The Mystic-First Time

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Author’s Note: This is the first part of a larger series I have planed out, so please enjoy this story and be sure to comment and vote for it if you like it. Many thanks go to BlueStarGrrrl who took the time to edit this much quicker then I thought. Thanks again for reading, I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did writing it.

-The Devil Man


The hotel bar was rather large, and had a number of booths that were large and comfortable. The upscale hotel had a number of business men come to and fro; the owner paid extra money to make them feel relaxed while they drank.

An almost nightly fixture in the bar was one of the two bartenders, witty Mike, or Casual Steve, and a sultry woman, usually sitting at the bar or in the backmost booth.

She had the air of a woman in complete control, anyone even close around her understood that immediately. She wore her hair up in a pony tail, which made her seem venerable and sexy at the same time. The hair was a strange color that in the light looked anywhere from dark red to auburn. The blouse she wore was business-like, but one too many buttons were undone, to flash her melon size breasts, that easily filled most hands that were given a chance to hold them.

The pencil skirt accented her legs and showed off her hips and ass respectively, while the heels weren’t too high but high enough to further show off her legs. The cherry red lipstick was the only make up she wore, she didn’t need any other to enhance her natural beauty.

Tonight she sat at her usual booth, watching the bar, sipping a glass of white wine. Some nights she smoked, others she didn’t – tonight she didn’t with the crowd of Japanese businessmen in the bar.

While they all seemed to be in good sprits they paid her little attention, more focused on drinking whiskey then anything else. As the group drank and sang loudly, and off key, another man was drawing more attention to himself. Maybe more then he knew but he was constantly looking over his shoulder at the entrance to the bar, and his hand shook every time he picked up his glass. A young guy, he was wearing a nice suit and tie, his dark brown hair was cut short, which suited him fine, and he seemed to be in shape.

Steve was tending the bar tonight, and even with his hands full he still pointed the young man out to her. She smiled warmly at him, picked up her drink and made her way over to him.

He didn’t notice her till she was sitting next to him. He smiled nervously at her, and took another shaky sip of what seemed to be rum and coke.

She smiled at him, calming him down a bit. “Normally I don’t ask other people about their problems; most times they seem to find me, but you look more nervous then a mouse in a trap factory.”

Her voice was velvety smooth and sultry yet innocent and disarming at the same time. The young man took a quick breath.

“I’m just waiting for someone is all.” He replied, holding the glass with both hands as he finished the drink quickly and motioned for Steve to refill it.

“Well, looks to me like you’re trying to avoid someone rather then wait for said person. And while we are working toward honesty, you don’t look old enough to be in a bar. I’d say you’re nineteen, or twenty at best, so either Steve didn’t card you, which is not likely. Or you’ve got a really good fake, something that cost you a couple hundred dollars.”

Steve came back with the underage kid’s drink and he waited a moment to eye the kid a little.

The woman put her hand on Steve’s and squeezed but he didn’t move. Luckily a businessman shouted for another round and Steve couldn’t afford to ignore the possible big tip they were going to leave, so he hurried off to refill their glasses.

“Come with me and we’ll talk.”

“But I don’t even know your name?” He asked hesitantly, looking like he might just bolt for the door.

“People call me Lauren these days. Please before Steve throws you out.”

She took his hand and led him back to her booth. He sat to her right and took a drink as she sipped her wine.

“My name is John, and yea I’m underage, I paid a lot for a good fake ID but it’s not to just get into bars,” John told her, strength returning to his voice as he revealed his secret.

“So other then being underage and drinking in a bar, why else are you nervous?” Lauren asked as she eyed him, giving him a once over.

“You probably wouldn’t understand if I told you.”

“Doubtful, I can understand a lot actually. So shoot, I want to know now.” Lauren smiled, disarming and seductive all at the same time.

“Well it’s been just my mom and me for all I could remember, and she could provide, she was a real good investment banker. Then she met this guy and he seemed ok at first, then I started to notice things. He never seemed to have money and my mom always seemed to have more for him, then I noticed the bruises.” John paused to take a drink from his glass.

“When I asked her about it she laughed it off, saying she was Manavgat escort just clumsy and bumped into something. I knew she was lying; she was a ballet dancer when she was my age, and she was far from clumsy.

