The Midnight Intruder

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The Midnight Intruder

It was midnight and I was dressed in black sweatpants, black sweatshirt, and a black ski mask. Even my feet were covered in black.

I was sneaking through the kitchen, through the dinning room, and then into the living room. I noticed the family picture on the wall over the couch. I turned to ascend the stairs carefully so as not to creak too loudly.

I made it to the top landing and checked the first room on the left. It was the daughter’s bedroom and she was sound asleep. I closed the door and checked the first door on the right. It was empty; it was a guest bedroom. The next door on the left was open and it was a bathroom. The last door must be the master bedroom. I opened it slowly and cautiously. She was asleep in her bed. She was lying on her back, the covers were up under her breasts, and she had on some sexy pink nightie. Her arms appeared to be at her side.

I crept closer. The light coming in through the window was plenty to see how beautiful this woman was.

When I pounced on her my legs straddled her arms and her hips, my hand covered her mouth, and my hard-on pressed into her pussy mound.

Her eyes flew open, her breasts started to expand quickly, and she was almost snorting through her nose. She had a look of terror.

Hoarsely I growled, “Cooperate or your daughter gets hurt.”

Her motherly instinct kicked in immediately and she nodded her head in acceptance.

I released her mouth and pulled the covers down to her waist. She remained silent as I slipped the straps over her shoulders and lowered the top of her pink nightie below her breasts.

They were two perfectly shaped globes of womanly charm. There was a slight bulge around the base due to their impressive size. There were no tan lines. Her areolas were the perfect size and a slightly darker color. My two fingers could cover her areolas but her nipples were hard and resembled the tip of my little finger.

So far everything about her was perfect.

One by one I pulled her arms up out of the covers and placed them in the brass bars of her headboard. She knew what she was supposed do and held on tightly.

I lowered myself, her covers, and her nightie down her body in increments of several inches at a time. Revealing her magnificent body was proving almost too much for my erection. It was thumping with my increased blood pressure.

When I got her covers and her nightie down past her knees, I found that there were no panties in my way.

I lifted her legs one at a time and pulled them out of her nightie and placed them on my shoulders.

My sweatpants went to my knees and then below far enough for me to straddle her hips as I slipped my cock into that fantastic pussy of hers.

Her mouth became a perfect “O” as I slipped further into her.

She did not try to resist or cry out or to let go of the brass tubing. Just as she had been instructed.

My thrusts became quicker and quicker and deeper and deeper. I held onto her shoulders and pressed down into her hard. She was folded like a jackknife with a jackhammer trying to split her wide open.

My breathing quickened.

Her breathing quickened.

Then I started to cum. I pressed into her hard with each spurt.

Her orgasm also started. She moaned and she started to huff and puff as a woman in childbirth might do. Obviously her orgasm was intense and she was trying not to scream and wake her daughter up.

Her hands released the sikiş izle brass bar. She placed them on my hips and pulled me even tighter as she pulsated under me.

When things settled down I rolled off to one side. She removed my ski mask and placed her head on my shoulder. She rubbed my chest and said, “Patty wants you to rape her tomorrow night. Tim will be away and Vickie will be spending the night here.”

I could scarcely believe my ears.

I asked, “Patty wants a visit from The Midnight Intruder?”

She kissed me and said, “Yes, she does. I told her how intense my orgasms are during that particular roll playing scene.”

Shocked I asked, “Are you okay with me having sex with another woman?”

She giggled and said, “Not just any woman and not someone that you pick out. However, if I ask you to fuck one of my friends, then it is okay, but only when I ask you too. Don’t think that you can fuck Patty whenever you want too…and…you certainly cannot fuck her whenever she wants you too. Otherwise, I’ll never get the use of your penis again. That woman is practically a nymphomaniac.”

I asked, “Can I take souvenirs?”

Again my wife giggled and said, “Yes, the customary pair of used panties on the floor and a dozen nude photographs.”

