The Nursing Home

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When I was in college I used to hang with this one girl named May. May had pale skin and thin straight mousy brown hair. The tops of her ears always stuck out through her hair. She wore wire rim glasses and never had more than one drink. She dampened her sexuality with shapeless, colourless clothes. Very little skin ever showed. I never knew her to go on a date, but she had recently hooked up with Gloria and was experimenting with the joys of having sex with a woman. Then she got arrested for shoplifting.

To make a long story short May was appointed an overworked Public Defender and was convicted, but because she was a young college student with no priors she was sentenced to 200 hours of community service and assigned to work on the volunteer staff at a large nursing home on the other side of town. She used to hate going there. With no car, she had to take a bus across the city, with two transfers. She would stay for one or two hours only and then ride the bus back to the dorm at school. Her class schedule pretty much restricted her work to evenings or weekends.

Then, all of a sudden, May started enjoying it. She looked forward to her community service. Turns out, she had met Ms. Ramirez and Mr. Sloane. I found out about it when I ran into her on my way to the library, she asked me if I wanted to go to work with her. I passed her when she was standing at the stop.

“Hi, May. How’s Gloria?”

“She’s OK, I guess. Haven’t seen much of her lately; I’m working at the nursing home. I think Gloria is seeing someone else, since I’m not always available. It might be that tight assed chick with the long blonde hair from her Asian Civ. class but I don’t know for sure. I guess it really doesn’t matter; I’m starting to have a lot of fun at the nursing home. There are some really cool people there. I feel a little sorry for some of them gaziantep escort though.”

“How come?” I asked.

May was really animated and I could tell that she was passionate about what she was about to say. “CJ you should come with me. I could introduce you to some of them. I think you would really like Ms. Ramirez. Her name is Esperanza. Isn’t that a pretty name? I’ve never met anyone named Esperanza before; and now, I have. She’s bisexual, like you; so you guys would have that in common. I think you’d really hit it off.”

“I don’t know, May. I don’t choose my friends by their sexual orientation.”

“…and, she used to be a show girl! In Las Vegas! She’s got some really great stories. You’re a writer. Come on CJ — I think you, of all the people I know, would like this place. Ms. Ramirez has a boyfriend there in the men’s wing, named Bone Sloane. He’s a lot of fun too, but they only get to see each other at meal time. It’s pretty sad.”

“Why’s that sad?”

“Cause they want to fuck but there’s too much supervision in the dining room for that. All they can do is hold hands. You know why they call him ‘Bone?'” she asked me.

“Lemme guess — because he’s a musician? Because he plays the trombone?”

“That’s not it at all, CJ. It’s because he has a really big dick.”

“Oh come on May. All guys claim to have big dicks. It doesn’t mean they really do.”

“No, he does though. I’ve seen it. I’ve sucked it.” She held her hands up about a foot apart, “Swear to God, it’s this big.”

“Hang on, hang on, hang on, you’re sucking the cocks of old men at the nursing home?”


“Why, May? Why are you doing that?”

“Because he asked me to.”

“May, all guys ask for blow jobs! That doesn’t mean you always do it. Jeeze.”

“This escort gaziantep was different, CJ. Esperanza asked me to find Mr. Sloan, and because I’m staff I can move freely between the men’s wing and the women’s wing. Residents can’t do that. They have to stay in their own wings or in common areas. Anyways she wanted me to find Bone and arrange a late night meeting in the garden. She was horny and interested in a little late night hanky-panky, you know.”

“OK,” I said. This was starting to get interesting.

“I found him in his room. His roommate wasn’t there – playing cards, or something. So I presented Ms. Ramirez’ request and he just beamed and agreed to her plan when he heard what she wanted. He was so excited, CJ, and I was excited too. I was excited to help facilitate these two lovers.”

“So why’d you blow him? Sounds like you betrayed Ms. Ramirez.”

“Well, he asked me to shut the door and sit down. He was sitting in the big recliner so I sat in a folding chair at the table.

“‘You know what snowballing is girl?’ he asked me, and I told him, ‘of course I do. I’m an adult! A college student. I’ve been around.’

“‘I’m not asking this for me girl,’ he said, ‘but one thing that Esperanza really likes is sperm. She likes to eat it; she likes to play with I, she likes to rub it on her breasts and feel it in her cooch. If you were to take a load of my goo back to her and snowball it into her mouth it would truly make her day.”

“You didn’t really do that, did you, May?”

“I wasn’t going to; till he pulled out his dick. It’s magnificent, CJ. It’s huge.” She held up her hands again. “It’s hooked upwards at the end. His balls are big too. I was drawn to him and dropped immediately to my knees. Once I got it in my mouth it got hard real quick. gaziantep escort bayan His load was massive. If I could find a boy, my age with a dick like that I would give up being a lesbian.”

“You’re not a lesbian, May. You just like the way that Gloria makes you feel.”

“I liked the way Bone Sloane made me feel too.” She said, “When he came, he came hard. I couldn’t help it and, I swallowed some but I saved most of it for Ms. Ramirez.”

“Noooo,” I almost wailed, “say it isn’t true!”

“It is true though,” May’s eyes were wide, the look on her face was earnest, “I had to walk all the way back over to the women’s wing with a mouth full of cum. I couldn’t talk to anybody and when I got to Ms Ramirez room she started asking me questions. I had to pantomime that I needed her to lean her head back. She has long shimmering grey hair and it fell behind her shoulders when she leaned back. She was beautiful. I took her chin to hold her steady leaned over and slowly drooled Bone’s cum into her mouth. She’s a swallower too. There was a little on her chin and she wiped it up with her index finger and sucked it off. There was a little on my chin too, and she simply licked most of that and rubbed the rest of it in for me. Then she kissed me, a long slow deep kiss. Lots of tongue. It was so hot!”

May couldn’t sit still as she told me the story, I could almost smell her pussy. I knew that the juices were flowing. Her face was red. “Go on, I urged her.”

“I told Ms Ramirez that Mr. Sloane had agreed to meet her and that was it. I rubbed myself off on the bus back to campus that night, thinking about them. Esperanza told me all about it the next day. She said that she climaxed three times. I’ve run snowball messages four more times since then. So fucking hot, CJ. Esperanza said I should let him shoot in my pussy next time and just catch what comes out in a cup for her. I’m gonna do it.”

May stopped talking then and just looked at me, smiling. “Wanna come to work with me CJ? Wanna volunteer at the nursing home?”

“When do you go next?” I asked her.

“When the bus gets here.”

I shouldered my book bag and took a seat on the bench next to her to wait.

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