“So putting two and two together I tried to get her help, but you can only open a door for someone – they have to walk through it. After a while it got worse, and then one night I caught him and lost my temper.

“I was sent off to boarding school after that, then later, college. When my mother died suddenly, she suddenly had a new will and life insurance. I was left with nothing.” John paused again and Lauren rested her hand on his thigh and smiled sadly at him.

“So I confronted him, and he lied right to my face, so yet another time I lost my temper, but I got away this time. I stayed with a friend and called in a couple favors to some of my friends from colleague and they hacked his bank account. So now he’s broke and I have everything, and I am trying to make it to another friend who can get me out of the country.

“Now I’m killing time trying to calm down my nerves so I can leave when she gets here in the morning.”

“Well now, that’s a story for you,” Lauren chuckled, “but I believe you. So now that you’re rich where are you escaping to?”

“Some place warm, with a white sandy beach, I hear St. Kitts is a good start.”

“Sounds nice John,” Lauren told him as she started to rub his thigh gently. “I understand that the police might be looking for you, so I have an idea.”

John looked up at her questioningly. “I do have a room here I use for business, which we could enjoy each other’s company while you wait for morning.”

John took a minute to piece it together, “Wait a minute, you’re a pro-”

“A businesswoman, who sells her time,” she cut him off, as her hand crept up and stopped when he was becoming uncomfortable. “If you’re not interested I can always leave.”

“No it’s not that, um…” He seemed to be getting his thoughts together but she answered before he could.

“You haven’t been quite around the block yet, am I correct?”

John just nodded his head.

“It’s fine, John, I am probably the best person to learn from. Look I’ll cut you a deal at three hundred for the night, for use of my room and me. Then when your friend comes I can cover for you if something comes up.”

Her hand was on his crotch at this point, she could feel his hardness through the suit pants.

John swallowed hard as she began to rub him.

Lauren pressed her lips against his ear and whispered. “It’s a steal, take it while you can. Trust me I’ll rock your world, you’ll wake up tomorrow feeling right as rain.”

He was breathing heavily as he nodded to her; Lauren ran her tongue across his earlobe. “Finish your drink and we’ll go.”

John sipped his drink at first as she removed her hand to let him calm down and soften his member. Lauren drank her wine and John finished his rum and she took his hand once they were standing and lead him to the elevator bank across from the bar.

Winking at Steve while walking past, he smiled, knowing he was getting a cut from her business tonight.

They waited for an elevator to come down, and they were alone in as it closed its door. Lauren hit the topmost floor, the button lit up and she pushed John against the elevator wall.

She kissed him while bringing his hands to rest on her hips, which John began to rub through the skirt gently as she forced her tongue into his mouth.

Before too long she pulled back and sank to her knees in front of him, rubbing his crotch through his pants.

“What are you doing, we are in a public elevator?” John asked shakily as Lauren just licked her lips and began to slowly unzip his pants.

John’s hard cock slid out from his pants and Lauran pressed her lips to the tip, giving it a little kiss and moaning slowly on his member.

John pressed further against the cold metal of the paneling.

She swirled her tongue around the tip as she used her hand to slowly stroke him. He was quite large so Lauren easily slipped the tip of his cock into her mouth, sucking gently, without having to stop her hand from stroking him.

Time seemed to stop in the elevator as Lauren slowly sucked on John’s hard cock, taking him fully into her mouth, then sliding him almost all the way out, then just playing with his tip and then sucking the whole member back into her mouth. It was amazing; John had never had anyone work on him like this.

His fears melted away as she continued to suck his cock. Lauren started to moan on his cock, as her free hand began to play with her nipple through her blouse. John was grunting and breathing heavily in time with Lauren’s tongue sliding against the underside of his shaft. Then her hand was cupping and stroking his balls in his pants, squeezing gently as she started to suck him harder and faster.

“Oh god,” John grunted as Lauren’s pace was increasing, and Manavgat escort bayan she was moaning on his cock.

John started to thrust into her mouth, in time with her sucking; Lauren removed her hand from his balls to play with both her breasts and sucked him hard. Then he thrust hard and came into her mouth, while she sucked every drop and swallowed his seed.