I kissed her, removed my sweatshirt, and got my camera. I took a dozen pictures of my cum inside, outside, and dripping from her overfilled pussy. Then I snuggled in for the night.


The next afternoon Patty brought Vickie over for her sleepover.

I was at my computer upstairs when I overheard Vickie telling my daughter, “My Mom is wearing her newest slut dress. You should go see it”

Of course my daughter rushed right down to see it.

Soon she came back to Vickie and said, “I love her panties. Red is my very favorite color and that pea green lets you see them right through the material. I wish my father would let me dress like that.

Vickie said, “He might let you. He likes looking at us. He might not let you wear it to school though.”

My daughter said, “Oh, I could never wear something that to school. I’d be too embarrassed.”

I casually walked down to take a look myself. God she looked good. Tim was a very lucky guy. Her strapless light green dress just barely covered her bright red panties.

I asked, “Patty, where did you buy that dress and those panties? My daughter wants a set just like that.”

Patty replied, “At the mall. You know the little one up by the airport? They have a specialty shop in there. A lot of strippers and horny housewives shop there.”

My wife said, “If you take our daughter you will wind up buying a set for Vickie too.”

I mumbled, “It would be worth it.”

My wife hollered up the stairs, “Girls! Do you want to go shopping for sexy dresses?”

Boy did those two ever come flying down the stairs.

My wife kissed me and said, “Good luck.”

I left her and Patty there drinking their wine and I drove the girls to that mall. I hadn’t really been there before but Vickie sure had been…with her mother. She knew exactly which store to go to.

My daughter asked, “Daddy, how short of a dress can I buy?”

I replied, “I’m going to sit down here and if I cannot see your panties, then you cannot have them.”

The two girls looked at each other and giggled.

They searched and picked items out. They tried them on and then came out to see if I liked them. I was pleased that they only tried on dresses and short ones at that.

I brazzers became very familiar with my daughter’s gray panties with pink trim and Vickie’s yellow panties with colorful polka dots on them. I also watched what happened around their crotch areas. Each time that they changed clothes they used the same changing room and went in together. One time their pussies were covered normally, the next they had camel toes, and the next time they had one of their pussy lips showing. I watched those panties tuck themselves into their slits and I watched the gusset become wet.

I had liked almost all of them so in the end my daughter wanted a yellow dress with spaghetti straps that was form fitting and hugged her curves nicely. She picked out shinny black thong panties to go with them.

Vickie picked out a white dress with wide shoulder straps and a flare from the waist down. Her new panties were pale pink thongs.

When we exited the store I got a nice hug and kiss from both of them. My daughter kissed me on the cheek but Vickie kissed me right on the lips as she pressed her pelvis tightly against mine.

Both women were feeling pretty good when we arrived. They insisted on seeing their daughters model their new outfits.

I was sitting between the two women on the couch when the girls came in, dancing. They looked sexy and they knew it. Their dresses did little to hide the crotch of their panties, which were actually already hidden in their slits. Both girls had pubic hair and were showing it for me.

My daughter asked, “Daddy, will you take our picture in our new dresses?”

I did better than that…with both of their mothers watching me. I took their picture all right but then I had them raise their arms as far as they could above their heads. I took several pictures of each girl as she turned and of them together. Patty asked the girls to turn around and bend over. Just a thin string was all that showed in between their butt cheeks.

My wife asked Patty, “Have you had enough to drink, to pose like the girls have?”

Her answer was “Hell, YES!”

So the girls sat and giggled while Patty duplicated their poses…including the big finale…the bent over ass shot. Then just to top them she sat down on the coffee table, leaned back, and spread. When her thong panties slipped between her wet pussy lips I was treated a full thick patch of dark pubic hair. My wife had shaved her pussy for so many years that I had forgotten what a natural bush looked like.

Then I thought about “The Midnight Intruder” and smiled.


I slipped into Patty’s house in my black Intruder outfit. I crept up the stairs, down the hallway, and into her bedroom.

