’m fine.” I kissed him deeply, climbing into his lap, grinding my hips against his. “I could go again,” I uttered as I kissed down his neck. Robert just laughed and rolled us over, standing up in the process. “I think maybe we should take a break for just a little while,” he said, reaching down to pull me to my feet. “If I remember correctly, you are supposed to be getting some rest.” I pouted a little, but allowed him to lead me over to the couch, sitting beside him, leaning over against his bare chest, my hands roaming along the exposed flesh as he turned on the TV.

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