She released him and slipped him back into his pants and zipped him back up as the elevator reached the top and the doors opened.

John was still catching his breath as she led him to her room. Lauren pulled out her key card from inside her blouse and opened the door. It was a larger room, but not a suite; even then it had a full size bathroom and a king-size bed with four pouts and lots of pillows.

A desk in the corner had a purse and a small overnight bag on it. Lauren turned on the lamp next to the bed that sat on a small dresser with a couple of drawers.

“Please get comfortable and I’ll get this lipstick off.” She told him as she slipped into the bathroom.

John took a deep breath as he took off his jacket, tie and shoes and sat on the bed.

Lauren returned with her hair down and no trace of lipstick. She smiled at the look of joy and lust on John’s face as he looked her over. Lauren slowly unzipped her skirt and slid it down her hip and legs, stepping aside and kicking it away from her, the blouse she wore barely covered her treasure between her legs. Then she started to slowly unbutton her blouse starting at the top, and had undone two when there was a knock at the door.

John shot straight up, Lauren moved swiftly, pushing him back down and placing a finger on his lips and waited. Another knock followed by a voice.

“Police, we just have a couple questions please.”

Lauren kept her finger on his lips and opened one of the dresser drawers and pulled out a ring with a diamond on it, then swiftly went to the mini bar and pulled out a bottle of wine and opened the crock swiftly and left it on top of the desk as she went to door.

Taking a large drink she smiled and opened the door. Two cops stood at the door, a tall man, and a slender woman. Lauren laughed sounding a little drunk and tried to cover up the see through bra she wore under the blouse, but left her arm holding the wine to reveal her nipples in the open blouse.

“I’m sorry; I thought my husband had planed something for our anniversary.” Lauren explained wearing a big drunken smile. The cops were clearly uncomfortable with her drunkenness and unknowing nudity.

“Sorry Ma’am, but we were just wondering if you’d seen this man.” The male cop held up a picture of John in jeans and t-shirt, clearly at some kind of party.

Lauren made sure to look carefully at the picture.

“I think I saw him down at the bar, but he left in a hurry, I think he got a phone call.” Lauren took another drink of the wine, her right breast in full view of the police. Both cops swallowed hard and tried not to look.

“Did your husband see him leave?” The female cop asked, growing a slight shade of red.

“Um no, he was…busy under the table… looking for my wallet, which I’d dropped. I can be very clumsy. Did I mention that it’s our anniversary today, she surprised me with this ring.” Lauren showed the diamond ring, pulling up her blouse to show them her sheer panties and clean shaven pussy.

Both cops were now becoming red.

“It’s a lovely ring ma’am, sorry to have bothered you, have a nice night.” The male cop stated as Lauren smiled and winked.

When she closed the door she waited a moment then moaned loudly.

“Oh dear!” She moaned even louder hoping the cops would buy it.

After another minute she checked the peep hole to see the female cop being kissed by the male cop as he felt her breast over the uniform. Lauren smiled; she just had that effect on people.

Lauren walked back to the front of the bed; John had clearly heard the exchange was looking less nervous.

“Now where were we? Oh yes, I was getting naked…” Lauren smile seductively as she placed the wine on the dresser next to John, giving him a peep in her blouse.

Lauren moved and sat on John’s lap and undid the rest of the buttons. The blouse slipped from her shoulders and on the floor, her nipples were hard and poking through the translucent material of the bra she wore.

John ran his hands on her sides then over her stomach and finally cupped both her breasts. Lauren moaned as his thumbs ran across her nipples, she then began to unbutton his shirt and untuck it from his pants.

Lauren made John sit up and take his hands away so she could remove his shirt, and under shirt and rewarded him by thrusting her breast into his face.

John kissed and slowly licked her nipple through the bra, his tongue getting it wet. She pushed him back, and slowly unclasped the bra, and slipped it off her shoulders. His hands slid back up her body, feeling her silky skin Escort manavgat under his hands as he traced his finger tips over her body.

“Mmmmm, that’s it, feel my body. Enjoy my skin as you touch me.” Lauren moaned loudly as John pinched her nipples gently.

She slid down his body and kissed him deeply, pressing her breasts into his chest.