I removed my sweatpants and jumped on her. I held my hand over her mouth and hoarsely I growled, “Cooperate or your daughter gets hurt.”

Patty snarled, “Don’t fuck with me! She ain’t home! If you’re going to rape me you better damn well gag me and tie me up first!”

Her hands went out to the sides and up a little.

I saw a pair of handcuffs with one end already attached to the corner post. The other end was fur lined and I snapped it onto her wrist. There was another pair on the other post so I attached them also. Then on the nightstand was a ball gag. I had never used one on my wife but I knew how it was supposed to work. Patty was a kinky girl.

I pulled the covers down and found her to be naked. My wife and I slept naked too.

As I looked at her feet they were spread out and near straps fake taxi porno that were meant to restrain her feet. I moved them up to the corner posts where her wrists were restrained. When I was done with her she was spread out along the top of her bed very nicely.

Next to where the ball gag was, was a box of “Super Slick Anal Lube.” I smiled knowing that she wanted it up her ass.

I picked up the box and found that it was empty. Patty started shaking her head, no. I looked at her and asked, “You want it dry?” Again she shook her head to say, yes.

I had to smile. She wanted this rape to be as close to real as roll-playing sex could make it.

So I eased the head of my cock in closer to her brown spherical entrance. I let the drop of pre-cum moisten the hole that I was aiming for…then I pushed. There was a lot of resistance but I got the head in. The pressure was more than I had anticipated. Patty had a tear in one eye telling me that it was more than she had anticipated too. I continued to force myself into her with several out and back in thrusts. By the time I was fully embedded in her rectum there was a teardrop running down both cheeks.

I asked, “Are you okay” and she shook her head, yes. I removed my mask and my sweatshirt. Then I kissed both of her cheeks and her forehead before starting to butt-fuck her.

Anal sex with Patty was intense. I had never felt anything so tight around my cock before. It felt like a cock ring. I was not even sure that my cum could get out if it wanted too.

Fortunately, when I did cum it did come out. Boy did it ever come out. I had a lot saved up because of our daughters parading around all night long in those short dresses with their panties showing constantly. It was torture for me but it sure made up for what was probably the best sex of my entire life.

I pulled out of her ass and removed the ball gag.

Patty said, “Oh my fucking Christ…that was so good.”

She said, “Free me and I’ll suck that thing hard for you.”

I just smiled and she said, “I need it in my pussy too. Please let me suck it hard.”

Well of course I let her suck it. It was dirty but she wanted it dirty…after all I was The Midnight Intruder and I deserved the very best. Patty could do things with her pussy that my wife couldn’t and I really liked it.

I said, “Tim is a really luck guy.”

Parry laughed and said, “You’d thing so, wouldn’t you. That bastard can’t even get it up.”

I asked, “How come?”

Patty said, “Because I don’t have a fucking dick…he’s queer. Didn’t you know that?”

No…I didn’t know that.

Patty said, “I have never let him fuck me in the ass…that’s what his boyfriends are for. You are my first!”

I asked, “What about the butt lube?”

She laughed and said, “Oh that…it wasn’t mine. I just wanted you to get the message.”

I had to ask, “So when was the last time you had a dick in you?”

Patty replied, “You were the first ever in my ass, the first in over five years in my pussy, and only the third guy ever to fuck me.”

I said, “But my wife said that you were a nymphomaniac.”

Patty laughed and said, “She always calls me that…because I don’t get any. It’s like calling a fat guy Skinny or a tall guy Shorty.”

I said, “Maybe next weekend…both you and your daughter can come for a sleepover. I’ve always wanted to try a threesome.”

Patty said, “My husband is constantly trying to get me to get you in bed with us…well…him mostly.”


So after that Patty and Vickie were regular houseguests.

My sex life was amazing.

When Tim finally left Patty they moved right in with us.

The End
The Midnight Intruder

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