John’s hands caressed her back and then squeezed her ass over her sheer panties. Lauren broke the kiss and sat on her knees as she slid her panties down, then lay on top of him and took them off.

John’s hands roamed her body as they continued to kiss, their tongues playing with one another’s. Lauren could feel how hard John was through his pants, and she rewarded him by rubbing it gently causing John to breathe in sharply.

Lauren once again broke the kiss as she sat back and unzipped his pants, his cock immediately popping out.

Lauren smiled as she took off his pants and boxers and began stroking his cock softly. “Do you want me?”

“God, yes, I do.” John replied his voice weak as she continued to stroke him, rubbing her thumb over the tip of his cock. She slid up and rubbed the cock against the wet walls of her pussy lips.

“It’s God’s, darling, but that’s not the point,” John looked up, but Lauren slid his cock into her slowly.

The hard tip passed into her easily as she was dripping wet and her walls gripped him as she slid all the way on to him.

“This is the point,” she moaned as her pussy took his whole length in.

“Oh shit,” John grunted as he felt her walls caress his cock, he’d never felt anything like this before.

Lauren slowly started to rock back and forth, pulling some of him out and then back in. She moved slowly, letting herself get accustomed to John’s cock inside her, then she started to move up and down. John gripped her thighs with his hands squeezing the soft flesh under his hands.

“Feels heavenly doesn’t it?” Lauren moaned the question as John thrust into her unexpectedly.

“Yes, it does,” John gasped as he felt Lauren walls squeeze his cock as she wore an impish grin.

She rested her hands on his chest and kissed him again.

“Relax, baby, and let me do the work.” Lauren whispered seductively to him as she resumed bobbing up and down on him.

Her breasts swayed in his face as she began to pick up speed and her moaning picked up in volume. John’s hands were busy caressing and squeezing her soft ass cheeks as she bounced on his cock.

“Oh, your cock feels so good inside me, oh baby, do you want it harder?”

John could only nod, not finding any strength left in his voice.

Lauren began to bounce harder on him, and he could no longer grip her ass, but resumed hold her breasts in his hands.

Lauren was moaning loudly while John grunted as he roughly handled her breasts in his hands.

Her nipples were still in his hands and his cock was solid as a rock inside her.

Lauren was dripping her wetness all over John’s crotch and their sex was starting to make a loud slapping noise, but John paid no mind, he was lost in the pleasure this woman was sharing with him. Time lost all meaning for him as she rode his hard member and he pounded into her.

Lauren could feel John’s orgasm growing with her own, each thrust and bounce had both them growing ever closer to cumming together.

“Oh John, give it to me baby, cum in my pussy!” Lauren moaned, almost shouting as they began to cum together.

John began shooting his hot seed inside her, while Lauren’s pussy gripped his cock and squeezed tightly; John continued to grunt as Lauren moaned, his hands gripping her breasts tightly.

Lauren eased his hands off her breasts as she slowly climbed off him and lay next to him on the bed trying to catch her breath. John was doing much of the same, he was completely out of breath, he felt as though he had just run a marathon and won first place.

“Wow, it’s been a while since I have felt this good.” Lauren whispered into his ear.

John rolled over and kissed her, gently at first, then with increasing pressure as he got on top of her, his cock still rock hard.

Lauren wrapped her legs around his waist as he thrust his still hard member into her.

“Oh wow, John, I can’t believe you’re still hard.” She told him as he slowly slid in and out of her, drawing his whole length out before pushing it all the way back in. Lauren had locked her ankles behind him as started to pound her harder.

Lauren was moaning loudly as he filled and emptied her over and again, and gaining speed.

John must have had the stamina of swimmer or long distance runner to keep this going as he did. Eventually Lauren managed to swing a leg over his shoulder giving him a new way to enter her.

Lauren was raking her nails across his back as they become one and separated again. John couldn’t keep going for very long but still managed to give Lauren an orgasm and shoot his seed into her again.

John collapsed next to her and drifted right to sleep, Lauren couldn’t help but smile. Men usually fell asleep on her, but this one was different, he went two rounds with her. She checked the time: it’s after two in the morning. Lauren leaned down and spoke a hair above a whisper.

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